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Houston, Texas, United States
July 15, 2019

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Seasoned software professional with extensive experience in application design UI/UX, application development, UNIT testing and deployment. Excellent experience in building and managing on-site and offshore teams. Knowledgeable of end-to-end management of different Software Development Practices and Lifecycle SDLC (Agile and Waterfall). Capable in software, UI/UX N-Tier backend development, QA and support process based on solution requirements, project constraints with a strong focus in delivering high quality software.

I have In-depth knowledge of software design principles and methodologies.

In-depth knowledge of IT applications software concepts, principles, methods and practices.

Knowledge of software programming languages such as .NET, VISUAL BASIC, C# (C Sharp), SQL (T-SQL) and XML.

Ability to analyze organizational application software requirements and turn them into manageable software application.

Ability to communicate effectively and clearly, both orally and in writing.


Years of Experience

.NET framework, ASP.Net, C#


Visual Studio 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017

Visual Basic 3,4,5,6


SQL Server 2000, 2002, 2008 (R2), 2012, 2014, 2016


Stored Procedures, SSIS, SSRS


JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS/ Bootstrap/JQUERY/ Knockout





Front End UI/UX Skills:

JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML3/4/5, CSS 1/2/3, Telerik / Kendo UI, DevExpress, ASP.NET WebForms / MVC – All Versions

AngularJS V1, JQuery & JQuery Mobile, Knockout

Database Skills:

SQL Server, SQL/ T-SQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers, SSIS/SSRS, Informix, IBM DB2, Delphi Database Engine (Delphi 6/7 to Delphi 2008/2009)

Government Clearance:

NAC 2018

Secret 2010


Vice President Of Development

.Net Developer Dec 2016 - Present

WBS-IT (Katy, TX)

Daily stand-ups and progress reports of work across the company, including but not limited to sales and marketing

Overlook of projects in the pipeline and sales

Assisted marketing team and sales team create banners and simple messages for our clients

Coached our dev team / marketing and sales by primarily by providing high-quality feedback on their work and potential areas of improvement – second set of eyes

Requirements gathering and implementation

Overlook of code deployments to cloud for our clients - (AWS and Azure)

Development of enhancements in existing coded applications and new full stack development of web applications across the board using C#, MVC 4 or 5, SQL Server, Entity Framework

Technologies used but not limited to

oWEB Family:

HTML 4 / 5, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, KENDO UI, AngularJS 1.X

oDev Family & Components

.NET 4.X

C#, LINQ, Lambda, RAZOR, WebForms, DEV-Express, Telerik

T-SQL : SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2016, SSRS

Created SQL Stored Procedures / Views

Projects Brief Summary

oCRC – RIGS and Wells management board for visual representation for upcoming rig / well projects (drilling and or pumping/maintenance) – Kendo UI / MVC / Entity Framework / Jquery / JavaScript

oBroad Ridge Financial (Division of ADP) – 300+ MVC Unit Test cases

oFABICash – Casino MVC profile application for winnings reporting and background check (MVC / Entity Framework / Bootstrap / JQuery / Javascript / SQL Server / Stored Procedures / SSRS / RDLC Local Reporting)

Senior .Net Developer Oct 2012 – Dec 2016

Shell Oil & Gas (Houston, TX)

Implemented and created the full life cycle process for large-scale projects, including

oDesign and development of the databases schemas, data flow and business logic, including writing of the application code.

oDocumentation and Storyboarding (UI/UX) of the application

oRecorded items into TFS and assigned items to offshore developers

Managed daily team meetings with offshore developers of 6 and alignment of project tasks/bugs from TFS

Weekly meetings with project stakeholders and status updates during the project development phase

Each application was inspected by a team to make sure strict SHELL guidelines for the SHELL brand were followed.

Gathered requirement documents from business users within Downstream/Upstream/Shell Global/Global Functions

Completely involved in the development process - screen design to backend development

Technologies used were: SQL Server, C# and, MVC (2, 3,4) (WebForms), from Microsoft MVC 2.0 to Microsoft MVC 4.0 / WebAPI (Web Services WCF) / SQL / T-SQL / and Entity Framework. Depending on the project, whether it was new development or enhancements of an older application.

