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Sql Server .Net

Los Angeles, California, United States
January 19, 2017

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Resume of: Rob Bartlett

Lead/Senior Software Developer/.NET/SQL Server Specialist (SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA area)

Older Developer who has accumulated a wealth of software development experience in 35+ years in software development

A Senior Software Developer - in fact owns the website "", also "" and a very skilled software programmer - many languages

With a strong background in older systems as well as strong in current technologies, he is a legacy/migration specialist and has a number of times converted applications from one technology to another more modern technology

In the past he has been VP (Tech) of a couple of startup companies, plus has owned own small software consultancy a couple of times

He has been Lead on various projects, with responsibility to design apps, often building the most complex parts of a project, while managing the other

Team member, prefers "hands-on" roles, plus solo Developer on many projects over the years

Overall career summary


Machine Code then assembler code on several minicomputers of the 1970's (PDP11 for example), then, from mid-1970's, Cobol (7 years) and RPG (6 years) on IBM and Honeywell mainframe computers, plus IBM Mainframe Assembler. Recently returned to some project work in IBM Cobol working on Legacy projects while contracting to San Bernardino County in 2013

Worked in the BASIC language (and PC assembler) since 1979, followed by Visual Basic (1992), VBA(1999), then VB.NET(2002)

Developed with the C language since 1984, followed by C++ (1993) then C# (2002)

He has spent the last 14 years in .NET, Sql (mostly Sql Server, some Oracle and MYSql), desktop and web, "Full -Stack" (gui front-end, business logic and database layers)

Web development since 1997 - started on internet banking system for Lloyds of London, probably the most famous bank in the world

Lots of .NET Web Forms/Javascript, recent MVC/JQuery/JSON/Ajax, and WPF

Operating systems:

IBM Mainframe operating. systems MVS, VM, DOS, JCL, PC DOS, IBM OS2 (was actually a specialist in this and worked a little on some parts of the operating system at IBM, in the C language)

Microsoft Windows, from version 1 thru version 7

Business Environments:

Many and varied (since 1970's):

Accounting – many projects

Payroll – a number of projects

Manufacturing/ERP – many projects

Public Sector/local government - many times, several Counties, and

the State of California twice

Financial - lots, a number of banks, insurance companies, mortgage

and loans companies

Transportation (airlines, trucking, rail and others)


Entertainment Industry

Engineering applications

Software Skills and Career History

Professional Overview and Technical Skills

Very experienced mature Senior/Lead Software Developer (originally from the UK, has worked in both the USA and the UK)

35+ years of experience in successful design and implementation of computer software applications on a wide range of (line-of-) business applications. Also has good previous experience in real-time apps and assembler-code/machine-code low-level non-business applications

Last 13+ years a specialist in .NET, both web and win (desktop) applications, C# and VB.NET., MVC and WPF, WebForms, WinForms,

10+ years Sql Server with additional experience in Oracle, MYSql and IBM DB2, plus other legacy databases.

Experienced Contractor of many years, following several years as a staff Programmer at 2 UK Consultancies. Has contracted frequently both to software producers and to clients, on and off site. Experienced in remote and partial remote working mode. He has also run his own small software company at 2 times in his career

Experienced in multiple:

Languages/Scripting: C#, C++, C, VB.NET, VBA, VB, Html, JavaScript, jQuery, Aspx pages, ASP pages, PHP pages, Perl, Cobol, RPG

Databases: Sql Server, Oracle, MySql and IBM DB2

Operating Systems: Windows, IBM OS2, Unix, IBM and Honeywell mainframe operating systems

Business Environments: Finance/loans/mortgages, banking, insurance, accounting/ERP, manufacturing, retail, government, travel, hospitality, human resources, health

A detailed worker, and personable, interacts well with all levels of staff from developers to users and senior executives, has many years of experience working with and helping users (internal and external) . As well as working in teams (including one of up to 100 developers) for both clients and software development companies, has designed/implemented many new apps for employer’s in a solo responsibility role, for specific custom requirements for a manager, and has provided consultancy/design for his own clients under his own company planning, designing, creating, testing their applications/lines-of-business

He has worked in the SDLC application/ product life-cycle during his whole career, both as a team member for clients (up to 100 per team), and at software company as product/rollout team member, at IBM he was on a large 100-person team in a major new project for the State of California in Sacramento, USA (Births, Marriages, Death Certificates system, potential 50 millions records on database), as well as Programmer/Analyst he has held the role of pure Systems Analyst, designing/planning projects for Programming Teams and Consultant

Experienced OOPS development style since 1992

Has many times created complex business rules in large systems

Has created many complex user interfaces, has strong client side development experience

Experience designing data models and creating stored procedures

Experience developing production software for large corporations (contracted to IBM 4 tiimes)

Long experience with ASP.NET, current MVC4, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and Jquery

Used C# net 3.5 or 4 on a number of projects

Some recent experience with design patterns

"MVVM" at 2 clients with in-depth usage of WPF which is based on the mvvm pattern, "MVC" at 2 clients

Experienced working with 3rd party component vendors

Experienced with distributed architectures

Experienced with WCF and web services

Highly experienced with unit testing during long career of software application experience.

