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Lead Instrument Engineer

Medina, Al Madinah Region, Saudi Arabia
December 07, 2019

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Anand Bailoor

Lead Instrument Engineer

Overall 25 years of experience in reputed Engineering Consultancies, with 7 years experience as an Instrument Project Engineer involved in Project Management activities for Petrochemical Plants and more than 6 years of experience in Macro Level project management with Supervisory capabilities of leading a team of qualified skilled personnel’s.

Responsible for development of Concept Ideas, Class III Estimates, Authorization of Funds Expenditure, Technical Work Request, Floating of Enquiries, Project Scheduling & Progress Monitoring, Construction, Commissioning activities.

Conversant with various Control Systems like Centum XL, TDC3000 DCS systems, Triconex ESD systems, Modicon, Siemens, Hima PLC's.


1.Instrument Design Engineering.

16 years of continuous Instrument Design experience in reputed Engineering Consultancies. Conversant with all types of Instrumentation deliverables.

2.Safety Instrumented Systems.

Conversant with International standards for Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), fully aware of Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF’s), it’s associated Safety Integrity Levels (SIL’s) as applied to any Industry.

3.Smart Plant Instrument System.

Expert in Smart Plant Instrumentation software which is an Instrument Engineering database application package. Total 9 years experience as Super User with 5 years of Project administrator experience in Smart Plant Instrumentation.

Had the opportunity of leading a team of one Engineer & 3 CAD designers in generating Instrument deliverables for Kemya LDPE & OLEFINS Plant from May 1999 to Feb. 2001 in AL-Jubail Petrochemicals Co. Ltd (KEMYA).

4.Macro Level Management & Supervisory Capabilities

Have more than 3 years of experience in Macro Level project management with Supervisory capabilities of leading a team of qualified skilled personnel’s.

As DSR handled more than 10 Contractors at a time in Turnarounds in QCHEM, SADAF & KEMYA.

Experienced in workforce planning & resource management of skilled technicians like Instrument supervisors, electricians, Instrument fitters in plant Shutdown & Turn around.

Assisted in overall Turnaround & Shutdown planning schedules in QCHEM & KEMYA.

5.Project Management & Engineering

12 years of rigorous Plant Engineering experience in Petrochemicals Industry with strong organizational and analytical skills in AL Jubail Petrochemicals Co. Ltd (KEMYA), Saudi Petrochemicals. Co. Ltd (SADAF) and Qatar Chemicals Co. Ltd (QCHEM).

6.Reliability Engineering

Core member of Reliability Improvement team for Ethylene / Sulphur Plant in Qatar Chemicals Ltd.

7.Plant Application Softwares

Knowledge of SAP for Project Cost Accounting, Work Breakdown Structure, Preventive Maintenance &

Spare parts Management

Conversant with Engineering Document Management System (EDMS)

Working Knowledge of PI & Integrity software for offline assessment of historic profiles of various

Instruments essential for analysis & study of worst actors and failures for Reliability related issues.

8.Plant Safety Culture, OSHA, Safety Standards & Process Safety Management

Responsible for & contributing to QCHEM Plant Safety Matrix & Safety Culture by completing all Computer Based Safety Trainings allocated as per the designation & responsibilities, attending Departmental Monthly Safety Meetings, carrying out Qsafe observations.


Employer : REVA Process Technologies, Pune, India

Position Held : Manager - Instrumentation

From : Nov 2018 till date

Projects Involved:

GEMS Waste Treatment Plant, KSA

Responsibilities include

Design, Engineering, Erection & Commissioning of Waste Treatment Plant of GEMS in Yanbu, Dammam

Jubail, Homa & Johfa

Presently working GEMS Yanbu Facility, KSA

Heading a group of 7 people which includes two assistant managers, two Senior Engineer, One

