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Certified Welding Inspector & Sr. Corrosion Technologist

Midland, TX
July 14, 2015

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William Howard Forse

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Midland, TX 79705

432-***-**** Cell Phone

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Applying For: Sr. Inspector, Pipeline Inspection, Sr. Corrosion Technologist., Welding Inspection, (CWI) QC, QA, Mechanical, piping, vessel, or Structural Inspection. Computer literate in Word, Excel, and Power Point.


Have years of experience, with expertise in Corrosion Control, Welding Inspection, Automatic Welding, Pipe welding & Inspection, Coating Inspection, Tubular Inspection, NDT, Gas & Oil, Power Plants, Wind Energy, Heat Treating. Cathodic Protection, Vessel and Tower Fabrication and Inspection, Pipeline Inspection, Pipeline Hot Tapping, Pipeline Maintenance, Gas Processing Operations and Maintenance.



Regency Gas (Energy Transfer)-Site Quality Rep. & Welding Inspector-Erection of plant # 4 Cryogenics Gas Plant and four 5000 hp compressors.

4-12 to 1-15

Pressure Vessel Fabrication Inspection, Compressor Skid assembly, Coating Inspection, Package Boilers, Tank Inspection, & Metering Skids-Midland, Odessa, & Abilene, TX- Kinder Morgan, DCP, Regency Gas, Phillips 66, XTO Energy, OXY, Mustang Eng., & CBI. New vessels, repairs and alterations & inspection of Package Boilers and components.

Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline-Kansas & OK Chief Inspector Anomaly digs in KS & OK, installing type “B” sleeves, Armor Plate, & Clock Springs.

Michel’s, Corp.-TransCanada-Keystone Pipeline Compressor Station-Lufkin, TX- Sr. Welding Inspector.

Western Refining, Farmington, NM Welding Inspector

Welding Inspection on 38.2 miles of 10 & 12” Gathering System.

July 1, 2012 to 11-30-2012

Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline- Kansas City, KS Chief Inspector Completing Hot Taps & Tie-ins at metering facilities at various locations in Kansas.

07/July./2011 to 13/July/2012

Bechtel-Contract- Las Bemba’s Project-Welding Inspector, Coating Inspection-18,000 tons of structural steel going to a copper mining company in Peru. Covering 3 fabrication shops and 3 Coating shops, Midland, TX, San Angelo, TX, and Abilene, TX.

Enterprise Pipeline-Arcadian-Haynesville Extension- Assistant Chief Inspector-Construction of 15 Gas Pipeline Metering Stations between Alexandra, LA and Grand Bayou, LA. Supervised 15 site inspectors, doing Clear & Grade, Civil, Structural, and Mechanical & Welding Inspection.

El Paso Mohave Pipeline---San Simon, AZ Welding Inspector on 30”, 4700 ft. take up and relay.

El Paso Mohave Pipeline Nogales 2020 pipeline Welding Inspector. Nogales, AZ

William H. Forse

El Paso/Colorado Interstate Gas- Pueblo, CO. Black Wolf Meter Station-Chief Inspector. Installed 2ea. 8” and one 4” ultrasonic meter tubes with associated 16”, 12”, 10” piping with meter building and associated equipment.

El Paso/ Colorado Interstate Gas-Parker, CO – Whispering Pines Meter Station-Chief Inspector. Constructed 1 ultrasonic Metering Stations with associated underground 24” & 30” piping. 1ea. 6”, one each 12” and one 16” ultrasonic meters, with 1 ea. 3”, 7M rotary meter tube.

Chesapeake Energy-OK City, OK- Gas skid unit Inspections at vendors located in OK and TX. 1-1/2 years. Materials Specialist and Sr. Inspector, covering vessel fabrication shops in OK & TX.

Kinder Morgan-Snyder, TX & Hobbs, NM-Exchanger fabrication and Hydro-Test Inspection.

El Paso/Tenn. Gas Pipeline: Lead Welding Inspector-Jones, Jasper & Kemper Counties, MS

Installation of 30” & 36” Pig Launchers and Receivers on one 30” and two 36” pipelines at four locations.

