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Electrical Engineer Control

Dallas, Texas, United States
January 10, 2017

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Michael (David) Yarbrough Jr.

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Belton, Texas 76513

(254) –493-8646 Cell



To obtain a position in plant operations and maintenance that will challenge me, where I can fully utilize my knowledge, experience and skills to complete the tasks assigned to me. This should include conducting routine preventive maintenance, feasibility and efficiency studies, reviewing and updating safety and work procedures, and improving critical operations to eliminate and/or reduce downtime. I also believe that an employee should continually strive to improve communications and create motivation in his workplace by encouraging his coworkers to see the overall vision of the company, perform work safely and constantly strive to meet short term and long term goals.


My experience includes responsible positions in product support, project management, computer programming, installation & maintenance of process control systems, power distribution, electric motor controls, personnel management, data acquisition systems, electronic repair and test engineering.

Hands on Engineer who enjoys the physical aspect of the task at hand

Supervised and trained a team of electrical engineers, electricians, and electronic technicians

Improvement of existing facilities and equipment to become more efficient with our workforce, scheduling, and energy consumption

Responsible for personnel time clock accounting, work assignments/schedules, performance reviews, and interviewing new candidates

Computed cost estimates and schedules for various projects.

Responsible for automating control processes by designing and implementing computer based process control projects.

Responsible for requisition and updating of electronic instrumentation, tooling and computer equipment.

Designed and installed National Instruments Data Systems (SCXI and PXI).

Calculated incoming power requirements for Office buildings, Data Centers, Motor Control Centers, and Instrumentation bays.

Maintenance of Instrumentation and PLC systems.

Experience with Test Site Electrical facilities, Data Systems, Cameras, and Intercom systems.


Firefly Space Systems Briggs/Cedar Park, TX

Senior Electrical Engineer/ Instrumentation Jan 2016- Dec 2016

Managed Instrumentation technicians for test operations

Managed and maintained the Data and Control System for test operations

Worked with local Utility Company to get 3 phase power brought into the town of Briggs for our current rocket test site.

Calculated power distribution requirements, and provided one line drawings for power distribution for the new R&D building, Electroplating building, and the large test stand.

Managed a team of electrical contractors for various electrical power construction projects around the test site

Firefly Space Systems Briggs/Cedar Park, TX

Senior Electrical Engineer Contractor Aug 2014-Dec 2014

Designed and provided electrical schematics of power distribution around the test site

Specified circuit load centers and step down transformers for new site facilities

Space Exploration Technologies Inc., McGregor, TX

Manager Electrical Systems Feb 2012-Jul 2014

Managed team of Instrumentation Technicians, Electricians, Data & Control Engineers, Avionics Support Engineer, Software Engineers, and Electrical Power Engineers

Recruited Engineers and Technicians for the Electrical Systems Department

Managed the upgrade of the incoming power lines of the local utility company (ONCOR), which increased our incoming power capability by four times for site expansion

Space Exploration Technologies Inc., McGregor, TX

Senior Electrical Engineer Nov 2004-Feb 2012

Designed and provided electrical schematics of power distribution around the plant

Specified circuit load centers and step down transformers for new site facilities

Specified Motor controls (combination starters, VFD and soft starters for pump stations, material handling, and air handlers

Designed and provided schematics of all instrumentation and control systems for data acquisition for rocket testing

Responsible for managing a team of electronic technicians and electricians, which includes performance reviews, work ethics, and job efficiency

Responsible for specifying technician’s tools and maintaining tool and material inventory

Provided technical support to electronic technicians and electricians during work projects

Responsible for installation, maintenance of all Pan/Tilt/Zoom Analog and IP Cameras around the site

Managed Contractors for High Voltage transformer installations

Experience with the following voltages and load specifications 12,470Vac 3ph, 480Vac 3ph, 277Vac, 208Vac, 120Vac

Installation of Power Distribution that included Automatic Transfer Switches and backup Generators up to 220kW

Specification of fused disconnects for power distribution

Management of a team of Electricians and Electronic Technicians

Maintained and repaired vacuum pumps for ground support equipment

Deaton Engineering Inc., Georgetown, TX

Senior Electrical Engineer (Contractor) for Hospira /Abbott Labs Mar 2003-Oct 2004

Performed FDA GMP 4 validation testing on control systems

Wrote Functional Requirements, Design Specifications and Test Procedures

3d Systems / formerly DTM, Austin, TX

Product Support Engineer Jan 2001-Sep 2002

Provided support for Field Support Engineers on company's product line of 3d laser printers

Improved reliability of company's Laserform Oven by implementing different heater elements, & thermocouples, which amounted to a cost savings of $ 3800 per unit

Beal Aerospace Technologies, McGregor, TX

Data Systems / Controls Engineer Feb 1998-Oct 2000

Installed and maintained PLC system that monitored & controlled the chemical concentration process of oxidizer fuel for liquid engine rockets

Setup & configured Video Surveillance remotely controlled from Bunker.

Networked computer systems for remote control of sequencing of process equipment using Windows NT and Labview datasocket

Designed and installed instrumentation cable runs with various hookups for different sensors utilizing J-boxes

Setup, installed and configured signal conditioning for various sensors that included thermocouples, pressure transducers, load cells, strain gages and accelerometers

Installed Electric motor drives and Variable Frequency Drives

Wrote data acquisition software using LabVIEW

Setup and installed remotely controlled pressure dome loaded regulator

Tenneco Packaging, Waco, TX

Instrumentation Technician Aug 1997-Feb 1998

Maintained PLC systems for manufacturing of company products

Installed Instrumentation and wiring for interfacing to process control equipment

Troubleshoot and repair of Pneumatic and Electromechanical controls on manufacturing equipment


Manufacturing Test Engineer Feb 1996-Aug 1997

Responsible for the testing of our company product lines

Performed the commissioning of Marangoni wafer dryers

Responsible for the setup and configuration of our product line, computer and controllers

Team leader of our manufacturing floor

Alliant Techsystems Inc / Hercules Aerospace Inc., McGregor, TX

Test Engineer III May 1984-Sep 1995

Performed job evaluations of electronic technicians and mechanics.

Upgraded instrumentation and control for vibration & shock environmental test facilities.

Modified and implemented remote process monitoring of our water heat exchanger for more efficient operation.

Setup database for cost estimates and schedules for qualification testing utilizing MS Project software.

Developed an automated computer controlled load test setup that utilized hydraulic cylinders for motor case loading for qualification of steel cases.

Wrote Test Plans that included instrumentation selection, data acquisition requirements, schedule and budget.

Programmed PLC for airflow control on the Advanced Ducted Rocket program.


Texas A&M University College Station, TX

B.S. Electronic Engineering Technology June 1984


ISA member: International Society of Automation

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