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Mechanical Engineer Engineering

Yukon, OK
June 05, 2019

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Mechanical Engineer, and graduate student in Data Science and Analytics. Developed analytical, technical and communication skills for innovation, research, and customer-facing applications. Strong passion for learning new technologies and working in a collaborative environment or individually while solving problems.


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Candidate for Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics

Cumulative GPA: 3.42/4.0

Degree GPA: 3.47/4.0

University of Oklahoma

Norman, Oklahoma


Computer/Programming: SOLIDWORKS, ANSYS, CATIA, C++, R, JAVA, SQL and Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, & Word).

Student tutor at Oklahoma City Community College SEPTEMBER 1, 2013 – AUGUST 16, 2016

Assisted students with homework assignments and laboratory projects.

Learned to adapt my teaching style to accommodate students with different levels of understanding and cultural backgrounds.

Learned to use lab equipment and assisted lab assistants in preparing laboratory projects.

Improved my communication skills by tutoring and properly communicating with people of different backgrounds and cultures.

Undergraduate Research Liu Yingtao. JUNE 1, 2014 – AUGUST 25, 2014

Created a plan of action for the 3-month research.

Searched and read articles on shape memory epoxy foams (SMEP).

Read, and understood lab instructions (safety regulations) and learned how to use lab equipment.

Searched and read articles on how to manufacture SMEP, and successfully manufactured SMEP.

Carried out stress and strain experiments on the SMEP, by altering the loads and temperatures on the foam.

Recorded the data on how the SMEP was affected by the temperature and loads.

Design Mechanical Components. JANUARY 19, 2016 – MAY 12, 2016

As an assigned group, we came up with a team contract, agreed on it and signed it.

Using Microsoft Excel, we built a Gantt chart and followed throughout the project.

Worked as a team in researching and analyzing the effects of loads on a bicycle bearing, fastener, and spring.

Using SolidWorks and ANSYS, I simulated loads on the bearings, fasteners and springs, and compared them the values with calculated values.

After generating data using a range of forces, carried out fatigue analysis, and calculated the life expectancy of the bicycle’s bearing, fastener, and spring.

Using Microsoft PowerPoint, prepared a presentation explaining the project and how the different loads affected the bearing, fastener and spring.

Project Vayu. AUGUST 16, 2016 – NOVEMBER 20, 2016

After being assigned a team, we as a team wrote and signed a team contract.

Worked as a team lead for the project.

As a team lead, I used Microsoft Excel and built a Gantt chart to plan the project.

From the project description, we created a function structure to outline customer requirements and boundary functions.

Using go/no-go matrix we designed prototypes (with morphology charts) that met the customer requirements.

From the go/no-go matrix we selected the best design that met all customer requirements.

I created sketches and using SolidWorks, I designed the frame and structure of the vehicle.

As a team we created the bill of materials for our vehicle, which met customer requirement and boundaries.

Our vehicle which was a multi-terrain automated vehicle, met all customer requirements and we was second position during the test competition.

Re-engineering an RCD (Rotatory Control Device). NOVEMBER 20, 2016 – MAY 12, 2017

As a team we wrote a team contract and respected the contract.

Using Microsoft Excel, we built a Gantt chart and followed throughout the project.

As a team, we dismembered the RCD, divided, parts to team individuals.

I measured the dimensions of the parts and drew sketches of the parts.

Drew 3D models and made an assembly of the RCD using SolidWorks.

Using Microsoft PowerPoint, prepared a presentation explaining what I did during the re-engineering process

UNDERGRADUTE/ GRADUATE Research (Learning by doing). JANUARY 16,2018 – APRIL 20, 2018

Collected learning statements from students from two engineering courses.

Using text mining software, generated frequencies of the most used words.

From the word frequencies generated, I made conclusions on what could be done to improve student ability to learn

Did a presentation at the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) convention on my research, findings and gave proposals on how to improve learning in engineering.

Data base system for FUTURE.INC AUGUST 16, 2018 – DECEMBER 12, 2018

Designed and ER diagram and a relational database to represent the database FUTURE.INC

Provided a Data Element Dictionary that list names, types and sizes of attributes and their constraints.

Constructed SQL statements to create tables and implement them on SQL Developer and Azure.

Wrote SQL statements for queries

Wrote a java program that that used JDBC and Azure to implement the queries.


ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).

NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers). Parliamentarian for 2017/2018 academic year.

Member of Dean of Engineering’s Honor List for several semesters.

Honor Society of Mechanical Engineers.

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