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Charlotte, NC
June 13, 2019

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Anil / 630-***-********

SAP Technical Lead consultant

professional summary

Senior SAP Technical lead consultant with 11 years of ABAP programming experience.

Currently working for Cognizant technologies from June 2016.

Good Knowledge in S4 Hana based on the reading material from Open SAP source.

Experience in developing EDI mappings and interfacing with SAP.

Hands on experience in performance improvement SAP Projects for Apple vacations and CSC projects.

Hands on experience in developing the function Modules for Fiori apps based on NetWeaver gateway and OData services.

Well exposed to Full Life Cycle Implementation projects, Production Support, Maintenance and Upgrade projects with excellent problem analysis skills, providing resolutions to day-to-day issues using RICEF objects.

Experienced in working for Public sector clients like Durham County.

Hands on experience in development of extraction programs for SAP PI proxies.

Extensive involvement with gathering requirements, documenting business specifications, translating them into technical specifications.

Hands on experience in EDI integration between SAP and Legacy systems using Iway tool.

Extensive experience in technical and little functional in FI-GL, AR, AP,CO-CCA, PCA, Internal Orders, CO-PA, and Report Painter.

Hands on Experience in DATA conversion using LSMW, BDC and BAPIs for different modules and in maintaining the data integration using the PI module and Web services.

Hands on experience in handling different database tables like Pooled Tables Cluster tables.

Hands on experience in developing pricing conditions in VOFM components.

Good Expertise in Developing Adobe forms, Smart forms and HCM forms from Scratch to end.

Having more than 5 years of FICO, SD, MM, WM, ITS – RF transactions, PP, FSCM, HR - HCM, Project Systems PS, Success Factors AND PPM experience, Knowledge in GTS and SCM.

Hands on experience in developing the Web services to handle data display in SAP NetWeaver.

Familiar with interfacing and using Radio frequency devices (RF) as well as the SAP console to perform transactions on the warehouse floor, bar coding and handling units

Hands on experience in Developing RF screens of 8 * 40 and 16 * 20 Screens for WM module.

Worked on Collections and Disbursement (FS-CD) module (an Industry solutions package) mainly concentration being tax and payrolls.

Experienced in using Object oriented programming in ABAP.

Hands on experience in developing Dialog programming (Module pool Programming).

Hands on experience in development of BRF rules.

Experience in developing Utility programs in BW system.

Hands on experience on transport management software (Rev Track), INFRA.

Experience in Data load management in BW using Customised data extraction Loading (Full /Delta Up-Load).

Customizations - Enhanced the Business Content data structures of Logistics Cockpit using BADI’s and User Exits. Created custom data sources using Views/Tables and Function Modules.

Extractions – Extracted data from Logistics (SD, MM Etc), FI-GL, FI-AR, FI-AP, CO-PA, Generic data sources, Flat files data sources and Databases using DB connect.

Worked on the different cross-functional areas like Sales & Distribution (OTC & Pricing), Material Management, Production & Planning, EWM, FSCM and FICO.

Created requirement routines (VOFM) for condition types within several pricing techniques.

Hands on experience in Vertex interfacing.

Experienced in developing Adobe forms for different modules.

Experienced in developing SAP scripts, SMARTFORMS and ADOBE Forms for Materials Management and Sales and Distribution modules.

Has thorough knowledge on User-Exits and BADIs to enhance the functionality of the standard SAP.

Experienced in activating the web services to transfer data.

Hands on experience in creating programs to pass date to PI proxy for data interchange.

Hands on experience in changing the pre-existed web dynpro applications using Java.

Experienced in Enhancement Framework for customization.

Proficiency in debugging of SAP programs.

Experienced in handling tickets in production support as per the SLA’s.

Experienced in handling Remedy tool for Production Support.

Experience in Performance Tuning using tools like SQL Trace, Run Time Analysis.

Has thorough knowledge on Function modules, Function groups, Subroutines and Include Structures.

Outstanding Experience in SAP Dictionary (Tables, views, Data elements, Domains, and Search helps).

A very good team player with good communication and interpersonal skills.

