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Project Manager

Mabalacat, Central Luzon, Philippines
October 16, 2016

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Nationality: Filipino

Date of Birth: July 20, 1965


Mobile # +63-936*******; +63-949*******

POSITION DESIRED: QA/QC Inspector; Quality Engineer; Construction Supervisor


Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

School Year: 1983 to 1988

University of the Visayas Cebu City Philippine


26 years engaged in onshore Construction, Quality Engineering & Inspection, Project Supervision and Mechanical Completion of Central Processing Facilities and Gathering System, Gas Turbine Power Plant, LNG, NGL, Oil Refinery, Module Fabrication, Chemical Plant, Pipelines, Well Head Piping Equipment, Infrastructure project such High Rise Industrial and Commercial Buildings, Roads, Overhead Steel Tower fabrication &erection

Continuous exposure within Onshore Oil& Gas project and actively performing multi skill roles as Quality Engineer & Inspector, Project Supervisor for equipment erection, assembly, piping fabrication, installation, testing and pre-commissioning works, Quality Engineer for various aspects of Piping, Civil and Structural inspection, preparation and develop work pack & testing procedures, material control, inspection during fabrication, installation, testing.

These experiences were obtained through 26 years of multi-tasking positions as a contract staff from both local and international companies. Actively perform the assigned task with the large scale of workforce with different nationalities and adaptable to different cultures and their behaviours. Flexible in working to a progressively changing work environment, conversant in HSE legislations and high regard for safety in the workplace at all times.

Saudi Aramco Approved QA/QC Civil Inspector with SAP # 70003838, from 1999 to 2007


Jan 04, 2014 to Nov. 30, 2015

(TPI) QA/QC Inspector (multi-discipline)

Bureau VERITAS seconded to Lukoil Oil Company- (Basra, Iraq)

(WQ-2) Central Processing Facilities& Gathering System and Gas Turbine Power Plant

Duties and Responsibilities:

Client multi task QA/QC officer during Construction, Commissioning and Mechanical Completion of West Qurna-2 Central Processing Facilities (CPF), Well pad Gathering System and Gas Turbine Power Plant (GTPP)

As QA/QC Piping Inspector

Review Company approved procedure, standard, specification, method statement and ITP’s.

Monitoring during fabrication of piping spools, fit-up and welding and ensures compliance to the latest P&ID and Isometric drawing.

Attend all RFI/AFI from contractor on all witness and hold point items on piping as per ITP.

Review RT Films, and all other NDT reports from contractor.

Review Piping test package, Line checking and witness Pressure Testing.

Raised observation reports and NCR on all noncompliance items done by EPC contractor.

Participate during MC line walk down with client and contractor and generate punch list.

Involved on MC Dossier review for Piping and generate comments.

As QA/QC Civil/Structural Inspector

Material receiving of civil/structural materials, verify steel shapes, bolts types, size, grade and condition and coating as per specified on the approved plans and specifications.

Ensure the required type, quantity, location and frequency of tests to be performed and witness preparation of properly identified test samples of all materials.

Prior to start fabrication of steel structure, check orientation, details and frame member sizes are in accordance with approved plans and specifications.

Ensure base plates are securely seated & fastened with approved method and sequence.

Issue NCR and coordinate to construction group on noncompliance items.

Participate during final MC walk down, review of MC Dossier for civil and structural package.

Issue system punch list on outstanding items and coordinate to contractors during close out.

Proper maintaining of files and documents for expediting throughout the project period

As QA/QC Mechanical Inspector

Ensure foundation release prior to erection of static and rotating Equipment

Erection inspection, orientation, centering with respect to given coordinates and drawing, levelness and verticality, initial anchor bolt tightness and release for grouting

Final anchor bolt tightness check, welding of square washer for chaired anchor bolts, release for internal (Tray) installation, piping, insulation, fire proofing

Witness during Installation, leveling and grouting of all Equipment (Static & Rotating)

Load Test of cranes, final inspection internal/external of vessel.

Final Box-up of static equipment/vessels manhole and equipment nozzle to piping connection and punch listing and proper documentation

June 01, 2013 to Dec. 30, 2013

(PMC) Senior QA/QC Engineer

TRS/FLUOR MIDEAST Limited seconded to AL-Hosn Gas Company

SHAH Gas Development Program Package # 4 Utilities and Offsite-(Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Provide technical support to EPC of all issues concerning Engineering, QA/QC during Construction, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning phase of the project.

