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Project Manager Customer Service

Denver, Colorado, United States
October 26, 2016

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Jeremy Seth Cumiford


**** ***** **. *** *

Colorado Springs, CO 80910.

Available to travel for interview upon request

US Citizen, DOB 05/01/1986, Farmington NM

Active Security Clearance; DOD, CIV Army

Seeking Position in General & Environmental Engineering and/or Business Administration

Obtained a formal education consisting of a B.A., Business Administration, and B.S., in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management. Loyal and efficient career minded individual with 5+ years of government contracting experience dealing with, environmental, environmental engineering, hazardous waste disposal, hazardous waste mitigation, classification and remediation of hazardous materials, LLRW, explosives. Specializations in Environmental engineering, project management, logistics, hazardous waste transportation and disposal and radiation technical expertise. Acquire and maintain tasks quickly and efficiently; hold 8+ certifications pertinent to the environmental engineering field IAW EPA, DOT, DOT IATA, RCRA and DOD regulatory frameworks. Adaptable to shifts in the work place environment and experienced in both working with and leading a dynamic and diverse team. Excellent customer service; genuinely enjoy dealing with people in day to day business relations. 5+ years’ experience as an environmental Technician and Project Manager across several military instillations. Collaborate effectively with lead individuals and customers so that tasks are accomplished in continuous, precise and detailed manner.

Business oriented organizational asset

Excellent verbal and composition skills

Environmental specialist in radiation, hazardous waste, and explosives; handling and disposing of materials according to EPA, DOT, and RCRA regulations.

Customer oriented; seasoned in communications

Quick to learn new methodologies and approaches

Efficient in daily routines; make outstanding use of time management; simultaneously adaptable and flexible to new task orders or organizational changes.

Work History


Environmental/ Logistics Technician for monitor/ sampling PCAPP

Battelle Inc., Pueblo Chemical U.S. Army Depot, Pueblo, CO

Logistics Technician for PCAPP, TSDF Pueblo Chemical Army Depot. Acquiring, Procuring and Distributing materials IAW DOD, DOA and all shipping regulations. Adhering to OSHA, safety and environmental regulations per DOD, DOT, DOT IATA, RCRA, and EPA. Strategically plan and manage logistics, warehouse, transportation, shipping of

samples, maintenance of sampling equipment and customer services. Direct, optimize and coordinate full order cycle. Liaise and negotiate with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Keep track of quality, quantity, stock levels, delivery times, transport costs and efficiently arrange warehouse, catalog goods, plan routes and process shipments; resolve any arising problems or complaints or discrepancies. Supervise, coach and train warehouse workforce. Meet cost, productivity, accuracy and timeliness targets. Maintain metrics and analyze data to assess performance and implement improvements. Establish trending as to maintain the most efficient reordering process, and to project the future needs of sampling laboratories at PCAPP. Defined job descriptions and detailed job plans for service requests and work orders. Put together service requests for services needed by the sampling laboratory, built and maintained work orders for shipping, maintenance and up keep of samples, sampling equipment, for the SMO laboratory at PCAPP TSDF. Ran and had oversite over all logistics related to the TSDF processes of PCAPP from the equipment needed and sampling supplies needed for all processes related to the destruction of Agent to the normal and daily items need for laboratory operations.

Training Certifications:

Laboratory Chemical Hygiene, PCAPP 2016

Laboratory Waste Handling, Generator, PCAPP 2016

Laboratory Configuration Management, PCAPP 2016

Laboratory Safety and Orientation, PCAPP 2016

Basic Laboratory Tasks, PCAPP 2016

Odor Monitoring, PCAPP 2016

Blood borne Pathogens, PCAPP 2016

Antiterrorism Awareness, PCAPP 2016

Workplace Violence, PCAPP 2016

Diversity Inclusion, PCAPP 2016

Dot Hazardous Materials Awareness, 2016

RCRA Hazardous Waste Management for Generators, 2012 to 2016

DOT IATA, 2012 to 2016

DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation, 2012 to 2016

40 HAZWOPER, 2012 to 2016

OSHA 40 hour HAZWOPER, 2012 to 2016

First Aid and CPR,2017 to 2016

Satellite Accumulation 2016

8/20/2012 – 05/20/2016

Environmental Chemist /Project Manager, Hidden Water Inc., C&C Environmental & World Environmental 50+ hpw