Experienced on clients site or off-site by partial or full remote modes of working (reliable older professional developer)

Work history/Experience

Aug 2016 - Jan 2017

Developing, privately, apps for clients (he runs ads in the media as a software specialist)

Miscellaneous software skills including some design and creation of phone apps for both Android and iPhone, utilizing some IOS C in xCode environment (Apple) plus Xamarin coding in Visual Studio environment

Just been creating a dating website for a client, including member registration features, search, member matching etc.

Simultaneously building a Charity website which is now receiving many daily visitors, now automated and mostly running itself so he is now available for paid projects

Oct 2015 - Aug 2016

Developing, privately, a new product for future sale, an MVC-related toolkit package add-on for sale to .NET users, an offsite project, under development, long-term, utilizing his .NET skills

2015, Jan - Oct

Lead .NET Architect/Developer (WebForms), contract role

State of California Superior Court (Riverside division) in Riverside, CA)

Tech Lead / sole responsibility on upgrading/existing fault corrections on a WebForms-based .NET app : .NET, WebForms, JavaScript,

Updating a Training Application plus Sql Server database changes, creating some new complex user interfaces, and stored procedures

.Net version 4.5

Using ASP.NET, VB.NET, client-side HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

Performing extensive unit testing.

Senior .NET Architect/Developer (MVC) - 2014 - 2014, contract role

EMWD (public water utility company in Riverside County, CA) from Jan 2014-Sep 2014

Tech Lead/Designer/Mentor to a team of 3 senior developers, who were skilled in VB but not in the technologies required for the new project: .NET, MVC, Razor, JavaScript, JQuery,

Created their new .NET application (MVC, JQuery, JQGrids, JavaScript, Ajax), multiple database products, including Oracle

Created complex user interfaces

Designed the new application’s UI from mockups, “wired” up the necessary linking/pages, producing a working version of the application, then mentored the team’s progress through to handover ready for implementation.

Line-of-business: Workflow application to replace paper-only non-computerized water meter reading application, also water-saving softwareapps

Implemented complex business rules (workflow application)

Designed data models

Utilized web services

Developed the application as production software for EMWD (large water utility company)


Pattern: MVC

.Net version 4.5

Used ASP.NET, VB.NET, MVC4, client-side HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and Jquery

Consumed Custom Business Objects passed in from Progress database product (3rd party component vendor)

Worked with distributed architectures

- application connected to 2 different database systems (Progress and Oracle) and different function areas

within each (scheduling area, financials etc)

Usage of "rich" objects

Performed extensive unit testing.

Senior .NET Developer

County of San Bernardino, CA Jan – Aug 2013, contract role

Between Jan and Aug 2013 he contracted to San Bernardino County, in San Bernardino, where on different projects, as Tech Lead, he migrated apps from VB6 and Classic ASP to .NET apps, both UI and backend

Migrated asp apps to new .NET apps – responsible for several migrations, answered to several Project Managers (created VB.NET ASPX pages, Webforms, JavaScript, MVC, Ajax). Worked in several areas of the County’s IT department, including Law Enforcement applications, court and jury-duty applications, welfare

Line-of-business: various areas of the the County's core requirements

Implemented complex business rules (several un-related projects)

Designed data models

Created complex user interfaces - migrated the new application’s UI from existing classic asp/vb6 pages

Pattern: MVC on one project, patterns not used on other projects worked on

.Net version 4.5 used

Used ASP.NET MVC4, CSS3, Javascript

Implemented client side processing using Javascript

Worked with distributed architectures

- application connected to different database systems (Sql Server and Microsoft Access) and different function areas

within each (welfare, sherriffs, court, jury)

Utilized web services

Usage of "rich" objects

On 2 projects consumed custom business objects passed in from 3rd party product

Worked with 3rd party component vendors

Developed the application as production software for county of San Bernardino

Performed extensive unit testing.

Also was asked to work on some legacy Cobol apps as he had previously been a an IBM Mainframe Developer. Updated/corrected some Cobol programs

Senior .NET Developer

ICON Residential Loans, Irvine, CA July 2012 – Feb 2013, contract role

Responsible for new custom .net apps to interface to Government systems, complete responsibility for design/implementation (C#, UI and backend), reported to IT Manager (WPF, Sql Server, SSIS,SSRS Webforms, Aspx, Ajax)

Line-of-business: mortgages/loans, getting data and building interfaces to Federal Agencies

Implemented complex business rules determining which mortgage data goes to which external federal or internal application (included complex parsing of strings)

Designed data models

Pattern: MVVM via WPF


.Net version 4.5

Worked with distributed architectures - application connected to different incoming data sources both sql data and xml feeds

Developed the application as production software for ICON

Performed extensive unit testing.

