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cashier, computer literate, SAP, Quickbooks and MYOB

October 11, 2016

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Block ** Florville Buray Oton,

Oton Iloilo 5020

Mobile No.: 092*-*******

Email Add:


Having the capability of establishing and enforcing policies.

Capable of dealing professionally and established good working relationship

with my Manager and Co-worker.


Looking presentable.

Focused, diligent and hard-working.

Highly organized and detail-oriented.

Dedicated to work long hours.

Commitment and aptitude to learn with the ability to learn new skills.

Self-motivated and confident capable to adopt quickly to new environment.


Age : 33

Date of birth : September 15, 1982

Gender : Female

Civil Status : Single

Height : 150 cm

Weight : 48 kg

Nationality : Filipino

Religion : Roman Catholic


1. Position : Accounting Analyst

Duration : November 2005 - June 2006

Company : Citi Appliance (Visayas) Corporation

Company Industry : Sales / Business / Trade / Retail / Merchandise

Location : Aldeguer Branch Iloilo

Department : Accounting and Finance Department

Job Description : Handling of 2 Branches Narra and Coron


Prepare of Checks for their Salary, Commission,

Incentives and Allowances.

Computing of SSS, Pag-ibig, Philhealth remittance and Withholding tax.

Checking and Filing of cash and check vouchers.

Depositing of Checks to the Bank.

Checking of payroll based on their daily time

record (DTR).

Process payroll of regular employees every 15th and end of the month. Prepare of Gasoline Logbook.

Sending of pricelist and memo through Fax


2. Position : Finance Analyst

Duration : February 2009 - March 2011

Company : San Miguel Foods, Inc.

Company Industry : Manufacturing

Location : Zamora Street Iloilo City

Department : Finance and Accounting

Job Description : Checking and Audit of Daily Sales Liquidation

and Invoices (charge & cash) of the Sales representative. Segregate of Delivery Receipts and Invoices.

Prepare and Checking Invoices for Great Foods

Solution, KFC and Shakey's.

Encoding of Invoices (charge & cash) and Delivery Receipts through Active

Liquidation System.

Encode Delivery Receipts and Invoices for Billing

Summary of GFS through Excel.

Checking of Daily Issue Forms and Computing of variances & shrinkages sales versus issuances. Audit of fresh chicken kilos from Warehouse to outlets.

Do monthend invenvtory count – all Chicken Station,Warehouse and Live Chicken.

Do monthend audit - all Chicken Stations, Warehouse and Live Chicken. Filing of Issue Forms, Transfer Receipts and SD files.

Sending of Memo and Pricelist through Fax Machine.

Through SAP entry :

Upload of Delivery Receipts, Charge & Cash Invoices, Return & Shrinkages.

AR upload of chicken stations Invoices and Delivery Receipts.

Physical Inventory Difference and Price Valuation of chickens.

Print Monthly Sales Summary Report for Net Sales.

3. Position : Finance Analyst

Duration : August 2011 - May 2012

Company : Mardigold Aklan - Capiz, Inc.

Company Industry : Wholesaler and Retailer Petroleum

Location : Roxas City

Department : Finance and Accounting

Job Description : Do monthend of SSS and Philhealth remittance for haulers, pump attendants & office employees.

Prepare of Checks for Supplier billings and Salaries & Wages for office employees.

Prepare of check vouchers, petty cash vouchers and Deposit Slips.

Do monthend Bank reconciliation.

Depositing of Checks to the Bank.

Through Scanner: Scan all Sales Invoices and Deposit Slip for Daily Sales Copies.

Prepare of all vouchers disbursement & petty reimbursement.

Through Quickbooks:

Posting and Computing of Salaries & Wages, SSS and Philhealth remittance for the haulers, pump attendant & office employees.

Posting of Checks receive from the customers (Accounts Receivable),

Purchase and Expenses.

Posting and Printing of Sales Invoices for the customers and Statement of Accounts.

4. Position : Accounting and Finance Analyst

Duration : March 2014 - January 2015

Company: SYL Hermanos Trade Center, Corporation

Company Industry : Wholesaler and Retailer of Trade, Industrial and


Location : Muelle Looney Iloilo City

Department : Finance / Accounting / Sales

Job Description : Encoding of Sales in Sellout template & A/R in

SAP – Prifoods, UCI, UPRC, JTI, GSK, ACS

and SeaOil.

Bank reconciliation of all principals – through

SAP versus Bank Statement and Verified

Deposit slips.

Invoicing & Purchase order of CDO’s products.

Through SAP entry – A/R and Incoming

Payments of SeaOil and Key Accounts.


First Course

Education level : Bachelor's/College Degree

Diploma: College Graduate

Education Field : Finance/Accountancy/Banking

Course : Banking and Finance

School/University : Iloilo Doctors' College

Location : Timawa Iloilo

Date : Jun 2001 - Apr 2005

Second Course

Education level: Vocational

Diploma: Short/Course Certificate

Education Field : Hospitality/Home Management

Course : Caregiver

School/University : Lifeline International Health Institute

Location : Jaro Iloilo City

Date : Jan 2005 - August 2005


1. Tax Forum Feb 23, 2010

2. Lifeline International Health Institute Aug 6, 2007


Years of Experience

1. Microsoft Word 5 years to present

2. Microsoft Excel 5 years to present

3. Power Point 3 years to present


Date Topic / Course Title

Apr 22 - 23, 2010 Excel Training

San Miguel Foods, Inc. (Iloilo Branch)

Jan 7 - Aug 6, 2007 Caregiver

Lifeline International Health Institute


Angelica Celle Finance and Accounting Officer

Citi Appliance (Visayas) Corporation

(Aldeguer Branch)

Windy Mae Clavecillas Admin. Officer I - Designate

Officer of the Ombudsman, Iloilo City

Jenevy Borda- Firmalino Finance Analyst

San Miguel Foods, Inc. (Iloilo City)

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