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Maintenance Quality Assurance

Chicago, IL
December 16, 2019

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** ***** ** ************* *********** Experience, with Emphasis on Aviation Operations and Inspections Background, Excellent Team Building, Personnel Leadership/Supervision, and Training/Mentoring Skills

Quality-driven leader able to lead cross-functional teams in operations, maintenance, repair, and optimization activities. History of using innovative approaches to production efficiency and accuracy, including training programs and resource allocation. Skilled in directing complex, multimillion-dollar projects to successful completion.

Quality Assurance Standards; Maintenance/Production Control; Logistics Management; Performance Evaluations; Technical Training Programs; Diverse Aircraft Experience; Time & Resource Management



Aviation Quality Assurance Inspector, Jacksonville, FL (2016 – 2017)

Was held fully accountable for directing 12 work centers and 105 team members in the repair and maintenance of 5 P-3 aircraft. Planned, scheduled, and initiated maintenance (including offsite major re-work and overhaul), incorporated Air Worthiness Directives, tracked and scheduled High-Time Component replacements, conducted aircraft inspections, and updated Aeronautical Log Books.


Created and implemented short and long-range maintenance plans and a Microsoft Access Based Phase

Program to maximize asset availability, lead to 50% decrease in Full Mission Capable Aircraft being lost for maintenance and Phase Inspections. Implemented a Phase Tracking Program that allowed the Maintenance Manager and Officer to view, track, evaluate, and reorganize efforts on a real time basis as needed to significantly reduce Phase backlog.

First Line Supervisor of Aircraft Technical Directives, New Orleans, LA (2012- 2016)

Fully responsible for the review, interpretation, issue, tracking, and incorporation of 780 active and 92 new directives of which are required to be communicated and advised to the Maintenance Control and Maintenance Department Managers.

Aviation Quality Assurance Inspector, Fort Worth, TX (2004 – 2012)

Responsible for Managing, Reviewing, Monitoring, and Inspecting 11 work centers with 28 programs, Leading 8 Inspectors in the processes while training and mentoring 32 collateral inspectors on policies, safety, and inspection criteria and importance.


Implemented and utilized Lean/Six Sigma Principles and Basic Theories of Constraint to generate reduction in Time-To-Reliably Replenish aircraft components from average of 21 to 16 days. Increased repair capabilities and drove estimated annual cost savings of $400,000 by leading transition for team member to DEPOT-level Composite Artisan, coordinating training with Fleet Readiness Office and field personnel. Provided data to support Hydraulic Artisans, with estimated $900,000 annual cost savings.

Airframes Work Center Supervisor, New Orleans, LA (1999 – 2004)

Oversaw production activities of over 17 team members performing both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on hydraulics, pneumatics, structures, landing gear, and flight controls on 12 Boeing F/A-18 A/B/C/D aircraft. Coordinated all maintenance initiatives within the Airframes Work Center, including planned safety programs, related equipment, and assigned work areas. Evaluated requirements and requested technical assistance from contractor representatives. Organized and conducted training, exercised leadership and motivational techniques towards work center personnel while still being able to perform as an aircraft collateral duty inspector.


Reduced average airframe discrepancy count from 7 to 2.5 per aircraft by assigning Work Center inspectors to specific aircraft and holding them accountable for monitoring discrepancies, ordering replacement parts, and enabling quick, timely repairs. Responsible for researching, planning, organizing, initiating, and completing all scheduled maintenance actions that are required for a Phase Inspection Cycle and All Unscheduled tasks that would impact the availability of the aircraft between phase cycles to ensure maximum aircraft availability and minimum maintenance man hours used. Designed, proposed and incorporated a Phase Data Base, to be able to adjust, modify, and track all actions needed during each individual phase accounting for all scheduled and unscheduled repair actions.

Aircraft Mechanic and Service Technician, Moffett Field, CA (1997 – 1999)

Performed multiple repair and service actions on aircraft (e.g. Boeing F/A-18 & 737, Lockheed C-130 and P-3) aircraft. Serviced nitrogen, fuel and lubricating systems, Clean, Sand/Prime/Paint, Clean and Treat Corrosion, Replace Hydraulic components, Trouble shoot Hydraulic and Flight control systems, Repair Composite and Aluminum structures, and replace landing gear components.

Professional Training: Schools: Naval Aviation Maintenance Control Management, Aviation Structural Mechanic, Command Financial Specialist, F/A-18 Hydraulic/Structures Mechanical, Aviation Gas Free Engineering, Aircraft Weight and Balance, Advanced Flight Controls.

Courses: Primary Leadership Development, Enterprise Airspeed site design, Design Deployment Training, Introduction to Lean/Six Sigma Principles, Initial Time Domain Operation, Basic Theory of Constraints, and Buffer Management Tool, Basic Corrosion Control. Military Qualifications: F/A-18 A/B/C/D Qualifications: Quality Assurance Inspector, Collateral Duty Inspector, Gas Free Engineer, Plane Captain, Sea/Shore Aircraft Final Checker Tire/Wheel Change, Hydraulic Contamination certified, and Aircraft release Safe for Flight (Air Worthiness).

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