Experienced in Requirement Analysis, Designing, Coding, Testing and Reviewing.

Experienced in transferring data from legacy system to the SAP system using Batch Data Communications in Financial Accounting, Sales Distribution modules.

Self-motivated and able to work independently as well as in team.

Good knowledge in Web Dynpro for ABAP, Adobe interactive forms and Workflow.

Experience in ABAP/4, IDOCs, ALE, RFC, BAPI.

Have worked in onshore- offshore model for more than 3 years.


Bachelor of Technology.

Technical Skills

ERP Systems : SAP R/3 Version 4.6C, ECC 5, ECC6, BI 7.0, SCM 5.0.

Operating Systems : MS–DOS, Windows 95/98/2000, X-Windows.

Languages : ABAP/4, SQL, PL/SQL, VB6.0, COBOL.

Databases : MaxDB, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, XML, XSL.


Domain Knowledge : SD, MM, FICO, CRM, PP, QM, FSCM, HR-PA, SAP PI modules.

Projects Profile:

Cognizant Technologies

Client: Coty Sanford - NC

Role: Sr. SAP & B2B Integration Developer

Jun- 2016 – Till date

Major Contribution:

As a part of the Green project - involved in integrating the partners to Coty SAP system using

Payment requests and notifications are generated as requested to provide a document for a customer to receive a billing or credit in reference to a particular check payment. Create the FORM as specified, based on F140_DOCU_EXC_01. Copy the SAP standard print program RFKORD50. Modify the copy as required to implement all aspects of the FORM design.

Tested transactions for FICO (GL, AR, AP), CO, CCA and Product Costing on training client for individual transactions. Developed reports using report painter.

EDI for Orders, Invoices, ASN, Order acknowledgement etc. using the middle ware tool IWay

Involved in design and development of EDI for green project and 111 Project after P&G merger.

As part of development team prepared mapping documents using user Mapping specs which were used by development team.

Developed the transformations and process flows using Iway to map incoming EDI fields to SAP IDoc fields.

Involved in end to end testing of EDI integration developments for North America Mexico and Australia.

Handled the 111 Project for APAC from design to development in SAP and Middleware.

Involved in SAP enhancements design for enabling the new project in middleware.

Monitored the Inbound and Outbound IDOCs and able to rerun the failed IDOCs.

Helped basis team to solve the Batch Job management for Bulk Batch run for Inbound sales Orders.

Did integration testing and end-user training. Prepared detailed test plan for integration testing in FICO module with a focus on improving accuracy of inventory and to be able to match cost and revenue within a period.

Client: CSC Falls Church - VA

Role: Sr. SAP Lead ABAP Developer

Nov 13 – May 16

Financial Transformation project:

Major Contribution:

Automated the Sales Order process from PS Module to FI, SD and CATS systems.

Changes made to User Exit to set payment block substitution when AP invoice posting is made by data file upload and when amount exceeds the configured amount.

Changed custom SAP copied order settlement programs to settle capital order to the relevant asset under construction (AUC) accounts in local currency instead of group currency.

Changed custom SAP Order settlement program to create multiple FI documents for an order settlement where SAP has a limit of having 999 line items per document/order.

Involved in Design, Development & Support for Financial transformation project.

Hands on experience in configuring Success factors reports from ABAP standpoint.

Had involved in developing Conversion programs using BAPIs to upload WBS related data into SAP.

Validate & format incoming data file to upload cost / profit centers to funding hierarchies.

Hands on development of Backend function modules and ODATA services for Fiori apps.

Invoked the Web service to display the time sheet data in the sap NetWeaver.

Hands on experience in developing the FI developments like BRF, Enhancements etc.

Experienced in developing RF transactions for ITS mobile.

Developed a sales order cancellation workflow for rejected items in sales contract.

Developed a workflow to send Email notification when a background job fails.

Worked on User Exits in program MV45AFZZ for sales order field’s updates.

Experienced in making changes to ACA forms for 2015 and enhancing ACA BADI’s to create validations to get correct code on the Adobe forms.

Adding additional fields in tab A & B in sales order.

