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Manufacturing Engineer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
October 27, 2016

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John Guterman, P.Eng. E-mail:

Industrial Manufacturing Engineer

I seek to apply my skills and experience to its fullest, and to continually grow in World Class Manufacturing, Material Handling and Logistics. I like to work with like-minded people who strive for excellence, professionalism and comradery. I see myself as one who can mentor and train others to grow and achieve. I take pride in the attainment of cost savings through the use of better tools, methods and organization of the working environment.

27 Barclay Road, Toronto, Ontario, M3H 3C8, Mobile: 416-***-****

Work Experience: Industrial / Manufacturing / Process Engineering

* Applies LEAN methods to identify opportunities in manual and machine operations

* Designs & Develops products, equipment and manufacturing processes using Autocad and Excel analysis

* Acquires labour values via work sampling (stopwatch) and time & motion studies (MODAPTS, MOST)

* Estimates cost of new designs; establishes process methods, Facilities/Tools, materials & Labour times.

* Establishes Work Simplification and Work Standards to assure compliance with process

* Works with people to provide appropriate training to produce quality products safely and efficiently.

* Provides Engineering Changes for Continuous Improvement and to meet Safety and Customer needs

* Structured the Bills of Materials for new and existing parts

* Research, Assess and Develop new materials, processes and equipment

* Kaizen Facilitator: Assesses Production Value Flow Stream & Layout of inventory & Processes

* Supervisor/Team leader of technologists, junior engineers and support personnel

> Provides overarching mission statements, goals and specific timely targets to meet

> Reviews / edits documentation by team members for fitness of use by production and clients

* Metal Fabrication experience: Extrusions, Coil & Sheet; Shear/Punch/Stamp/Form, weld and assemble

> Tool design and modifications; CNC Programming with Pre & Post operations setup & testing

> Press work; CNC punch press & stampings (single & multiple station (progressive/Transfer tooling)

> Seating systems using; formed steel tubing, plastic moldings & webbing, foam substructures & coverings

> HVAC sheet/plate metal support structures, enclosures and control/display surfaces

* Reviews facilities and processes for compliance to safety requirements and potential contractual risks.

* Industries served: Auto. Assembly & Parts, Commercial Furniture, Fluids processing & packaging

* Automotive: Vehicle assembly (Body, Paint, Trim, Chassis), build to sequence / parts & modular systems vendors

> Metal parts; Casting, Machining, Assembly, Test & packaging

> Plastic parts; Molding / Extrusion, Assembly, Test & packaging

> APQP; Prepares factory layouts, Process Flow Chart & Control Plan, Process Capability Studies

> PFMEA; Analyzed Product /Production for deficiencies. Develops & delivers Corrective Action.

>PPAP: Manages technical documentation for approvals of product assembly, test and packaging

Industrial Engineer Consultant

Industrial Productivity Services - Toronto, Ontario – feb2001 - Present

* Consultant on various projects in Southern Ontario, Michigan and Missouri

* Account manager: Sales, site audits, Proposals, Negotiations & Presentations

* LEAN Initiatives; Audits of Labour in Assembly, Process and Manufacturing Logistics.

* 5S initiatives to increase available space, improve quality and reduce waste

* Time and Motion Studies using Predetermined Time System and Job Sampling

* Designs Facility Layouts, work places, tools, fixtures, job processes and methods.

John Guterman, P.Eng. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineer

Work Experience:

Industrial Engineer Contractor to GM Oshawa via Bartech Technical Services

Re-Rate Plant to longer cycle time & reduced manpower. Resolved Job Disputes – Apr-Dec2015

* Standard Work was applied to Quality Inspection & Defect Repair operations to current best practices.

* Re-balanced three lines to reduce manpower with regards to process and ergonomics; at a longer cycle time

* One line eliminated from two parallel lines with rebalanced Standard work.

* Developed new methods to incorporate repair operations into Quality Validation stations with same labour.

* Tool Design & Equipment sourcing with Production Test Trials of tools & methods.

* Design of Work Station Layouts for Lean Workload, Safety and Ergonomics.

* Resolved a formal job dispute at an initial fixture setup, assembly, inspection and repair station.

* A two-person job was reduced to a one-person job. New station layout and methods were developed.

* Resolved a formal job dispute in a post-inspection repair station. Supported supervisors with new work instructions

* Resolved a formal job dispute when Quality Inspection tasks were added. TAKT time goals were achieved.

