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Engineer Construction

Phoenix, Arizona, United States
$50 TO $65 PER HR
October 13, 2016

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Phoenix AZ **014

Phone: 773-***-****

OBJECTIVE: To secure a full-time or part time contract position. From:1 966 to 1971 Military Duty


MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PROGRAM 0 9/1971 – 06/1975 University of Colorado - Boulder, CO USA

Autocad 2016 upgrade

Intergraph 3D PDS

Intergraph SPR


LMF Server (utilize LMF Server and Design review or (SPR) Smart Plant Review(from the 3D models) on 70% of the all jobs.

Field Engineer For Construction:

Design and Validate Refinery, Power, Chemical, Petrochemical Projects: Make sure all phases of each project was in compliance with Codes, Standards and Specifications. Mechanical, Electrical, Piping and Structural Steel. HVAC For refinery piping systems Ref; (API)ASTM B31.3, B31.1, For Concrete Steel IBC ASCE 7 STAAD Building CODE Loads, AISC/AISD/AIC ANSI/AISC 360-10, IEEE, NFPA 70, NESC, IFCA, ASME V111. For Commercial and Residential: ABC, CSI codes and standards Cross Referenced all relevant codes and standards, in compliance with the detail design for IFC Issued for construction, Organized field walk downs troubleshooting existing equipment and structures preparing reports to bring into the LMF Server scan clouds for further review and validation.

Cross referencing new and existing supporting structures and pipe supports and associated equipment, switching from the existing piping and equipment models locating and updating anomalies, RFI’s updated information implemented into the design and, updated and modified in the piping and equipment models, reviewed change orders implemented into the design and issued for construction, performed walkdowns to consolidate and confirm the modifications and confirm as-built drawings for construction.

(Hobby) Commercial Truck Driving Credentials

6 months Experience OTR experience with Refrigeration and dry freight hauling. TWIC Card expires AUG 312021


Day & ZIMMERMANN Houston, Texas, South Carolina, Baytown, Texas

Senior Piping Designer/Field Engineer 0 5/2014-08/2015 My Responsibilities were to providing 2D/3D Piping cad support traveling to the Ascend Chemical Plant at Chocolate Bayou as a field engineer Refinery Plant Designer in order to implement a 3D model using 2D microstation, software for the IWPF Radioactive waste facility and coordinate with the Houston and Carolina Offices. My design and layout included the piping systems for LP Steam and Condensate System, caustic piping system, layout temporary pipe rack in equipment modeling in the Dyke Area of the IWPF tanks, completed the construction sequence from as builts and isometrics.

Bayer Corporation, Day & Zimmermann, Baytown Texas 0 4/2013 – 05/2013 S enior Piping Designer/field engineer

My Responsibilities were to provide 2D/3D Piping cad support including field assignments for the Refinery and Pharmaceutical facility to design 2D/3D piping systems and associated equipment for the refrigerate units review detailed instructions for. Walk-downs and tie-in's to clarify access for maintenance and safety and the construction sequence. AMEC Oil Sands Projects Office, Ft. MacKay - Calgary, AB. CANADA Senior Piping Designer/Checker/ field Engineer

03/2012 – 03/2013

My Responsibilities were to provide 3D PDS Piping Cad support to checking Multi disciplines, piping, electrical and structural for: CNRL Refinery oil sands facility at Canadian National Resources, cyclone installation, Thickener, turbine facilities, against relevant code specifications, standards, existing drawings and isometrics that was extracted prior to site visits, material specs, checked isometrics against PID’s inspected and checked contractor's work-process and installations. Responsibilities, conducted regular walk-downs to inspect piping installations, pump installations, equipment, operations, safety and maintenance access, vessels and piping installations.

