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Manager Sales, Business Development Manager, Marketing, Manager

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
$96K Annum.
December 28, 2019

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The HR / Admin / Employer/ Recruiter Date **th,Dec, 2019,

Dear Sir / Madam,

Sub : Application For the post of Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, Director Posts, President / VP / CEO / COO,

To introduce myself I am Addanki David Vijay Kumar aged 70 Years, having 42 years of experience in FMCG, Food Catering system, All kinds of Building Material, Construction Products, Specialized Construction products and Cargo Heavy Lifting - Aviation sector, in Dubai United Arab Emirates and Hyderabad – India.

Temporary Positions in Hyderabad-India : From 1970 to 1975, I have worked FMCG products for M/S. Richardson Hindustan Ltd (Vicks) Division), Crookes Interfran Ltd ( Lacto Calamine), AVM Enterprises (Ensor Shaving Blades), Estrella Batteries, Sathe Biscuits, Covered All the Districts of Andhra Pradesh.

Al Rama International Traders. Dubai- United Arab Emirates. From January 1978 to December 2011 (Building Materials/Construction products) Aviation Sector,

Execution of Projects & Products, with the Agencies obtained by myself,

Steel, Cement, Structural Steel, GI/MS Pipes, Timber, Wood, Laminates, Plywoods Commercial-Marine-Water proof, Projects Products, Space Frames, Sky Lights, Cladding, Curtain walls, Steel Doors & Windows, Garbage Chutes, Pex Pipes Hot & Cold Water supply Piping Systems, Luxury Bath Rooms, Accessories, Specialzied Bath systems, Installed with Worlds reputed, Expensive Sanitary/Fittings/ Accessories Companies Manufacturers, Also an subsidiary Mubarak & Sons Transport Co 2nd largest Transport & Heavy equipment leasing for Cargo, Transport, Shipping,, supply on leasing, Rental, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly, we provide the small to Heavy equipment to Construction, Industries, Tranporters.

From Russia FREE OF COST TO MY COMPANY AS A AGENCY Cargo Aviation,-Lifting of Heavy Cargo on Roof Top of Multi storied Towers, with MI26T Russian Worlds Largest Helicopter.

Al Karama Sky Gen Trading Dubai-Ajman United Arab Emirates.

2011 to 2015, General Manager, looking after 7 building Material show rooms across Dubai and Sharjah, UAE, responsible for P&L. responsible for 85 various professionals, including the ware house, transport, machineries like Showels, Cranes, bull dozers, maintenance, Tipper Trailers, Etc, The 8 members Sales Team, train and allocate the areas, Targets, and Collection payments (Sundry Debts) Al I have to innovate, introduce new latest technology products to Architects/Consultants/Contractors/Builders/ Projects / Govt Authorities, Clients for Specifying &inclusion of my products into their projects.

Alacarte Hyderabad June 2016 to June 2018. Hyderabad – India.

From June 2016 to till 06/2018 (BD of Catering Division) in Hyderabad. The first of its kindInnovated introduced New Cuisine, Turkey Bird Meat Biryani, Turkey Roasts and

Page : 2.

Fry, and exotic birds, to supply door delivery in new packages, Clay pot, in hygienic systems

Achievements in my Career: (Business Development)

1)In Dubai – UAE, for my division as Business Development Manager in Building Material Division, I have introduced, a new concept to lift heavy cargo of 20 M/Tons on rooftop of multi storeyed towers, with the worlds largest Russian Helicopter MI 26T. Also used the Helicopter for transporting professionals to on shore projects. Me as the Head of department, I have obtained the Helicopter MI26T FREE OF COST to my company As Agency.

2)I have predicted / proposal to a Local Enterpreneur, in 2006 to set up Domestic / State level Helicopter Services.( For Passenges) It was too early for them. They have come up with same concept in 2016, and running successfully.

3)During my tenure as Business Development Manager, for introducing BSS 4449 British Origin/ Manufactured products, In Dubai-UAE The British Embassy, has invited me to attend the Building Material Show in Birmingham –UK with their Visa, 5 star Hilton International Hotel accommodation, & Return Air Ticket.

Because I have recommended many latest Technologies British Origin products, by introducing to renowned Architects, Consultants, Clients and reputed projects, and commissioned in the projects.

