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Excel/VBA Developer

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
May 08, 2019

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Adiv Abramson

VBA Automation Developer

**** ******* ******

Apt 208

Minneapolis, MN 55403


Top Talents

VBA (macros, user forms,

ActiveX, classes)

Microsoft Excel 97 - 2016

Microsoft Access 97 – 2016

Microsoft Word 97 – 2016

Workflow automation

Data import, export, parsing,

scrubbing, conversion

Regular Expressions

Application development

UI design (forms, menus,


Visual Basic 6

Database design



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Career Summary

25 years’ experience in VBA programming for automation, data conversion, data processing and reporting solutions integrating Microsoft Excel, Access, Outlook, Word, SQL Server 2000, VB6 and other tools. Solid understanding of data import/export tasks, file formats (e.g. CSV, BAI et. al.) and conversion requirements for major business clients (Dell, Microsoft etc.) and financial institutions (Chase, BOA, Wachovia, Deutsche Bank).

Employment History

Excel/VBA Application Developer

03/18 – 03/19 RMK Consulting, Armonk, NY

Developed and deployed several complex Excel based automation applications with sophisticated, rule driven data parsing, manipulation and formatting logic, resulting in dramatic improvements in operational efficiency and worker productivity.

Excel/VBA Application Developer

04/17 – 11/17 Mercer/CPSG Partners, Dallas, TX

Analyzed existing Excel based data conversion tool, providing guidance on streamlining and enhancing code. Created new, mission critical, robust and feature rich OOP based data conversion application that is highly automated and provides an elegant, context sensitive UI for maximum flexibility and greatly enhanced user experience.

Excel/VBA Application Developer

11/16 – 03/17 Molecular Imaging, Ann Arbor, MI

Continued development of complex Excel based scientific research application. Performed extensive troubleshooting and mitigation activities to enhance application robustness and reliability. Revised, corrected and enhanced numerous existing VBA macros while coding several new helper procedures that significantly improve end user productivity and experience. Created data extraction addin to create CSV files from complex worksheets.

Access/Excel/VBA Application Developer

11/17 – 11/17 VOYA, Inc, Minneapolis, MN

Enhanced existing multi-user case tracking system (CST) in Access 2010 with significant improvements to the UI and extensive modifications to the code base to provide more robust error trapping and uptime availability. Helped detect and mitigate critical data errors that had adversely impacted dozens of daily end user workflows. Added custom Ribbon buttons and VBA callbacks to provide several new features, including one click formatting and exporting of active datasheet objects to Excel workbooks as well as collecting data from open forms and composing formatted output files.

Excel/VBA Application Developer

10/15 – 10/16 Molecular Imaging, Ann Arbor, MI

Developed numerous macros for collection of workbook data and string parsing; dynamic code generation (modules, enums), dynamic Ribbon menus and dynamic userforms with runtime generated controls with event procedures wired to event class modules in a large scale, Excel VBA application. Created unique VBA project management utility that facilitated import/export of project forms, modules, and individual procedures, making updating and rebuilding of projects substantially quicker. Developed Ribbon UI driven Access relational database application for tracking complex measurements and formulas programmatically imported from an Excel workbook.

Excel/VBA Application Developer

09/15 – 11/15 Kyle G. Mills Financial Marketing, Fort Worth, TX

Developed Excel Addin to import, validate, and reformat tabular data extracted from a PDF file. Program then automatically determines complex, range dependent formulas for calculation columns and copies them down. Automatically populates static data columns. Automatically creates new spreadsheet with columns rearranged for export into Access database. Sophisticated text parsing code rewrites and adjusts formulas on new spreadsheet to reflect new locations of precedent columns. Automatically transposes and denormalizes hundreds of data rows for export to Access table where it will be used by Tableau for reporting. Application reduces overall processing time from several hours to less than two minutes, thereby greatly improving client’s productivity and profitability.

Excel/VBA Application Developer

06/15 – 08/15 Moores Insurance Management, St. Paul, MN

Developed internal insurance summary reporting tool with dynamically displayed subsections, automated data entry and validation, print to PDF functionality and a sophisticated, responsive Ribbon UI.

Excel/VBA Application Developer

10/14 – 02/15 Novosys, Inc., Green Brook, NJ

Revised and enhanced several complex Excel applications with synchronized ActiveX controls, formulas and custom macro code to provide end users with seamless navigation and efficient user interface.

Excel/VBA Application Developer

09/14 – 02/15 TIMBERCON Inc, Tualatin, OR

Enhanced and upgraded Excel based quotation configurator with VLOOKUPs, ActiveX controls, a context sensitive multitab UI form and dynamic SQL statement composition for extracting source data from Access/SQL Server.

Excel/Access VBA Application Developer

12/11 – 05/12 Wells Fargo Bank, Minneapolis, MN

Designed and developed Access 2003 and VBA based Housing Issues Log database solution for Relationship Managers throughout the enterprise. Created and coded sophisticated VBA macros to import, parse, scrub, transform and append loan servicing data from hundreds of complex Excel spreadsheets into centralized Access database application with more than 200 distinct data elements in multiple related tables.

Designed and developed custom project management log in Access 2003 for department manager. Created and coded sophisticated VBA macros to import, parse and transform complex Excel spreadsheet data into database application that provides convenient search and reporting capabilities as well as an export to Excel feature to create spreadsheets on the fly in a format identical to original source data.

Excel/Access VBA Application Developer

04/97 – 05/11 American Stock Transfer And Trust, Brooklyn, NY

Vastly improved external and internal client data file conversion processes by developing many enterprise level applications in Access, Excel, Word and Outlook 97-2003, including proxy file, shareholder list, certificate history file conversions; surrender file processing; ACH transaction file processing, BAI1 and BAI2 file processing; and direct debit/deposit file processing.


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, NY

MS Technical Communication 1986

BS Physics 1983

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