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Manager and/or Director of Quality Assurance Engineering

Austin, TX
April 16, 2016

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QUALITY ASSURANCE ENGINEERING, OPERATION, MANUFACTURING &INTEGRATED SUPPLY CHAIN MGMT Expertise in supplier quality engineering & process audit / source inspection, manufacturing and supplier technical support & troubleshooting, procurement & sub-contract / program management, production & material distribution, for large OEM and small service growth operations. Possess extensive technical expertise and mechanical aptitude with precision assemblies. General knowledge of aerospace / defense regulations and technologies to meet customer service level as well as regulatory agencies’ laws and standards, and industry technical standards (such as ANSI, ASTM, ISO, etc). Engage early in the planning stages to characterize programmatic or manufacturability risks which could compromise Missions Assurance and Corporate Growth. SPECIALIZED TRAINING: Certified Green Belt-Design for Six Sigma Plus-DFSS/ R6Sigma ; Raytheon Level 5, Mission Assurance Engineering Certification; FAA/ FAR/ AIM-Flight Technology; MIL-STD-2000 Soldering, ISO-9000 Standards & Ana lysis; Struc tura l Weld ing & Fabrication; MTQ-Managing Tota l Qua lity; Program Management Workshop and Process for Improvement; Qua lity Aud iting Methods in Industry; Introduc tion to Composite Tech’ s.; Internationa l Trade Operations and Supp lier Certification; Lean Manufac turing Enterprise; Boeing/ AlliedSigna l Parametric Modeling Ana lysis; SPC-Statistica l Process Control; GDT-Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerances; and CPM/ APICS Integra ted Supp ly Cha in MGMT Modules. Add itiona l list of Ac c red ited Professiona l Courses are ava ilab le upon request. COMPUTER SKILLS / MRP DATABASE: / SAP: PRISM, HQMS, ManMan, Xerox/ Chess, Alliance/MFP, AlliedSigna l/ Honeywell COMINS & WebPlan, Mac–Pac, Others: DOS, Lotus, and Mic rosoft Office for Mac intosh and IBM p latforms. ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS ACUMEN

RAYTHEON Intelligence Info. & Services, El Segundo, CA & Missile Systems, Tucson, AZ, 2003-Present W-COAST REGIONAL LEAD (MISSION ASSURANCE); PRINCIPLE QUALITY ASSURANCE / LIFE -CYCLE ENGINEERING SR. MULTI-DISCIPLINED ENGINEER -II, SR. SUBCONTRACT MANAGER, SR. MANUFACTURING / PROJECT ENGINEER Rotation within Quality Assurance Engineering, Program / Materials Management, and Manufacturing: Management of assigned supplier base, West Coast & Polar; front end of the business, during pre/ post produc tion, and supp lier issues, PAR, PWAR, PPV for advanced development and existing produc tion improvement programs (monitor and ana lyze performance da ta to identify trends and to develop / imp lement improvement ac tions that provide results). These ac tivities span a ll phases of produc t life cyc le: supp liers/ stra tegic partner(s) technica l support, research of emerging technologies, supp lier surveillance & certifica tion, working collabora tively with corpora te/ c ross-func tiona l teams to study Raytheon’ s / supp lier’ s full capab ilities to drive op tima l sourc ing solutions (source inspec tion/ selec tion, and significant supp lier interface and technica l d ia logue due to non-conformance/ service issues to d irec t, improve and control processes & performance). This broad bread th of responsib ilities inc ludes working with Field Engineers / Qua lity, Development & Manufac turing, Engineering Sc ience, Supp ly Cha in, System Va lida tion and Test personnel. Also, managing group ’ s schedule/ work-load leveling, and interface with customers d irec tly on d isposition of non-conformance hardware and ob ta in/ approving produc t repa ir & rework to achieve customer satisfac tion. In add ition, lead or partic ipa te in R6Sigma projec ts & Lean-MFG methodologies, Root-Cause Ana lysis, Correc tive & Preventive Ac tions, Va lue-Engineering projec ts utilizing Design-For- Manufac turab ility (DFM) prac tices to ensure process and produc t integrity and guarantee flow down of program qua lity requirements to appropria te stakeholders - effec tively influenc ing a program to be successful. HONEYWELL / ALLIEDSIGNAL AEROSPACE, Tucson, Arizona 1998-2003 SR. ENGINEER II- ADVANCE PROCUREMENT / QUALITY ASSURANCE ENGINEERING - STRATEGIC & TACTICAL Built strategic a lliances with supp liers to develop corpora te team long -term agreements (LTA’ s) and contribution to the departmenta l cost savings goa l by seeking a lternatives (Re -Engineering/ Va lue Ana lysis, Lean MFG Concept) and maximizing contribution from supp liers to achieve innova tion and a ffordab le performance. Provide p lanning & troub le-shooting on extremely hard -to-find, obsolescence, and sole-sourced produc ts to help solve current prob lems and meet immed ia te demands. Review ma jor deliverab les (devia tions, wa ivers, acceptance test results and a ll major anoma ly cond itions) to ensure contrac t comp liance prior to delivery to customer. Achievements - Space-Shuttle Quartz Sensor App lica tion; Led outsourc ing program of two operation areas; Make / Buy ana lysis, customers contac t, strategic and intellec tua l property fac tors, labor and other organiza tiona l constra ints and qua lity considera tion.

