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Engineer Test Cases

San Diego, California, United States
April 21, 2017

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Mrunal Patel Email: Cell: (814)***-****


6+ years of experience in RF Engineering field performing, benchmarking, optimization, design, planning and testing on GSM /WCDMA/CDMA/EV-DO/LTE/VOLTE/LTE-A/LTE-M/5G technologies.

Mobile Chipset and modem stability testing in different Technologies which using all over the world as per 3GPP2and ITU Standards.

Android SW and FM testing on Application, APP. Framework, and LIB., Linux kernel Layers.

Android APK development for automation testing for Modem, Multimedia, Camera, graphics, Wi-Fi, BT, NFC by Android Studio, Xamarin, Eclipse, GitHub, SQLite.

Developing android APK for Testing and debugging android Framework and hardware.

Developing mobile applications using Android SDK/NDK.

Testing and developing test plan xmls on json.

Artificial Intelligence and several topics in learning, such as image processing, voice processing, etc.

Working with the product cycle and software projects management system, such as SCRUM board.

Experience in testing handset and tablets using Android OS with focus on applications, user interface/experience, MTBF and performance in Lab & field-testing.

Vast experience in RF drive testing (Data collection) for Clusters, MSV’, SSV's, DAS Venues and post processing.

Good understanding of LTE Pre-launch tuning and post- launch, parameters, L3 messaging and Handover call flows.

Perform GSM/UMTS site survey / data collection & Analyzing the Drop calls and Access Failures.

Knowledge of Neighbor relations (intra, inter and IRAT), IFHO.

Modem and AP logs collection, KPI test for android, Windows and IOS device using different log collection and analyses tools for 2G, 3G and 4G technology.

RF Tuning with spectrum analyzer Agilent HP, oscilloscope Agilent 54A.

Testing with RF transceiver architectures and power amplifier designs.

Working experience on Ericsson OSS application such as CEX, RNO, AMOS, PCA to change parameter value on Node B & BSC and check KPI result.

UMTS Drive testing/data analysis support for AT&T network to collect data using Agilent & TEMS technology tools for float drives, exit routes and GNG drives for pre-launch and post-launch stages.

Knowledge in GSM/GPRS/EDGE, CDMA, EV-DO, WI-FI, WiMAX, LTE (FDD, TDD), VoLTE, LTE-U technologies architecture and protocols.

Basic Knowledge of Network Architecture, OFDMA, SCFDMA, MIMO and LTE call flows, handovers and IMS.

Protocols knowledge: WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi, WiGig, RLP, PPP, IP, TCP, IPV4/6 and MIPV4/6.


Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., San Diego, CA (DBA Manpower) MAR 2015-Cont.

Role: Test Automation Engineer

Setting up test environments, executing automated and manual software tests, recording failures, collecting debug logs, and generating reports.

Responsible for the setup and execution of the required tests for a daily sanity test suit, weekly regression suite, or FARM (factory type) test plans. Responsible for correct software build loading and handset provisioning, log collection, issue reporting, issue tracking, and follow up.

Automation testing on Mobile component like Wi-Fi, BT, NFC, MODEM, CPU, GPU, DISPLAY, BATTERY, RAM, STORAGE, OS, CAMERA, USB.

Testing IOT/5G on different devices with various modem and mobile processor on android & windows platform.

Android SW and FM testing on Application, APP. Framework, and LIB., Linux kernel Layers.

Product development on Qualcomm Modems and Chipsets over different Combination in Mobile devices.

Setup the test environment by Perl, python, java and json interface with DUT.

Developing simulated software in C#, .net for devices SW/FW loading, debugging and reporting.

Testing AT&T User Test Cases on different mobile chipset and optimize MTBF.

Stability testing on Sony, HTC and LG OEM devices under automation testing.

Experience building and executing test cases from abstract internal and customer requirements.

Good understanding and hands on experience on applications using Android platform.

Extensive experience in designing and executing test cases for GUI testing, Functionality, Regression and Integration Testing.

Proficient in Functional, Integration, User Acceptance (UAT), IOT, IPTV, Security, Load Stability and Performance testing.

Updating Test Plans, Test scripts, Test results plan as per the change requests.

Responsible for Android and mobile hardware defect and bug management includes defect logging, tracking & defect closure with ADB, Logcat and DDMS monitoring.