Depending on projects Linq2SQL or Entity Framework 5/6, depending whether it was new development or enhancements of an older application.

UI/UX front end technologies and components for new development and older enhancements used were JQuery/Ajax Control Toolkit / Telerik / KENDO UI / MVC Controls / Dev Express / Knockout / Angular / Bootstrap

Source code repository was TFS including version control, code branching and merging.

Application maintenance on existing code using VB.NET or C# / WinForms or WPF

Time was split between 2 to 3 projects per week – depending on project size and urgency

Average timeline per project was 6 months to a year

Other duties were Database Normalization and Data mining / Querying for data and reports

Data Importing, SSIS, ODBC / Oracle

Created and Maintained SSRS reports

Coordinated with our TIBCO Spotfire team (Reporting team) and assisted in creating visualizations (database views / stored procedures)

Assisted and managed offshore resources to migrate Websites including (IIS configuration, File Copying, SQL server database migrations) – DNS Records, CNAME. (Complete Website Migration) to AZURE Cloud

List of all applications developed from scratch, not listing applications that had only enhancements:

oDRP – Project Management software – Technologies used were MVC 3, Entity Framework, JQuery, Knockout, SQL, Bootstrap

oSkill Evidence – Health and Safety application - Technologies used were MVC 4, Knockout, Ajax, JQuery, Restful web services (Web API), Entity Framework 6, LINQ, SQL Server, TSQL

oCode of Conduct – Conflict of Interest and Trade show application – WebForms and MVC 4, SQL/T-SQL with Entity Framework, Knockout, Bootstrap.

oException – Health and Safety reporting application – MVC 4

oDEPs – Data and Internal Shell Proprietary data storage and archive application

oCores Digital Archive – Diagrams and Images Storage Library (Custom Content Management System) - Webforms, ADO.NET, SQL Server, DevExpress

oGMPWMS – Engineering application and Diagram Storage - MVC 4, SQL/T-SQL with Entity Framework, Knockout, Bootstrap

oPortfolio Resource Planning (PRP) - Projecting Resources and Budgets for Shell Downstream using MVC 4, SQL/T-SQL with Entity Framework, Knockout, Bootstrap

oFPD – Functional Production Dashboard – KPI and Metric tracking tool for Shell Canada using Webforms, ADO.NET, SQL Server, DevExpress

Senior .Net Developer Oct 2011 – Oct 2012

Website Haulers LLC (Houston, TX)

Developed customer facing website using MS MVC3 .NET and SQL 2008 backend

Developed internal MS MVC3 .NET with Razor/ JQuery/Ajax/ Telerik (KENDO) MVC Controls / Entity Framework/ POCO website with SQL 2008 backend for order placement and invoicing.

Designed a relational Database and Master Data Management

Developed In-house custom built accounting system for accepting orders online

Integration with for merchant processing

Project Management for Web/Data Migrations / DNS and all other aspects of Website Configuration and Migration– Complete Scope

Owner of a Small IT Start-up

Core business services were website and data migrations.

Customer service and support oriented

Automated invoice generation and notifications

Issue tracking website

Kept track of clients using an in-house developed ticket system and phone calls.

As the business owner my “Hats” changed hourly

Senior .Net Developer Dec 10 – Oct 11

Universal American (Houston, TX)

Developed an internal website using ASP.Net 4 and C# with a custom SQL Role Provider

Website functionality encompassed the ability to import records from a Trizetto (facets) system – SQL Server 2005 and SSIS.

The object relational mapper was LINQ To SQL.

Components used were Telerik WebForms components known today as Telerik (Kendo UI)

Worked directly with the business analysts which gathered BRD information from the process team.

Helped further implement, design and normalize the database – SQL, Stored Procedures and Triggers

SQL database design, and normalization

Used MS Patterns and Practices Library

Helped support an internal application built in WPF and WinForms for the data importation of records from the Trizeto (facets) system, a secondary system for records searching, prior to the website implementation.