- Strong knowledge and experience with ISO and / or AS9100 d isc ip lines and their app lica tion to manufac turing processes.

- Oversaw of da ily tac tica l troub le-shooting ac tivities of entire Tucson’ s integra ted supp ly cha in management.

- Lean MFG; Champ ioned & partic ipa ted with re-engineering of Flight Ind ica tor Assemb ly Module, ana log -to- d igita l conversion, moderniza tion and technica l obsolescence; and A-1 Tank Lens Assemb ly Disp lay Projec t, elimina tion of $100K/ year/Module lost of revenue (tota l of $4.1M). DONNELLY OPTICS CORPORATION, Tucson, Arizona 1997-1998 MATERIALS & PURCHASING MANAGER – For globa l manufac turer and designer of prec ision op tica l injec tion molded of d iffrac tive, refrac tive, and hybrid systems. Administra tive supervision of two department’ s sta ff and da ily func tions. Developed and administered annua l budgets; recommended and hired sta ffing, ad justments in organiza tion systems and procedures; interpreted and ma intained objec tives and procedures with personnel. MATERIALS - Developed forecast and procurement stra tegies, opera tions p lanning, controlling the flow of ma teria ls, physica l d istribution and business logistics (transac tions and d istribution systems), inventory control and cyc le count.

PURCHASING – Reviewed results of procurement request/ schema tic interpretation to locate a lternative source while reduc ing current supp lier base to support both immed iate and long term goa ls. Inc reased globa l sourc ing to reduce cost while a tta ining a zero net purchase price variance per budget and overa ll cost reduc tion. Instituted and administered supp lier certifica tion prog ram and “ c losed -loop” system with supp liers using the princ ip le of defec t avoidance.

Achievements - Estab lished procurement department; hiring of personnel, c reated a ll forms; RFQ, requisition, purchase order, shipp ing/ receiving & import document control, etc .

- Imp lemented and expanded MRP-intranet throughout the company.

- Formed ma teria ls department to inc lude struc turing of stockroom and shipp ing/ rec eiving department, systemizing inventory flow and warehousing func tions and integra ting them with p lanning, purchasing and transporta tion process.

- Pub lished a ll of the ISO9000 program’ s work process ma teria l for the purc hasing and materia ls department.

- Instituted various elec tronic /manua l reports to monitor performance of ma teria ls/ purchasing department and projec ts progress through MRP system, Cost savings of $270,000. In the first three months. ELECTRI-TECH,INC., Hamburg, New York 1995-1997