Senior .NET Developer

Vista Metals, Fontana, CA July 2011 – June 2012, contract role

Part of team of 2 Senior Developers, responsible for migrating from an Oracle (including Oracle Forms) solution to a new custom .net ERP solution (desktop), using C#,UI and backend, and WPF, with Sql Server, responsibility for implementation of substantial part of new apps, reported to IT Manager (WPF, Sql Server, SSRS, WinForms)

Line-of-business: metal recycling, specializing in Inventory

Complex user interfaces, inventory tracking

Complex business rules: determining tracking of inventory in the plant utiizing wireless

Designed data models

Pattern: MVVM via WPF


.Net version 4

Worked with custom business objects from Macola corp (accounting software, sales and purchase components)

Worked with distributed architectures - application connected to different database systems (Sql Server and MySql)

Performed extensive unit testing.

Developed the application as production software for Vista Metals

Usage of "rich" objects

Chief Programmer

Race Central, Rialto, CA, USA Sep 2010 – Apr 2011, permanent staff position

Permanent staff role, responsible for new custom .net apps for small company, complete responsibility for design/implementation (C#, UI and backend), reported to Owner (Sql Server, Webforms, Aspx, Ajax)

(Unfortunately, the Owner disbanded IT Department after he had been on board 6 months, planning to then use “canned” software such as Google products)

Line-of-business: entertainment, personal fitness

Implemented complex business rules (scheduling race runners and other race info)

Designed data models


.Net version 4

Used ASP.NET WebForms, CSS3

Implemented client side processing using Javascript

Worked with distributed architectures - application connected to different database systems (Sql Server and Microsoft Access)

Performed extensive unit testing.

Own Company, Consultant

2009-2010 – at that time recently arrived in the USA from the UK, worked for several clients of his own on a direct basis, (had his own small software business) - sole responsibility reporting to company owners as they were his own clients. Used C++, C, VB.NET, VBA, VB6, Sql Server

Clients included an engineering shop, and several small consultancies for whom some project work performed

Line-of-business: varied by client

C, C++, C# and Visual Basic

.Net version 3.5

Performed extensive unit testing.

2008 – 2009 in UK

Chief Developer / CIO

LTDI Global, in UK then USA 2008-9,

Senior Director (Tech) / part owner of startup company developing the company’s product line, built on WebForms/Aspx/JavaScript/Ajax, project shelved due to lack of finances. Reported to CEO/President


Line-of-business: entertainment, hospitality on small screen devices

As Head Of Software charged with designing the company's core product from the ground up


.Net version 3.5

Used ASP.NET WebForms, CSS

Implemented client side processing using a lot of Javascript

Performed extensive unit testing.


Senior .NET Developer

Portsmouth Port Authority, Portsmouth, Hants 2008,

Chief Programmer on contract (in reality was the IT department development area on contract), migrate legacy Lotus Approach database solutions to new .NET apps for a port cities’ local Port Authority, reported to IT Director (Aspx, JavaScript, some Ajax, VB.NET)

Line-of-business: travel, the Portsmouth Ferry Port Authority, responsible for shipping schedules to France, Spain and the Channel Islands in a large mixed private and naval port

Designed data models

Created complex user interfaces - migrated the new application’s UI from existing Lotus Appoach Database forms


.Net version 3.5

Used ASP.NET WebForms, CSS

Implemented client side processing using Javascript

Worked with distributed architectures - application connected to different database systems (Sql Server and Lotus Approach)

1970's - 1990's

Previous in Programming career

Worked for software consultancies - custom apps of all sorts, sent on site to

design / create customers systems miscellaneous requirements

During late 70s started on IBM and Honeywell mainframe development, CICS

in UK, then came to the USA and continued that


begun the 80's continuing in mainframe development in the US,

Cobol and RPG, worked for Broadway Stores and Arco, thru to 1983,

then started PC software development

1984 long contract at Host International, vendors of food/beverage in

Airport lounges (later bought by Marriott), designed and

created their accounting applications. in Microsoft Basic. They sent me all

over the USA to different airports to implement their backroom

software locally (pre-internet days)

1986-8 Other companies

1989 Security Pacific Bank Glendale (later Bank Of America) working

their teller systems

1989 Arco (a 2nd time) working on back office systems for AM/PM Stores


1990-1992 in USA, Bank of America, UPS,

1993-1998 in UK,

Worked at IBM twice, at European Corporate HQ, and at their developmentLabs

began working in Visual Basic VB and C/C++ applications, for some large companies including

British Airways at Heathrow Airport on flight booking apps in C++, and Lloyds Bank (at their corporate world HQ, some early html web apps)


worked both in USA and UK,

2000-2002 classic ASP applications,

Then, from 2002 to present Apr 2016, .NET, in both VB.NET and C#

A more detailed career history can be provided on request

Please contact me at:

Thank you

Rob Bartlett

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