El Paso/Tenn. Gas Pipeline: Chief Inspector Heidelberg, MS--Installation of 6600 ft. of mixed metal oxide ribbon anode, set four rectifiers, with misc. cabling.

YEMEM LNG Co., LTD Sr. Welding Inspector-Shop fabrication project for LNG plant expansion.

El Paso Energy-Chief Inspector-Sta. 821-Johnson Bayou, LA-Installing new elect. Feeders, repairing of hurricane Ike damage to plant roads, plant electrical systems, motors & pumps. Supervision of 4 contracting companies.

Chesapeake Energy-Shop Inspection, TX & OK-Pressure vessel, oil and gas package unit inspections at vendor’s shops. B31.3 Sever Cyclic Service.

Chesapeake Energy- Alva, OK-Field Inspector-Installing Gathering systems and completing well tie-ins, in Woods and Woodward County, OK. API-1104, B31.3, B31.3 Severe

March 2007 to 12-22-07

TransCanada/ANR Pipeline-Chief Inspector on Hot Taps, and construction of interconnect facilities with other gas companies. API-1104 & B31.3

El Paso Energy-Lead Welding Inspector-Gulf Coast Fabricators-Beaumont, TX

Fabricating large diameter piping for HP replacement at Tennessee Gas Compressor station at Cleveland, TX.

Enterprise Products, Inc. - WAHA Acid Gas Compressor skid, with 2800 hp elect. Driver. Welding and Mechanical Inspection. Lethal Service.

Shell Oil-Tuboscope Coating-Midland, TX-Internal Coating Inspection-Spools & fittings for the URSA Princess Water Flood project.

Cameron Controls- Celle Germany- Completed mechanical inspection, welding inspection, expediting, and daily visual inspection during the build process on Off-shore Chemical Injection valves and Receptacles. Valves built in Woodinville, WA by SKOFLO Industries.

ROC Gas Corp. Fort Stockton, TX –Pipeline Project Supt- Pipeline Gathering Systems- Compressor facilities, and the installation of 6 miles of 6” gathering system, and 9 miles of D.O.T. 12-3/4” Main line.

Barnett Gathering, L.P. - XTO Energy Ft. Worth, TX Cathodic Protection Consultant & Pipeline Welding Inspector on Gathering systems and mainlines.

William H. Forse

KBR (Kellogg Brown & Root) Expediting, welding Inspection, Operations Testing & FAT on large Fire Water Pump skids going to Thailand. Resident inspector on Heat Exchangers built for Thailand Refinery.

Patriot Engineering and Environmental, Inc.--Colts Stadium-Indianapolis, IN- Hirschfield Steel, L.P.-Weld Inspection and Expediting -structural steel components for the stadium in the fabrication shop at Midland, TX.

BP-Contract –San Angelo, TX--Welding Inspection- Fabrication & internal coating inspection on 400, 300 bbl. Storage tanks. API-12F

Woolslayer Companies, Inc. Tulsa, OK-Galvanizing (coating) Inspection to ASTM A-123/A 123M-02

130 tons of Structural components for Drilling rig derricks.

Shell E & P New Orleans, LA-Pressure Vessel Welding Inspection-Allied Equip., Inc. Odessa, TX

Fabrication of one 31’-6” X 10 ft. Vent Drum. Conoco Phillips China-Bohia Project- Mechanical and Electrical Inspection

Sun-Star Electric, Inc. Lubbock, TX--Inspection on motors being built for pumps

Conoco Phillips China-Bohia Project-Mechanical & Instrumentation Inspection

Phase Dynamics, Inc. Richardson, TX

33 ea. SS Water Cut Real Time Analyzers, Welding, NDT, FAT, and Expediting.

Conoco Phillips China-Bohia Project-Welding and Mechanical Inspection

Perry Equip. Corp. Mineral Wells, TX

Fabrication of 4 ea. SS pressure vessels (Dew Point Control Package) going to China. Separators, and LPG Dew point package.