As Head of my division, I have innovated latest construction technologies, new concepts, innovative ideas and succeeded in specifying my products into UAE projects. I have introduced products such as Space frames, Skylights, Garbage Chutes, Curtain Walls, Cladding, Fire Rated steel doors/Windows, Luxurious Bathroom concepts, Expensive fittings, accessories, etc, from all over the world and put into my projects.

I am very thorough with align with joint ventures, agency contracts, specifying the products with Architects, Consultants, Interior Designers, Contractors, Builders clients, with Municipalities, Govt and Semi Govt Authorities.

Now currently based in Hyderabad – India, Looking after, my own Food Catering, Introduced, Innovative Cuisine, Turkey Bird Meat Biryani, and roasts, doing excellent Door to Door service, keen to work with challenging environments where opportunities exists for the growth of my career and for the increase of revenues of my employers.

I look forward to a positive response from your side.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

Addanki David Vijay Kumar

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Cell/ Mobile / Whats App : 0091 949-***-**** Answerable 24/7

Google Hangout ID: Vijay Kumar - Mail :

Education Qualifications : High School, 12th Standard, Higher secondary Multipurpose Certificate, Passed in 2nd Division., In the Year 1970.

Job Experience : (January 1975) to (September 2011) Worked as sales Executive, Sales Manager, promoted to Business development Manager.

For Building material products, Construction products, Participated in International Events and Exhibitions in London UK and Munich Germany. Since from 1972 I have the capability of selecting various dealers, Distributors, Stockists for my products and expansion of markets in Unrepresented Areas.

Have a reputable, contacts with worlds renowned Architects, Consultants, Interior Designers, Contractors and Real Estate builders.

From (January 2011 to December 2015) Al Karama Sky General Trading & Building Materials, Dubai – UAE, Worked as General Manager, looking after 7 Building materials show rooms in UAE, responsible for P&L, consisting of 125 staff, various divisions, looking after dealers, projects, Architects, Consultants, Contractors, clients, sales, Marketing, Logistics, Booking Shipments, Clearing from Ports & Customs, Transportation, Stacking, Storage, Sundry debts and development of the organization.

Computer Skills : Microsoft word, Internet, E-mails, introductions, proposals, quotations, Negotiations, project reports, and setups and agreement contracts.

Personal Details :

Full Name : Addanki David Vijay Kumar

Fathers Name : A.David

Date of Birth : 02nd Sept.1949

Nationality/ Relegion : Indian Christian

Languages Read and write : Telugu, Hindi, English, and speak fluently in Tamil, Arabic, Urdu.

Marital Status : Married.

Postal address : 22-85/152,

CSK Prestige Villas-152

Rallaguda Road,


Hyderabad – 501218,

Telangana. India.

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Joining time : Immediately

E-Mail :

Mobile : 0091 949-***-****

Brief Summary of my Employment with Dates and places.

Temporary Positions:

June 1970 to December 1974, As Sales Representative.

A)Richardson Hindustan Ltd (Vicks division)

B)Crookes Interfran Ltd (Lacto Calamine)

C)AVM Ent, (Ensor Shaving Blades)

D)Estrella Batteries

E)Sathe Biscuits Covered All 31 Districts of Andhra Pradesh. India.

January 1975 to August 2011

Al Rama International Traders, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

As Sales Executive, Sales Representative, sales Manager, Business development Manager. Cargo Aviation Dept. Administration.

September 2011, to November 2015,

Al Karama Sky General Trading, Dubai-UAE.

As GM. Sales, Marketing, Business Development Administration,

June 2016, to Till Now, June, 2018,

Alacarte Hyderabad-India,

As BDM, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Administration.

Food Catering, door to door supplies, Distribution, and Innovation of new Cuisines.

P.S. Being settled in Hyderabad-India, I need an work permit, travelling permit, Visa, Immigration/ Embassy/ Consulate Process, Air Ticket, Accommodation, TO VISIT USA, UK, Canada, After the Interview process, and If I am selected, and If you provide me an Appointment/ letter, on your Letter head, signed and Stamped, document, I can go to your Consulate and process done by myself, in your Embassy.



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