Engineer and two Senior Designers. Apart from departmental duties, responsible for overall design,

engineering, erection & commissioning of GEMS Yanbu, Jubail, Homa & Johfa projects, Involves P&ID

review, Change Manaqement, producing specifications & datasheets, floating enquiries, Vendor

correspondence & evaluation, placing the order, Site supervision in erection and commissioning of the

Plant, Handover and as builting of the documents

It involves field instrumentation, Index, datasheets, sizing and calculation, Design Basis, I/O list,Control

Systems, Control Narratives, Cause & Effect, Graphics generation, Package Instrumentation,

Interconnection with electrical equipments, Motor design and automation, Pump schematics,

Employer : Petrofac, Chennai, India

Position Held : Lead Instrument Engineer

From : Nov 2017 to Oct 2018

Projects Involved:

JAZAN Project of ARAMCO, KSA through Petrofac-Saudi in KSA

Responsibilities include

Working with Petrofac-Saudi in Alkhobar, KSA

Honeywell FAT for North Tank Farm J60 EPC Package, SRS Document review & execution, Terminal

Management System & Truck Loading package X13, Vendor drawing Review of the Skid packages, Third

Party interfaces, System Architecture & Saudi Aramco Standard Implementation, Hardware & Logic checks

at the FAT floor. Critical Design Review of the System Documentation & FAT project scheduling &

monitoring of Contractors

Employer : EQUINOX EPC Engineering India Ltd, Pune, India

Position Held : Manager Instrumentation

From : Sept 2016 till Oct 2017

Projects Involved:

EPC Projects from Equinox Canada

Clients include Athabasca, Advantage, Veresen, Pembina, Santos, Encana

Local Clients like ONGC, Sesa Goa, Reliance estimation

Responsibilities include

Field Instrument Engineering, Technical Bid Evaluations, Smart Plant Instrumentation, MSRQ Packages, MSRP

Packages, Cause & Effect, Logic Diagram, CCTV Package, Vendor Packages.

Have 3 Junior Engineers under me for execution of the assignments.


Position Held : Lead Instrument Engineer

From : Nov 2015 to Aug 2016.

Projects Involved:

EPC Projects

North East BAB (NEB) Project of ADCO consisting of 24 no of new well and 25 no of old well with a Central

Processing Plant(CPP) @ Rumaitha site


Handling a team of 13 people which include 6 Engineers, 2 SPI Specialist, 2 Designers, 1 PDS specialist

2 CAD operators. Project consist of various Clusters Pipeline project with ISBL scope with various packages.

Engineering solutions to gray areas in scope of the project, Pending procurement issues, any additions due to

feasibility issues, tie –in to existing facilities. Construction gaps and planning on documentation for construction and


Deliverables are of two types

2D extraction deliverables to be provided from Smart Plant instrumentation(SPI) consisting of Index, datasheets,

wiring, loop drawings, cable schedules, Junction box schedules, I/O list, Maintenance Maximo listing of Instruments

Installation drawings, hook ups, Functional Logic diagrams, Cause and Effect diagram.

3D PDS model deliverables consisting of Layouts, Trench routing, Cable tray routing, Instrument & Junction box

Layout, FGS detector and Junction box layout, Instrument & Cable routing layout.

Employer : Rotary Engineering PTE Ltd, Singapore

Position Held : Design Manager

From : Sept 2013 to Mar 2015

Projects Involved:

EPC Projects

Lube Oil Shared Project, consortium of ABB and Total, Singapore

Lube Oil Blending Project Total, Singapore

Tankstore Tankfarm Project, Singapore

Fujairah Oil Tanking project, UAE

Butadiene Tanking Project, Singapore

Smart Plant Implementation (In-House)

Estimations & Bids

Petronas Rapid Project, Malaysia

Fujairah Pyramid Project, UAE

Fujairah VLCC Project, UAE

Puma Burma Shell Project, Burma


As a Design Manager responsible for the Tender & Manhour estimations for the team, QA / QC for the

deliverables, departmental development, training & career development of the team.

