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Project Manager - GIS Application Development

Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560001, India
October 09, 2016

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Mruthyunjaya H R

Email :

Cell : 91-900******* (Bangalore, India)

Skype : mruthyunjayahr

Experience Summary

Around 13+ years of experience in ESRI and Microsoft Technologies where application design & development are key areas of focus.

Proficient in developing solutions using C++

Dot Net Technologies : C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, VB.Net, VC++, WCF,, ASP.Net Web API, Silverlight

ESRI Technologies : ArcObjects API, ArcGIS Server Silverlight API, ArcGIS Server Javascript API, ArcGIS Server WEB-ADF, Python, ArcPy, Geo-Processing Tools, Model Builder, ArcGIS Desktop 9.x/10.x customization, ArcGIS Server 9.x, 10.x, ArcFM9.x, ArcSDE, ESRI extensions like Network Analyst, Network Analysis, Spatial Analyst

javascript : unobtrusive javascript, jQuery, dojo, AngularJS, KnockOutJS

Experienced as programmer, architect, project leader in developing customized software as per requirements

Sound knowledge of design patterns Like MVC, MVVM, ORM tools

Good knowledge of Graph Theory, Algorithm Analysis, Cyclomatic Complexity

Experience includes System study, Design, Development, issue identification and technical support

Excellent leadership abilities, communication and interpersonal skills. Highly organized, disciplined, dedicated with a positive attitude and an “I can” outlook, Quick in learning new technologies.

Self-motivated, innovative, hard working, dedicated, ability to relocate and flexible.

Academic Qualification



Year of Passing


Bachelor in Computer Application

IGNOU, India



Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Karnataka State Technical Education Board, India




Karnataka Secondary Education Board, India



Skills Summary

Operating Systems

Windows 8.1/7/XP/, 2000, NT, Linux Ubuntu


C, C++, Visual VC++ 6.0, Visual Basic 6.0,


WCF, ASP.Net Web API, Silverlight, VB6.0

ESRI Technologies : ArcObjects, ArcGIS Server WEB-ADF,

Silverlight API, Javascript API, ArcPy,

FileGDB open source API( C++ API)

Java: Core Java, Java Servlets,

Javascript, jQuery, dojo toolkit, AngularJS, KnockOutJs

Python, AutoCad Arx (C++ API), AutoCad.Net,

Microstation Development Language(C/C++ API)


SQL Server 2005/2008/2012, Oracle 10g/12c,

PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access


ArcObjects, Arc GIS 9.x/10.x Desktop,

ArcGIS Server 9.x/10.x,

ArcGIS Silverlight API, ArcGIS Server Javascript API 3.15,

ArcGIS Server WEB-ADF, ArcPy, ArcFM 9.3,

FME Desktop, FME Server, Quantum GIS,

AutoCad Map 3d, AutoCAD ObjectARX, AutoCAD.Net,

Bentley Microstation, Microstation MDL, MapBasic




AutoCAD, Microstation, MapInfo

Career Summary

ICES Software Ltd

January 1997 – June 1999

GDR Software Pvt limited

August 1999 - December 2001

Midwest Infotech

January 2002 – December 2002

Magnasoft Geo-Spatial Innovations

March 2003 - January 2016

Halian International (Dubai)/Injazat Data Systems Abu Dhabi

January 2016 - June 2016

Key Projects Executed (In Reverse Chronological order)

1 ESRI ArcGIS JS General Map Viewer

Role : GIS Architect - Application Development

Duration : 3 months

Platform : Dot Net, ArcGIS Server Javascript API

ASP.NET MVC, Dojo, Angular JS, jQuery,

WCF Rest Services


A customizable general map viewer built using ESRI ArcGIS Javascript API. The basic version has map control complete with navigation, option to switch base map, information widget, overview, table of contents, draw widgets. Customers can customize the application to include widgets for query (attribute and spatial), closest facility, routing, directions, buffering, geo-coding, download feature layers as shape files, print/plot, etc. The query widget allows user to combine operators like AND, OR and build queries on the fly. It has a query builder similar to the query builder available in ArcGIS desktop. The application is built with ESRI ArcGIS Server javascript API, dojo, Angular JS and jQuery, WCF rest services.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Product architecture, functional requirement specification, design, planning, leading a team of 3 developers, technical documentation of the product.