Kinder Morgan Pipeline- El Paso Break Out Station-Compressor Sta.

9-12-05 to 12-17-06

Sr. Welding Inspector-Mechanical and piping. Building Break Out facility, with 9 storage tanks, Vapor recovery system, fire water system, electrical controls bldg., maintenance shop, provers, pumps, and associated equipment. 35 acre site.

BP Thunder horse project. Versabar, Inc. Belle Chase, LA and Houston, TX

Sr. Inspector on the refurbishment of the Chain Jack, Chain Locker, and the lift & shift units which sustained damage during hurricane Cindy. Electrical, Instrumentation and Welding Inspection.

Conoco Phillips China- Shaw Global Energy- Delcambre, LA

Sr. Welding Inspector- building five (5) Skids for Diesel Pump units.

Shell Oil E & P Deep-water Group-New Orleans, LA- Ram Powell Project-

Galvotec Alloys, Inc. Mc Allen, TX-Vendor Surveillance on Anode Mfg. for this project. Check dimensions on all molds before pours begins, verify that Mfg. used the correct analysis material for each pour, check finished dimensions of anodes, and physically checked each anode as they were being stacked on pallets for shipping. Close surveillance on daily lab analysis for each pour and type of Anode. Daily Reporting to client with numbers and types of anodes ready for shipping.

Shell Oil E & P Deep-water Group-New Orleans, LA- Ram Powell Project-- Expediting and Welding Inspection- Fabrication & Mech. Testing-Four (4) Meter Runs for offshore use, and complete inspection on Heat Exchangers as fabricated for the Shell Na Kika platform.

William H. Forse

Gulf Interstate Eng. Field Services March 15, to 6-1-05 Contracted to Magellan Pipeline L.P.

Sr. Corrosion Technologist/ Welding Inspector

Completing Over the line Cathodic Protection Surveys on 1200.0 miles of pipeline in TX, OK, KS, and CO... In charge of 2 contractor crews covering 1200.0 miles of pipeline.

BP Thunder horse Project- Bedero Shaw Pipe coating plant Theodore, AL

Expeditor- Coating cut backs and OD cutting on 8”, 10” & 12” Therotite Coated pipe.

BP Thunder horse Project-National Oil well Houston, TX - Mechanical Inspection

Mechanical Inspection and load testing of the Riser pull in System as hydraulic, electrical, Instrumentation systems were added. Witnessed all hydro testing and Load testing on same.

BP Thunder horse Project-Southeast Texas Industries, Bridge City and Vidor, TX

Sr. Welding Inspector on fabricating the Riser Pull in System and Chain Locker for the Thunder-horse platform. Also did coating inspection on same. Pipe welding, Structural, and Coating.

BP, Marathon, Total, Fina, & Elf- Flow Control- Woodinville, WA- Kings Peak and Canyon Express project.-Flow Control Industries, Woodinville, WA Welding and Mechanical Inspection- Weld modifications, R&D, and assembly of 26 Sub Sea Chemical Injection Valves. GTAW-Nitronic 60, Inconel 600, 718, and SS 316.

Shell Wind Energy, Inc. Palm Springs, CA Whitewater Wind Farm

Site Rep. managing the construction of 41-- 1.5 megawatt Wind Generators.

BP Aspen Project- Bedero Price Coating Plant- Theodore, AL

Automatic Pipe Welding Inspection & Inspection over the Counter boring of 1.06” wall double joint pipe.

Aspen Project- J. Ray McDermott Yard-Amelia, La.

Double jointing line pipe - Automatic Roll Welding- 7” 0 .890” & 1.06” wall pipe using GMAW-STT root and GMAW-P remainder. Lincoln equipment, CRC & Brook House Beveling equipment. Welding Inspection, monitoring bevels and measuring bores.

Howe Baker Engineers, Inc.-Mechanical & Welding Inspection-Three (3) skid mounted Stabilizer O/H Compressor Skids for PetroPlus of Peru. Enerflex Systems Odessa, TX.

