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Food Safety Manager

Fresno, CA, 93722
June 24, 2019

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Bachelor of Science

Chemistry with minor in Microbiology and Biochemistry

University of Karachi

Bachelor of Law

Criminal & Civil Procedure, Labor, Company, & International Law, & Insurance Act University of Karachi

Master of Arts

Political Science with minor in Sociology

University of Karachi


American Institute of Bakery (AIB) in Food Plant Sanitation

Integrity Leadership

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)

How to Supervise People

Preventing Workplace from Harassment, and Violence





Gas Chromatograph


High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)


Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint


Quality Assurance/Sanitation Manager

Rita’s Of San Jose

San Mateo, CA

May 2015–Present

Performed detailed investigations of non-conforming product deviations and customer inquiries, determine root causes and monitor corrective actions put in place for effectiveness.

Managed the quality of unfinished and finished products.

Participated the health department and internal audits, including the product quality reviewed and corrective prevention action on all products with the goal of consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations for quality, and safety

Supported facility for Food Safety/Regulatory Compliance programs such as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), Sanitation Standard Operation Procedures (SSOP's), and Sanitation Performance Standards (SPS) and all product Quality requirements established by both the company and by customers.

Performed verification duties in the areas of receiving, storage of ingredients, packaging and raw materials, pest control, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's), net weights, quality characteristics, and other general inspections, as needed.

Entered the recorded data into computer database using computer software and maintaining database of quality documentation.

Chemical Consultant

HC Structural Engineering Inc

San Mateo, CA

Jan. 2011–May 2015

Assisted engineers on the design of chemical plants and supports for chemical storage.

Provided consultant services on the Material Safety Data Sheet for their safety, training, and handling of hazardous chemicals to HCSE, Inc. clients

Quality Assurance/Sanitation Manager

Diamond Crystal Brands

Visalia, CA

Aug. 2010–Jan. 2011(contract)

Analyzed testing results on the finished samples (creamer, cheese, salt, black and crushed red pepper, sugar, Splenda, variety of sauces, salad dressings, and syrups)

Managed product quality and food safety systems

Supervised and managed lab, sanitation, and production department employees

Coordinated all specification documents, audit forms, and QA manuals

Designed and maintained the standard operation procedures for the company in compliance with 21 CFR 110 and 111 to improve the company quality of work in food safety

Participated in third party(AIB), FDA, State, & customer auditing with the company's plant manager

Organized monthly GMP audits of the factory with the plant manager

Provided feedback to suppliers to develop relationships and resolve product quality issues

Conducted training for food safety, laboratory safety, regulatory compliance and continuous improvement strategies

Worked closely with production management and supervisors to maximize quality and productivity

Responded to consumer complaints and performed Mock Recall

Monitored Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP), Pest Management, and food safety programs

Participated in monthly safety meetings

Managed and maintained Kosher Certification program

Q.A. Supervisor


Dinuba, CA

Aug. 2008 – April 2010

Monitored the quality of the product from raw material to finished

Supervised and managed the lab employees

Inspected products to verify conformance to specifications

Reviewed and audit the HACCP and quality assurance production papers

Participated in weekly safety meetings

Verified that allergens were labeled and segregated in warehouse

Operated the HPLC to run the Limonin test on orange juice

Trained and instructed employees regarding quality and food safety standards and processes

Set up the recipe in document control processing system

Inspected the facility with completion of the G.M.P and prepared reports for the Quality System Manager

Communicated and coordinated activities with Plant Sanitation

Maintained the Hold Log

Q.A./Safety Director

La Tapatia Tortilleria

Fresno, CA.

July 1998 – Feb. 2007

Supervised lab work on finished and unfinished Chips, Corn, Flour, and Bakery products through monitoring measures set forth by USDA commodity processing and checking procedures

Created guidelines for the company to meet all of the GMP and Food Safety rules and regulations that are set by the USDA, FDA, ISO9000, BRC, and HACCP, and regulated individuals who were in violation through written and verbal warnings

Perform the Micro Test to check Yeast, Mold, Coliform, E.coli, Staph. Aureus, and Total Plate Count

Recommended improvements to the top production methods, equipment performance, and quality of product

Weekly G.M.P audits of the plant and the surrounding area

Supervised and Managed Lab, Sanitation and Production Departments’ employees

Researched and developed new product formulas, nutrition specifications, and researched a variety of raw materials in order for the company to produce high quality and cost efficient products

Participated in third party auditing with the company's vice president

Improved the company’s basis of quality through developing new warehouse organizational techniques and sanitation standards to improve problems with pests

Created data system for the daily input of lab results and safety

Implemented formal procedures and S.O.P. for the lab regarding tests and the use of instruments, as well as for sanitation on cleaning and scheduling

Submitted weekly and monthly reports to the company president and vice president regarding the production, waste, down-time, & problem with the machinery

Helped production supervisors who were absent or had difficulty in creating the product

Responded to consumer complaints and managed orders placed for chemical, safety, and sanitation products

Trained sanitation employees on proper cleaning techniques and procedures

Coordinated schedules and estimated worker hour requirements for completion of job assignments

Worked very closely with salesmen and driver supervisors for better understanding and implementation of delivery requirements

Regulatory experience with FDA, USDA, and a brief summary of my Supervising history

I have several years of experience working under the rules and regulations set forth by the FDA and USDA. I have developed company guidelines to assist my companies in meeting these requirements by the USDA, FDA, AIB, SQF, and HACCP. During my time at La Tapatia and Diamond Crystal Brands, I personally accompanied the USDA and FDA inspectors during their visit in analyzing the product quality. I gained knowledge in food safety, cGMP (21CFR 110&111), HAACP, food labeling, and packaging guidelines as well as computer skills. I also have experience to supervise and fully train plant and lab employees and provide them certification when appropriate. I have conducted weekly safety talks to protect employees from injuries. In order to lower the incidence of recall issues, I created systems that review the HACCP, Q.A. lab, and production reports on daily basis. When issues were brought up, I always conducted independent investigations and made decisions in the processing system to protect the integrity, quality, and safety of the product.

My experience with quality related software has been in the areas of documenting reports and logs. I used Microsoft Excel to produce the S.O.P (Standard Operation Procedure) and S.S.O.P. (Sanitation Shared Operation Procedure). I have also used programs such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to create quality-control reports and presentations.

During my time at La Tapatia, Odwalla, and Diamond Crystal Brands, I fully trained the production, sanitation and lab employees on proper sanitary protocol, including hand washing and alcohol sanitization, and only wearing uniforms or lab coats in the food setting. Alongside every entrance to the production area, there was a chemical shoe wipe that required employees entering the plant to dip their shoes. These changes greatly improved the health and working conditions, which easily impressed inspectors.

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