Jacobs Engineering – Calgary, AB. CANADA 03/2011 –3/2012 Senior Piping Designer/Checker

My responsibilities as a checker were to check and verify the Refinery piping isometrics approximately 750 isometrics extracted from the 3D models, against all relevant codes and standards and issue IFC documents for construction also 2D as-built drawings to serve as a guide line and location plans for the central plants Keral Plant 1 and Keral Plant 2 Froth treatment facility during construction.

Fluor Corporation - Vancouver, B.C. CANADA 09/2010 – 03/2011 Senior PDS Piping Designer

M y responsibilities were to support the CAD design piping department for PDS piping design into, PDS equipment and layout process areas to develop models for a nickel processing plant, Area C, copper, impurities and cobalt processing buildings facility. Bechtel Corporation - Frederick, MD USA 01/2009 - 08/2011 Senior Piping Designer/Checker

My Responsibilities were to support a power project as a 3D PDS Piping designer for the Thermoelectric Power Plant at Edwardsport Indiana, which included Design and layout out, Power Piping facilities for utilities, underground and chilled water systems, flow and return piping, cold reheat piping, low LP steam

piping (design and layout), hot reheat and cold reheat piping for HRSG 1 & 2 and HP piping design for turbine building and cooling tower equipment and piping and follow the construction sequence in house.

CBI-Tyler, TX. USA 09/2008 -08/2009

Senior Piping Designer

My Responsibilities were to support the CAD piping design and layout the vaporizer units and send out pumps location plans, area piping systems piping drawings with different processes which included suction and discharge line for the existing methanol facility to be installed during the construction sequence.

CBI-Plainfield, IL. USA 06/2008-09/2008

Senior Piping Designer

My Responsibilities for Cad support coordinating and designing the 3rd Stage vaporizer and send out pumps, area piping systems with different processes which included suction and discharge line for the methanol facility.

Installing all associated piping and equipment.

Duke Energy Mox Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Facility, Charlotte, N.C Senior Piping Designer for Nuclear Piping Systems 06/2004–05/2008 Responsible for 3D PDS Piping cad support and the overall piping design and layout work for the MOX Project Steam piping and utilities piping systems for BMP and the AP buildings as well as the pneumatic transfer piping, Followed the construction phases to completion Worleyparsons -Arcadia, CA. USA. 02/2003-06/2004

Senior Piping Designer

Responsibilities were to support the piping department 3D PDS Piping systems for the refinery plot plan layout and designing the plot plans piping area for refinery equipment, piping systems and pipe rack control stations using (SPR) Smart Plant Review for design checks doing detailed design.

Fluor Daniel Sugar Land, Texas 03/2002-03/2003

Senior Piping Designer

Responsibilities were to support the piping department developing 3D PDS Piping and equipment modeling using primitive and parametric shapes to develop tanks, centrifugal p umps, positive displacement pumps, compressors and turbines.

Bechtel LTD and Reliance Petroleum,

Jamnagar, India. 01/1995


Senior Piping Design Coordinator/Field Engineer

My responsibilities were to Provided Cad training Intergraph PDS drafting support piping and equipment for the Largest grassroots refinery in the world, As an Informed professional capable of providing industry expertise and solutions-driven service to clients in the construction industry. Varied experience allowing for multi-disciplinary success with a maintained focus on optimizing production and mitigating potential industry-specific challenges. Responsibilities were to set up 50 workstations to receive unfinished models from Bechtel-Houston-UK to finish the small bore piping at the Jamnagar facilities to complete the 3D models and extract isometrics and 2D drawings from the models as deliverables for construction. Designed and laid out piping and equipment models for Petrochemical facility which also included but not limited to, marine off-site facilities, MEROX unit, sulfur plant, catalyst cracker, water treatment plant and the polyester plant facility. Also, to follow the construction sequence and to set-up the design review station for each facility. Designed Captive Power plant for 30,000 population village at Site. 8-500 MW Units, plus captive power station.