Monitoring project TPI inspectors and ensure all activities of contractors and sub-contractors are inspected and documented according to project QMS

Oversee, monitor & coordinate EPC contractor in implementing full preservation of equipment’s as per project specifications.

Monitoring daily Inspection RFI’s raised by EPC and coordinate to TPI to ensure activities has been done as per approved Project Quality Plan

Performed a weekly RFI and NCR statistics reports and submit to client.

Review of Mechanical Completion Dossiers and coordinate to TPI on all missing inspection report from contractor.

Participate during final MC walk down of System and generate punch listing and coordinate to contractor during close out.

Proper maintaining of files and documents for expediting throughout the project period

May 15, 2012 to May 24, 2013

(TPI) QA/QC Inspector (Piping)

INTERTEK Moody International seconded to GASCO-Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd.

Al Ruwais 4th NGL Process Train and Storage Tanks (GASCO)-(Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Implement Clients Gasco (DGS) Design and General Specification and Contractors Quality Plan, Procedures ITP’S and Method Statement.

Monitoring piping fit-up installation and ensure compliance to project requirements.

Erection inspection, orientation, centering with respect to given coordinates and drawing, levelness and verticality, initial anchor bolt tightness, release for grouting

Involved in pressure testing, reinstatement, pre-commissioning, and MC walk down activities.

Review RT Films, piping test package, verify NDE requirements as per piping class.

Raising non-conformance report and site observation report on all noncompliance items.

Monitoring on all pump suction/discharged line, check internal cleaning using bore scope(if necessary) for upstream/downstream of strainer prior to release for final alignment.

Participate in Mechanical Completion (MC) line walk down with EPCC and GASCO End User representatives; generate punch listing on all items noncompliance to the specifications.

Feb. 2011 to April 2012

(EPC) Senior QA/QC Inspector (Piping/PWHT/HT)

SAACO seconded to Samsung Saudi Arabia

JERP Package # 3 – AROMATICS Unit (SATORP)-(Al-Jubail, KSA)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Review and Implement Project Quality Plan, Procedures ITP’S and Method Statement

Witness/Inspection Fit-up of piping spool as per latest Isometric drawing, check proper orientation and material specifications, Daily submit fit-up report to Client.

Issue NCR to construction department any violation being observed and initiate corrective action on all root cause found to prevent recurrence.

Coordinate and witness all NDE activities by 3rd party contractor as per piping line class specification such as RT, PT, MT, PMI, HT and PWHT.

Review Piping Test package, conduct line walk down, check piping orientation, alignment and adequate pipe support prior to commence pressure testing.

September 2009 to October 2010

(PMT) Piping/Welding/Mechanical

SPIE Oil & Gas Services seconded to Qatar gas/Conoco/Shell (QCS)

QG-3 & 4 LNG Onshore Project-Ras Laffan Industrial City, State of Qatar

Duties and Responsibilities:

Review contractors detailed Method Statements, Inspection & Test Plans, QC procedures, & turn-over data that are developed by their QC group.

Review test package and conduct pre-line checking on piping system. Issue punch list and coordinate to main contractor for immediate action.

Witness pressure testing, check consistency of Isometric Drawings against P&ID, review frequency of calibration for all recorders, relief valves and water analysis.

Conduct joint posttest line checking, verify all pre-punch items that need to be completed prior to turn over for commissioning activities.

Witness RFI CTJV commissioning group for final box-up of Strainer mesh on suction and discharge line of Compressors, Pumps and Exchangers, ensure strainer must be free of damage, check correct orientation as per piping flow direction, proper tightening and correct gasket, bolts and nuts to be used.

Participate during MC final walk down together with EPC contractor, and (ESU) operation representatives in preparation for pre start-up activities.

June 2009 to August 2009

(EPCC) QC Piping Inspector (Topside)

SPIE Oil and Gas Services seconded to Single Buoy Mooring (SBM)

MOFU-STOR FPSO; TALISMAN Energy (End User)-Abu Dhabi, UAE

Duties and Responsibilities:

Part of SBM QA/QC department during fabrication, installation, testing and pre-commissioning phase of Topside of Mobile Offshore Platform Unit (FPSO) by Talisman Energy as End User. This includes Piping fit-up, Internal cleaning, Welding activities, NDE monitoring, Pre line checking, Test Package review, Testing and Reinstatement activities throughout the project.

