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Food Safety Management

Kampala District, Kampala District, Uganda
July 18, 2019

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NAME: Daisy Angucia

PROFESSION: Food Scientist



DATE OF BIRTH: 18/01/1981

ADDRESS: P.O BOX 14627, Kireka, Kampala, Uganda

TEL: 075*******



To add value to an organization by applying the skills and knowledge I have

and also training other members of staff to help them improve further.



1. International TEFL and TESOL Certificate in Teaching English as a

Training (Awarded on 3rd June Foreign Language


2 Uganda National Bureau of Certificate in Internal Auditing of

standards the Food Safety Management System

10th to 14th of August 2009

3 Regional Training Centre, International Certificate in

Mauritius Chemical control of Sugar factories

2nd September - 14th November


4 Uganda National Bureau of Certificate in Food safety

Standards Management Systems - ISO 22000:2005

21st - 23rd April 2008 Documentation and implementation

5 National Water & Sewerage Certificate in Water treatment and

Corporation Laboratory Analysis

30th May - 1st June 2006

6 Kakira Sugar Limited Training Certificate in Supervisory

Centre Management

22nd - 26th 2005 August

7 Makerere University Bachelor of Science in Food Science

Kampala Uganda and Technology (CGPA 3.89)

2000- 2004

8 Trinity College Nabbingo Uganda Advanced Certificate of

Mpigi, Uganda Education

1998 -1999

9 Trinity College Nabbingo Uganda Certificate of Education

1994 - 1997


1. 1st January 2005 to 22nd June 2019


As an Investigation Chemist

* To carry out research on new food grade chemicals and equipment while

assessing their suitability for the production process and also carry

out investigative work on all anomalies along the sugar production

line and advice management on the necessary course of action based on

my findings

* To make presentations of my research findings to my supervisors and

annually at the Uganda Sugarcane Manufacturers Association conference

and this has helped to fortify the relationship with other sugar

factories and also improve on the overall production process from the

ideas shared

* Liaise with both local and international suppliers of new food grade

chemicals and equipment on procurement, correct use during trials and

also after adopting the new technology

* Train and supervise staff and interns on the good manufacturing

processes, safety, health and environment issues

As Sugar House Superintendent

* To ensure effective and economic deployment of all available human and

material resources for packaging work

* Check packaging input materials daily and ensure smooth running of the

production process

* Plan and prepare orders for replenishing any materials stock as the

case may be

* Carry out recruitment of staff and periodically assess their

performance as and when required

* To continually monitor the quality output of each operational unit

through available tests and analyses

* To ensure proper operation and functioning of all packaging plants and

instruments and minimize any loses along the packaging flow system

* Prepare and submit reports to factory management, Quality controller,

finance and marketing departments as deemed necessary

* Ensure compliance to Safety, Health and Environment regulations at all


* Prepare the annual budget for the section

As a member of the 'Towards zero Effluent' team

* To plan strategies and coordinate activities related to minimising

effluent so as to fulfil the corporate social responsibilities to the

nearby communities by preserving their environment and maintaining

their livelihood

* Monitor and evaluate all effluent related activities and also educate

staff on how effluent should be minimized

As a member of the Cleaner production team

* Sensitize and train staff on the importance of cleaner production

strategies that help minimize wastage and maximize use of available


* Carry out cleaner production internal audits of all areas in the


* Monitor and evaluate all cleaner production related activities

As a team leader for the Food fortification committee

* Collect and compile all the available literature, statistics, policy

issues in relation to fortification of sugar with Vitamin A

* Carry out a cost analysis of the sugar fortification process

* After approval, participate in the implementation, Monitoring and

evaluation of the process to ensure that it runs smoothly with no


As a member of the Quality Management system and Environment

management system (ISO standards)

* Ensure that proper documentation and implementation of the Quality

management and Environment management is done

* Sensitize and train staff on the importance of the Quality Management

system that ensures quality work is done at all times and Environment

Management system that assures us of an environment that is safe

* Carry out internal audits and periodically review the Quality

Management and Environment Management systems in all areas of the



1. I was part of the core team that pioneered the documentation,

implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all the ISO standards (that is

Quality Management systems, Environmental Management System) and this has

greatly benefited the company in the following ways:

a. Less downtime has been realised

b. Improved machine efficiency

c. More efficient production and less non conformances

d. Compliance with regulatory bodies such as Uganda National Bureau of

Standards and National Environmental Authority

e. Increased sales through more local sales and exports

2. As a member of the Towards Zero effluent team, through my expertise in

effluent analysis, I contributed to the reduction in the quality of factory

effluent by 90%. The company has also been licensed to operate an Effluent

Treatment Plant

3. From the various researches that carried I out and the regular analysis

of anomalies along the production line, the production process has been

greatly enhanced through the use of better and more cost effective


4. Through the application of cleaner production techniques, wastages have

been greatly reduced

5. With the help of my supervisor, I introduced the accountability system

down to the operator level in the packaging section and this has led to

reduction in the wastage of packaging materials

6. I have participated in training of staff on good manufacturing

practices, ISO standards, safety, health and environment and this has led

to increased productivity

7. I made various presentations at the Uganda Sugar Manufacturers

Association annual conference and received an award for the best paper

presented in the year 2008

8. As a member of the food fortification committee, I was a key player in

carrying out research on all issues related to fortification of sugar with

vitamin A. The project is yet to be implemented.


At the Tertiary level

. I carried out a research on 'Determining the storage quality

characteristics of different forms of groundnuts on Ugandan markets'.

At Kakira Sugar Limited

. Use of hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent in sugar processing

. Target purity differences at Kakira Sugar Limited

. Use of decanter centrifuges as an alternative to the traditional

rotary vacuum filters

. Chemical cleaning of evaporators at Kakira Sugar Limited using EDTA,

Sodium gluconate and Caustic soda

. Use of decanters at the filter station in the sugar industry

. Use of Clarit AZ-P as a clarifying agent

. Chemical cleaning of evaporators using a combination of caustic soda,

sodium gluconate and EDTA.


A member of the Uganda Sugarcane Manufacturers Association (USMA)


1. English - Very fluent in both written and spoken

2. Kiswahili - Fluent in spoken and average in written

3. Lugbara - Fluent in both written and spoken


1. Mr. Jamal Rashid

Management Systems Coordinator

Kakira Sugar Limited

P.O Box 121, Jinja

Tel: +256(0)701778686, 078*******


2. Mr. Kenneth Barungi

Tel: +256(0)712333203/+256(0)759629212


3. Dr William Kyamuhangire

Associate Professor

Makerere University

Department of Food Science and Technology

Tel: +256-**-*-******


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