Managed business operations with a midsized team of engineers, environmental engineers, and environmental technicians. Prioritized pivotal documentation and manifests; submitted documentation in a correct and timely fashion. Built shipping manifests for hazardous and non-hazardous materials along with bills of lading and sample receipts/chain of custody. Project lead in hazardous waste determinations and classifications, including empirical analysis and sampling of unknown chemicals and materials (air, liquid, solid). This also included elementary neutralizations. Conducted and coordinated all pickups of hazardous waste which included the processing of hazardous materials, creation of hazardous waste profile for each waste stream, and knowledge of the correct procedure for the handling and shipping of said materials and wastes. Conducted work IAW Federal regulations to include the CFR-29, 40, 49 Composited all proposals and cost analysis of disposal of hazardous waste for specific military installations. Perform facility safety inspections, daily personal safety plans and meetings, as well as PPE inspections. Lead the logistics of transportation and pickups of hazardous waste and hazardous waste shipments. Created an efficient productive office environment amidst a team of environmental engineers/technicians. Liaised with local and government agencies, maintaining an outstanding rapport. I followed all state and federal regulations IAW handling, packaging, and shipping of hazardous materials, hazardous waste and potential hazardous samples, air treatment standards, etc. Meet all DOT, DOT IATA, RCRA, EPA, and OSHA regulations, as well as meeting and applying to all NRC guide lines for radiological materials, and DOD and DOA regulations. Junior Radiation, Explosive Technician, Hidden Water Inc. 50+ hpw

As a Junior Radiation Technician, provided support to the Senior Technician, Radiation Engineer, and Lead Project Managers. Job duties included: surveying and handling of radioactive material and commodities; Packaging radioactive materials for shipping, along with labeling and packaging to DOT specifications radioactive materials. Initial surveying and final surveying of packages and material to determine the Dosage. Monitored the performance of equipment used in radioactive surveying, along with daily source checks and radioactive Isotopic analysis as well as decontamination of radioactive items. Package 1.1 through 1.5 explosives according to DOT specifications and handled explosive materials effectively according to ATF criteria, under the supervision of a UXO explosive project manager. Neutralized both red and white phosphorous. Particular emphasis was applied to the packaging of M83 and M85 grenades as well as repackaging of other sensitive explosives.

Project Responsibilities:

Junior Radiation Technician for Hidden Water Inc. East Coast Naval run 2015.

During this contract I supported the Radiation Broker & Senior technician. I surveyed materials with a GR135 for Isotopic radiation identification. Surveyed the dose rates of parts and commodities so they didn’t exceed proper Type A packaging. Packaged radioactive parts and commodities to meet proper DOT specifications for Radioactive Materials. Decontamination as required; de-militarized as required.

Junior radiation technician for Hidden water Inc. MARSSIM study in NAS New Orleans Naval Installation 2015.

During this contract I supported the Senior Technician, Project Manager, and Radiation Engineer. The team conducted a full MARSSIM survey of a Navel Hush room that was decontaminating Tamagotchi Materials. Conducted Daily Source checks on all meters. Conducted walk over surveys and final status survey for the MARSSIM study. Conducted decontamination as necessary.

Explosive Technician, Pine Bluff Arsenal 2015

Handling of 1.1 to 1.4 G explosive, including but not limited to, red phosphorous, M83 grenades, M85 grenades, thermite grenades, and 35mm to 44mm explosive rounds, stable and unstable Fireworks. Packaging and labeling of said materials, to meet DOT and RCRA requirements.

Explosive Technician for ATF 2015

Handling of seized explosive materials. Packaging and labeling of said material to meet DOT and RCRA

requirements. Analysis of said materials.

