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Manager Project

Wolcott, Connecticut, United States
October 24, 2016

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Strong experience working in a cutting edge robotics field as one of a handful of trained personnel to work on the floor and control robots and the only manager that has this capability. Manage up to 750 employees. Greatest accomplishment to date has been the relocation of a facilities from Connecticut to Mexico within a six month time frame coordinating transportation disconnection and reinstallation of production machinery two weeks before the scheduled start up date in new facility.

Project Management Start Ups / Turnarounds Team Leadership / Motivation Training / Development

Technical Support Machinery Freezer Controls Machinery Repair Service Agreements Manufacturing

Electrical Mechanical Residential and Commercial Subcontractors Preventive Maintenance Communication

JONES LANGE LASALLE Windsor, Connecticut 7/2015 to Present

Outside contractor for facilities maintenance.

Facilities Maintenance Manager

Ensure all critical machinery is in optimal working order, that robotic floor runs at peak efficiency for latest technology on the market, proper function of work stations and safety of up to 1000 employees.


Resolution to floor was not running at peak. Instituted amnesty sweeps with station cleaning performed on lunch breaks. Achieved, 30 to 50% better floor health.

Work stations were failing due to short battery life through entire facility. Troubleshot, reached out to battery manufacturer for battery life expectation, found that they were not the proper batteries for the job, ordered and installed new batteries that were required by manufacturer. Achieved 20% less downtime which resulted in 30% more product outsource.

Faced with downtime due to poor response time, e-stops on floor, pod crashes. Instituted guidelines by coordinating departments to cut e- stop downtime from 10 mins to under two mins, pod crashes, from two hours to 20 minutes, by instituting a 15 minute rule ie.. if technician assesses it would take more than 15 minutes he is to call for help. Achieved minimal downtime with more product produced.

ECI Watertown, Connecticut 10/2014 to 4/2015

Silk screening of Printed Circuits Company.

Facilities Manager

Accountable for startup of maintenance department. Controlled budget, performed troubleshooting of all machinery, maintained proper function of all vital services, electric service, water, air compressors, waste management.


Chosen to relocate entire plant. Worked with vendor to relocate facility within two working days maintaining shipping and receiving. Accomplished task and went back into full production which shipping maintained full function throughout this period.

Tasked with air requirements for production. Designed and fabricated distribution system and purchased compressor within strict funding guidelines. Designed and fabricated complete system prior to production machinery moving onsite.

APTAR Torrington, Connecticut 1/2012 to 10/2014

Injection molding operation supporting assembly plant within the Aptar group and outside vendors.

Lead Mechanic

Performed troubleshooting on all production machinery in house, managed new installations and removed old machinery within time frames. Write and instituted preventative maintenance program Rand D.


Machine output was running at 22% from job inception. Built a prototype vacuum system to raise output. System was installed and output was raised from 22% to 90%.

Wrote and instituted upgraded PM program. Overall downtime went from 30 % to a monthly average of 12%.


TECH PAC Watertown, Connecticut 1/2006 to 12/2012

Company performed end hot stamping and lacquering of cosmetic containers incorporating gold flake and industry leading designs and finishes.

Maintenance Manager

Accountable for all building facilities, upgrades and production machinery. Managed all utilities such as electric, water, air and gas. Managed three shifts total 25 people for 24/7 operation. Directed vendors from inception to completion regarding any capital projects performed on premises.


UV technology was antiquated and not cost effective. Contacted supplier of material and electrical vendor designed and built onsite test lab testing monitoring system for U.V. system Achieved a 40% cost reduction in overhead, a 20% increase in production, and quality improved by 25%.

Needed an upgrade in production flow on floor. Worked with maintenance people reengineering existing machinery, rewired controls to PLC logic adding new tool design built in house. Production machinery became much more reliable achieving 20% less downtime and redesigned tools cut change over time by 40%.

Degreaser needed to be overhauled. Worked with vendors and design engineer to upgrade from ice cube logic to PLC logic and designed new auto feed system for cleaning solution. The degreaser was put back online with PLC logic and had the capabilities of remote monitoring. Working with the state EPA met their guidelines of 89% emission standard and consistently operated above 94% clean emission.

Plant was relocating. Created an action plan for removing existing machinery for relocation to Mexico and follow up reinstallation in new facility within two month time frame. Machinery was relocated and running production two weeks before deadline.

NATIONAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Norwood, Connecticut 6/2003 to 1/2006

Company installed energy management systems in stores.

Project Manager

Installed and maintained monitoring systems around the nation.


Designed a cabinet to incorporate all controls in central location for an installation time savings of 50% and cost reduction of per fabrication of 30%.

Diagnosed problems with initial installations worked with in house engineer for solutions to issues, instituted changes resulting in durability of unit and streamlining functions for upgraded cost savings averaging 30% over one year.

CAREER NOTE: Prior experience as Maintenance Mechanic and Electrician for Specialty Packaging; Project Manager and Service Technician for Line Electric; Maintenance Supervisor for Connecticut Steel; and Owner Manager of Scott Electric.


E1 Master Electrician, State of Connecticut

Electrical training in Waterbury, Connecticut

Electrical Code training, C.E.U. Electrical, Waterbury, Connecticut

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