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Engineer Microsoft Office

Orpington, Greater London, United Kingdom
October 24, 2016

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Challenging position with respectable and dynamic organization, where I can contribute to the daily working of organization, to obtain a position that will allow me to be a contributing part of an engineering team while utilizing my professional and academic knowledge.


Name : Suleman Altaf

Contact details : (Mobile :079********).

Languages : English, Urdu, Punjabi.

(French, Polish, Learning)

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(2011 – 2013) Masters Degree (Data Telecommunication & Networks), Salford University Manchester.

(2002 – 2006) B Tech (Hons)(Electronics), Preston University, Pakistan.

(1998 – 2001) D.A.E (Electronics), Board of Technical Education, Lahore, Pakistan.


Diploma in : National Institute of Electronics,

Computers & Applications. Ministry of Science &. Technology,


Certificate in : National Institute of Electronics,

Computer Hardware Ministry of Science &. Technology, Islamabad

Brain bench Certificate of

Electronics in Computer Hardware, U.S.A.

Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Outlook


Certificate of Electronics : National Institute of Electronics,

Ministry of Science &. Technology, Islamabad

Certificate in Maintenance of : National Institute of Electronics,

Electronic Devices Ministry of Science & Technology, Islamabad.

Job History

Organization: Light Bridge Communication Corporation. UK

Job Title: RF Drive Test Engineer ( Since 2015)

My Company Sand Rock Solutions has contract with a serving International cellular company providing network services to most of the reputed organizations throughout the UK. Being an RF engineer, the major responsibilities were:

Performed drive testing of GSM Network (3G UK), using Netimizer DML (Diagnostic Monitoring and Logging) software, on cluster level along with special activities generated by customer complaints.

Successfully done On-Field Optimization, checking coverage of cell sites for sufficient signal strength, overlaps for proper hand-over, quality issues, Hot Spots TRx testing and GPRS/EDGE testing for new sites.

Post processing of log files (identifying and troubleshooting of call blocks, call drops, handover failures etc) by analyzing the log files.

Qualitative analysis of network efficiency and providing solutions for on-spot remediation.

Performed Technical site surveys with other departments to ensure the RF suitability of the location being chosen.

Liaise with colleagues to finish the task & ensure that target deadlines were met.

Organization: Nortel Networks, (2007 – 2008)

Job Title: BSS & RF Engineer

As an Network Engineer My duties included, installation and Commissioning of BTS equipment (S8000/S12000), Installation and Commissioning of the Power Rectifiers (ELTEK) for the BTS sites.

Assisting consultant in Capacity expansion of existing sites by adding Transceivers, Power amplifiers, Antennas etc with minimum outage of live network. Conducting Sweep test of feeder cables using BIRD Site Analyzer.

Conducting Power Meter Tests for TRX, Assisting in Power expansion of existing sites by adding Battery Banks, Rectifier Modules etc with minimum outage of the live network.

Assisting in Troubleshooting and Alarms Handling of BTS (8K and 12K), assisting in completion of documentation before site acceptance.

Assisting in ATPs (Acceptance Test Procedures) with the customer for the BTS sites in the BSS network of Central Region, assisting in RF Drive Test.

Organization: Saudi Bell, a telecommunication company (2006 – 2007).

Job Title: Telecom. Engineer

Serving with a reputed company, for Military communication Network in Saudi Arabia.

Ensured the continuous connectivity between the Ericsson network & other Military telecommunication facilities.

My key responsibilities were, keep Military communication of Royal Saudi air defense force (R.S.A.D.F) up and running 24/7. While upgrading the network from PDH to SDH in numerous Military facilities, & also providing the plan & program with technical guidance for future network enhancement served as the Quality assurance specialist during the installation of a Digital truck controller interface (DTCI). This install provided the primary rate interface (PRI) capabilities, enabling the use of ISDN& video teleconferencing over the defense switching network Instrumental in the relocation of major military command, which included coordinating, designing, & the construction of a new remote switch center.

My duties also included to minimize network down time as much as possible in my specific area of 1800km, by over seeing the optical Fiber Network, & splice the cable within 3 to 4 hour, in case of any breakage.

Also to test & trouble shoot PDH/SDH/DWDM system & Fault diagnostics and rectification of transmission media as quickly as possible.

Accountable for my team, & assigned the task to each member of my team, with a limited time frame in which they had to complete that task, I then monitored the team progress to see if the tasks assigned were being complete on time.

Ensuring all Departments of Defense & Departments of the army regulations and guidelines were maintained.

In R.S.A.D.F my job rating has been assessed as EXCELLENT.

Organization: Pakistan Telecommunication Company (2002 – 2006).