Responsibilities were of a Head of Instrumentation department leading a 15 Member team working on 5 projects

Lube Oils Shared Projects, Lube Oil Blending Plant, Tankstore Tank Farm Project, Fujairah Oil Tanking Project &

Butadiene Tanking project.

Guiding & Monitoring lead engineers for ensuring correct design as per project specifications, standards and

regulations and timely delivery of documents and drawings as per the project schedule.

Team consist of 2 Senior Engineers, 6 Engineers, 4 Senior Designers & 3 CAD Designers. Working on the

EPC job for the 5 project.

Carried out estimation of various projects like Petronas Rapid Project, Fujairah Pyramid Project, VLCC

Fujairah Project, Puma project for Burma which included the Tender Document Review, Bill of Materials,

Qualification List, Estimation of the Manhours for Engineering, Engineering Deliverable.

Additionally implemented Smart Plant Enterprise packages like SPPID, SPFoundation, SPI, SP3D, SPMAT,

SPLM & Spoolgen in the organization.

Employer : Foster Wheeler Engg. PTE Ltd, Singapore

Position Held : Senior Instrument Design Engineer

From : Apr 2012 to Aug 2013

Project: COMPASS Project (Rubber)

Dec 2012 – Aug 2013 Client : Lanxess


As a Lead I& C Package Engineer for Lanxess, carried out Detail Engineering for Compass I & C packages like

De-watering Screens, Screws, Vibrating Conveyor system, Hot Air Tunnel Dryer, Regenerative Thermal Oxidation,

Baler Package and Packaging & Finishing Systems. Apart from this coordinating with the Mechanical groups for

various pump, rotating & stationery packages interfaces with the Plant control systems.

Project: SSDP (0376B) & MSTP (0385C) (Detail Engineering)

Apr 2012 – Dec 2012 Client : ExxonMobil


Detail Engineering for the SSDP EPC project. Involved in the EPC deliverables like P&ID reviewing, Index,

Specifications, Loop Drawings, Layouts & Cable routing, Vendor Drawing Reviews, Installation Detail & Hook-up

Drawings, Cause & Effect of Sulphur Material Handling systems, I/O list & DCS interfacing & interconnecting, Wiring

& Junction box drawings, Local Control Panel, JB, Cable, Flow meters & On-Off valve Requisitions.

Employer : Technip Middle East, Doha, Qatar

Position Held : Senior Instrument Engineer

From : May 2005 to Mar 2012

Client : Qatar Chemicals Ltd(QCHEM), Messaid, Qatar

Projects Involved:


2010 – Mar 2012 Wireless Instrumentation for Boiler Feed water FD fan Modification

Broken Bag Recycling Vacuum Conveyor System in Bagging area

CGC, ERC & PRC Secondary Seal Installation Project in Ethylene

2009 Common Minimum Control Valve Modification

Automation of Ethylene Manual Loaders on Ethylene Furnaces

Automation of Lube oil system for IC4 Recycle pump in Poly Ethylene area

2008 – 2009 De-Bottlenecking & Super Sac Project in Bagging

2007 – 2008 Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Upgrade of Critical SIFs – QCHEM Plant wide

HVAC Control System Upgrade

2006 – 2007 Smart Plant instrumentation (IN tools) Merging Project – Plant Wide

2005 – 2006 P&ID As-Built Project

2005 – Mar 2012 Smart Plant Instrumentation (IN tools) Updating


Directing Management of Change by initiating, facilitating & implementing Instrument plant changes for Safety

improvement, Production Optimization, De-bottlenecking and Enhancing Equipment efficiency. Safety Integrity

Level (SIL) Upgrade of Critical SIFs project. Installation of Common Minimum Flow Control for Ethylene Product

pump. Debottlenecking & Super Sac project in bagging unit.

