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Chemical Engineering Injection Molding

Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada
January 23, 2017

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Melancthon, ON L9V1Z4


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Jan. 2004 – July 2011 GAF CORPORATION

Position: Technical Director

Duties Responsible for Front End Innovations and Sustainability. Scouts new state of the art projects for company. Develops new technology to impact company’s bottom line. Works with sales, marketing, engineering, product laboratories, purchasing, and finance to launch new state of the art products in the market for company growth and profitability.

Responsible for new product R&D functions covering roofing shingles, non-woven, coatings, hot

melt, adhesives, thermoplastics, thermo sets, decking, fire retarded mattress, furniture fabrics, underlayment’s, and asphalt based product lines. Currently have ten U.S. patents to date, have eleven patents pending, and have two patents ready to file. Directly supervise one process engineer, two scientists and one technician. Experienced in wet laid technology; wet laid absorbent products; filtration products; non-woven coated products; non-woven products made from fibers such as glass, polyesters, cotton, wood pulp, bicomponent, polypropylene; coating technology; binder chemistry; thermoplastics and thermo sets products, and decking products. Interfacing with Sales, Marketing, Production, Engineering, and other Management personnel.

Primary job function is Front End Innovations with R&D and Business Partners. To provide technical and business leadership in the evaluation of new technologies (materials, processes) and applications within areas identified as key to the company growth. Expertise in a wide range of building products, applications, and business methods to assess new products. A key role in sharing ideas amongst the technical and business teams of the company and build census on the results of the assessments. Expert on new product development and has broad based knowledge of builder materials, materials processing, business case development, competitive assessment, development planning, technology scouting to commercial successes across sizable business segment with major impact to company’s bottom line. Position reports to the Vice President of Research & Development.

Jan. 1996 - 2004 Elk Corporation (Division of Elcor Corporation); Ennis, Texas

Position: Technical Manager

Duties: Responsible for asphalt material research (characterization), asphalt modification (asphalt polymerization, modification with polymers, and crumb rubber); asphalt mix design. Composite (polymer filled with glass fiber, organic & inorganic fillers). Injection molding, extrusion and compounding technology. Ability to solve any product or manufacturing related problem, improve process and procedures. Experience in taking products from lab, through manufacturing, and finally to commercialization. Proficient in intellectual property process. Very effective in editing patent applications, developing trade secret formulations and in filing new patents. Consistently generates new product idea. Position reported to the Director of R&D

Jan. 1992 - 1996 Elk Corporation (Division of Elcor Corporation); Ennis, Texas

Position: Sr. Developmental Chemist

Duties: Responsible for identifying new market for products and driving development of new novel technologies. Strategic direction of product and application development. New product development of hot melts, coated fabrics, thermoplastic elastomers, extrusion, injection molding,, molded goods, polymeric thermoplastic roofing membranes.

March 1989 - STEPAN CHEMICALS, INC.; Northfield, Illinois

Jan. 1992 Position: Product Development Engineer (3/89-1/92)

Duties: Responsible for urethane formulations of insulations foams, flotation foams spray foams, rigid molding foams, spray adhesives, and elastomers. Formulated new products and reformulated existing products. Interfaced with Marketing, Production, and Sales Dept. personnel.

Jan. 1988 - POLYMER TECHNOLOGIES INC.; Detroit, Michigan

March 1989 Position: Research and Development Assistant

Duties: Research on water based polyurethane coating, chemical analysis of products using HPLC and quality control; competitive products analysis using HPLC, TGA, NMR, FTIR, etc.

Jan. 1987 DIVERSITY WYANDOTTE CORP.; Wyandotte, Michigan

Position: Research and Development Assistant

Duties: Worked independently on detergency research; organic synthesis; formulation and detergency evaluation. Successfully developed an acrylic emulsion to be used in commercial liquid detergent to hold dirt in the washing machine. The formulation was commercialized in the United States, South America, and Europe.

EDUCATION: M.B.A. in Industrial Management from University of Dallas in (8/97); Dallas, Texas

M.S. Degree in Chemical Engineering (12/90) and B.S. Degree in Chemical Engineering (8/88) from University of Detroit; Detroit, Michigan.

3 Yr Diploma in Chemical engineering Technology from Cambrian College of Arts and Technology (5/85); Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

M.S. Degree in Organic Chemistry (1979) from Garwal University; Dehra Dun, India. B.S. Degree in botany, Zoology, & Chemistry (1975) from Merit University, Utter Pradesh, India.

M.S. Degree in Economic (5/77) from University of Garwal; Srinagar, India.

REFERENCES: Will be furnished upon request.

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