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iOS Software Developer

Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine
May 10, 2015

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**-**** ********** ** ***********, software development (mostly for mobile

platforms), and database administration. More than 3.5 years of that experience is in

project management and system architect role.

I'm very good at system optimizations and creation of fast custom algorithms.


iOS Specific (Apr 2012 - Now)

• Objective C, Cocoa Touch, XCode

• Core Data, Event Kit, Store Kit, Facebook and Twitter integration

• Integration with web-services

• iAd and AdMob banners

• Human Interface design

• UI responsiveness, performance optimization

• Fast initial load of application, restoration of application state after exit

• Animations, Quartz Core

• Widgets

• MapKit, Core Location

• Localizations (including different locale formats support)

• Version control using Git


• Senior level in: Objective C and Cocoa Touch (3 years), Transact-SQL (7 years),

C++ for Palm OS (7 years)

• Good level in: C# (5 years), .NET CF (4 years), XML/XSLT (7 years – not often),

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, Silverlight (1 year)


• IDEs: Visual Studio, XCode, CodeWarrior, Delphi

• Technologies: web-service, Win-service, synchronization, data import/export,

barcode scanning, encryption, cash registers

• Databases: Microsoft SQL Server (2000, 2005, 2008/R2), SQLite

• Platforms: Microsoft Windows®, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, iOS, Widows Azure


Project Management Skills (till Aug 2011)

• Team management and supervision (3.5 years)

• Team motivation

• Product management, ability to run project from start to end

• Project planning (6 years)

• Project documentation (5 years)

• System architecture design (4 years)

Account Management Skills

• Communication with customers (8 years)

• Understanding customer needs and suggesting better solutions


Other skills

• Creativity

• Strong analytical skills

• Ability to stay focused on primary goals

• Quick-learner and know how to pass knowledge to people

• Advanced level in English (IELTS General Training test result – 7.5)


Apr 2012 – Now

Independent Software Developer / Freelancer


• Completed my own iPhone application “1 Tap Weight” for body weight recording

with a unique UI feature – only one tap is required to enter a weight.

Technologies: Core Data, Table View, iAd, graph with pan&pinch gestures

support, performance optimization. Link -


• Completed my own iPad application “Calendar Stats” that displays time statistics

for events scheduled in user calendars using bar charts. Technologies: Event Kit,

Store Kit (In-App Purchases), iAd, Page View Controller, Collection View, Auto-

Layout, charts, animations, UI speed optimization, performance optimization,

queues, localization. Link -


• Completed iPad application “Traffic Light Feedback” for a customer. It allows

students in a class to show their understanding level to a teacher by choosing

one of traffic light colors, as well as to reply to the teacher's questions by drawing

on a whiteboard within the application. Link -

• Completed educational iOS game “Symbol Bingo” for a customer. The game

helps students learn names and symbols of chemical elements in an easy and

fun way. Link -

• Completed iPhone version of my own “Calendar Stats” application. Learned how

to use AdMob banner.

Jul 2002 – Aug 2011

Project Manager (since Oct 2007) and Software


Eleks Software

• Main responsibilities included server architecture design, database design and

administration, team management and supervision, communication with

customer, handheld application development, optimization of algorithms, human

interface design.

• Managing the project of converting big application written in C++ (Palm OS) to

.NET C# (Windows Mobile).

• Development of the application for mobile ordering and price/inventory

management using barcode scanning technology in C++ (Palm OS) – both

handheld and server (synchronization web-service) parts. Achievement – a very

fast and robust application deployed to more than 2,500 users as of Aug 2011.

Experience in development for enterprise-level handheld computers from famous

brands including Symbol (now Motorola) and Socket Mobile.

• Development and further management of the application for communicating with

cash registers (VeriFone Sapphire) – updating product prices, retrieving shift

reports, etc. As a result – fast and secure system that allowed to manage and

control single or chain retail stores over the web.

• Managing the ASP.NET web-portal project for retail store management and

developing/administering its database. We were able to speed up UI (lower page

loading time and shorter database waits), make the portal stable, and add many

new features.

• Changing database structure and scripts to speed up stored procedures in many

projects. Achievement – a fast database (some scenarios work 10x faster than

before) with a size of 100 GB.

• Designed database for public transportations controlling system and managed

the related web-portal project. The idea was to monitor public transport in a city

(like buses and trolleybuses) from a single center, show reports on delays

according to schedules.

• Development of the web-portal for analysis of employees’ time-reports.

Achievement – a fast portal that displayed statistics in various ways (e.g. hours

per day/month/year or per employee/project/customer/team) for top



United States Nov - Dec 2007

Several states

• Visited a customer onsite.

• Conducted several meetings with users of their applications.

• Participated in a NACS trade show.


1998 – 2003

National University Lviv Polytechnic

Lviv, Ukraine

• Master of Computer Science

~30 hours in 2010 – 2011

Internal trainings of Project Managers

Eleks, Lviv, Ukraine

• Improved my project management skills and knowledge



Publishing House of National University Lviv


International Conference TCSET’ 2004 in Slavsko, Lviv, Ukraine (Feb 24 – 28)

• R. Melnyk, O. Luchkows’ky. Investigation of algorithm for minimization of boolean

functions by clusterization.

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