Badger, Den Hague, Netherlands 02/1991-02/1995

Senior Piping Designer

My Responsibilities as a board drafter/ Cad drafting for front end design of a refinery for the Shell Corporation producing plot plan layouts in MicroStation, pipe rack studies using MicroStation, creating detailed designs for a catalyst cracker location and fired heater refractory design construct and install.

Technip, La Defense, Paris, France 02/1988-02/1991 Senior Mechanical Piping and Refractory Designer

My Responsibilities were to provide and check thermal analysis and heat transfer calculations for fired heaters and reformers and heater refractory for Saudi Aramco Refinery coordinating and vetting the refractory design efforts for all fired heater per project heaters with Salas Kershner of Munich, Germany and KTI Ltd Italy, followed the design and construction sequences with the main contractor.

USS Consultants, Montreal, Quebec,r Canada


Mechanical Field Engineer e

My Responsibilities were to support the piping department to obtain quantity analysis for material handling equipment i.e. conveyors, ore crushers, pumps for a rail car loading and offloading facility.

At omic Energy of Canada, Montreal Quebec 06/1980 - 03/1985 Junior Mechanical engineer

My Responsibilities were to support and preparing a conceptual layout on 2D MicroStation drawings for the Candu Reactor for India, vet vendor data for turbine generators, Feed pumps, Cooling Tower, economizer, air preheater steam boiler, feed pumps, LP pumps, cooling water pumps, condenser layout and piping design, coal yard storage layout, ash storage yard location and layout. Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, Pickering Ontario 05/1977 –06/1980 Junior Mechanical Field Engineer

My Responsibilities were to provide field support walk downs supporting for visual inspection of 1,030 MWe PWR fuel assemblies, steel pressure vessels, control rods, assembly, Restoration effort of turbine blades, bearings and additional components, Perform maintenance activities to ensure the unit operates safely, and reliably during peak periods until next refueling outage. TECHNICAL SKILLS / COMPUTER COMPETENCIES:

Fully Understand Refinery Process piping lending design experience and covering aspects of 3D/2D design and follow the construction sequences. Fully apply 3D PDS Cad Design skills to support to design mechanical and piping systems for numerous piping facilities and construction sites related to process, power and oil and gas and petrochemical facilities.

Updated 3D/2D skills along with SP3D, PDS, Autocad and Microstation And, Navisworks as the software becomes released and available.

Skilled conducting walk down refinery integrity checks parallel with Cad integrity using hand tools and instruments.

Capable of providing project deliverables such as complete piping design systems from Autocad Microstation and PDS piping and Equipment Models.

Plant Design Solutions, 2D/3D equipment and piping design converted to modeling, Processing isometrics, and MTO reports and Nozzle schedules, as deliverables through all phases of constructability and construction.

L FM Server Skills for refinery Piping and equipment scans for new and existing facilities.

Utilizing 3D visual Navisworks. software packages for integrity checks using Navisworks. Utilizing (SPR) Smartplant Reviewer for integrity for 3D models. Capable of producing 3D PDS models coordinating, with structural modeling as well as all associated equipment skids and piping systems.

Working knowledge of nuclear plant operations and construction, site engineering construction, and heavy reactor water process piping systems.

Producing 3D modeling for Pharmaceuticals plants piping and equipment, Towers, refrigeration skids, storage tanks, circulating pumps, exchangers, compressors as well as instrument air systems vessels clean room layout and design, for design and construction. REFERENCES:

-Bruce Fraser, Manager, Piping Department, Oil & Gas Canada Amec, Foster Wheeler D+1-403-***-**** M+1-403-***-**** VOIP #14743

-Matthew Ware, Manager, Piping Department, Day & Zimmerman, SC. USA 1-864-***-****

-Bob Perry Director of Strategic Accounts Day & Zimmermann Greenville SC. 1-864-***-****

- Michael Prosser, Piping Lead, Covestor/Bayer, Baytown, Texas 1-281-***-**** Cell: 618-***-****

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