Industrial Engineering Supervisor:

Inteva Products Canada – Whitby, ON - Jul2012 - Sep2014

* Supervisor/Team leader of IE techs, engineers and support persons from other departments

* Facilitated Product/Part Launches, Impala. Cadillac, Buick: Cycle timing and rebalancing tasks

* Training: production employees for start-up and ramp-up; IE Technologists for Computer use

* Ergonomics Leadership: Chaired meetings, assigned tasks, Assessments, Equipment Design/Build

* Tool & Equipment Design, Source/Purchase/Contract out, Build and Test in production.

* Design of Work Cell and Plant Layouts for Lean Workload, Material Flow and Safety/Ergonomics

* PFMEAs; Developed Process risk assessments.

* Process Control Plans; reviewed and updated plans

* Produced time and motions studies. Developed alternative assembly methods and rebalanced tasks.

* Developed Standard work documents and coordinated with Supervisors & Floor Leaders on buy-offs

Industrial Engineer Contractor to Chrysler LLC via Production Modeling at Brampton Assembly Plant

Launch Support of Charger, Challenger and 300, Apr2010 - Jun2011

* Co-ordinated Engineering Change Notice (ECN) driven manpower and Job changes.

* Prepared Manpower Planning

* Administered & coordinated new model launch job readiness.

* Audits Plant for Opportunities for Improvement

* Root Cause investigations and Troubleshoot for Over-Cycle Stations

* Worked with Supervisors & Floor Leaders to buy-off and coordinate improvements to process and facilities.

Manufacturing Engineer:

Mobile Climate Inc. HV AC units for Bus, Military, Construction & Farm vehicles- jun2008 - feb2010

* Kaizen facilitator and contributor of process, method & equipment improvements.

* Assessed New Products for Manufacturability & Plant Process Capability. Designed improved methods and layouts

* Resolved ergonomic and cycle time issues.

* Resolved Production & Quality Issues with tools & methods.

* Assessed Spot and MIG welding processes. Assessed Coil and Sheet-metal Stamping/Fabrication processes

* Designed, Sourced & Commissioned new plant facilities, tooling & fixtures.

* Trained operators on tools & method

John Guterman, P.Eng. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineer

Work Experience:

Industrial Engineer Contractor to Production Modeling at Chrysler LLC; Windsor, Dearborn, Warren

Chrysler LLC, Launch Support: '08 Minivan, '09 Ram, '10 Jeep Grand Cherokee, aug2006-may2008

* Developed Jobs Assignments, Task Timing & Lean Methods for planning of changes to Auto Assembly Lines

* Administered & coordinated new model launch job readiness.

* Updated Manufacturing Planning System: Parts / Processes / Value Analysis

* Developed Jobs Assignments & Lean Methods for future Auto Assembly Lines

* Prepared assembly methods and coded them with Predetermined based times

Industrial Engineer Contractor to CEC Controls at Ford Oakville via MEDA

Launch support of Assembly Information System (AIS) Operator Terminals - mar2006-jun2006

* Transitioned Fords Torque data base and Production Broadcasts to control tool requirements & line information

Industrial Engineer Contractor to CKGP/PW Engineering Services at Ford Oakville via Wimmer & Associates

Field support of installation of a new door line and its conveyor systems, nov2005 -mar2006

* Updated work methods for Value Added (VA), Non Value Added (NVA) and NVA but required work

Sterling Truck at St. Thomas, 15% Product Output Increase with low capital outlay. 2004-2005

Industrial Engineer, contract to Wimmer & Associates for Design Systems Inc. (DSI)

* Audited workplaces for tools, methods and layouts (in CAD form)

* Eliminated bottlenecks with new workplace layouts, methods & equipment.

Other Work Experience:

AllSeating – Mississauga; Commercial seating systems

* Time and Motion Studies of Seating Construction methods, Tools & Workplace Design

* Produced CAD layouts of Workstations

* Designed new workstations and improved throughput times

* Advised on Manpower requirements for ramping up production

Teknion Furniture Systems Inc. - Toronto; Partitioning, Work Surface & Cabinetry Office Systems

* Assess Product Deficiencies and advise changes in Process, Tools, Materials & Design

* Research, Develop & test new materials, processes and equipment

* Provided Costing and Pricing of new designs with Planning notes for Process, Tools & Materials

* Updated and Structured the Bills of Materials for new and existing parts

PEO; Professional Development and Bachelors Degree Equivalency

University of Toronto, Industrial Engineering; Academic Equivalency for Engineering Licensing via PEO

University of Waterloo, Systems Design Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering, Human Factors, Big Picture & Team based approach

Ryerson University: Quality Assurance Planning & Analysis,

Project Management Systems: MS-Project; Planning budget & control

Seneca College; GD & T, AutoCad, Computer Assisted Manufacturing / CNC programming & machining

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