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Engineer Project

Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan
January 15, 2017

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Present Address:

C/O Abdul Hameed Rural Health center

Qazi Ahmed Taluka Daulapur District Nawab Shah Sindh Pakistan

Skype. Zaheerahmed6675

Mob:-# +923**-*******, +922**-******

Zaheer Ahmed


To pursue a challenging career, where my experience can be put in the best use, this demands the best of my professional ability in terms of technical skills, serving in growth of organization and in turn getting benefits for successful career.

Professional Experience

Electrical Engineer having 11 years’ experience with superior project management skills and a diverse technical background in EPC Projects & Maintenance Shutdowns of Electrical & Instrument especially in Oil & Gas, Processing Industries, Chemical plants, Fertilizer plants, Aluminum Plants, Power Plants, Water Reservoirs Barrages, Electrical Infrastructure & Power Distribution Systems (Substations)


Graduation (BE) Intermediate (Fsc)

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Intermediate in Pre Engineering

Completion: 2005 Completion: 1999

Duration: 4 Years Duration: 2 Years

Institution: Quaid-e-Awam University Institution: Govt.High Secondary

Of Engineering Sciences and Technology School Qazi Ahmed, Nawab Shah

Nawab Shah, Sindh. Pakistan

Professional Associations

Member of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) ELECT/ 21817

Member of Saudi Engineering Council 262824

Key Skills& Competencies

Design review, Project Site Execution, Construction Management, Material Procurement & Specs Review, Work Permit System, Safety Review System and Site Activities Monitoring on MV/HV Substations & live oil & gas Plants.

Project Planning, Scheduling and monitoring at different activities of the project during different phases of EPIC projects.

Project progress Reporting, Preparation of Monthly/Weekly Progress Reports for project progress monitoring.

Onsite technical and management support to execution staff during construction &execution of the Project.

Cost and Revenue Analysis.

Preparation of look ahead plans.

Participation in Project weekly & monthly progress review meetings during installation phase.

Key Role in expediting the possible delays during installation phase with other subcontractors and stakeholders to adopt remedial measures for timely and successful completion of the project.

Aware of HSE, Permit to Work System requirements and onsite local working regulations in Hazardous Areas and live Oil & Gas and Power Plants.

Costing & Estimation of EPIC Projects E&I & Modification Works E&I especially in Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Buildings, Power Transmission and Distribution and Energy Sector.

Preparation of BOQs, MTOs from Tender Documents and Drawings of EPC Projects.

Generation of Inquiries and Evaluation of different Suppliers, Venders/subcontractors proposals and quotations technically and commercially.

Preparation of Technical, Commercial and Management Documents for Projects as per project specific requirements.

Preparation of comparison statements of quotations from different vendors, suppliers and subcontractors.

Generation of Project Procurement Requirements based on Engineering Requisition Packages.

Close monitoring and follow-ups with different vendors, suppliers and subcontractors

Basic Design knowledge and study of MV/LV Power, Control Cable, Cable Routing, Cable Accessories, Layout Drawings, Switchgears, Transformers, Motors, Field Instruments, Generators, UPS System, LT Distribution Boxes, Junction Boxes, Cable Management Systems.

Career Summary

November 2016 Till Date

Designation: Deputy Manager E&I

Company: Descon Engineering Limited Lahore Pakistan

Major Clients:

Project Management Office Irrigation ( PMOI )

SMEC Australia

September 2015 – August 2016:

Designation: Project Engineer E&I

Company: Al Yusr Industrial Contracting Co.Saudi Arabia (AYTB)

Major Clients:

Saudi Chevron ( S-Chem)

January 2008 –May 2015:

Company: Descon Engineering Qatar LLC

Designation: Senior Engineer E&I

Major Clients:




Dolphin Energy Ltd






GE Qatar




Sino hydro



February 2006 – December 2007:

Designation: Engineer (Electrical)

Company: Descon Engineering Limited Lahore Pakistan

Major Clients:

BHP Zamzama Dadua ( Pakistan)

