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Research Engineer

Oshawa, ON, Canada
December 23, 2019

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Pachkov Viktor

**** ******** ***. **** #**** Toronto, ON, Canada, M4A 1W3, Cell:



From To Institute, University, Major, Final Degree

2004 University of Toronto compares education service:

PhD of any Canadian University

Bachelor degree in Electronics

1980 1985 Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information

Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Department of Engineering

Physics, PhD on Specialty "Optical and Optical-Electronic Instruments"

1968 1974 St. Petersburg State University of Electrical Engineering (LETI)

Department of Electronic Devices, Master of Engineering on specialty

"Electronic Devices"

Special Studies:

From To College, University

1999 2000 Toronto, Canada, Success Business College, Diploma on specialty

“Programming & Information Technology”

1980 1984 Post-graduate course at St. Petersburg State Institute of Fine

Mechanics and Optics (Technical University)


From To Company, Position, Job

2016 Present Newcon Optik, Toronto, ON, Canada

2012 2016 National Research Nuclear University Moscow Engineering

Physics University, Chief Specialist

Teaching university and high school students

Developing UV Light Emitting Diodes

Opto-electronics systems of communication

Development of the capsule for the capsule endoscopy

Familiar and working with APSYS (Advanced Physical Models of Semiconductor Devices)

2008 2011 Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (Moscow), Principal expert

Developing a roadmap for Russian lighting industry based on the Inorganic/Organic Light Emitting Diodes and nanotechnology

Preparing the conclusions on RUSNANO nanotechnology projects

Developing a report on contemporary statement of metrology in nanophotonics (World and Russia)

2007 present Primary Insight, New York (,



Consulting on LCD panels (market and design)

Consulting on LED&OLED applications (market and design)

2004 2008 Samsung Electronics (Samsung Research Center, Moscow), Group



Design and managing the displays developing namely:

- Slim projection display (HDTV)

- LCD backlight unit design with LED (light emitting


- Laser and LED projection displays

2000 2003 Light Management Group Inc. (Burlington, Canada), Research



Managing and adjustment laser RGB projection system including

acousto-optical cells, optical elements, electronic control unit

connected with computer loaded with special software (control

program designed in VB environment)

Research and development of the fiber optic communication

system elements (clear optical switch based on acousto-optic cells)

Managing the design of two projects including as optics as

electronic control units and software for that. It is the acousto-

optical switch and acousto-optical UV scanner

Investigation the characteristics of the devices based on acousto-

optical cells and working out the requirements to the new samples

of the devices

1999 1999 Dynacon Inc. (Toronto, Canada), Optical Scientist


Estimation of the space craft optical instruments accuracy with

computer modeling in MATHCAD (micro satellite surveillance

system MOST)

Working out recommendations for improving of the instruments

1996 1998 Baltic State Technical University (Voenmeh), Senior Research

Scientist, Associate Professor


Completion of researches, integration of materials conducted

Earlier by theoretical and experimental development

The onboard optical-electronics instruments testing

Development Methodological Fundamentals of the characteristic

accuracy research onboard angular measuring instruments

Preparing disciplines: "Space Videoinformatic", "Computing

Systems: Algorithms, Structure and Equipment of the Space

Navigation Systems"

Teaching students

1993 1996 Scientific Centre, Division of the Central Military-Space Forces

Research Institute (St.Petersburg, Russia), Ministry of Defense,

Senior Research Scientist


Experimental Space Craft (SC) data (images) processing, had

revealed the insufficient sensitivity problem of the onboard CCD


Developed and experimentally confirmed new technology (soft

for CCD cameras)

1987 1993 Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information

Technologies, Mechanics and Optics Department of Optical-Electronic

Instruments and Systems,

Leading Research Scientist


Fundamental development of the angular measuring Optical –

Electronic Instruments, industrial television systems installing

and adjustment

Experimental spacecraft (SC) data (images) processing, had

revealed the insufficient sensitivity problem of the onboard SC


Developed and experimentally confirmed new technology (soft for

CCD cameras)

1978 1987 Navy Research Institute of Navigation and Oceanography

(St.Petersburg, Russia), Navy, Ministry of Defense, Junior Research

Scientist, Senior Research Scientist


Participating in the Middle Space Navigation System developing


Supervision and developing the navigation message structure

transferring from the space craft

1974 1979 St. Petersburg Research Institute for Analytical Chemistry,

Engineer, Senior Engineer

Design, developing and maintenance the Laser System (LIDAR)

for the distance definition of the poison vapors in the air

(industrial refuses, chemical and biological weapons)

Professional skills:

20 years of experience in the area of teaching ang developing and supervising the projects of the CCD optical instruments, laser systems, and acousto-optical devices. The fields of my main scientific activity are:

Teaching the university and high school students.

Working with the different light sources from UV to IR (different kind of lasers: solid

state Nd, gas: He-Ne, Ar, Kr, CO2 and diodes) and the optical equipment for spectrum


The researching and developing the optical electronic instruments with CCDs (high

precision instruments of guiding and surveillance in space and satellite optical

autonomous navigation)

Developing the navigation message for space navigation systems (type of


Developing the clear optical switches based as on acousto-optical devices (deflectors)

as on opto-electronic technology for the fiber optic telecommunication

Adjustment and maintenance as the laser RGB (3 colors) projection systems as the


My professional skills include:

Extensive educational background in engineering physics and mathematics

Space Navigation Systems (GLONASS/GPS)

Experience proposing engineering solutions, presenting results in form of

comprehensive written reports

Six sigma green belt

Designed experiments and conducts experimental research

Software: Windows XP, MS Office, SQL, C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, MATHCAD,

OptiWave, NI Multisim, NI Ultiboard

Summary of work results:

Prepared the high school students for university entering (physics/mathematics)

Prepared the university students/bachelors for exams and bachelor degree (electrinics)

LIDAR system for the detection of harmful pollutions in the air had been designed and tested

The structure of the navigation message has been investigated and the recommendations for improvement of the message has been worked out

Methodological fundamentals of research the accuracy characteristics onboard angular measurement OEI with photo detectors matrixes with use in informational - computational system

Theoretical fundamentals suboptimal and iterative methods of an evaluation of co-ordinates of the images of dot sources

Improved author scientific - methodical approach of formation of the requirements to onboard angular measurement OED with matrix of photo detectors

The laboratory samples of the clear optical switch and the UV scanner on the acousto-optic base cells has been designed

Managing the projects of the Optical Projection TV, Pocket Imager, Back Light Unit based on LED for LCD

Special skills


- Russian: native.

- English: fluent, technical, optics, electronics, opto-electronics specialized.


8 Russian certificates of recognition: 97835 (August 3, 1976), 130826(June 6, 1979), 169621 (February 5, 1982), 183237 (January 7, 1983), 193693 (October 4, 1983), 197669 (January 5, 1984), 1652954 (February 1, 1991), 1663779 (March 15, 1991), 1744461 (March 1, 1992), 6 Russian patents.


1-st degree diploma for the best project of 2007: “Next Generation Pocket Imager”


AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)


More than 50 publications, 15 for 5 last years, 2 monographs.

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