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Mason, OH
March 30, 2019

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Nishita Movva

Phone: 859-***-****


Seeking a challenging career where my abilities and skill-set can be put to maximum use for mutual growth of the organization and myself and to work in diversified fields.


Mercy Health November 2016 – Till Date

Title: HL7 Interface and Medical Device Integration Analyst


Integrated patient monitoring devices into EPIC EMR allowing patients vitals to flow into their charts.

Maintained interfaces between Mercy Health and its partners.

Performed regression, smoke, unit testing during each install.

Involved in agile methodology, participated in scrums in every sprint.

Maintain proper documentation in Microsoft Sharepoint.

Thorough understanding of SDLC right from requirements gathering, analysis, testing and making the product live.

Worked with end users/clinicians in hospitals to provide on-field support.

Built and maintained devices for respective inpatient departments.

Involved and experienced in OBIX fetal monitoring implementations.

Responsible for maintaining and upgrading Interface Capsule servers.

Engaged in interface analysis, build, performance monitoring, reporting, and system optimization.

Generate and read Interoperability reports for the organization.

Assisted in technical testing and validation of interface prior to installs.

Implement features to enhance end user workflow.

Provided on-call support 24/7 to end users to help resolve any issues.

Certified in Epic Bridges application.

Experienced in troubleshooting, debugging and root cause analysis in issue resolution.

Exposure in working cross functional teams like Cloverleaf in the fulfillment of bottom-line objectives.


Epic Bridges, HL7 messaging, Capsule servers, Medical Device Integration, OBIX fetal monitoring, VI Editor, SDLC

Project: DSW Portal redesign and analysis

DSW Quality Analyst May 2016 – November 2016


Utilized qTest manager to manage tests and record defects.

Prepared test script, test plan, test cases, defect records and test status reports.

Gathered business requirements from end users, architects and other SMEs.

Maintain comprehensive documentation in Microsoft Sharepoint.

Wrote SQL queries against Oracle database to fetch the test data.

Created Schemas and WSDLs for the SOAP services using Altova XML Spy.

Created Specification Document, Design Document with detailed description along with end to end flow diagrams using Microsoft Visio.

Validated API response from Oracle Endeca server and ATG web commerce.

Managed catalogs and categories using Oracle Experience Manager.

Performed the regression, smoke, load and functional testing as required and maintained the JIRA tickets.

Worked in Agile environment where each sprint lasted for 2 weeks.

Extensively involved in weekly/daily Defect Review and Test Execution Status Meetings to discuss/explain the defects with development team.

Verified the create and update functionality in production when system received an update/create of a shipment/Custom Entry/Purchase Order.


AngularJS, SOAPUI, POSTMAN, Groovy script, Oracle Experience Manager, Oracle Endeca Server, Oracle Database, SQL Developer Tool, Oracle ATG Web Commerce, Selenium IDE, JSON,XML, HTML, JavaScript, Putty, Winscp, JIRA, VMWare, qTest.

Project: rtp-apollo

RevTech Plus Assistant Web Engineer/Quality Analyst December 2015 – May 2016


Designed and developed webpages using Angular JS framework MVC design pattern.

Developed HTTP APIs with Get and POST operations using NodeJS and Hapi.

Gathered the requirements, analyzed and maintained the documents in sharepoint.

Written test cases and maintained the test suite in soap projects for testing APIs.

Performed load test using SOAP UI in Simple and Burst strategies with test delays and asserted the performance.

Used Angular JS directives, expressions, modules, controllers, filters, and services.

Customized Angular JS directives, and have used as HTML elements and attributes.

Performed unit testing and written unit test cases using Mocha/Chai, Karma for NodeJS modules.

Developed various commands to automate UI testing using Selenium IDE and also automated end-to-end testing of the portal.

Maintained and performed CRUD activities on MongoLab’s collections/documents for testing/development.

Involved in de-bugging legacy code.

Used Git commands and Source Tree for version controlling of the code.

Bitbucket and Source tree are used to maintain the code repository.

Tracked/created the defects in JIRA.

Used AWS ec2 vms as the environments.


JavaScript, NodeJS, Hapi, AngularJS, FitNesse, Mocha, Chai, Karma, Jasmine, Protractor, Selenium IDE, Git, Source Tree, BitBucket, Putty, Winscp, JIRA, VMWare.

Testing Tool: SOAPUI, POSTMAN, TestMaker and VuGen to automate testing

Steel Exchange India Limited (SEIL) Systems/Data Analyst August 2011- September 2012


Developed Java program to read the csv files and have generated a single file with all the data.