2 Project – 2

Role : GIS Architect Application Development at

Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre ADSIC(on-site)

Duration : 2 Months

Platform : Dot Net, ArcGIS Server and Oracle 12c, FME Server


Architecting data process automation, development of ArcGIS 9.x, 10.x production and QA/QC tools, dashboards for GIS mapping using ArcObjects, ArcPy, ASP.Net MVC, Python, Dojo, AngularJS, ArcGIS Server Javascript API and automation scripts on FME server. Developed a process automation agent manager and client in C#. The agents run as windows services. The agent manager reads a configuration master and creates job entries in the database. The clients running on various machines read the job tables for jobs to run for that day and on that machine schedule jobs to run at pre-set time. This client manager architecture runs around 40 -50 automation tools at pre-set times. Human interference is almost zero. The jobs are configured to send email and sms to stake holders on job completion or on encountering errors in the process. The tools are data preparation, data loading, QAQC tools etc.

Roles & Responsibilities:

System requirement specification

Design of process flow : Input data ->QA/QC -> Data loading -> Publishing

Database design, Automation tools design, coding, code review sessions, testing and deployment of tools and windows services to production, technical documentation & user manual.

3 Project – 3

Role : Product Architect, Project Leader

Duration : Currently in development

Platform : C++, MDL, Liblas, Microstation V8i, Qt


This is LiDAR data processing software being developed at Magnasoft Geo-Spatial Innovations for in-house use. This product is being developed as a tool suite add-in for Bentley's Microstation V8i.

It consists of tools to classify LAS dataset into ground points, low vegetation, triangulation, electric pole classification, catenary strings, stringizationetc. This software is currently in alpha-testing by in-house LiDAR data processing technicians.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Product architect, design and coding of algorithm to classify LAS point cloud, design of test cases to check the accuracy of the classification, technical documentation & user manual.

4 Project – 4

Role : Project Leader

Duration : 2 months

Platform : C#, C++.Net, ESRI FileGDBOpenSource

Project Name : Landmeters dxfToGDB Migration Wizard


This project developed for a Belgium landscaping company helps in migrating AutoCAD dxf drawing to ESRI's file GDB formats. The customer wanted us to use only open source softwares for this project as he found the ArcMap license expensive & un-affordable. The most challenging task in this project was making inserts/edits to feature classes that participate in topology (and the GDB template had a topology in it). ESRI's open source FileGDBAPI V1.3 does not support inserts/edits to feature classes that participate in network topology. To circumvent this shortcoming we reverse engineered the ESRI's FileGDB format (we worked on the hunch that file GDB format must be similar to the ESRI Personal GDB & SDE format) and using C++ file handling API modified some of the attributes albeit temporarily in the ESRI GDB tables GDB_Items, GDB_ItemRelationships (important files a00000004.gdbtable, a00000004.gdbtablx, a00000006.gdbtable, a00000006.gdbtablx). This project also used CGAL, a C++ template geometry algorithm library to perform boolean operations like union, difference on polygons. We developed our own polygon clipping (or partitioning) algorithm to partition a polygon using a polyline as clipper.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Project planning, coding, QA/QC & testing, reverse engineered the ESRI FileGDB data format, Design of Polygon clipping algorithm.

5 Project – 5

Role : Project Leader

Duration : 3 months

Platform : Python, arcpy, arcgisscripting,

PyQt4, comtypes, ArcMap Desktop 10.1

Project Name : 3D I - Technologies


Development of a Python button addins for ArcMap 10.1.

It consists of 3 tools :

1.Weighting tool : a wizard that allows the user to select a raster, shape file to clip the raster and add scores based on a user selected field. GUI was developed using PyQt. User can select the value field, classification methods, class breaks etc and the score for each class break. A new raster is created with the a new field "score". Used comtypes to display standard ArcMAP classification dialog through python.

2.A graph tool for displaying raster classification and values using python, Qt & matplotlib.

3.Export map tool using python : export to PDF, JPEG, PNG, BMP. Select the colour depth (8 bit, 16 bit, 24 bit)

Roles & Responsibilities:

Project planning, coding, leading a team of 2 developers.