Alcatel One Touch, Irvine, CA (Assure Solutions Inc.) DEC 2014 – MAR 2015

Role: Sr. RF Device Validation Engineer

Performing Software updates to devices for testing handset and tablets using Android OS wireless protocol GSM/GPRS/UMTS/LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, CDMA/EV-DO, Volte, WFC.

Collecting and Analyses QXDM, QCAT and other trace tools to logs for device behavior with DUT & UUT in ATE Environment.

Device Power consumption testing and optimization on with different carrier with user test cases.

FOTA, stability, application, of device performance testing.

Developing android application to simulate with different device for testing and performance.

Team Lead for testing and developing test plan on Alcatel one touch Watch.

Testing devices over IPTV platform.

SDLC using HP Quality Center, Iris, JDSU, J1RA, Mantis, Bugzilla, PTC for test cases, result and defects.

Testing device over different carrier like AT&T, TracFone, T-Mobile, MetroPCS customer Acceptance, and internally developed test cases.

FOTA tests, battery testing, stability, application testing, and field drive testing using Datum and Nomad tools.

Testing and Debugging handset, tablet, and mobile device defects with detailed exactness in error databases, email correspondence, IM discussions, and in conferences.

Work with R&D teams in order to debug device software issues.

Testing and Documentation on All device for CEC certification.

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., San Diego, CA (DBA Manpower) JULY 2013 – NOV 2014

Role: Sr. RF Test Engineer

Responsible for loading a build in Qualcomm Wireless Chipset device using ARM debugger tools (Trace 32) and for loading a QCN.

Adjusting NV settings on Qualcomm device to camp in live network like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon.

Performing field-testing for power consumption measurement on commercial phones for competitive analysis and Qualcomm Chips set device.

Performing mobility and Stationary test for power consumption for different test scenarios like Standby and active scenario on GSM, WCDMA, LTE technology.

Analysis of awake current according to network events like SIB reading, measurement reading, cell reselection, handover.

Performing a PERL analysis of current logs collected in field and lab for Sleep Current, Awake Current, Awake Duration, Average Current, and DRX cycle.

Reporting and presenting improvement of power performance numbers of field-testing for snapdragon modem according to build in progress chart.

Develop power consumption test plan, execute test and contribute toward power optimization of software applications and power features in conjunction with hardware product development for wireless telecommunications, analog and digital, multimedia, device drivers, connectivity, semiconductor and other high-tech electronics applications.

Test power consumption of battery operated wireless communications devices including Smart Phones Tablet and Pocket PCs with field and lab simulating network with Agilent and Anritsu call box with anechoic chamber.

Simulate Field network scenario in lab with Agilent and Anritsu call box for power optimization and stability test.

Developed .net application for extracting power test data from database and convert into desired format.

Develop test plan and test cases for power optimization features, execute, perform analysis on measurement results and closely work with development team for resolution of issues and commercialization of products with optimum power consumption.

Study new system level power optimization features and Identify, analyze and work closely with HW/SW development team to resolve software and hardware implementation deficiencies.

Test and verify functionality of WCDMA/GSM/GPRS/GPS/HSPA RAT/VOLTE/LTE/TDSCDMA/CA technologies to ensure power consumption measurements are accurate and conducted on a properly functioning device.

Conduct engineering tests and detailed experimental testing to collect design data with impact on power consumption and assist in research work.

Create, maintain and modify automation scripts for power consumption measurements and Automate test cases using Perl scripting language.

Flash the different components of Meta build (MPSS, LPSS, APSS, WCNSS, RPM, TZ, and Boot) on QCT device and check power consumption for different modem test scenarios.

Generating power breakdown template and also generating the channel measurement set for XUDAS to perform breakdown of the new target form the provided power grid.

Responsible to perform regular and micro level power breakdown (like GPIO breakdown) on XPM to check the power consumption of each power rail.

Setup Automation environment by using Perl, python, java and json.

Set up the Agilent, Anritsu and Agilent PXT, Aero flex call box according to the test scenarios.

Collecting the NPA dump, RPM dump, GPIO dump, clock dump and analyze the modem related clock. Clk_bus_Q6, clock_Q6, TDEC, PNOC, SNOC etc.

Perform and analyze the GPIO profiling for paging awake.

Managing the power field testing and leading the power field test team.