Scheduled a daily batch job by creating a CRON expression in Red Hat linux.

Interpreted data, filtered and analyzed the results using JMP tool and plot large number of essential graphs that helps in Data Visualization.

Interacting with different teams to gather requirements and gather data from primary and secondary data sources.

Wrote simple SQL queries, to retrieve data from Oracle 10g and exported into excel sheets.

Used Putty to connect and VI editor to edit and monitor the files in red hat linux.

Participated in meeting with Business Analyst and Design Review meeting with the developers for better understanding of the requirements and new changes if any.

Created Test Plan and provide inputs in Project Plan as well as estimate for the each project program release.

Worked in an agile environment and got used to the Development life cycle with daily scrums and agile deliveries.


Java, Redhat Linux, FitNesse, Oracle 10g, JMP, Red Hat Linux, Putty.


Android App Development for dyslexia students

Developed an android app using android studio 1.4, and have used android simulator, phone and a tablet to perform the testing.

Used Node.js HTTP server to expose HTTP GET restful service and return the data in JSON format.

Implemented logic and communicated with the backend database using Javascript and Express framework.

Maintained the App’s UI related information in the form of Collections and Documents in NoSQL Mongo DB in JSON format.

Used Robo Mongo viewer to modify/view the data in Mongo DB.

Implemented the activity in the android app and used Async Task for making background HTTP GET restful calls to load the data during the loading of the application.

Motion image is rendered using android graphics Movie and android media Image classes.

TextToSpeech engine is used to read out the information about the motion image displayed.

Allowed the user to speak and have converted the Speech To Text using android.speech.SpeechRecognizer api.

Generated signed APK files from Android studio and transferred it to different android devices.


Android studio, Java, XML, JavaScript, Node.js HTTP Server, Express Framework, JSON, MongoDB, Restful Web Service, Robomongo.

UI development in Mobile Computing

Developed an UI for mobile application for diabetic and obese people.

UI page development is done using AXURE and MIT App Inventor and Android Studio.

Page transitions and notifications are performed using widgets & masters, Interactions, Dynamic Panels, Variables.

Functional requirements are developed using interactions like onClick, onMouseEnter, onMouseOut etc.,

Implemented the logic after the button click in the UI using Java.

Designed the orientation and layouts of the application UI using Android Studio’s XML artifact.

Developed wireframes using Balsamiq MockUps.

Used Qualtrics to generate questionnaires and get feedback from users.


Axure, MIT App Inventor, Android studio, Java, XML, Balsamiq Mockups, Qualtrics.

Data Analysis with R programming

Wrote R program to load the data from raw data files that are incomplete, noisy and inconsistent and performed Data Cleaning, and Integration.

Used RODBC package to connect to external database and wrote SQL query to fetch the result set into data frame.

Implemented Data transformation on large datasets efficiently and applied association rules with apriori algorithm using arules library.

Formed Decision trees using different packages like rpart, tree, party, maptree and evtree and analyzed the differences and accuracy.

Performed Cluster analysis and cluster modeling using K-means algorithm and plotted the clusters and their centers.

Used “googleVis” package to draw the world map and color the highly populated countries in the given data set.


R studio, R programming, RODBC, Oracle 10g, SQL.


Masters in Industrial And Human Factors Engineering

Wright State University, Dayton Graduation Date: May 2016

MSc in Embedded Micro Electronics And Wireless Systems

Coventry University, Coventry, United Kingdom Graduation Date : July 2011

BSc in Electrical And Electronics Engineering

Coventry University, Singapore Graduation Date: April 2009

Diploma in Electronics

Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore Graduation Date: October 2007


Operating System

Ubuntu, Windows (all versions), Mac OS, Redhat Linux

Programming Languages

Java (JSE), JavaScript, R program.

Tools (IDEs)

Node eclipse, Android Studio, Axure, MIT App Inventor, R Studio, JMP, Eclipse, JBoss Studio, Soap UI, NetBeans, IBM Rational Rose.

Testing Frameworks

FitNesse, Selenium (End to End testing), Mocha & Chai, Karma, Jasmine, Protractor (End to End testing)

Webservice testing tools


Web Services

Restful webservice, SOAP Webservice


Express Framework, Node.js HTTP Server, JBOSS Wild Fly Application Server, Glass Fish Application Server


MongoDB (No-SQL), Oracle 10g


Android application for Dyslexic Students

Mobile Computing

Data Mining

Statistics for Engineers

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