6 Project – 6

Role : Project Leader, DBA

Duration : 8 months

Platform : ArcGIS Javascript API, C#, ASP.Net Web Services, SQL Server, ArcGIS Server 10.2

Project Name : GIS based SWOT Analysis

(Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat)


This is intranet project developed for a milk co-operative. The milk co-operative has various business lines, sub-business lines, products and variants.

The Web GIS application uses ArcGIS map services to display the administrative boundaries: the wards, territories of the NCR Delhi (National Capital Region). The web mapping application has options to add outlets on the map, enter information about the outlet. The web mapping application has a wild card search along with spatial search with options to specify conditions like business-line, product, variant.

The search results are shown in a tabular form in a floating window and also markers are displayed on the map. Selecting the marker or a record in the table highlights and zooms to the location. Clicking the marker displays a floating panel which presents information about the outlet like ownership, sales of various products & variants etc. Users can also select a administrative boundary and get the sales information along with graphs of the sales.

Using this application the client can search for outlet, edit the outlet information, re-locate the outlet. User can also bulk upload outlet information, sales information, calculate routes given a set of outlets, perform various analytics like primary sales, secondary sales, gaps in their presence, asset distribution, outlet density, population per outlet, SWOT analysis etc. SWOT analysis is the highlight of this application. The application also provides support to schedule and optimize the best routes for delivery and pick-up of the produce from producers.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Project planning, SWOT analysis design and coding, database design, leading a team of 4 developers.

7 Project – 7

Role : Project Leader

Duration : 2 months

Platform : ArcGIS Silverlight API, C#, WCF, SQL Server 2008,

Project Name : Advanced search widget for a realtor


This is ArcGIS Silverlight based advanced query widget developed for a US based realtor. The widget has options to select the

1. Project : various projects of the company

2. category : condo, villa, apartment

3. location : user can select on the map and specify the search radius

4. Market price

5. Built-up area

The widget does a spatial search within the extents of the project, finds all matching condo, villa, etc and displays on the map. Clicking the marker on the map displays information of the selected item along with the photographs and virtual walk-thru of the selected condo, villa, apartment. The selected results can be exported to pdf along with a map of the location.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Widget design, project planning & management.

8 Project – 8

Role : Architect, Project Leader, DBA

Duration : 16 months

Platform : C#,, SQL Server 2008,

ArcGIS Server 9.3.1, ArcObjects,

ArcGIS Web ADF, Javascript

Project Name : GCARE

(GIS Enabled Crime Analysis and Reporting Engine)


This is web based GIS portal developed for Karnataka State Police Department.

This portal organizes the police machinery of the state of Karnataka into


Bengalooru City Commissionerate

Mysore City Commissionerate

Mangalore City Commissionerate

Hubli –Dharwad City Commissionerate

2.Districts : consists of 30 districts of the State of Karnataka

3.Ranges :

Southern Range

Western Range

Eastern Range

Central Range

North Eastern Range

4.Bengalooru City Commissionerate: Bengalooru city commissionerate is further divided into 5 divisions

South Division (DCP South)

North Division (DCP North)

West Division (DCP West)

East Division (DCP East)

Central Division (DCP Central)

Home page of the portal has logins based on Districts, Ranges, Commissionerate and Bengalooru City Commissionerate. Based on the selection the home page displays a map of Karnataka State with the geographical or jurisdictional boundaries of the respective districts, ranges, commissionerate, commissionerate division. User clicks on the map and a login dialog box is presented. User can login into only the clicked district, range etc.

On successful login the user is taken to a map page which has the map of the selected district, range, commissionerate, commissionerate division. The map displays all the police stations, sub-divisions, police circles with their jurisdictional boundaries. The map page also displays the police stations in a tabular form.

The map page has the standard navigation controls viz, Zoom Window, Zoom Centre, Zoom Out, Zoom In, Zoom Scale, Identify, Pan, Overview window etc

Users can perform various types of crime related analysis from the pull-down menu.

Some of the crime analysis provided

Crime Density Analysis

Heinous Crime Analysis

Crime Pattern Analysis

Automobile Related Crimes

Property Related Crimes

Road Accidents

Date Wise / Year Wise Analysis

Hot Spots

Each of the above analysis can be performed at police station level, circle level and sub-division level. The analysis has the date range parameters, crime occurrence time parameter and symbology or colour ramp to display the results on the map. the analysis results are shown in a floating window with hyperlinks to Select, UnSelect, ZoomTo features and features a graph/chart of the statistics. It also to show bar charts on the map for each PS, Circle, Sub-division.