May 2008 to May 2009

(EPC) Senior Quality Control Inspector (Piping/Welding/Structural)

SPIE Oil and Gas Services seconded to Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR)

Module Fabrication for Escravos Gas to Liquid Plant-Abu Dhabi, UAE

Duties and Responsibilities:

Witness activities of subcontractor such as Dimensional checking of Structural items, Piping fit-up and Welding, WQT, PWHT/HT, PMI, PT, MT, Painting and review RT Film report.

Liaise with client regarding the extent of NDE, hydrostatic test and various HOLD points that require witness and verification

Review piping test package, ensure latest revision of Isometric and P&ID drawings, check weld and material traceability, and verify NDT requirements as per piping class.

Assist loading of Modules to semi-submersible Barge during hauling to Nigeria, ensure welding and NDT of structural columns to Barge flooring has been done as per requirements.

September 2007 to April 2008

QC Inspector (Piping/Welding)

Mohammad Al-Mojil Group (MMG)

3rd Expansion Polyethylene Plant (LINARCO/SHARQ)-Al-Jubail, KSA

Duties and Responsibilities:

Review piping Test package, check latest revision of Isometric and P&ID drawing, and verify the extent of NDE as per piping line class.

Conduct pre-line checking as per test package, ensure completeness of all welds, inline valves and location of drain/vent valve, line must be accessible at all times for inspection personnel.

Joint witness/inspection with client during hydro testing of piping system, check frequency of all calibration certificate for gauges & relief valve and the required as per test pressure, and water analysis of test medium.

Final walkthrough with client and signing off all remaining punch items prior to turn over the system for pre commissioning/commissioning activities.

January 1999 to Aug. 2007

Site QC Manager/QC Inspector/Project Supervisor

Bin Quraya Engineering and Contracts

Project completed:

QRT-6/QRT-8 Offshore P/L Replacement Phase-IV(Saudi Aramco) -Al Khobar, KSA

Ship Slop Oil Reception Facility from Yanbu COT to SAMREF- Yanbu, KSA

Fuel Gas Line from Abqaiq Gas Plant tie in to UBTG line – Abqaiq, KSA

Sales Gas line to Riyadh Refinery Yield Improvement- Riyadh, KSA

Various Saudi Aramco pipeline from Wellhead to GOSP Plant – Eastern Province of KSA

Duties and Responsibilities

As Site QC Manager

Attend weekly Construction meeting with Project Manager, Saudi Aramco Project Management Team (SAMPT) and Saudi Aramco Project Inspection Unit (SAPIU).

Able to resolve non conformities with firm and justifiable decisions, able to work under pressure effectively with good problem solving skill and decision making skill.

Ensure all procedure must be reviewed and approved by Client prior to start all activities.

Establish a QA/QC Organizational chart as per Schedule Q of Saudi Aramco Procedures.

Initiate two weeks look ahead schedule on all QA/QC activities.

Coordinate to Saudi Aramco Project Inspection Unit regarding any changes/modification due to site condition by initiating a Site Technical Query address to SAPMT.

Implement corrective actions on all root causes of non-conformance items

As Pipeline Inspector:

Able to manage construction of Right of Way as per approved Plan and Profile Drawing.

Witness double jointing of straight pipe and ensure proper storage and handling.

Monitoring pipe stringing activities ensure proper protection of externally FBE coated pipe.

Involved in Pipe lowering and ensure proper size of trenching, thickness of bedding, correct pipe roller on side boom and 100% holiday testing for possible damage of coating.

Familiar in construction of pipeline in Road Crossing, camel crossing, Trust Boring contractor and construction of pipeline berm for underground line.

Witness Pipeline Welding (line welding & temperature tie-in, NDE requirements, Pigging, Internal Cleaning, Pressure Testing and Pre-commissioning.

As Piping Supervisor:

Experienced in pipe spools fabrication, test package preparation, piping installation, punch listing, leak testing and pre-commissioning of piping systems.

Prepare look-ahead schedule, work estimates and work progress analysis.

Able to work under pressure effectively with good problem solving skill, Possess the flexibility to respond quickly and effectively to unplanned events and emergencies

Responsible for supervising the yard direct labour in completing the piping works.

