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State University Project

Columbus, Ohio, United States
September 01, 2016

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To obtain an entry level position as a chemist, a chemical engineer, or a similar opportunity.


The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

B.S. Chemical Engineering, GPA: 3.2


Andre Palmer Lab for Artificial Blood Research The Ohio State University (May 2015 – August 2016)

General Responsibilities (May 2015-August 2016):

-Certified to work in a BSL 2 laboratory with blood-borne pathogen safety training.

-Set up TFF units of various volumes for general separation of hemoglobin from red blood cells (RBCs).

Gel Electrophoresis Project (May-June 2015):

-Compiled and adjusted operating procedure to suit the laboratory’s current need for protein electrophoresis analysis, detailing chemical quantities required and potential hazards. Ran successful trials.

-Compiled operating procedure and safety protocols in accordance with EHS policies.

Protein Crystals Project (July 2015-February 2016):

-Researched literature to crystallize hemoglobin to further research the production artificial blood using PEG.

-Trained new group members on general lab and project procedures and safety protocols.

-Collaborated with the material sciences department to research protein crystallization.

Protein Encapsulation Project (February 2016 – August 2016):

-Determined release kinetics of alginate-encapsulated hemoglobin proteins for targeted transplantation.

-Maintained laboratory standards and oversaw other project members perform weekly tasks on time. Wrote a report and produced a presentation.


Mock Research Grant Proposal The Ohio State University (March 2015 – April 2015)

-With a group, wrote a mock grant proposal for a potential medical application of nanoparticles.

-Organized a rough project timeline and assigned roles based on each group member’s skills.

-Formatted and presented the proposal to class professor and nanotechnology expert.

Mixing Dynamics and Rheology The Ohio State University (March 2015 – April 2015)

-Conducted pre-laboratory calculations and ensured the safety of group during the experiment.

-Set up and operated a mixing tank and a rheometer. Obtained viscosity measurements at different RPMs for different non-Newtonian fluids.

-Organized group meeting times to write the post-lab report, and conducting data analysis in MS Excel.

-Compiled a lab report that described different power requirements and flow patterns of each fluid tested.

ChBE Design Projects The Ohio State University (August 2015 –December 2015)

(1)Fermentation of bioethanol as a fuel alternative: Constructed a fully-functioning software simulation which modeled the quantities of bioethanol produced based on various quantities of glucose fermented. Wrote regular memos to detail each milestone achieved.

(2)Capstone Design Project: Created an environmentally-friendly and cost effective deodorant using coconut oil as the central ingredient based on previous research. Compiled a final report and presented results to project sponsors and the class professor.


-Can conduct statistical data analysis, advanced calculations, and design experiments using JMP.

-Possesses advanced chemistry laboratory skills, including general, organic chemistry, and biochemistry skills.

-Self-starter; Able to plan and undertake projects in the laboratory and work in teams to reach goals.

-Familiar with HAZCOM and GHS standards. Up-to-date training completed.

-Coursework includes, but not limited: Molecular genetics, organic chemistry, biochemistry, economics, AutoCAD, and project planning.

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