Actively involved in evaluating, designing, constructing, pre-safety start-ups & successful commissioning of plant

changes. All the projects mentioned below are carried out in this category.

Focal point for Technical support to Instrument issues of the Plant Maintenance department.

As Reliability Engineer identifying worst actors, analyzing & optimizing efficiencies of Instruments in the plant with

assistance from maintenance group. Carry out Root Cause Analysis of Instrument failures, accessing the existing

scenario’s in the plant & identify positive steps to curb failures in future. Every instrument identified as a reliability

opportunity was being assessed, studied and analysed for its repeated failure & a systematic approach is sorted out

to overcome such failures by either improving maintenance procedures & check-list or engineering changes or

studying the pattern & regulating PM practices.

As Project Engineer functional responsibility of a Designated Site Representative (DSR) for the contractors involved

in the project. Ensure & maintain the safe & successful implementation of jobs with contractor help, carry out

documentation turnaround, consider Spare part requirements, carry out maintenance training & schedule PM

checks in SAP & finally financially close out the project. All the projects worked during my tenure in QCHEM can be

attributed to these responsibilities

Employer : DAR Al Riyadh Pvt Ltd, AlJubail, KSA

Position Held : Senior Instrument Design Engineer

From : Nov 1998 to Apr 2005

Client : Sabic Affliates, AlJubail, KSA

Projects Involved:


2005 Turnaround activities for Polyethylene II in SHARQ; Transmitter Replacement project for Utility II & Ethyl Glycol II Plant in SHARQ

Installation of Elevators in Styrene II plant

2004 1st Effect Piping & Exchanger Replacement Project

2004 Utility Air Dryer

2003 – 2004 UHF Radio Up gradation Project

2002 Phase VII & KEMYA Turnaround Project; CGC Vibration Panel Upgradation Project;

Membrane Separation Project ; Catalyst Improvement Project

1999– 2003 IN tools Migration & Upgrade Project

1998 – 2001 LDPE & KEMYA OLEFINS Plant & Phase VI & OSBL


As Project Engineer responsible for a project from the estimation phase, procurement, installation supervision

execution & handover phase of the project. Correspond with various disciplines for inputs & execution of the


As Design Engineer responsible for designing, procurement, construction & commissioning & handover of project.

Supervisory level experience of leading a team of one Engineer & 3 CAD designer for 2 years in Kemya for LDPE &

Olefins project in 1999 - 2001.

Developed expertise as an INTOOLs Engineer responsible of maintaining, updating & consulting on instrument


Employer : Abdulla Al Moiabed Engg. Ltd, Al-Khobar, KSA

Position Held : Instrument Design Engineer

From : Sept 1997 to Oct 1998

Client : Saudi Aramco

Projects Involved:


1998 Saudi Aramco

Pressure Safety Valve Design for Uthmaniyah Gas Plant

Minimum Recirculation Control Valves on BFW Pump

Khuff Gas Modifications for Flow meter(Orifice Sizing)

As Built & Updating of ILDs for Off-shore Abu-Safah Gosp at Ras Tanura

1997– 1998 Rabigh Gas Refinery Cataloguing & Spare part project, Saudi Aramco


As Instrument Design Engineer involved in Basic & Detail Engineering for Instrumentation system in Oil, Gas &

Petrochemical Industry. Cost Estimation of Instrumentation projects.

Involved in Cost Estimation, development of Basic & Detailed Engineering packages, Instrument Index, Instrument

specification, Instrument Loop, Inputs /Output list, Cause & Effect diagrams & Logic Diagrams, Instrument

Installation drawings, Motor Schematics. Control Valve Sizing, Orifice sizing calculations, Cable sizing & estimation,

Bill of Materials for Distributed Control Systems & Shutdown systems. Co-ordination with various disciples like

Piping, Mechanical, Civil & Electrical engineers for interfaces, Involve in preparing Inspection check lists & carrying

out Inspections & Factory / Site Acceptance Tests for instruments.

