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Sql Server Engineer

Manchester, Connecticut, United States
January 31, 2017

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Pratiyush Sapkota


Electrical and Electronics Engineer

*** ***** **** ****, **********, CT 06042

Objective and Summary

Electrical and Electronics with 4 year of experience in (professional) level on embedded system. I consider myself a fast learner and a team player. I am career interested and self-motivated person and have strong learning capabilities and passion for challenges. I feel that I can make a contribution to any Implementation Services department.

Career Summary:

4 Years of experience in embedded real time operating system.

Programming in MATLAB and good knowledge of MATLAB simulation.

High proficiency with coding in Embedded C/C++ for 16/32 bit, microcontrollers

Good Understanding and experience of Data Structures and Computer Algorithms.

Good knowledge in Automation and control systems development, System Integration, Support, ability to resolve complex and usual automation systems problems. (but not worked with engines)

Knowledge of (RTO) Real Time Embedded C programming techniques.

Experience working with Flash and EEPROMs.

Good knowledge of FPGA.

Knowledge of Microcontroller interfacing and use of ports for the out in mechanic control.

Proficient on circuit designing, assembling, soldering.

Proficient in PCB printed circuit board designing.

Proficient with the electrical components.

Worked on the project of RF module and GPS module

Component level testing and debugging of various platform circuit boards and Cross-functional experience in embedded systems development with further its production & customer support.

Hands on Experience on Test Automation, Test plan & Test case generation.

Proficient in Automotive Circuit Board Design, Schematic Design and Board development.

Expertise on Module testing, Integration testing, system testing, performance testing, Inter-operability testing & Compliance testing.

Skill Set:

Languages: C, C++, Embedded C/C++,

Platforms: Embedded OS.

Microcontrollers/Microprocessor: 8051 Family, Atmel (dual inline package)

Hardware Testing Tools: Function generator, Oscilloscope, Multimeter

Software testing tools: KEIL

Project application testing tools: PROTEUS

Microsoft office: Word, Power point, Excel, Access, Outlook.

Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, VISTA, MS DOS

Embedded IDEs used software: Kiel IDE, IAR compiler, Proteus

Database language: SQL Server 2005/2000, Access 2010, HTML, ROR

Database developer tool: Informatica 8, Oracle 11g

Electronics Embedded developer (In board level) March 2010 to Sept 2010

Jaipur, India, Kaizen Roboenics Pvt ltd.

Role: Internship on Arm Embedded system

Made the report of the components and their features, know how to use them or implement them.

Know about the photodiode and IR LED’s and use them for making color sensor, fire alarms, water level indicators, veg and non-veg sensors.

Made H-bridge circuit and uses NOT, AND gates IC’s to make the actuators and motor moving control circuit and use the actuators and motors to make the Collision Avoidance Robot (CAR).

Uses K-MAP method to deduce analog circuits into the digital and reduce the big circuit into the small one.

Uses AT89C2051 microcontroller for lightning the LED’s in different styles of pattern, programming it into the Assembly language on notepad calculating the machine cycle and coding in hexadecimal and burn the microcontroller into the GS54 software and KEIL.

Uses Encoding and Decoding IC’s and RF module (Radio Frequency) for the remote controlling the CAR wireless.

Uses PROTEUS of version 7 for programming the microcontroller in C++ language and made the projects such as DC to DC converter, speed control of motor using PWM, rapid quiz button, stopwatch, and counter in the group of the learners leading them to the success of all the projects.


Sensors (temp, speed, colors, weight, water level).

Motor controls (ac/dc using PWM techniques and triggering of the thyristors)

Dc to dc converters (using transistors and thyristors)

Led’s patterns (using microcontroller)

Wireless remotes controls (using the RF modules developed kit)

Line sensors robots (using microcontrollers, motor speed control Ic’s, op-amp, IR sensors)

Automatic toll tax collection (using microcontroller, led display, motor control)

Inverters (using transistors, diode, but in some using MOSFET)

Embedded development kit (using all the components like microcontroller, sensors, opamp, relays, led’s, H-bridge, led displays, potentiometer, diodes, GATES Ic’s, transistors, mosfet, 555 timer IC’s etc.)