Developed the Adobe forms for ‘Work Authorization report’ and ‘Time details Report’ for CATS team from scratch.

Developed BDC program to upload Appropriation request and WBS data related IM52 transaction using call transaction method.

Involved in Development of end to end complex development objects.

Extensively worked in development of cross functional objects from SD, FICO and HCM.

Enhanced a standard HCM object to allow the Employee to view their time sheets as well to view their subordinates’ time.

Enhanced the CATM transaction to suit the client’s requirements.

Developed function modules to pass the data from sales contract coming from CRM to automatically update data into FICO and PA objects.

Worked under tight deadlines to complete development for ITC1.

Enhanced FPM to validate the user logged in NWBC for Project maintained.

Extensively worked on Enhancement frame work to customize the CATS transaction for Time display for HR modules.

Worked on job schedules by creating Process Chains to run periodic loads.

Created custom reports using Business Explorer (BEx) to give detailed level of information from queries based on ODS Objects.

Used BEx analyzer to develop and facilitate data analysis using Filters, Navigational attributes, Calculated and Restricted Key Figures.

Client: Micron, Boise, ID

Role: Sr. SAP Lead ABAP Developer

May 13 – Nov 13

Major Contribution:

Involved in Design, development for Elpida project.

Hands on experience in developing the pricing conditions customer specific.

Involved in gathering the requirements from functional people and turning them into Technical specs.

Used the LSMW tool to upload partner related data into SAP.

Developed a workflow for create/change purchase order depending upon the input values.

Configuration of outbound delivery functions like handling units (HU) and pricing in delivery for freight calculation and transfer these prices to Shipments for EWM functionality.

Developed material handling labels in SAP EWM using Post Processing frame work (PPF).

Developed a summary packing list form using SMARTFORMS to print all the handling units assigned to a delivery along with content & weight information for EWM functionality.

Developed conversion programs to upload sales related data into SAP.

Developed SAP Adobe forms and labels for different languages to support different plants in Taiwan, China etc.

Various environment of Form Conversion using original paper forms, static Microsoft Word documents, PDF files or other documents and convert them into interactive Adobe PDF forms.

Adobe Form Design improves the visual layout and user interface of forms to make them look more professional and easier to use.

Enhanced Adobe forms for Signature fields, Tables, Calculations, Templates and

Customized logos

Have developed inventory Labels for Zebra printer.

Special reports to monitor and processing of CIF (restart, registration programs)

Print (SAP Script) programs for Printing of Bill of Lading, Master Bill of Lading, Crate Cards and Shipping Labels.

Enhanced APO User-exits as per the client requirement.

Created Function modules and View/Table based data sources to extract data from R/3 streamed tables.

Client: Central garden and Pet, Schaumburg IL

Role: Sr. SAP ABAP Developer

Feb 12 – Apr 13

Major Contribution:

Developed material handling labels in SAP EWM using Post Processing frame work (PPF).

Adobe Form Updates modify and enhance existing PDF forms or finish forms that were found to be too difficult for customers to use

Hands on experience in writing code for cluster tables.

Used LSMW tool to upload customer and vendor related data in SAP.

Created Function Modules using Cursor statements to fetch data from R/3 streamed tables.

Created extract programs to fetch data from streamed tables into custom tables.

Developed generic function module to fix invalid characters while loading data to cubes through error DTP’s.

Developed generic function module to modify DSO data using Data mart loads.

Created utility programs to maintain SCN values of the steamed tables into a custom table

Created database indexes for streamed table to improve performance.

Developed the RF screens for Warehouse management and ITS- mobile.

Have involved in development of large number on developments for Warehouse management which includes Quality management, material staging for production.

Selective delete program for Master Data, DSO, Cube and Table based on the user input parameters.

Program for loading the reporting agent spool data into application Server/presentation server File depends on user selection.

Program for moving the application server files from one folder to another folder after completion of data load.

Program to Set/Reset the Low and High values in ZBI_CONSTANT Table based on the name of the Data Flow.

Developed matching layer programs to merge records from Impound and Disbursement DSO’s for TAX and NON_TAX products and stores into Z table.