MetroPCS Communication, Inc. Tampa, FL (Avion Systems Inc.) AUG 2012 –JUNE 2013

Role: RF Engineer

Analysis of drive data using Actix, TEMS to optimization for assigned clusters by recommending/applying changes in IRAT neighbors, neighbor parameters, power and tilts till changed until the cluster meet the KPIs.

Design and optimization of network site antenna positions, antenna directions or tilt and swapped feeders.

Working on antenna site integration with different infrastructure like Ericsson, Motorola and lucent with T1, DACS, OMP, DS1, DS3, Fiber, ISDN.

Create edit and coordinating the drive routes using Microsoft streets and trips

Integration of new site, 3 to 6 sector conversion, AWS addition, RF sweep testing, Hard Hand down, LTE shakedown, E911 testing and detailed drive.

Very proficient in creating Drive Routes for SSV, Clusters, IRAT and IFHO by using MAP INFO Tool.

Prepared pre and post drive test reports with KPI, problem cause and recommendation solutions for redrive.

Identified poor coverage areas in the cluster and recommended up tilt recommendations and power changes in order to improve coverage and thus reduce drops and quality using spirent.

Performance tuning, Implementation & Optimization of CDMA/LTE /EVDO/ VOLTE Communication network.

VOLTE analysis using wireshark to check the traces and PCAP files of reference device.

Fine tuning of network through orientation changes and tilts of the antenna to ensure proper signal distribution for good RSCP & Ec/Io

Missing neighbors, handovers, coverage and capacity such cell and congestion & admission control optimization for KPI improvement.

Avion systems Inc. Roswell GA JUNE 2011 – JULY 2012

Role: Associate RF Engineer

Collect UE physical measurement (SC, RSCP and Ec /No) for the entire active cell.

Verify radio quality (BLER) requirement on several different radio service.

Verify handover functionality, neighbor relation list, call success rate and call drop rate.

Perform RF drive testing to carry out propagation and signal measurement.

Using Pocket TEMS to collect the data in indoor place like Auditorium, Stadium, and Airport.

Involved Gathering the data from different locations using tool called TEAMS 8.2/10.1/11/12/13/14 provides the solutions by plan, implement, and optimize 2G/3G/4G/LTE/EVDO\VOLTE\CDMA\UMTS networks.

Collecting data using stationary testing at different client locations on cluster Drive, Market Drive, and stationary testing.

Identify major CS & PS call related problems (dropped calls, hardware problems, PS connectivity etc.)

Verify UMTS /UTRAN basic functionality and Export log file, Report generation.

Perform IRAT testing, 911 testing, Stationary testing, IUPS testing.

Experience in Verifying of IRAT, IFHO, RNC\TAC\BSC Handovers, UMTS protocols, LTE Shakedown, Volte.

Provided guidance and training to drive teams for set up data collection kits, assembled and troubleshoot data collection Kits for cluster drives. Managed and trained drive teams to efficiently perform their tasks.

Coordinated with drive test teams and troubleshoot any issues related to data collection tool or network performance.

Used Microsoft Streets and trips for guiding my driver as a navigator during the drives.

Configuration of TEMS & Agilent ports, workspace and command sequences.


●Simulation Tool: Mat lab, Wireshark, Ericsson OSS, Actix spotlight, TEMS investigation, TEMS Discovery

●RF Hardware Tools: TEMS investigation 14, Agilent 14.1, Spirent

●Device testing tool: X-Cal, Netpersec, Pocket TEMS, DU meter, PCAP, Hoplite, QXDM, QPST, QCAT, APEX, STAF, Spartan.

●Call box: Agilent (8960), Anritsu(MT8820C), R&SCMW400/500

●Scripting/Programming Skill: Met lab, C/C++, C#, Perl, Java, Python, Shell scripting.

●Platforms/Environments: Windows, Unix/Linux, Solaris, MAC.

●Others: MS office, Android Studio, Xamarin, Appium, Eclipse, GitHub, AWS, MS SQL, SQLite, AutoCAD, Koplayer, APK studio ProE, ANSYS.


●Master of Science in Engineering GPA 3.4

University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA

Jan 2009 to May 2011

●Bachelor of Technology in Engineering GPA 3.5

U.V. Patel College of Engineering, Gujarat, INDIA

Sep 2003 to July 2008

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