MANUFACTURING / OPERATION MANAGER – Estab lish manufac turing time tab les of elec tronic and mechanica l components and subcontrac t services to support load p lanning, past ac tivity and future requiremen ts for one of Buffa lo’ s top 4 elec tronic contrac t manufac turer (for industria l, automotive, med ica l and nuc lear field). Administered a ll da ta retention and monitored sta ff negotiations for ma jor contrac ts and supp liers contac t for pre -design and concurrent engineering concep t. Interface and coord ina tion with interna l/ externa l customers and their design engineers on a ll produc tion issues and manufac turing p lan development representing the produc t line toward new produc t inventory p lanning and release, R&D prototype stage to mass produc tion. Conduc ted fa ilure ana lysis and coord inated correc tive ac tions to resolve qua lity prob lems found at supp liers and in manufac turing, inspec tion, assemb ly and test. Partic ipa ted making department policy and ensure comp liance to manufac turing d isc ip line, process, procedures, and manpower consolida tion. Achievements - Initia ted and executed a new MRP system. Identified and procured software, d irec ted team and coord ina ted with other departments in imp lementation of system. Resulted in a measurab le improvement of 23% in da ta accuracy and 28% in ma teria ls flow.

- Imp lemented initia l procedures to begin meeting ISO9000 standards.

- Introduced improvements, throughout organiza tion, for procedures and interna l forms involving purchasing, qua lity, inventory, engineering change order (ECO), produc tion work instruc tions, tra ining and supp lier cert. BAUSCH & LOMB/ CAMBRIDGE INSTRUMENTS/ LEICA, Buffalo, New York 1989-1995 SR. PROCUREMENT ENGINEER - Procurement and inventory management of OEM’ s goods and services spec ified by engineering and opera tions management for world leader in sc ientific / op to-elec tronics (for imaging, ophtha lmic, labora tory, educa tiona l and research and development) produc ts. Supp lier negotia tions to ma inta in favorab le price, qua lity and delivery of the following commod ities Mic ro/Mac ro Elec tronics, Chemica ls, Fiber Op tics, CCD Cameras/ Videos, Computers, Med ica l Devices, Mic roscopes, Op tics, Polarizers, and Plastics.

TECHNICAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT – Ana lyzed R&D’ s new projec ts for produc tion p lanning. Assigning of app licab le commod ities to a ll buyers/ p lanners, prepa red deta iled cost ana lysis for standard cost enrollment and a ided in identifying sources for extremely hard -to-find and comp lex items. Direc tly involved in dec ision making with supp liers on technica l issues. Interna tiona l sourc ing & contrac ts: Japan, Korea, China, Germany, Denmark, Austria . . . Achievements - Continuously exceeded yearly cost reduc tion goa ls. A documented cost savings of > $1.2 million was derived during emp loyment. Ma inta ined a 100% favorab le purchase price variance.

-Achieved supp lier reduc tion of 27% on a yearly basis.

- Managed the standard iza tion and substitution program produc ing a $.28 million cost avoidance.

- Direc ted the p lanning and opera tion of $12 million outsourc ing program of op tica l glass produc ts and elec tronic assemb lies. Successful in utilizing of in-house excess raw materia ls by transferring and negotia ting with prospec tive supp liers as well as ga thering revenue by selling of interna l produc tion/MFG equipment.

- Initia ted and developed supp lier certifica tion program. Enta iled supp lier site visit and qua lity aud its. SCIENTIFIC EXPERIENCE

SCIENTIST POSITION - Previous professional employment prior to 1989 : ADVANCE MEDICAL DEVICES-AMDEV, INC., BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS VETERANS ADMINISTRATION – MEDICAL CENTER, BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Ana lytica l/ Elec trochemistry, research and development of Ion Selec tive Elec trode (ISE)-med ica l instrumenta tion and Laser Spec troscopy. Inc luded R & D / engineering projec t management and procuring high-tech R & D and manufac turing cap ita l equipment. Research and Teaching Assistant for Tufts University’ s Chemistry and Chemica l Engineering Department. EDUCATION

TUFTS UNIVERSITY, Boston, Massachusetts

Masters of Sc ience Program in Chemica l Engineering, 1983 NORTH ADAMS STATE COLLEGE, North Adams, Massachusetts Bachelor of Sc ience Program in Chemistry, 1980 / Minor in Physic s BOCES TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, West Seneca, New York

Advanced Elec tronic s I & II and Workshop; Ac c red ited courses, 1993 MIL-STD-2000 Soldering Certified


Struc tura l Weld ing Fabrication

FAA/ FAR/ AIM-Flight Technology, 2000


American Assoc iation for the Advancement of Sc ience United States Citizen, DoD Active Secret Clearance Optica l Soc iety of America

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