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High School Mental Health

Riyadh, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia
October 26, 2016

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Personal Data:

Name: Samah Babiker Aljaily

Nationality: Sudanese

Gender: Female

Marital status: Married

Address: KSA - Riyadh, Eastern Area, Alsafwa – Opposite to National Guard Hospital


MBBS, Ahfad University – College of Medicine – 2004


Primary school: Tenth Primary School in Dammam

Secondary School: First Secondary School in Dammam

High School: First High school in Dhahran

Career Profile

Highly motivated, dedicated and clinically competent general practitioner with experience caring for patients from a range of cultural backgrounds. I am committed to pursuing a role in which I can help people maintain their health and quality of life.

Current Post :

January 2015–upto Date

Paediatric Resident, Dr.Sulaiman Alhabib Hospital – Riyadh,

Practice History:

1 August 2012 – December 2014

Paediatric Resident, Al-Nukhba Modern Medical Center – Riyadh, KSA

Previous Employent:

2006 - 2012:

General Practitioner in different primary health care centers in Khartoum.

2005 – 2006:

Internship Rotation in Khartoum Teaching Hospital.


Greet patient and take personal histories, perform examinations, order laboratory tests, X-Ray and other diagnostic procedures.

Evaluate patients’ physical and mental health; refer patients to specialists where appropriate.

Prescribe and administer medications and treatments.

Perform routine surgery, such as primary closure techniques (Suturing), ingrown toenail removal, skin lesion biopsies and removal of foreign bodies from eyes, ears, nose or wounds.

Provide emergency care for acute coronary syndrome and asthma attacks inoculate patients, including children from six weeks of age.

Provide pre-natal and post-natal care.

Advise patients about strategies for maintaining optimal health, including disease and accident prevention.

Key Skills and Abilities:

Interpersonal skills and bedside manner

Ability to put patients and ease and inspire their trust. Highly developed communication skills enable me to listen, respond and adapt to patients from a range of cultural backgrounds in a clear and empathetic manner. I have a genuine concern for all patients and take the time to explain their condition and treatment options.

Reliable medical knowledge and diagnostic skills:

Proven ability to make sound diagnoses following accurate case-taking, examination of patient and interpretation of diagnostic procedures.

Ability to remain calm under pressure:

Experience working in hospitals and practices with limited staff and a high volume of patients who present with both emergency and non-emergency cases. Able to remain calm and methodical in my examination, diagnosis and treatment of patients, even in testing situations.

Clinical Skills:


Dr.Hassan Eliwan

Haematology Paediatric consultant

Head department of paediatric

HMG _ Riyadh

Dr.Ahmad Saad Ahmad

Nephrology Paediatric consultant

HMG _ Riyadh

Dr.Abdul monem Mahjob

Neurology Paediatric consultant

HMG _ Riyadh

Contact details:

009*********** Removal of superficial foreign bodies

Nasal packing for epistaxis

Skin lesion biopsy

Punch biopsy

ECG and simple interpretation


Excision of skin lesions

History taking

Physical examination

Intravenous access techniques

Arterial puncture

Mask ventilation

Nasogastric tube placement

Foley catheter insertion

Primary closure techniques

Digital nerve block

Ingrown toenail removal

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