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Software Developer Engineer

Portland, Oregon, United States
May 05, 2019

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Zoey Lee

**** ********** **. #****, ********, Oregon 972**-***-*** 8015 Profile

In pursuit of my dream to contribute to the development of medical device using AI and ML technologies, I am seeking an opportunity in combination of Computer

Science and Mathematics fields, which will serve as a career growth with the long-term aim of deploying

and expanding my knowledge and skills. With 4 years of studying multiple computer languages, and computer science and math courses, I hope to apply these skills while gaining valuable experience and knowledge as a Software Developer. My second major, Mathematics, has enhanced my problem solving and logical thinking skills. Skills

Programming Languages

● Proficient: Java, C++, XML, HTML, Python

● Familiar with: C, JavaScript, Angular, PostgreSQL Conceptual

● Object oriented, functional, and reactive paradigms

● Design with language specific optimizations and

algorithmic complexity in mind


Computer Science eTutor 10/2018-present

Portland Community College, Portland, Oregon

● Helping students from several community colleges understand extensive knowledge of data structures

and object oriented programming in C++ and Java

through online resources

Research Engineer – Team Lead 09/2017-present

Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

● Researching and implementing of WiFi-style wireless communication on programmable wireless radios

called Wireless Open Access Research Platform

● Documenting research data and maintaining

contact with research sponsors and advisers

Technical Course Support Specialist 04/2017-08/2018 Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

● Helped students understand fundamental principles of procedural programming in Python in ‘Intro to

Programming and Problem Solving’ class

● Graded assignments and examinations; Held office hours for individual student discussion in ‘Intro to Operating Systems’ class

ESL Lab Assistant & Conversation Partner 07/2014-08/2018 Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

● Collaborated with widely diverse assistants on a variety of administrative tasks through Google apps and scheduling software

Korean Student Association Co-leader 09/2015-08/2016 Education

Portland State University 03/2014-08/2018

Double majoring in Computer Science and

Mathematics (GPA 3.54/4.0)

Relevant Coursework: Database, Data structures,

Programming systems, Discrete structures, Software Engineering, Open Source Software Dev, Operating

Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Computer Security, Differential Equations, Applied Statistics, Multivariable Calculus


UG Research Mentoring Program 09/2017-08/2018

Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

Cultural Service Scholarship 09/2016-06/2018

Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

International Achievement Scholarship 2014 -2018

Portland State University, Portland, Oregon


Maintenance Dashboard: A Windows 10 desktop

application for a maintenance of each item written in Angular and Python Flask using Façade design.

● Features: Display maintenance logs of each

item, add/edit/delete logs, calendar feature

with notifications, search certain item, and print forms.

TravelMate: An open source private-travel-guide

-matching Android app for the sharing economy

between those who can share their tour experiences and it’s written in Java, JavaScript and XML.

● Features: Registration and Login/out, displaying different plans for each city, add/edit/delete

plans on list and/or in own cart, Checkout plans

in cart and submitting feedbacks.

TalkyTalky: A simple web-based chat app written in Java, and in JavaScript and HTML for GUI.

● Features: 1-1 and 1-many communication,

Registration and Login/Logout, Notifications for

Login/Logout, Differentiating between online

and offline users.

Artistic Style Transfer via CNN: A style transfer program written in Python with pytorch extracting the texture and color of the style image and applying them to

the content image in order to generate an artistic style-transferred image.

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