Created Custom tables to store matching layer data records.

Implemented BADI’s for Virtual Key Figures can be used to create the query more dynamic.

Created and enhanced BTE FMs in FICO module as per the client requirement to create business rules.

Created Enhancements in FICO with the with new enhancement techniques.

Performed Generic data extraction and customized standard SAP extractors. Also extracted data from flat files for BW.

Developed Transfer /Update Rules and ABAP user exits for transaction and master data BW.

Enhanced standard Data sources by appending with ZZ Fields and populating them with user exits.

Client: Apple Vacations, Newtown Square, PA

Role: Sr. SAP ABAP Developer

Aug 11 – Jan 12

Major Contribution:

Design, development, Production support and debugging of ABAP Programs mainly BAPI’s to create an interface between JAVA and SAP. Dialog Programming, Standard and Interactive Reports, ALV Reporting, SAP Script, Menu Painter and Screen Painter, ALE and IDOC configurations, RFC and BAPI Development, User Exit and Field Exit Development, Dialog Programming, Interfacing Data with external systems, Data conversions, Programming using BDC.

Hands on experience in developing the BAPI’s to fetch the data from back-end(SAP) and feeding the data to front end (JAVA).

Created Function Modules using Cursor statements to fetch data from R/3 streamed tables.

Created extract programs to fetch data from streamed tables into custom tables.

Developed generic function module to fix invalid characters while loading data to cubes through error DTP’s.

Developed generic function module to modify DSO data using Data mart loads.

Client: Automated Data Processing (ADP), San Dimas, CA

Role: SAP ABAP and BW Consultant

Aug 10 – July’ 11

Major Contribution

As a team member, was responsible for

Worked on ABAP enhancements of Primary data flow (customized extractor for ADP) for different components.

Hands on experience in writing logic to fetech Cluster table data into sap BI.

Involved in requirement gathering sessions and development from initial stage.

Worked on Collections and Disbursement module ( an Industry solutions package) mainly concentration being tax and payrolls.

Wrote ABAP programs to handle special character and Hexa charecters while loading data into BW system.

Wrote ABAP program to automatize the SCN number handaling while loading the Full / delta loads into BW system .

Resolved performance oriented issues using Fetch statements.

Created Error DTP for getting error stack and to reduce the risk of failure loading.

Worked on enhancements of ABAP extracted data programs of SAP R/3 which are basically customized extractor programs.

Delivered BW solutions according to the client requirements.

Optimized load performance by adjusting the packet sizes and resolved the errors and inconsistencies during the data loads

Developed various custom reports according to client requirements.

Also involved in transport automation project:

The configuration that is implemented in production is the same as the

one tested in Development and QA environments in order to achieve this

functionality, identified transactions(BUP1, FPCOPARA, FPMA, FPN2, FPY1 and

FQD2 etc.,)

Developed custom program to write all the configuration changes (Create,

Change and Delete) table entries in Transport Request using function module

TR_APPEND_TO_COMM_OBJS_KEYS and finally displayed output using

blocked ALV.

Client: St Jude Medical (MN)

(Medical Device Manufacturing)

Sr ABAP Consultant

Jun 07 – Jul 10

Roles & Responsibilities Include

Design, development and debugging of ABAP Programs (Dialog Programming, Standard and Interactive Reports), ALV Reporting, SAP Script (Includes LABEL Printing), Menu Painter and Screen Painter, ALE and IDOC configurations, RFC and BAPI Development, User Exit and Field Exit Development, Dialog Programming, Interfacing Data with external systems, Data conversions, Programming using BDC.

Worked mostly in SD, MM, PP, SCM - EWM and FICO modules.

In SD involved in developments from order creation to billing in various levels.

In MM involved in Goods issue, Goods return, Purchase order and BOM areas.

Involved in code reviews, prepared code review checklist.

Major Contribution

Hands on experience in developing and debugging the CIF related user exits or other CIF queues in SAP APO.

Good understanding of Master and Transaction Data in SCM modules.

