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Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana
US$14:00 - US16:00 an hour.
May 03, 2019

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Electrical/Electronic lnstallation/Maintenance Technician.



l have totally committed myself greatly in the electrical and the electronic field for ages with strong and good working experiences. Devoted to serving customers in the residential and the commercial arena with faithfulness, dedication, respect, time consuming, tolerance and above all law abiding. Thank.

Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Work Experience

Electrical Technician.

John Electrical/Electronic Services. - Accra-Ghana(W/Africa), Africa. January 1997 to Present

Electrical/Electronic Technician. lncharge of all commercial, residential electrical services, Satellite television, transceivers, marine equipments, PA System, cctv/alarm installation and maintenance:- Services for our numerous customers(Clients). l do repair AudioVisual equipments (gadgets) and event recording mostly in the evening after close of work for our customers. Responsible also for newly installation and maintenance of all plumbering work in newly built residential/commercial properties and very good on lndustrial equipments. Responsible also for stock taking, weekly, monthly and annually reports writing and inventory work. Thank. WAREHOUSE SUPERVISOR.

FRATELLI AMATO - Napoli-ltalia, Europe

May 1991 to November 1996

Incharged of Magazine "B" in Secondigliano, 152-Napoli, ltalia. Responsible for day-day loading and offloading of goods (product), Controlling, report writing and inventory taking, arranging/rearranging of goods and weekly cleaning of the Magazine (Warehouse). l am also good in any type of plubing

(sewerage system) work. l have been working as plumber for sometime now during weekend. Telecommunications Technician

TAZURA Research Centre, LIBYA - AFRICA - Tazuara-Tripoli(N/Africa September 1991 to March 1992

l was incharge of the operation, maintenance/installation of all Transceivers used by Construction and Drilling Companies, Marine and the Police. Controlled, Operated, maintend/installed RACAL Milgo, Pye, Ericsson Telephone Exchange, Conducted visibility study on New Equipments, weekly, Monthly inventory taking and report writing. Checking of Overhead/Underground Telephone wires. l have fantastic knowledge(experiences) about Marine electrical/electronic engineering. NB: l was an Assistant Engineer Practical for a short period before our expulsion. Assistance Practical Engineer.

AERADIO (P & T). - Benghazi-Libya (N/Africa)

March 1983 to August 1989

Incharged of the RADIO museum. Responsible for installation/maintenance of all Transceivers used in the Desert by Oil/Construction Companies, the Marine and the Police. Was responsibled also for all Electrcal wiring/fixtures, Overhead and the underground cables and the Electronic equipments used in most Offices, Benghazi Airport, Oil/Construction fields Later on Radio merged with General Post and Telecommunication.

Assistance Practical Engineer

POST & TELECOMMUNICATION. LIBYA - AFRICA - Benghazi/Tripoli-Libya, N/Africa. March 1983 to September 1987

Assistant Practical Engineer: Electrical/Electronic(Tel.) lnstallation/Maintenance - Services.l was responsible for lnstsllation/Maintenance (Repair) of all electrical fixtures,Transceivers/Electrical system of the Company, Construction/Oil Companies operating in Libya, Africa. AUDIO VISUAL TECHNICIAN


January 1973 to January 1983

AudioVisual Technician:- Responsibled for auditing, Film Showing, conferences, lending of AudioVisual materials/projectors, PA System, Slide Projectors, Podium,Video Deck, Television, weekly/monthly and annually report writing/inventory taking. Repaired faulty Electrical/Electronic gadgets in most Diplomats residences, Electrical Fixtures and damaged cables,Crosscheched/repaired faulty Electrical systems, in their Various homes and worked for other Embassies like German, French, Libyian and British High Commission in Accra-Ghana, Africa.


NVQ. Grade 1&11 Certificate. in Electronic and Electrical engineering. PRESCO ELECTRONIC INST., ACCRA - GHANA - West Africa September 1970 to September 1974

Grade 1& 11. Electrical & Electronic engineering. in Electronic and Electrical engineering.

TECHNICAL SCHOOL. ACCRA, GHANA - AFRICA. - Accra-Ghana(W/Africa), Africa. August 1973 to September 1973


SIX (6) Month PRATICAL TRAINING TELEC. Tazura Research Centre, Libya, N/ Africa. Skills

l have had more than 26years working experiences as Electrical/Electronic lnstallation/Maintenance- Services Technician with recommendation. (10+ years), Warehouse Inventory, Shipping Receiving, Shipping, Logistics (6 years), Logistics, Shipping, Shipping Receiving (6 years), Warehouse Inventory (6 years), Warehouse Inventory (6 years), Shipping Receiving, Logistics, Shipping, Warehouse Inventory Links

Military Service

Branch: N/A

Service Country: Ghana

Rank: N/A

N/A (l didn't served in the army.)




Award for Devotion, Dedication and Self-Respect.

October 1996

1) WRIST WATCH. 2) MEDAL BREAST PLATE PLUS 1talian Lire1000:00. Certifications/Licenses

NVQ. Grade 1&11 Certificate in Electrical/Electronic Engineering. August 1973 to Present

NVQ Grade 1&11 Certificate in Electrical/Electronic lnstallation/Maintenance-Services. l have indeed been working with/useing this Certificate for years now and l have achieved A lot from it since.

Additional Information

Skill/Competences: Scored 85% in Math and on Electrical/Electronic Skills Testing Devices Practical Combined. Familiar with hardware for example:PLC5, DLC 500 and Controlix Platform Controller, Panel Views, and and Software Packages for example 6.500, RSlinx, Drive tools, RSNet work. Have a good idea on variety of net working for example:ControlNet, DH+, Serial, FlO, Ethemet, Profibus, Microsoft Office Ptoducts (Word, Excel, Outlook. AV:Good on integration of Background & Foreground Music installations-PAVA Systems.Good on Connectors and Wire fixing method and types, Plasma/LCD Screen/Video Wall lnstallatio n along with all Projectors and more, DLC Effect Lighting lnstallatio n, Video wall lnstallation plus Net infrastructure Cabling, Access Control and Security lnstall/Maintenance plus Electrical lnstallation. Good understanding of Wiring System and Schematic diagrams, Good on CCTV, gate and door access System, Aerial and Satellite lnstallation and distribution. Have good understanding of A/V racks in next, efficient and professional manner.

Experience and good understanding of Video Conference System. Have good Practical Skill and good understanding of 1st and 2nd fix A/V installation and Ability to work from Schematics, terminating Sheets, Siteplans and Projector drawing.

Excellent in Soldering, Crimp and an understanding of Construction technique in a residential, Commercial and marine environment.

Have fantastic experiences in Stocktaking, Report writing and lnventory plus keeping Stocks in good shape by Weekly/Monthly rearrangment/Hovering.

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