Roles & Responsibilities:

System requirement study, analysis, project planning, technical sessions with customers and other stake holders, design of various crime analyses, design of hot-spot analysis, database design, design of thematic maps to display crime analysis results, leading a team of 5 developers, technical documentation.

9 Project – 9

Role : GIS Development Architect,

ETA algorithm design and coding

Duration : 24 months

Platform : ArcGIS Server 9.3.1 Web ADF,,

Java, SQL server, PostgreSQL


This is a GPS based child safety & security product called “NorthStar” developed by Magnasoft Geo-Spatial Innovations, Bangalore, India

This product has a GPS device fitted in school buses. The GPS device transmits the geographical position(lat/long) of the school bus every 10 seconds. A NMEA server (developed in Java) reads the GPS data (that hits the configured network ip & port), parses the NMEA sentences and converts them into database records to be stored in a SQL Server database (later migrated to PostgreSQL when we decided to use open source softwares instead of proprietary softwares to cut costs).

A network dataset is built from street network of Bangalore City. The network dataset has restricted turns, elevation, attributes like heirarchy, cost, restriction, descriptor, driving directions, sign posts etc.

Each school has sets of morning, noon and afternoon routes. An ArcMap map document (mxd) is created per school with NA Route layer for each route using the network dataset. ArcGIS server 9.3.1 is used to publish map services for each school. A java agent makes a call to an web service that calculates the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of the school bus for each stop from the current position of the school bus and writes the results and status to a database table in an asynchronous manner. The web service uses ESRI Network Analyst extension to calculate the ETA. The web service is invoked by a JAVA agent every 30 seconds. Another Jade agent periodically polls the database to check for the status, picks-up the results and send an SMS if the ETA is less than or equal to the preferred notification period opted by the child/parent.

Features of NorthStar:

Automatic Vehicle Location through GPS technology

Computerized digital mapping

2-way communication using and/or voice technology

Vehicle sensors and remote control/configuration of the devices

MIS reports summarizing relevant data about vehicles, optimal routes,

driver merit system

Planning and monitoring a school bus trip to and fro

GSM communication mode with GPRS enabled

Geo-Fencing/corridor is the geographical limit of a particular vehicle

Real time over-speeding, route violations, rash driving alerts

This product was initially developed completely in C#, ASP.Net, ArcGIS Server Web ADF, Javascript, SQL Server 2008. The web portal was later migrated to Java & PostgreSQL. JSP, Java servlets, ibatis, Spring MVC, dhtmlx controls like dhtmlxgrid, dhtmlxtabbar etc, google maps, javascript were used in the development of NorthStar web portal. The ETA algorithm developed using ArcGIS Server & ArcGIS Network Analyst continues to be the black-box of the product.

This product has received immense support from the traffic wing of the Karnataka State Police. Child safety and security awareness workshops were conducted by Magnasoft in collaboration with Karnataka state traffic police wing. This product is currently being used by many top schools in Bengalooru City, Hyderabad, Pune, New Delhi.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Design and coding of "Estimated time of Arrival" algorithm, "NMEA server" database design, design of various restrictions, attributes required to build network.

10 Project – 10

Role : Project Leader

Duration : 8 Months

Platform : C#, Asp.Net, ArcGIS Server 9.3.1,

ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.1, Oracle 10g,

ArcGIS Silverlight API, ArcSDE 9.3.1

Project Name : Oklahoma Web GIS


This project involves developing a web-based application for GIS based analysis of data obtained from different oil well companies and producing Escalation reports using ArcGIS Server and ESRI Silverlight API. This project is for Oklahoma state in USA.

Designing the framework and architecture of the whole application.

Designing views & table structures using Oracle 10g with ArcSDE

Coding in C# and ASP.NET for the whole project using .NET Web ADF, ArcObjects and ArcGIS Server 9.3.1 with Oracle 10g.

Testing each module, fixing the bugs and guiding other developers.

Module deliverables in line with customer expectations

Preparation of User Manual Document.