Review piping schematic drawings to estimate and provide bill of materials for piping.

Check dimensional of piping materials and do perform physical inspection of all piping works.

Company: First Atlas Contractors

Position: Project Site Engineer

Project: Various High Rice Commercial and Industrial Building

Date / Location: Dec. 1996 to August 1998 / Quezon City, Philippines

Duties and Responsibilities:

Review and detailing of project construction drawing, procedure and specification.

Establish project flow chart, S-curves and identify the critical path movement, progress miles stones and resolve issues and take remedial action in case of slippage.

Do estimates bill of materials, tools and equipment’s and manpower requirements.

Proper coordination with supplier and expedite materials to ensure delivery schedule on time.

Ensure all frequency of tests to be performed and witness preparation of properly identified test samples of all materials.

Witness concrete pouring activities and ensure compliance to drawings and specification.

Proper maintaining of files and documents for expediting throughout the project period

Company: Caloocan Consortium Corporation

Position: Project Engineer

Project: Various High Rice Commercial/Industrial Building

Date / Location: Dec. 1991 to July 1996 / Quezon City, Philippines

Duties and Responsibilities:

Review and interpret construction drawings, and review client procedure and specifications.

Estimates Bill of Materials, Equipment and manpower required to complete the project.

Initiate project critical path movement chart and S-Curves, review construction drawings.

Conduct survey and layout at site prior to excavation/pile driving as per design requirements.

Workforce distribution, proper coordination to client prior to start any activities.

Daily toolbox meeting to all workforces regarding safety awareness of the project.

Proper maintaining of files and documents for expediting throughout the project period.

Company: Far East Industrial Company

Position:Structural Supervisor

Project:Various Industrial Steel Structures

Date / Location: April 1990 to Nov. 1991 / Quezon City, Philippines

Duties and Responsibilities:

Read and Interpret structural fabrication drawing and prepare detailed list of materials.

Coordinate to immediate supervisor regarding request of tools, equipment and manpower.

Checking availability and correctness of materials as per materials take off.

Layout and preparation of cutting list ensure unnecessary wastage of material be applied.

Fit-up and pre-welding of steel structure as per required drawing and standards.

Dimensional checking of steel structure prior to full welding and ensure correct orientation.


ASNT Level-II Radiographic Testing Film Interpretation (RTFI); Certificate No. RT-DISS-01/11-2015; according to the requirements by DASH practice SNT-TC(Latest Edition) of American Society for Non Destructive Testing; Expiry date July 27, 2018

ASNT Level-II Ultrasonic Testing (UT); Certificate No. UT-DISS-01/11-2015; according to the requirements by DASH practice SNT-TC(Latest Edition) of American Society for Non Destructive Testing; Expiry date July 27, 2018

TWI CSWIP-WI-6-92 CSWIP 3.1 at SGS Dammam KSA-June 2000-2011 with Cert. # 4389/2

TWI BGAS Painting Inspector Grade-1/SGS Dammam KSA-June 2000.

Internal Quality Auditing ISO 9001-2000 by FAHSS/TUV KSA with Certificate # QMS/IQA/I/1006 2006/03

Basic Fall Protection, Confined Space Entry, Positive Alloy Material Identification (PAMI), Bolt Tensioning & Torqueing training, Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar

Construction Safety Orientation Course, PTW for Supervisors, SHE Cultural Awareness Workshop, Working at Heights, M40 Gas Monitoring, Confined Space Entry Awareness, Permit-to Work System, Job Safety Analysis, and Tool Box talk, Plant Safety Induction.

Execution of Company’s Emergency Response Procedures and its application in emergencies as defined in the Company’s Emergency Response Manual in cases like: Gas leakage, Gas alarms, and Gas detection.


1)Peter Thomas:Team Leader / Bureau Veritas – – Iraq

2)Geoffrey Hodgetts : QA/QC Manager / Lukoil Co. - Iraq

3)Jack Sievers : QA/QC Manager / FLUOR MIDEAST LTD. – Abu Dhabi

4)Paul Lupo: QA/QC Manager / FLUOR MIDEAST LTD. – – Abu Dhabi

5)Gopal Rao: Operation Manager / INTERTEK Moody Int’l. - Abu Dhabi

6)Max Stephenson : QA/QC Manager / KBR – – Abu Dhabi

The undersigned is hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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