Job Title: Engineering Supervisor

As a telecommunication specialist for PTCL, my Responsibilities include overseeing, & Installation, Operation & maintenance, & Configuration & Troubleshooting of D.C.M.E DX-5000, & DX-7000, in gateway exchange.

Duties also include monitoring, Identifying problems in the traffic performance of D.C.M.E, & opening trouble tickets and acting towards rectification of faults related to Transmission equipment & to ensure continuing functionality & ensuring all alarms to be cleared after any planned or unplanned activity.

Accountable for optimizing network features. Monitoring the network database for integrity, accuracy & efficiency performance; providing technical recommendations for improvement when necessary.

Supplying alternate resolution when the network could not support telecommunication traffic demands.responsible for reviewing & interpreting data, traffic, & operational & measurement reports; providing network technician’s, technical guidance when necessary.

Hands on experience regarding Installation, Operation & maintenance and supervision of the PTCL DXX Network on the DWDM (Huawei 10Gbits/s), PDH (ALCATEL 565Mb/s & SDH (Siemens/Huawei) Optical Fiber and DRS throughout Pakistan, which included DXX Network Elements and Network Management Systems of TELLABS (8000/8100NM), Alcatel (NM56020) & LOOP Telecom (iNMS).

Installation & termination of various power plant, Power Line & cable lines, of the telecom equipment.

Organization: Optiserve Fiber Optic Specialist (pvt) Ltd. (2000- 2002).

Job Title: Telecom. Engineer

Serving with sub. Contractor for a Reputed mobile company, Mobilink, being an Network Engineer, my key responsibilities;

To keep the mobile communication running, by trouble shooting, Problem like optical fibre cable break, Splicing, & lying of fibre optics cable, & its testing by the help of OTDR (MTS2000/4000/6000/8000), Splice Machine, E1tester, CDU, Fibre Source Meter, optical meter.

And also trouble shooting problem with SDH, & DRS, etc. I also had to perform the troubleshooting of Network Switching Equipment, (MS, BSS, BTS, Tran coder, NMS), & also various other GSM equipment.

Hand on experience to prepare the data cables and different interface connectors.

Duties also included planning & monitoring, the job with my team of colleagues to finish the task & ensure that target deadlines were met.


Well qualified & experienced, in handling Professional Information System, & help desk top environment. And have experience in installation & trouble shooting, of computer hard ware & software e.g. (Microsoft windows, Ms Office, & various other soft wares of different versions), & good working Knowledge of networking & Pc infrastructure, IS management, & in handling VPNs, satellite communication). I can also design and make electronics circuit boards, & devices. I have an experience making various electronic devices, such as radio controlled device, security alarms, Metal detectors, transmission circuits, AC/DC regulating circuits, amplifying circuits & various other timer and light operated devices, & controlling circuits. Experience with manual testing equipment multimeters/oscilloscopes/analysers), Exposure to telecommunications electronics (fibre-optics technology), Report writing/fault finding and documentation.

As an Electronics Design Engineer have can provide expertise in the design aspect of leadership, with a strong electronics design background & knowledge of circuit design, control systems, PCB layout power supply design, project management.

Also, provided my technical help in installation & Patching of cable television service & maintenance, & also Computer & Network operator & web Technician, during my service in Toba Tek Sing, & Shorkut city & Gojeran City, as a part time, for Excel Net (ISP) Company.

Leadership Qualities:

Ability to perform the Tasks of administrators. Well experienced as a team leader & can handle & guide my team member’s in different projects of Multi-disciplinary & also related to field of Computer/Telecom/Electronics, & liaise with Staffing Representative on all staffing levels, Monitor team performance, conduct a full team member brief, ensuring that all are aware of the task, Manage time effectively.

Able to perform the tasks of Accommodation Service manager, during my service in Saudi Bell, & Optiserve Company.

Point of contact for any staff or customer queries, requests or complaints, dealing with any issues in an effective and constructive manner, Handle any issues your team members may have whilst on shift. Reporting any complaints or feedback to seniors manager.

In Saudi Bell of Saudi Arabia & also in Optiserve Fiber Optic Specialist (pvt) Ltd in Pakistan, offered services as a team leader, & was in charge of 1800km of area in Saudi Arabia, & 800Km area in Pakistan, handling many projects & was in charge of many teams, working on those projects.

Can show ability to perform tasks with commitment, & effective working, within Multi-disciplinary teams, performing effective teamwork, with strong verbal & written English skills. And also delivering high quality customer support, & achieving goals against targets with flexibility in my approach to work.

Extracurricular Activities

Reading, Web Surfing, TV, Playing Chess.


Will be furnished on request

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