Oxechem Shaikhupura ( Pakistan)

Major Executed Projects:

EPIC New Khanki Barrage Wazirabad ( NKB) ( November 2016 Till date )

Saudi Chevron IPT Projects ( Sep 2015 – August 2016)

Barzan Gas onshore Project. ( May 2014 – Dec 2014)

Replacement of UPS at Qatalum. ( Nov 2013 – Dec 2013)

EPIC of QG 2 Backup Power Supply System in Qatar Gas. ( May 2013 – Oct 2013)

EPIC for individual continuous Emission monitoring at Qatar Gas ( Sep 2012 – Dec 2012)

MEP Project at Lusail city with Sino Hydro. ( May 2012 –Aug 2012)

Construction work for Qatar gas purge reduction system at Qatar Gas. ( Oct 2011 – Dec 2011)

Installation and commissioning works for Lusail City CP1 66 kV GIS Substations in Lusail City SIEMENS/KAHRAMAA. ( March 2011 – Sep 2011)

Installation of cathodic protection system (Impressed current) at Qatar gas sea water area. ( Sep 2010 – Dec 2010)

DGF Purge gas system Project at Qatar Gas (May 2010 – Aug 2010)

CIWPP Project Ras-Lafan Qatar with SIDEM, France. ( May 2009 – March 2010)

Ras Lafan Olefin Projects. ( Jan 2008 – Jan 2009)

Oxychem Pvt ltd. ( Jul 2007 – Dec 2007)

BHP Zamzama Phase 2 ( Feb 2006 – Jun 2007)

Major Tasks in project execution

Well versed in reading and understanding specifications, drawings, and all other discipline related project and engineering documentation.

Responsible to resolve site issues with consultation of the immediate in-charge/ Departmental Manager and coordination with client representatives.

Responsible for Completion of work within scheduled times without compromising on Quality, Health, Safety and Environment requirements.

Responsible to ensure that the subordinates understand and implement the work plan, by explaining and engaging in pro-active communication with the crews.

Responsible to coordinate with QA/QC department for Work Inspection Reports, snagging list clearance, Preparation of Method Statements, and As-Built Drawings.

Review project standard and specifications for construction. Monitoring overall performance in accordance with client requirements.

Developing project execution plan and strategies for completion of job in time, leading construction site teams for execution and supervision, and providing selection for the best technical /economical solutions for power system and assisting in carrying out for final inspection with client / consultant.

Submission of progress reports to the line manager, carrying out client meetings/walk downs to address with immediate action any unexpected technical problems or any kind of difficulties at the time of execution.

Electrical design documents reviewing and providing technical evaluations of power system.

Installation of 33 KV and 66 KV Gas Insulated Switchgear.

Installation of local Control cubicles (LCC) for 33 KV GIS and 66 KV GIS Switchgear

Removal and Re installation of 3.3 KV, 11 KV and 33 KV AIS switchgear., installation of copper bus bars and bus ducts for switchgears.

Hi pot test of switchgears

Installation of protection / control panels for switchgear

Installation and Inspection of Auxiliary and Power transformers along with assembly of parts. (1MVA to 40 MVA.) and Sergi System for protection of transformers

Installation and inspection of AVR panels and Transformer Rectifiers and capacitor banks for PF improvement.

Installation of LCP panels for Barrage gates Operation.

Installation of NGRs and earthing system and conducting earth resistance tests

Installation and inspection of LVAC switchgear, DCDBs and110 V DC battery bank system.

Installation and inspection of UPS fire Alarms system, PSS, VESDA and power management system.

Involve in installation of electrical systems and equipment and associated devices and control systems such as but not limited to the following: Medium and Low Voltage cables and raceways, Medium and Low Voltage Power Distribution System (33 kV, 66 kV), PDCS-Power Distribution Control System and interface with the DCS, Electrical Protection System, Programmable Logic Controllers-PLC(Siemens), Medium and Low Voltage Switchgears (ABB, AREVA,SIEMENS), VSD-Variable Speed Drives and Motor Control Centers, Medium and Low Voltage Motors, Power and Distribution Transformer.