Hands on experience in developing RF transactions for WM modules for goods issue.

Hands on experience in customizing programs for APO module for DP and SNP components.

Hands on experience in enhancing the programs in EWM module.

Hands on experience in using middleware T-codes like SMW01, SMW01, SMWP, R3AM1, SMQ2 & SMQ1.

Hands on experience in Middleware BADIs like ORDE_SAVE BADI or CRM_ORDER_STATUS.

Developed lot of smart forms from scratch to end which include but not limited to Invoice, Purchase order, Order acknowledgement in CRM, Pick list, pack List etc.

Configured the Smart Forms using NACE as well as in SPRO.

Good Knowledge in ADOBE FORMS as well.

Handled Remedy tool for distributing the Production support tickets and to give solutions for the tickets as per the SLA’s.

Worked for EMEA Production support from onsite as well as from off-shore.

Handled a team of 4 production support members in onshore- offshore model.

Worked on enhancement for MIGO using BADI - MB_MIGO_BADI.

Worked on enhancement for 1099 Tax Forms using BADI - DMEE_BADI_01 for FICO Module.

Worked on User-Exit V45A0002 for VA01 Transaction

Developed a Sap-script for Invoice list.

Developed smart forms for Order Acknowledgement in CRM and Invoice form, Check forms, WM Pick-list.

Activated the BADI - CRM_30A_USER_EXITS.

Extensively worked on CRM_ORDER_READ BADI to validate the fields before.

Developed CRM AUDIT report as per the client requirement.

Modeled mBDoc type to transfer data between CRM and R/3 systems.

Monitored the BDoc in CRM.

Language specific versions for Forms - Spanish, German, French and English were developed for output types used by Europe.

Developed an interactive report for Vendor details in Basic List and related bank details in the Secondary list.

Developed a report for Open SO’s and STO’s with EMEA customs using reporting framework (ABAP Objects).

Created requirement routines (VOFM) for condition types within several pricing procedures.

Developed a report for Purchase orders with movement type and updating the ztables for imports using reporting frame work (ABAP Objects)

Developed an interactive report showing the purchase order details. In the

list all the purchase documents and their details pertaining to the purchase

organization and purchase group selected in basic list are shown.

Developed a report for missing attributes for material using reporting framework (ABAP Objects).

Developed a report for Inventory update with CBOM using reporting framework (ABAP Objects).

Created a report (Planning v/s Actual Production) that compares actual production done with planned production.

Developed number custom transactions, which include new screens with custom programming using the Module Pool programming for scanning the serial numbers of the products while picking them from warehouse.

Modified number of custom Module Pool programs as per the revised development requirements

Client: Synen Tech, (IND)

ABAP Consultant

Mar 06 – Jul 07

Major Contribution

Implemented ALV Production Report, this report shows daily, monthly and yearly production for a selected vendor(s) for the assembly group.

Worked on SAP Script and Smartfroms for Quotes, Production Orders and Invoices.

Developed Report for return mass quantities to the vendor report using ALV Grid Display.

Development of custom reports for SAP modules in the field of purchasing, vendor development, sales order processing, sales availability check, and sales billing.

Designed and developed AP Check layout in SAP Script Copied SAP standard Invoice Smart form and modified according business requirements.

Modified Physical inventory document layout in SAP Script.

Copied SAP Standard Invoice and Packing list Smartforms and Modified according to business requirements.

Developed Sales operation Report to list customers and associated sales partners as on date and created interactive reports for Material Management and Supply and Distribution modules of SAP.

Developed Reports in SD for Open Sales Order which covers all organization level, delivery status, and shipping detail using ALV grid display.

Analyzing the business requirements and preparing the technical specifications from the functional specifications.

Converted Production Order SAP Script to Smart forms.

Designed and coded a BDC program for Sales Orders using VA01 and VA02 transactions.

Identifying the failed IDOCS. If it is master data IDOC, block that IDOC, and it is a transactional data IDOC, reprocess the IDOC.

Exporting and Importing of Documents,Materials & BOM into c-Folders.

Integration of c-folders with Microsoft Windows File Explorer

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