Familiarization with ARAMCO Instrument Standards

Employer : Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd, Mumbai, India

Position Held : Senior Asst Instrument Engineer

From : Aug 1996 to Aug 1997

Projects Involved:


Treated Hexane Plant for HPCL Project, Mahul, India


Detail Engineering-lnstrument deliverables like P&ID reviewing, Index, Specifications, Loop Drawings, Layouts &

Cable routing, Vendor Drawing Reviews, Installation Detail & Hook-up Drawings, Cause & Effect of Sulphur Material

Handling systems, I/O list & DCS interfacing & interconnecting, Wiring & Junction box drawings, Local Control

Panel, JB, Cable, Flow meters & On-Off valve Requisitions.

Inspection of Self-Operating Valves at Nirmal Works in Asangaon, India

Virgo On-Off Control Valves at Poona. India

Inspection of Pressure & Temperature Gauges at M-Guru Bombay, India

Inspection of FISHER Safety Relief Valves, Bombay, India

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for Honeywell TDC-3000 DCS at Poona

Employer : IBI Chematur (Engg & Cons’cy) Ltd, Mumbai, India

Position Held : Instrument Design Engineer

From : Jun 1994 to Jul 1996

Projects Involved:


Toluene Di-isocyanides (TDI) project for Narmada Chematur Petrochemical Ltd., Bharuch, India


Designing and Detailed Engineering. Floating Enquiries, Technical Bid Analysis and Recommendations, Issuing of

Purchase orders, Vendor Drawing Reviews, Inspection Scheduling and follow-up, Inspection, Issuing Material

Release order, Supervision of installations and erection of instruments at site, Commissioning of instruments.

Control Valve Sizing, Orifice Sizing, Estimation, and Layout Drawing. Preparation of Instrument Schedules,

Instrument Specification Sheets, and Preparation of DCS documents like Instrument Loop Diagrams, I/O List, Logic

Diagram, and Estimation of the Total Hardware required for DCS installation and preparation of Bill materials.

Inspection of Rosemount I/P converters and Pressure Transmitters at Daman Works, Arca Globe Control Valve at

Poona, Temperature Transmitters from Pyro Engineering, Baroda, Forbes Marshal Magnetic Flow Meters and

Rotameter Transmitter at Poona. Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of Yokogawa Blue Star Ltd ‘Centum-XL DCS at

Bangalore for Phase II. Installation, Erection, Start-up, Loop Checking and Commissioning of.’ Centum-XL’ DCS at

NCPL project site, Bharuch.

Employer : Polychem India, Mumbai, India

Position Held : Trainee Engineer

From : Aug 1993 to Feb 1994

Projects Involved:

Simulation of Styrene Polymerization Process

As Part of Dissertation work for Post Graduate Course.


Study of the process & the temperature & pressure profile in the Polymerization Reactor. Collection of process

parameters of Styrene Polymerization Reactor. Development of Software project in ‘C’ language on Styrene

Polymerization Process. The Project objective was to optimize the Temperature & Pressure profile curve across the

length of reactor for maximum productivity. The Polymer Reactor was simulated in the software & an optimum

Temperature & Pressure profile for a particular grade of Polystyrene was calculated. This optimum profile was

practically applied to the reactor structure to obtained the desired result.

Employer : Goliya Instruments Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India

Position Held : Production Engineer

From : May 1991 to Jul 1992


Production of Digital Panel Meter, Multi meters, Voltmeters & Ammeters. Assembling, Testing and Calibrating

Voltmeters, Current Meters, Frequency Counters, Multimeters, LCD & LED display units. Quality Assurance and

Quality Plan of these instruments.

Date of Birth:

24th Nov.1968




M. E Instrumentation Engineering

B. E Instrumentation Engineering


Marathawada University, Aurangabad, India (1994)

Bombay University, Mumbai, India (1991)

Language skills:

English, Hindi, Marathi





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