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Engineer Sales

Spring, Texas, United States
June 24, 2019

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Results oriented and self-driven Petroleum Engineer with over 16 years of experience working in Latin America and USA on both onshore and offshore projects. Management experience (including both people and processes). Diversity of knowledge in terms of Product Lines and Functions including Drill Bits, Drilling Services, Human Resources (talent management), Research and Development, Operations, Sales, Marketing and procurement. Customer interaction with multiple internal and external customers. My passion, to turn knowledge into value for business.

A proactive person willing to learn and teach others looking for a new opportunity to continue my career development.


Enhanced the design and programming quality of all activities by optimizing proven techniques and practices and implementing innovative operating methods with new emerging technologies.

Manage and development of successful drilling optimization studies for several clients (Shell, Chevron, PDVSA, Petrobras, Repsol, BP, Hess, OXY, etc.) using the OASIS drilling optimization engineering process and tools. All objectives were achieved and work presented to our clients with successful implementation of conclusions from these studies.

Capable of identifying drillability problems by analyzing real time or memory data and by the use of engineering software.

Capable of optimizing BHA design through the use of software (BHA design software) for static and dynamic modeling.

Prepared to benchmark and manage data in a daily basis to understand the behavior of Key Performance Indicators.

Continually liaised with well site staff for programming, gathering, reporting and distribution of well data.

Understand and apply Risk Assessment Methodology onto drilling program design.

Design and development of competencies, curriculum, career development paths and handbooks for Research and Development population. Successful launch of the Technology Career Development Program worldwide.

Increased Drill Bits market share in IOCs from 0% to 30% in Venezuela. Some of the accounts won included clients like Repsol YPF, BP, Chevron, Shell and Pluspetrol.

Increased Drill Bits revenue of IOCs from $0,00 to $2.000.000,00 in less than 1 year.

Successful recommendations in specific drill bit applications in several projects by achieving the reduction of 40% of the total drilling costs, through the use of optimized drill bits.

Revenue generated (Drilling Services) of $6,000,000.00 by drilling 6 wells for Petrobras.

Introduction of a new account with Pluspetrol (Drilling Services) with a revenue of $2,000,000.00.

Reduction of DSO from 200 to 100 days.

Launch and implementation of LEAD (Field Engineers Career Development) program in Latin America.

International and strategic sales through Selling value and Selling Insight methodologies.


1.From: Aug 2003 to: Aug 2005

Job Title: Field Applications Engineer

Employer: Halliburton

Job Function: Field Tech Support

Product Line or Business: Drill Bits

City / Country: Maracaibo / Venezuela

Key Customers: Repsol YPF, BP, Chevron, Shell, PDVSA

Job Description: Responsible for providing highly skilled level sales support and product application recommendations on drill bits as well as providing sales support and product application recommendations, technical guidance and presentations to customers relating to product performance and new drill bit technology, investigation of unusual or unsatisfactory product performance to determine root cause and preventative actions, providing technical consultation on product / performance issues.

2.From: Aug 2005 to: Jun 2006

Job Title: Drill Bits Account Manager

Employer: Halliburton

Job Function: Marketing and Sales

Product Line or Business: Drill Bits

City / Country: Maracaibo / Venezuela

Key Customers: Repsol YPF, BP, Chevron, Shell, PDVSA, Pluspetrol

Job Description: Responsible for selling products and services to existing and new customers, developing and maintaining sales strategies to increase sales and profits through major accounts, interfacing to operations, marketing and product line resources.

3.From: Jun 2006 To: Aug 2008

Job Title: Drilling Applications Engineer

Employer: Baker Hughes Inc.

Job Function: Field Tech Support

Product Line or Business: Drilling and Evaluation

City / Country: Maracaibo / Venezuela

Key Customers: PDVSA, Petrobras, Chevron, Shell

Job Description: Applications Engineering for Drilling Systems (Motors and Rotary Closed Loop Systems (RCLS)) and wellbore positioning. Data Management and performance analysis of directional drilling systems by analyzing geology, downhole information among other variables of target area. Torque and drag and BHA analysis. Customer Attention: marketing and technical sells for PDVSA and International Oil Companies (IOCs).

4.From: Aug 2008 To: Aug 2009

Job Title: Field Service Coordinator

Employer: Baker Hughes Inc.

Job Function: Operations

Product Line or Business: Drilling and Evaluation

City / Country: Maracaibo / Venezuela

Key Customers: PDVSA, Petrobras, Pluspetrol

Job Description: Coordination and management of all directional drilling operations for PDVSA (National Oil Company of Venezuela) and International Oil Companies (Petrobras and Pluspetrol among others). This position coordinates and supervises activities of service and technical personnel via personnel assignments, job and project management and technical support. The Field Service Coordinator – D&E is responsible for the Drilling and Evaluation business segment including Drilling Services and Drill Bits product lines, monitors daily progress of rig jobs and projects; provides technical guidance and work direction to field staff; maintains close client contacts and ensures awareness of proposed client, among other responsibilities.