Technologies: AVR, Proteus 7, Kiel, CAN

Techno-expert competition February 2013 to March 2013

Jaipur and Banaras (IIT-BHU), India

Role: PCB assembler and Programmer

Competition description:

This is the I-robot competition. This project basically is the line follower robot. Made the circuit in breadboard using the IC’s 7805, LM324, L293D, ATmega8 Microcontroller.

Made the sensor circuit for the detection of the track on which robot get its input and attached it into its front and attach the motors for the wheel which get direction to move from the input of the sensors.

Made the circuit in PROTEUS 7, and print out it and imaged the circuit in the plane PCB.

Made the program in AVR and burn it into the ATmega8.

Success to move the Robot in the track.

Technologies: AVR, Proteus 7, Kiel

Experiences: (At professional level) October 2011 to March 2015

Jaipur, India, Kaizen Roboenics Pvt ltd.

Role: Circuit designer/Installer/Programmer


Designing different types of circuits and boards, such as amplifiers and multi-chip modules (MCM).

Draw all the circuit diagram, as a plan for the estimation of the electronic component and its price with trying best for lowering the cost of project as well as good efficient project.

Work to meet deadlines, achieve quality goals and stay within budgets.

Perform laboratory tests using equipment such as a Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer or Power Meter

Draw all the planned circuit in the PROTEUS software of 7 versions and draw the PCB schematic diagram and print out the schematic and make the PCB by imaging and attaching the circuit diagram in the planned PCB board and drilling it for the attachment of the component in the surface of PCB.

Provide direction to layout technicians regarding circuit implementation through the use of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software.

Create signal processing filters, which extract information from electrical currents and voltages

Soldering all the circuits if necessary.

Assembled all the circuit using IC’s 7805, LM324, 8051 Microcontroller, L293D, HD12E, RF module.

Assembled all the component in the PCB and program the microcontroller (8051) in C++ language.

Diagnose all the PCBs circuit for the implementation and find the error and fix them for their maximum efficiency on the application.

Simulate circuits using software, Spectre RF, Proteus, Kiel .

For the remote control as we use the relays on circuit, attach all the AC switches to the relays and provide the DC power supply to the relays circuit.

Made the project report regarding to the automatically controlled home appliances.

Technologies: Kiel, Proteus 7, AVR

JR. ETL Developer August 2015 to December 2016

LE Belcher Corporation


Created new database objects like Tables, User Defined Functions, Triggers, Procedures, Functions, Indexes and Views, SQL joins and statements as per the developer team's request through team tracks.

Responsible for the design, development and implementation of dynamic SSIS packages for ETL (extract, transform, and load) development following company standards and conventions.

Import/Export and successfully migrated the Databases such as DB2 and MS Access to SQL Server 2005 using SSIS. Scheduled the same packages by creating the corresponding job tasks.

Created packages to extract data from flat files, Teradata, Oracle and DB2 and transform the data according to the business requirements and load the data in SQL server tables.

Created Complex packages by understanding Informatica Mappings, workflows and sessions.

Involved in Analysing, designing, building &, testing of OLAP cubes with SSAS 2005. Identified and defined Fact and dimension relationships. Partitioned the cubes on daily, weekly and monthly based.

Worked on the Support to solve the existing Informatica mappings issues and SSIS packages.

Created Check Points, Breakpoints, Database Logging and Event Handlers where ever necessary. Created Configuration files with XML documents to support the SSIS packages in different environments.

All SSIS standards are followed to maintain reliability and scalability in the extraction.

Involved in data cleansing to facilitate efficient data transfer between various environments.

Documented all the project work in support for maintenance.


Rajasthan technical university (accredit university) (3.1 GPA)

Bachelor of Technology (B-TECH)

Member of Nepal Engineering Council (NEC)

Training and Certification :

Training Institute: Kaizen Roboenics Research Pvt. Ltd.



Certificate of ZONAL winner (2nd Position) in ROBOTICS competition

Certificate of participation in “TECHNEX-13” national level competition in INDIA.

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