Misc. one day shop visits for Shell Deep-water in Odessa, TX since 5-15-02

Jacobs Canada, Inc. Contract work Transalta Project-Chihuahua City, Mexico. Welding & Coating Inspection-Structural Steel for Power Plant project.

Shell Deep-water Offshore E & P. B.I.R.T. Project. Contract Work -Headed up valve repair Inspection at Cooper Cameron WKM & KF Industries in Oklahoma City, OK. On over 300 valves repaired for the Brutus Production Platform.

BP - Grant Prides-Tube Alloy Houma, LA Contract Work

BP-PetroTube, Inc. Houma, LA Contract Work Tubular Accessories Thread & NDT 3 rd. Party Inspection.

Kvearner-(BP)-Contract Work

Factory Acceptance Testing at Flow Control, Inc. Woodinville, WA

Sub Sea Chemical Injection Valves for the Kings Peak & Canyon Express Project.

Sub Sea Chemical Injection Valves for the Scarab Saffron Project.

William H. Forse

BP-Contract Work at Durco Coflexip Stenna Offshore, Inc. Channelview, TX 9-3-01 to 10-25-01 Sr. Inspector on the King Project Electro/Mechanical Super Duplex SS Umbilical Main and Extension Cables. Contract Work

Construction Mgr.-Welding Inspection & Coating Inspection

Shell Oil E. & P. Deep-water Div. - Contract Work QC/QA Gem Star Pressure Vessels, Inc.

On site Welding Inspection and Coating Inspection at Fabrication shops furnishing deep-water off-shore Pressure Vessels & Production equipment for the Shell NAKIKA Project.

BP Oil, Inc. - Contract Work Galvotec Alloys, McAllen, TX

Vendor Surveillance-Anode Inspection including mold building dimension checks before pouring. Inspection and surveillance of all lab analysis for each pour, daily production checks for correct material, dimensions, correct analysis, and daily production counts of each type and size of anode, reporting same to client on a daily basis.

LA. State Highway Dept. Contract Work

Certified Welding & Coating Inspection at Carolina Steel & Hirschfield Steel Inc. in San Angelo, TX.

Fabrication and Coating Inspection on Highway & Heavy Bridge Girders.

Field Superintendent-Gas Processing

Trans Texas Gas Corporation- Laredo, Texas Responsible for maintenance and operations of the McNeil field near George West Texas including five Amine Plants and area compressor stations. Complete charge of Amine Plant Construction, plant Inspection, supervision, maintenance, Operation & Maint. Of Compressor Stations, field engineering, and sub-contractor coordination. Location Production construction, well site cleanup, and gas compression. Also inspected and recommended purchases of used equipment. Hot Tapping main lines to connect Gathering Systems.

Pride Refining, Inc. Abilene, Texas

Chief Plant & Pipeline Inspector-Corrosion Eng.-Developed construction standards and served as QC / QA Supervisor for a new Reformer and Diesel HDS unit. Investigating and solving internal vessel corrosion problems. Full charge of all refinery NDT work. Materials selections, coating Inspection on Pipelines, Hot Tapping of pipelines, Paint Inspection on refinery tank farm tanks and Welding Inspection..

Owner user Boiler Inspection, and Heat Exchanger inspection. In charge of Cathodic Protection surveys and ground bed installation. Designed and installed new Cathodic Protection System for storage tank farm, refinery underground piping, and pipelines... Developed computerized files on all refinery equipment and maintained piping and vessel integrity. Pipeline Inspection and Maintenance.

Meridan Oil Corp. Farmington, N.M.

Contract Work- Chief Welding Inspector & Corrosion Consultant- Building new main line pipelines, gathering systems, compressor stations, and gas plant. Also supervised crew of 9 field Corrosion Techs. Performing well and pipeline Cathodic Protection Surveys on over 3,000 gas wells. Coating Inspection on tank painting and pipelines. Performed coating inspections on underground pipelines using the bell hole inspection method. Did rectifier repairs and trouble shooting on approx. 3000 gas wells and pipelines. Designed and installed new Cathodic Protection systems for wells and pipelines.