Installation and testing of the cathodic protection systems (Impressed Current &Sacrificial).

Installation of HT/LT transmission line.

Installation of cable ladders, trays and trucking

Supervision of underground/above ground fiber optics cable lying and arranging OTDR Test.

Supervision of underground/above ground HV, MV, LV and control cable lying and Hi pot, IR tests for cables

Oversee the commissioning activities, to give technical solution for any problems encountered, to prepare and plan for each phase of the commissioning engineer.

Functional checks like start/stop, phase sequence and tripping test.

Installation and testing of plant/road lighting and small power outlets.

Monitoring RPM, Vibration, and Temperature of motors during Motor Solo run activity.

Installation of fire and gas system, SCADA system at well head facilities.

Installation of analyzers, Mass-spectrometer, Gas analyzers control valves and field instruments.

Installation of different process instruments PT, TT, LT, FT, DPT, VS, Radar Type Level Transmitters, Control Valves, On/ Off Valves, SDVs, TCVs, BDVs, loop checks and logic tests for DCS.

Serial Link checking between PLC and DCS and I/O list and cable schedule preparation.

Installation of Different types of instruments at Water reservoirs. Like, SCADA System Piezometers, Water Level Sensor, Gate Position Sensor, VOIP Ethernet

Installation of system cabinets like PLC, DCS, PCS, PSS, PAGA, FACP, Marshalling cabinets, Telecommunication cabinets, HMI in control room.

Installation of console set up in CCR.

Installation and testing of communication system i.e. PAGA system (Speakers, Beacons and Intercoms) with Their vendors.

Installation and inspection of Access Control system (Muster Point and Card Readers)

Installation of Plant Monitoring Cameras.(Movable PTZ CCTVs)

Close monitoring and follow-ups with different vendors, suppliers and subcontractors during different phases of the project.

Key role in planning of resources (manpower, equipment and tools) as per project requirements.

Key role in preparation of estimated man-hours requirement of the project

Key role in Project Planning, Scheduling and monitoring of different activities during different phases of the projects.

Monthly Invoicing and verification of BOQ and Drawing quantities variation.

Final invoicing and verification of BOQ

Major Executed Shutdowns

Dolphin Energy SD 2015

Qatar Chemical SD 2015

Ras Lafan Olefin Company Shutdown 2015

Qatar Gas Train 5 Shutdown 2015

Qatar Petroleum Refinery Shut down 2015

NGL Shutdown 2015


Dolphin Energy SD 2014


Qatar Petroleum annual SD 2013

Qatar Gas train 3 SD 2013

Dolphin energy SD 2013

Qatar Gas train 4 SD 2012

Qatar Chemical SD 2012

Dolphin Energy SD 2012

Qatar Gas Train 6& 7 SD 2011

Dolphin Energy SD 2011

FAHAHAIL ( FMNS) Stripping SD 2010

QAFCO Urea 4 and Ammonia 4 SD 2010

Qatar Gas train 3 SD 2010

Qatar Gas SD train 1 2009

Dolphin Energy Warranty Shutdown 2008/ 2009

Major Tasks in Shutdown execution

Evaluation of SOW, Procurement of material according to job and plant requirements and specifications

Preparation of Method of statements and JSA according to requirement of job.

Preparation of work packages to identify the SOW of supervisors, supervisor review and monitoring of the subcontractors works during SD ensure all compliance according to SOW and client requirements, discuss the technical quires on site, identify the problems causes the low productivity, dealing meetings with clients and company management over SD issues and plan.

During the Shut downs responsible to monitor all types E&I maintenance and new installation like all type of electrical maintenance like MV/HV switch gear & testing, relay adjustment with the concerned vendors and new electrical modification during the shutdowns like HV/LV panels, system panels, control panel UPS and new transformers, cable tray installation, cable laying testing and termination.

Installation of field instruments.

Installation of MV, LV Switchgear Panels, Control Panels, UPS system, Generators, GIS System, Distribution Transformers, LVAC/DC Panels.