Training Certifications:

OSHA 40 Hour HAZWOPER certified with refresher

DOT and RCRA certified with refresher


DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation

RCRA Hazardous Waste Management for Generators

Radiation Safety Training certified (Hidden Water Inc.2013)

Radiation Basic Safety training certificate with refresher (DADE Moeller)

Radiation shipper of limited quantities certified with refresher (Dade Moeller)

Explosive Technician certified (Hidden Water Inc.2014)

Asbestos Management (Safteylink, Eduwary)

First Responder (American Red Cross)

Forklift Certified

TWIC certified

CDL Class B with Hazardous waste endorsement and tanker.

Additional Work History

5/25/2016 – 8/10/2016

Sub-Foundational Pipeline Foreman

Seifert Construction, Colorado Springs, CO 80910 40+ hpw

Supervised and trained a team of laborers in the installation and modification of sub-foundational pipeline. Led all operations in the ditch line which included the installation of sewer water storm lines and manholes. Analyzed blue prints, calculated materials and elevations for flow lines. Operated equipment including excavators, wheel loaders, dozers, backhoes, and rollers. Installed water taps. Dug ditch lines, retaining ponds, moved trench boxes, set manholes; as well as backfield ditch line to road grade.

Managed the maintenance and correct operation of water and natural gas pipeline systems. Duties consisted of troubleshooting, testing, maintenance and repairs of pipeline and pipeline equipment which included valves, operators, and filtration systems. Practiced safety on the job site. Performed periodic inspections and routine maintenance on the pipeline system. Completed maintenance records, service reports, and other required documents. Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures of laying foundational pipeline. Relied on limited experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Performed a variety of tasks. Worked under general supervision.

9/1/2008 – 6/1/2010

Yard Technician / Diesel Technician 40+ hpw

Tom Growney Equipment, 1100 Troy King Rd Farmington NM 87401

Duties consisted of shop maintenance and organization. Maintaining a clean and efficient and safe work area at all times. Organized and barcoded all inventory. Led facilities maintenance. In charge of the designing and construction of steam cleaning building and wash racks. Acted as a diesel mechanic and fabricator. As a diesel mechanic I worked directly with the service manager; under his supervision performed tractor maintenance, and routine PDI's. Fabrication skills allowed me to built custom tools for specific jobs, customized attachments, and rebuilding necessary parts for the completion of specific jobs. Experienced welder; operates an oxy acetylene torch effectively. Consistently dedicated in all tasks until they achieve completion. Adaptable and able to obtain new skills extremely quickly.

2/1/2006 - 9/1/2008

Top man, Laborer, Operator

Kip Co, 90465 Woodruff St. Eugene OR 97402

In charge of the operations above and below the ditch line. Laid all sub foundation piping, consisting of water, storm, sewer, electrical, and natural gas lines. In charge of pouring and setting of both sewer and water man holes. Surveyed depths, read and analyzed blue prints, and calculated materials needed for the completion of specific jobs. Operated excavators, bulldozer, bobcats, water trucks, front end loaders, and dump trucks alongside the utilization of many attachments, including but not limited to compactors, CBE crusher buckets, Hammers, brush hogs.

1/1/2001 - 9/1/2008

Rental Technician and Diesel Technician,

Pape Machinery, 460 N Danebo Ave. Eugene OR 97402

Managed checking in and out equipment, loading and offloading equipment, along with documenting and reporting damages to the equipment, the repairs needed, cost estimates associated with fixing the rental. Preformed all requested hourly maintenance on all rental equipment, attached and modified attachment to any rental as requested by the customer. Washed rental equipment while simultaneously in charge of the yard organization of the rental equipment and attachments. Demonstrated outstanding customer service. Provided customers detailed information on equipment capabilities, weights, and statistical information, as well as advice/ historical data on which piece of equipment has done similar jobs in the past. Supplied availability of specific machinery, along with cost estimates for rentals.


B.A. Business Administration

B.S. General Engineering and Engineering Management

Minor in: Physics, Math, Chemistry

Fort Lewis College

Durango, CO


Mechanical Engineering and Physics

Lane Community College

Springfield, OR


Mechanical Engineering

Oregon State University

Corvallis, OR


High school Diploma

Thurston High School

Springfield, OR


References are available upon request

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