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Manager, Librarian, Library administrator, Office staff

Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560001, India
October 03, 2016

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Well-experienced and Well-qualified Librarian


1. MA in Library and Information Science from University College London (1999- 2001).

2. Worked in UK as well as in India.

3. Over 35 years of work Experience.

4. Library Development consultant

5. Organize Training programmes for the librarians.

6. Present papers in Librarians' seminars.


I have done MA in Library and Information Science from University College London (1999 -2001) while working as the librarian of Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, in Oxford. I rejoined the previous work in India as Librarian of Centre for Global Leadership Development, previously known as Southern Asia Bible College Library.

Along with the job, I served in the Executive committees of Forum for Asian Theological Librarians (India-Myanmar representative and committee member), Executive committee member of Indian Theological Library Association, Convener of Bangalore Theological Colleges Library Association (JLC), and so on. We have brought out publications, established online -union catalogue, and Established resource sharing system. We conducted regular general body meetings, seminars, and workshops for the librarians. We organized training programmes for librarians. I teach these trainees, year-after-year. During this time we formulated constitution and By-laws four library associations and one church. Therefore I know planning very well. I have trained several librarians, helped the institutions to set up the libraries as library consultant. Apart from USA and UK, I had been to Thailand, Singapore, Philippians, and Sri Lanka for library conferences and training purpose.

The Masters programme I did from the University College London, the exposure to the western world, the working opportunity I got to work in the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies in Oxford, and the privilege I got to interact with the researchers of several countries, changed my life and career. I have got full confidence of what I have learned.

I could develop the library of Southern Asia Bible College Library into a world-class library. I was actively involved in Planning, policy preparations, budgeting, utilizing the budgeted amount, collection evaluation, selection, ordering, processing, circulation, management of collection, preservation, managing the users, managing the staff, giving user education, liaison between library and institutional officials or faculty, or/and outside world. I was in charge of the Library automation, digital collection development, Journal article indexing, Inter-library cooperation, and so on. I was instrumental to develop archives and other special collections.

I am passionate to develop libraries. I could handle any number of patrons at any point of time. I am a people-friendly person and I serve with smile. I am detail-oriented person and I would like to plan things early. I have used several library management systems. By the Grace of God I could do several things in the past and I believe that I could do so much more in future. Let me assure you that I will discharge the duties faithfully, and with integrity.

General Knowledge in the professional subjects:

• Library procedures, methods, ethics and professional standards for largeer or smaller libraries.

• Research and information gathering systems and methods

• A variety of information database systems.

• conducting Internet- based searches.

• organization and structure of the library

• Use of library systems for cataloguing, acquisitions and searching bibliographic utilities. • Office administration and management.

General Skills :

• ability to manage a library: finance, people, facilities and its collection

• ability to work with the team, team building, research, organizational skills

• analytical and problem solving skills

• decision making, time management skills

• effective verbal, written, presentation and listening communications skills

• computer skills including the ability to operate computerized library, word- processing, email, library automation, creation of e-library resources.

• Inter-departments, and inter-library communication, and liaison between library and the institutional authorities.

• Ability and willingness to learn. • Power-point presentation.

Administrative Skills:

Planning & budgetary functions of library and information services:

• Preparation and implementation of policies and procedures.

• Recruiting new staff, training, assigning responsibilities.

• Develop and manage convenient, accessible library and information services

• Analyze, develop and manage cost-effective library and information services

• Library collection : ordering materials and maintain records for payment of invoices.

• Prepare reports as per the requirement

• Provide easy access to library resources

• Preparing policies and procedures for Collection processing : Classification, Cataloguing, Data entry or creation of metadata, preparing spine numbers, catalogue cards, barcode, book cards, shelving, and maintaining accession register. • Maintain staff records.

Managerial Skills:

1. Maintain the organization of library materials

• Ensure an accurate inventory of resources (Annual Inventory activity)

• Ensure efficient retrieval by users

• Maintain inventories, compile statistics and generate reports as required

• Enter cataloguing data into the library's automated system

• File cards in shelf list & book shelving. • Managing daily newspapers & periodicals. • Patron training.

2. Provide library services in response to the information needs of library users

• Respond to daily requests for information

• Train library users to effectively search the Library catalogue, Internet and other electronic resources

• Provide an interlibrary loan service for both book and audiovisual materials and maintain their records. • Circulation of materials. • Scanning, photocopying and inter-library loan systems. • Maintain circulation files, records and statistics.