Helped convert a large internal web application from to c#

Internal process team used the website to approve records to be sent to a 3rd party vendor for printing and in turn records were mailed to customers. Letters included, EOB letters, welcome kits, and Medicare plan changes

Senior .Net Developer Apr 2010 – Dec 2010

TPA Benefits/ BMA Management Inc. (San Antonio, TX)

Provided support to over 35 Medical providers. (i.e. POMCO, FirstCare)

Support for over 35 web portals providing benefits management access.

Converted Classic ASP code to VB.Net WebForms /C# WebForms / MVC

Lots of Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions

Implemented Single Sign on Web services, using token authorization API provided by third party company

Helped design and normalize databases

Installed SSRS, configuration within IIS servers (5 dedicated servers) for their business operation

Created custom SSRS Reports (SQL Server Reporting Services) with SQL Server 2008 / SSRS 2008

Created more than 20 reports for the healthcare industry, such as EOB, explanation of benefits, (like the ones you get in the mail from your healthcare provider), doctor billing, customer invoices

Helped create SSIS packages for data import from excel sheets.

IIS 6/7 Management.

BizTalk implementations

SQL Server Management

Senior .Net Developer Jan 2010 – Apr 2010

General Dynamics (San Antonio, TX)

Worked in a team of 10 at Randolph Air-force Base (AFPC)

Converted Web focus reports to SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) with SQL Server 2008

Helped Convert E-Cast from Visual Basic 6 to Visual

Added when needed custom Visual Basic.Net code within the reports.

Supported AEFOnline Website.

Supported AEFIS sub-website in AEFOnline

Coordinated weekly meetings with clients.

Helped with Internal software conversion from Visual Basic 6 to C Sharp

Modified XML Code when needed

.Net Developer Apr 2009 – Jul 2009

Lockheed Martin (San Antonio, TX)

Worked in a team of 6 at Randolph Air-force Base

Supported over 200 clients with account management for Starteam and Caliber

Wrote COM plug-ins for Caliber ALM and Starteam ALM using

Answered daily emails for account resets

Have valid NAC clearance

.Net Developer Jul 2007 – Apr 2009

Custom Insurance Solutions (CIS) - (San Antonio, TX)

Insurance Software company

JAD sessions. Design document specifications.

Able to work with minimum supervision and meet timelines.

Helped our 15 people tech support department with higher level issues without limitations. The development team was the only resource available as Tier 2.

Work performed: Constant bug fixes and development on Agency Information Manager, Data Maintenance Utility, Process Manager, and Accounting application using Delphi 6

Different projects were handed over to the next available developer in a team of 7.

Agency information manager is a desktop application written in Delphi 6 with SQL server 2000 or 2005 backend running on client machines.

Tasks involved were implementation of specific features related to the insurance industry such as development of new risk units, and bordereaux reports and enhancing previously developed risk units.

Other duties included tracking work progress using TestTrack, keeping notes on current bug fixes and release notes. Implementing client requested features, such as business to business integrations using XML with Biztalk and online services using Delphi 2005 for .Net and C#.

Also worked on a process manager, which is an application which serves as a custom report wrapper, written in Delphi 6, for plug-ins and bordereaux with crystal reports (T-SQL, Stored procedures).

In addition I am able to work most Delphi6 components including 3rd Party Indy, TMS, Raize VCL, WPTools, Shazam, EurekaLog and many more. Complete understanding of the Delphi VCL. Ability to extend VCL components or write new ones from scratch. Knowledge of COM and DCOM technologies, including client/server apps.

Additional experience with version control systems such as SourceSafe, Starteam and Caliber.

In-depth experience writing Transact SQL, Stored procedures and Triggers for MS SQL server.

Logged into client machines and trouble shoot software and server issues.

Experience in the Brokerage and Managing General Agencies sector. Familiar with insurance terms and forms

Senior .Net Programmer Feb 2005 – Jul 2007

Dynapac USA (San Antonio, TX)

Constant maintenance and improvements over dynapac gateway website using classic ASP,, VB.Net, SQL.