La Force Heat Treating Odessa, TX

Owner and operator of an “On-site Heat Treating” business. Performing heat treating of metals in refineries, gas plants, and on pipelines. On site weld test coupon heat treating for fabrication shops, heat treating of vessels, piping, and tanks, to the customer’s specifications, as well as ASME and ANSI codes. Managed business, solicited business, worked as a heat treater, and did running maintenance on all equipment.

William H. Forse

Sirte Oil Company (Libyan Nat. Oil Co.) Marsa El Braga, Libya

Corrosion & Inspection QC-QA Dept. Manager

Supervised four plant and pipeline Inspectors and three Corrosion Control Tech. Problem solving on internal corrosion problems in plant vessels, Towers, Heat Exchangers, and pipelines. Working in Refinery, LPG plant and pipelines. Monitored and keep records on Cathodic Protection systems for pipelines and plants. Did coating testing and made recommendations. Tank coating recommendations and Inspection. Pipeline coating inspection along with failure analysis and welding Inspection. In charge of corrosion control on a small refinery, and a large NGL gas plant, outlying gas oil separator plants, and all pipelines.

Senior Corrosion Engineer- Pipeline Project Department

Northwest Pipeline Corporation –Sr. Corrosion Eng. Salt Lake City, Utah

Designed and installed the first solar powered C.P. systems in the northwest for mainline pipelines. Received industry technical recognition through articles in two trade publications. Supervised corrosion technicians in seven states and directed C.P. system problem solving. Coating recommendations and inspection on tanks and pipelines.

Sr. Plant Inspector-QC-QA, & Power Plant Foreman

Amerada Hess Oil Corporation Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Plant Inspection on all refinery stationary equipment.

Pre-commissioned, inspection and efficiency testing of generators, Gas Turbines, and switchgears. . Monitored all plant and pipeline Cathodic Protection systems, problem solving, interference testing, and record keeping. Initiated training program for U.A.E. national employees in the Power Plant.

Sr. Corrosion Technologist & Plant Inspector

Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia

Plant Inspection on all vessels, towers, tanks, Heat Exchangers, Piping, and stationary equip. Did troubleshooting in problem areas such as pipeline coating, CP potentials, and assisted in the writing of company Corrosion Control Standards. Worked also as a part time power plant foreman.

Shift Engineer Texaco, Inc. Port Arthur, Texas

Begin employment as a trainee in the Steam, Power, & water dept. Worked boiler-rooms, generation, and water treating plants. Promoted to Sr. Power Plant Operator. Crossed trained in water treating, generation, boiler room, and water labs. Promoted to the plant Corrosion Dept. Inspection of plant vessels for corrosion rate studies and mitigation of corrosion by use of treatment programs and cathodic protection.


American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector (Certificate # 93020101)

University of Washington- B.S. Environmental Science

ICS-Home Study course in Power Engineering

University of Houston – Associate in Electronic Technology

Pineland High School-Pineland, TX

NACE International- Senior Corrosion Technologist (Certificate # 4690)

NDT-Previously certified in M.T., R.T., and U.T. & P.T. Inspection 27 yrs. experience.

Misc. seminars on boilers, furnaces, & gas turbine operation & Maintenance.

Hazardous Material Technician-Pride Refining Abilene, TX.

D.O.T. -OQ Pipeline Qualified--- Corrosion, Maintenance, & Abnormal Operating Conditions, welding,

Coating, and Competent Person.

OQ Training NCCER 18 tasks & Veriforce Training/ Competent Person training


Safety Training Assoc. of Reciprocal Safety Councils, Inc. Biloxi, MS

El Paso Energy/Tenn. Gas, Inc. – Advanced Hot Work Training.

El Paso Energy/Chief Inspectors Training Conf. 2009 Kinder, LA

Computer literate- Word, Excel, & Power Point

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