Personal Attributes:

I am honest and trustworthy, be respectful, possess cultural awareness and sensitivity, be flexible, friendly, and demonstrate sound work ethics.







Masters in Library and Information Studies.


University College London

University of London


Bachelor of Divinity (B.D).


United Theological College, Bangalore, India

Senate of Serampore University


Bachelor of Theology (B.Th)


Southern Asia Bible College, Bangalore


Certificate in Theology


Bethel Bible College, Punalur, Kerala


Higher Secondary School (P.U.C.)


Christian College, Kattakada

University of Kerala


Sept 2015 - April 2016

Worked Susamachar Theological College and Seminary, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, as librarian cum teacher.

1982 - 2015

Librarian, Centre for Global Leadership Development, Bangalore, India

June 2004

Attended a Workshop on Archives preservation organized by Asian Forum for Theological Librarians


Worked as Librarian, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, Oxford, United Kingdom

January – March 1992

Refresher Course on Librarianship, conducted by Asia Pacific Theological College, Philippines

April-June, 1979

Certificate in library Science, United Theological College, Bangalore


Librarian, Bethel Bible College, Punalur, Kerala


1. In India

A. Designation:

Librarian/Assistant Director of Cawston Learning Resource Centre/ Member of faculty.

B. Role & Responsibilities:

Library Administration: Planning, Setting up goals, Policy making, Training staff, etc.; User evaluation, User orientation; Library automation; Collection Development and Management; Classification; Circulation; Cataloguing; Management of Human resources; Management of Finance; Management of Infrastructure; and Management of Records, and so on.

E-resource development, Database Management, Liaison with publishers and the resource Centre; Liaison between administrative officers Centre, and Reporting.

Time t time I have helped in every area of the resource centre, in the absence of the concerned staff, including, Scanning, photocopying, printing, and so on.

C. Faculty Member:

Attend faculty meetings, participate in decision making process and take up various responsibilities.

D. Organizing training programs:

I conduct training programmes for the librarians and teach subjects such as, library Administration and management, records centre Management, and collection development and Management, etc in the training programmes.

I have been serving as library development consultant and for several institutions.

2. In United Kingdom

A. Designation: Librarian of the Oxford Centre for Mission studies, Oxford B. Years served: September 1999 - September 2001. C. Responsibilities: Administrative and managerial works of the library, Video and audio recordings of the Seminars.


1. Served as Convener of Joint Library Committee of Bangalore for four years.

2. Serve as one of the executive committee members of the Indian Theological Library Association.

3. Served as one of the Executive committee members and area representative of the Forum for Asian Theological Librarians.

4. Life member of Indian Library Association.

5. Member of Indian Special Library Association.


I. Chapters written for publication of a book

1. The Pentecostal Mission: A short history. An article submitted for the 'Dictionary of Asian Christianity*

Edited by Roger E. Hedlund. Chennai: The Mylaporc Institute for indigenous Studies. Not published.

2. Use of ornaments among the Pentecostals in Kerala. An article submitted for the 'Dictionary of Asian Christianity' edited by Roger E. Hedlund. Chennai: The Mylapore Institute for indigenous Studies. Not published.

3. Yu-yo-Mayam:History. An article submitted for the 'Dictionary of Asian Christianity' edited by Roger E. Hedlund. Chennai: The Mylapore Institute for indigenous Studies. Not published.

II. Article written for a journal in UK.

Looking after the past: Archives collections of the Christian community of India. Christian Librarian.

Hedges, Graham Gen ed. Essex: Librarians Christian Fellowship, 2006, pp34-42.

III. Article written for a church jubilee Souvenir. (Malayalam)

Responsibilities of the church. Bangalore: Sharon Assemblies of God Church, 2004.

IV. The role of library in distance education: special reference to the international Correspondence Institute of the Global University. Research paper submitted for the partial fulfillment of MA in library and information Studies. London: University college London, 2001, 115pp.

V. Article written for Southern Asia Bible College Souvenir. Libraries under the grip of information technology revolution. Bangalore: Southern Asia Bible College, 2002.


Date of Birth: 20 September, 1953.

Languages: English, Malayalam, Hindi & Tamil.

Marital Status: Married

Father’s name : Manuel


Centre For Global Leadership Development

Kothanur P.O.

Bangalore - 560077



Cell No. 997-***-****


Stephenson Manuel

23 August, 2016

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