5.From: Aug 2009 To: Jan 2011

Job Title: Field Career Development Manager

Employer: Baker Hughes Inc.

Job Function: Training and Development – Human Resources

Product Line or Business: Drilling and Evaluation

City / Country: Latin America Region

Key Customers: D&E Stakeholders and Employees

Job Description: Responsible for the career progression of Drilling and Evaluation Field Engineers in Latin America. This position assist in the development, administration and delivery of training and educational programs in connection with management and promotional development, on the job training and employee orientation. Maintains records of training activities and employee progress and monitors effectiveness of programs. Facilitates meetings for natural work groups, quality council and process teams. Develops and administers non-technical training modules which may include facilitation, coaching, communication and leadership.

6.From: Jan 2011 to: Jan 2013

Job Title: Drilling Optimization Engineer (US Land)

Employer: Baker Hughes Inc.

Job Function: Field Tech Support and Marketing

Product Line or Business: Drilling and Evaluation

City / Country: Houston / USA

Key Customers: OXY, HESS, Petrohawk, Chevron

Job Description: Responsible for the planning, analysis and monitoring of offset information to identify potential problems and areas for improvement. This position seeks input from internal (both office-based and field) and external sources informally as well as through a peer review of the plan. Optimizes drilling programs by recommending appropriate wellbore hydraulics, bit and BHA design and procedures to predict and detect drillability problems. Document results, problems and causes, lessons learned and improvement suggestions throughout the implementation. Disseminates this information and incorporates improvements and learning into subsequent plans. The Drilling Optimization Engineer focuses on adding value to the customer’s operation, through a disciplined optimization process. The Drilling Optimization Engineer drives a project oriented, well-specific analysis that digs deep into the drilling issues to derive solutions, interfaces with technical support at all stages of this process and is responsible for the successful delivery of value adding solutions to the customer and to the company.

7.From: Jan 2013 to: Jun 2015

Job Title: Technology and Competency Curriculum Manager

Employer: Baker Hughes Inc.

Job Function: Training and Development – Human Resources

Product Line or Business: Global

City / Country: Houston / USA

Key Customers: Technology Stakeholders and Employees

Job Description: Responsible for working with Technology stakeholders (Technology Vice Presidents and Enterprise Engineering) and their leadership teams in order to identify development gaps and performance issues ensuring alignment with the business strategy. This position serves as a liaison between the training and development function and the line of business stakeholder to help identify and establish a plan for requirements in relation to training and development. Mentor and coaching skills are imperative for this position.

8.From: Jun 2015 to: Nov 2017

Job Title: Design Standards Engineering Manager - Global

Employer: Baker Hughes Inc.

Job Function: Technology Support

Product Line or Business: Global

City / Country: Houston / USA

Key Customers: Technology Stakeholders

Job Description: Responsible for the overall Baker Hughes Design Standards and Design Review Programs. Some of the responsibilities and accountabilities are:

Identification and compliance with the Design Standards and Engineering processes, by working with Technology teams and Subject Matter Experts

Support the BHI Design Review Process, design review data analysis with respect to risks, stakeholder engagement, Clarity updates, collaboration workspace and CE web page

Support the element of the Chief Engineer’s Office Mission to provide knowledge sharing of Best Practices Guidelines, Standardization to facilitate cross linkage between groups to facilitate “Re-use” previously developed elements.

9.From: Mar 2018 to: May 2019

Job Title: Drilling and Evaluation Consultant

Employer: Group Tech Solutions 18, S.A

Job Function: Procurement and Consultancy

Product Line or Business: Consultancy

City / Country: Maracaibo / Venezuela

Key Customers: International Oil Companies

Job Description: Responsible for developing a strategic approach in the oil extraction industry where they are responsible for coordinating the drilling of wells. Essential job tasks, recommending necessary actions on site, observing progress of well operations, tracking expenditures, and monitoring the work of drilling teams.


Engineering Systems: WellCAD and SPARTA - Rock strength and downhole data analysis software, BHASys Pro (Statics and Dynamics), Well Architect, Advantage Software, COMPASS Directional Well Planning, Well Plan. MaPS.

Engineering Methodology: OASIS Process and Tools, Data Visualization, Validation and Analysis.

Business Tools: MS Office, MS Project, SAP.


Year End: 2002

Degree: Bachelor’s Degree

Major: Petroleum Engineering

University: La Universidad del Zulia

City, Country: Maracaibo, Venezuela


I am a USA resident (Green Card holder). Don’t need any sponsorship.

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