Maintenance of HV/LV Switch gear & UPS with their concerned vendor.

Maintenance of heavy duty Electric motors in shutdown with client and subcontractors

Adjustment of relays (Electro Mechanical, Static & Microprocessor based) and circuit breakers of HV and LV switch gears of AREVA AND SCHINDER with the concerned vendors..

Laying, Termination & Testing of Power, Control & Instrument Cables.

Installation of Cable Trays, Ladders and Accessories.

Installation, Termination & Testing of Distribution & Junction Boxes.

Arrangement of temporary power supply at plants during Shutdowns

Pre installation calibration check and pre commissioning loop check of field instruments.

Overhauling and calibration of pneumatic and hydraulic control valves like,SDVs, On/ Off Valves, Safety Relief valves with vendor

Worked with several vendors like AREVA, SCHINDER, ABB, EATON, SOLAR, Yokogava, Rosemount, Emerson,

Job Responsibility as an Estimation Engineer E&I:

I had been involved an Estimation Engineer (Temporary Basis for critical E&I Proposal) in proposal Department reported to proposal manager, responsible for preparation and completion of Techno commercial proposals.

Preparation of bids for Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and small and mega project related to E&I On shore Oil Gas and fertilizers Plants.

Studying Tenders and review all their terms.

Sending clarification requests to the client, required for the tender s scope of work & specifications

Sending inquires to subcontractors and suppliers.

Attending pre bid meeting and site visits, to evaluate scope of work and estimation of resources, regarding manpower, equipment’s and materials.

For compiling Techno Commercial proposal, preparing the complete cost of bid after analyzing and estimates whole tender and compiling in accordance with different discipline to evaluate the total cost of the project.

Attending commercial negotiation meetings with clients.

Major Techno commercial proposal completed as an estimation engineer Electrical & Instrument

Qatar petroleum NGL-3 Shutdown 2009

Qatar Petroleum Fahahail Main North South and Striping plant shutdown 2010

Qatar Gas 7 years maintenance shutdown contract 2011 to 2016

Q-chem. SD 2012

Dolphin energy 3 years maintenance shut down contact 2011/2012/2013

Rasgas Train-1 & 2 Gantry Crane extension project.

Installation of new UPS at LQ platform QG offshore.

Rasgas Installation of Reverse Rotation checks valves on compressors.

Qatar gas ESU building relocation project.

Dolphin Camp removal project

QP Refinery SD 2013


Dolphin energy SD maintenance contract 2014 to 2019

Qapco SD 2014

Dolphin energy 5 years maintenance shut down contact 2014 to 2018

Q-chem. SD 2015

RLOC SD 2015

QP Refinery SD 2015

Qatar petroleum NGL SD 2015

Back Feed Power Supply Project

Truck waving Installation Project

QP Refinery SD 2016

Nitrogen skimming project.

Rectification of vibration anomalies project.

Currently Working in Descon Engineering Limited Pakistan as Deputy Manager E&I in Infrastructure Division

Worked in ALYUSR INDUSTRIAL CONTRACTING CO. AYTB in Construction &fabrication department as Project Engineer E&I.

Worked in Descon Engineering Qatar LLC in plant maintenance and shutdowns department as Lead Senior Engineer Electrical& Instrument department handled E&l department in RLIC, MIC and Dukhan industrial area.

Professional Trainings

CTMP Course from Descon Engineering Ltd. (DWHQ)

Management Development Program 1 ( DEQ Qatar )

H2S BA Training

Safety Induction

PTW Corse Qualified in QP, Q-Chem, QG and DEL

Work at height

Confined Space

Primavera, MS Office, Mat lab, ACCPAC, GDMS


Computer Proficiency

MS Office and its applications (Documentation)

Good Internet skills

Personal Details

Father’s Name: Abdul Hameed

Nationality: Pakistani

Passport No: HV1152212

Religion: Islam

D.O.B: 11 Feb. 1982

Marital Status: Married

Having valid Saudi license.

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