Roles & Responsibilities:

System study, analysis, project planning and team management.

11 Project – 11

Role : Project Leader

Duration : 5 months

Platform : C#

Project Name : Barstow Utilities


This is water network conversion project. Deliverables are ArcGIS PGDB. All the facility features are captured from the supplied source in AutoCAD Map Environment. CAD attributes in the form of object data migrated into PGDB using in-house migration tool. After the migration the down-invert and up-invert of the manholes were calculated based on the spatial relation and elevation of the upstream and downstream pipes.

Roles & Responsibilities:

System study, analysis, project planning and team management.

12 Project – 12

Role : Project Leader

Duration : 12 months

Platform : C#, Asp.Net, ArcGIS Server 9.3,

ArcGIS Server 9.3, ArcSDE 9.3, Sql Server

Project Name : Geoprise


This project involved creating a web control using the AJAX technology for the ArcGIS server that can be quickly and easily installed and configured. As a result, It will benefit from superior performance, more database flexibility and cost efficient. This product is completely customizable- Add New themes and data from a wide range of sources. All the web controls are programmed to generate log files also. Following are the key web controls of this product.

1.Smart Point: This web controls is fully based on the configuration. The main objective of this web controls is to mark the "pin point" on the map. It also takes into account the user privileges and alter the options provided in editing for ex : an administrator will be presented with more options: edit, delete and add the smart point. whereas a normal user can only view the smart point. This web control also has the capability to receive data from third party sources. The following are the key functions of Smart point.

User Management: There are mainly three types of user. Administrator, Editor and Viewer. The Administrators have all the permission like smart point editing (add, edit and delete) & user administration. Editor can only add edit and delete smart point. A Viewer can only view the smart point.

Context Menu: When user right clicks on the map a context menu will display for the smart point “Add Smart Point”. This option will pop up a window with the following option.

Add smart point

Delete smart Point

Edit smart point

Move smart point

Hover Window: When a user hovers the mouse over any smart point, a window will popup. This Hover Window contains the details for that smart point and also the options Edit, Delete, Move. The options displayed depends on the type of user logged in.

Result Panel: This Panel will hold all the smart points. The smart Point can be categorized by group and color as per the configuration. This result panel has following option.

Hide smart point: This option will hide the particular smart point or a group or all the smart point from the map.

Hover Window: result panel also have the Hover window exactly same as above.

Admin Option: Administrator can also add, edit and delete the smart point from the result panel.

AddSmartPointFromDiffrentLocation: This option will get the data from the third party and render smart points on the map based on the received data.

2.Dynamic Search: The purpose of this web control is to create generic search component that can be used in any application with the configuration. This web control is expandable using the configuration file. There are mainly three distinct types of search: Single search, Double search and Multiple searches. Using any of this type of search an user can configure one or more type of search in the web control. i.e Single search can perform (parcel search, Address search and Landmark search) and double search can perform (intersection search). This web control also has the "type ahead" (auto-complete) feature with their text box. This web control has capability to add the other resource attributes from SQL database. Once the search completes the application will zoom to search feature and also display all of the result in the result panel.

GPS Vehicle: This web control places an image on the map for the search vehicles.

3.Editing Web Control: The main purpose of this web control is to provide editing facilities without having the ArcGIS server over the web. As a result it will be very cost efficient and client-side editing as compared to ArcGIS server.

The editing web control has the following editing tools.

Point Editing Tools: This toolbar contains the "Add Point", "Edit Point", "Move Point", "Attribute Editing", "Delete Point" and "Snap Point"

Line Editing Tools: This toolbar contains the tools "Add Polyline", "Edit Polyline", "Move Polyline", "Attribute Editing", "Delete Polyline"

Polygon Editing Tools: This toolbar contains the tools "Add Polygon", "Edit Polygon", "Move Polygon", "Attribute Editing", "Delete Polygon"

Roles & Responsibilities:

System study, analysis, defining functional requirement, design, coding, technical documentation, project planning and team management.