Developed a new relational database to import data into from the accounting system and inventory along with the sales information and invoices. Developed COM objects using C++ to automate certain tasks and minimize future code writing. Identified tables in the ERP Mainframe system “AVANTE” and imported them into sql depending on project specifications. Over 50 DTS/SSIS Packages in SQL server which bring in the data to MS SQL server from the Informix server business ERP system.

Developed reports as needed for the accounting department for months end closing and custom reporting applications for the parts department. (MS ACCESS Projects, SQL Backend and/or VB6/Delphi7/2006).

Wrote custom stored T-SQL procedures and triggers for the more complex accounting reports and applications.

Example: Summary of Parts Availability/Reliability, Top Buyers, Monthly Parts Sales, Top Selling Parts, ABC Report all using T-SQL Stored procedures and/or triggers.

Developed internal website for order tracking for Dynapac CANADA using classic ASP and with along with an SQL backend.

Other Projects completed: Electronic invoicing system. Invoices emailed nightly. (SQL and vbscript backend). Sales order mailing system for sales only. Emails sent out nightly. (VBScript and SQL backend). Daily email generation connected with UPS world ship software (MS Access, SQL, and VBScript)

Developed an automated Part RMA'ing. The application searched for most recent purchases of the specified part and specified dealer using Excel spreadsheet for the pool of part numbers. (Delphi, VB6 and SQL).

Production project: XML files arriving from Sweden nightly containing part numbers, cost, and quantities. Developed DTS/SSIS script (vbscript), runs nightly, injects xml data into SQL. Developed MS Access Projects using VBA front end interface for reporting parts used, remaining quantities, and options purchased with rollers.

Monitored status of orders. Created user accounts for customers and set up profiles. Assisted IT person with computer repair, OS reinstallation, and troubleshooting. Provided computer assistance to all employees if IT person was not available. (Hardware support, Excel, ACCESS, Word)

Provided over the phone computer support to 25 Sales people out in the field. Provided over the phone website support to our dealers.

Maintained 3 web servers IIS 6 and installed Web applications

Senior .Net Programmer Mar 2004 – Feb 2005

Adelante Integrated Communications (San Antonio, TX)

Developed a call center application using visual basic and SQL with the ability to handle large call volume over 50,000 calls daily. Application was written in VB. Application was integrated with a SQL Server and a progressive dialer.

Application featured the ability to create custom reports such as calls made for the day, show sales, profit, and call dispositions. Ability to recycle lists and dispositions. Application was tied in with the domain controller

Managed the DC when agents left or new ones were hired using Active Directory. Created an intranet with frequently asked questions and issues using and ticket tracking system.

Helped cable entire office, 25 workstation, installed Rj45 jacks, and racks.

Maintained 4 servers, SQL Server, Exchange Mail Server, and Domain Controller, and Progressive dialer.

Helped write a complete manual for the software and its usage. Helped cable office and set stations.

Lead Web Developer 1998 – 2004

Nutrition Dynamics, Inc (Seguin, TX)

Developed a similar MVC framework using Delphi for .net with .Net 1.1.

Developed an inventory management software using VB6 and was converted to Vb.Net (Visual Studio 2003)

Integrated with linkpoint payment gateway for payment processing

Used, SQL, C#, Castle Project (MVC style framework). Converting from classic ASP.

Managed the data mining for over 2,000 products. Developed an internal application for product management, pricing and vendor tracking, stock tracking using Delphi for .Net (C#) and Vb.Net).

Complete understanding of MVC web design. Side projects using MVC design using Castle Project with C# and Delphi for .Net.

Constant development of reports using TSQL stored procedures.

Developed a whole suite of applications for the ecommerce site from scratch including shopping cart, registration pages, customer gateway and ordering tracking. Developed the product flow from ordering, inventory, purchase, shipping, and post shipping.

Developed small business system for order invoicing and tracking using VB6.

Converted it to VB.Net

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