13 Project – 13

Role : Project Leader

Duration : 6 months

Platform : C# 3.0, Arc GIS Desktop 9.3.1, Arc SDE 9.3.1,

ArcFM 9.3.1, Oracle 10g

Project Name : Majan Electric

Description :

Majan Electricity Company (Oman) is one of the leading companies in electricity distribution and supply. The company’s core business is to manage electricity network through the distribution and supply of electricity to customers. Majan needed a system that will be an extension to ArcFM. They needed a system which will control and coordinate complete workflow of a customer request whether it is request for new connection, Meter Inspection and Installation of New transformer. A system is developed that will work in sync with ArcFM extension.

Requirement Analysis, Designing and Development of the Application.

Testing each module, fixing the bugs and guiding other developers.

Roles & Responsibilities:

System study, analysis, defining functional requirement, design, coding, technical documentation, project planning and team management.

14 Project – 14

Role : Project Leader

Duration : 12 months

Platform : C#, Asp.Net, ArcGIS Server 9.3,

ArcGIS Server 9.3, ArcSDE 9.3, Sql Server

Project Name : Luminous Routing System


This project involves the routing extension using the network analyst in the web application. This project uses the network analyst extension of ArcGIS. A network dataset was built from the street network. The network dataset has restricted turns, elevation values, network attributes like hierarchy, cost, restriction, width restriction, network directions properties like name, length, time attribute, signposts info. An ArcMap document (mxd) was created with the network dataset as a layer in the document. A new NA routing analysis layer was added with the network dataset built in the previous step. Stops, barriers were loaded to the route layer from point shapefiles and routes were calculated. The results and driving directions were extracted using arcobjects network analyst extension API. The entire process was automated using arcobjects network analyst api. Once user generates the route then he can make the trip on the route and a PDF with route details and map will be email to user automatically.

1.Generate Route

2.Trip Details

3.Generate Trip Details PDF

4.Query Layer

5.Zoom to query feature

6.Print Map PDF/BMP format with legend and scale bar.

7.Technical & User manual

Roles & Responsibilities:

System study, analysis, defining functional requirement, design, coding, technical documentation, project planning and team management.

15 Project – 15

Role : Analysis, Design, Senior Developer

Duration : 6 months

Platform : C#, Asp.Net, ArcGIS Server 9.3,

ArcGIS Desktop 9.3, ArcSDE 9.3, Sql Server

Project Name : TopoMap


This project involved creating a home webpage for Topographic Mapping company to

validate & authenticate the authorized users and give them access to different ArcGIS Server applications preset in a production server

Interacting with the client for requirement understanding.

Preparation of user requirement specifications (URS) & System requirement specifications (SRS).

Define the module scope and integrate the same with project level deliverables.

Identify and document the aspects of integration of SQL Server 2008 Security issues with ArcGIS Server Web Applications.

Understand the framework and architecture of the whole application.

Coding in C# and ASP.NET for the all the modules of the project using ArcObjects with ArcGIS Server 9.3.

Testing each module, fixing the bugs and guiding other developers.

User manual, technical documents.

Roles & Responsibilities:

System study, analysis, design, coding & testing.

16 Project – 16

Role : System Analyst,Senior Developer,

Database administrator

Duration : 16 months

Platform : C#, ArcGIS Desktop 9.2,

ArcObjects, ADO.Net, Oracle 10g

Project Name : Rappahannock Electric (PDA)


Rappahannock Electric Cooperative had their GIS data in the form of hundreds of Microstation design files with various electrical features like consumer, primary lines, secondary lines, transformers, regulators, capacitors etc linked to Oracle database tables. The tool suite developed consists of following main applications with various sub-tools

DataLoader: An application to migrate all the data in legacy CAD software to one seamless ESRI personal geodatabase with feature classes/tables for each kind of landbase, electrical network features, structure, assets, joint use etc and other relationship tables along with the data attributes from Oracle database.

The personal geo-database was modeled on Futura (formerly OGI) electrical model. The personal geo-database has three feature datasets: Electrical, Structures, Landbase.

Cleanup Engine: An application for fixing connectivity, snapping, splitting of primary lines, secondary lines at junctions, snapping devices to primary lines based on node ids and snapping consumers to secondary lines and creating banks for devices. A bank is logical representation of 1-3 similar devices at a network junction.

Network Builder: was responsible for building the topology, geometric network and executing the connect command on the devices, primary, secondary lines and consumers, locate and fix disconnected edges, junctions.

Rules and validation engine: was responsible for enforcing

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