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Construction Engineer

Jeddah, Makkah Region, Saudi Arabia
18000 SR
March 28, 2019

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Nadeem Ahmed

B.Sc Engineering - Civil

Cell # 009**-*********



-24-year experience in Multiple Disciplines of Civil Engineering.

-Recently working as a Technical Coordinator with M/S CONTRACO for Electrical sub-stations, Makkah.

-Experienced in Petrochemical Plant (Urea Plant) and Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) construction.

-Having Excellent communication, strong interpersonal and Organization skills.

-Skilled at studying Conceptual drawings, IFC-drawings and Shop drawings.

- Monitoring of project as per Time Schedule.

-IT-skills in MS-Word, MS-Excel and MS-Project.

-Transferable Iqamah.

Work Experience:

DAR ENGINEERING- Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. (From Jul, 2010 to Oct, 2017))= 07 –Year plus.

Position: Project Engineer - (Consultant of Saudi Electricity Company).

Projects: 1. Makkah Housing 380kV Sub-Station Value = SAR: 400 million.

2. Rabigh IPP-2 380kV Sub-Station Value = SAR: 520 million.

3. Makkah Central 380/110 kV Sub-Station Value = SAR: 410 million.

4. Makkah North 380/110/13.8kV Sub-Station Value = SAR: 342 million.

5. Jeddah North-West 380/110/13.8kV Sub-Station ---Value = SAR: 248 million.

Scope of Work:

1.Construction of 380kv- GIS-building.

2.Construction of 110kv- GIS-building.

3.Construction of 13.8kv SWGR-building.

4.Construction of Double Storied Control building.

5.Construction of 502MVA Transformers Foundations.

6.Construction of 73 MVA and Auxiliary Transformers Foundations.

7.Construction of Cable Tunnels, Duct banks, Lightening Masts/ lighting Poles and Capacitor bank Foundations, Manholes/ Hand holes, Crash barriers etc.

8.Construction of Sub-Station Roads, Guard House and Toilets.

9.Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) under Madinah Highway for Cable Pulling.



1.Monitoring /Supervision of Project as per Master Time Schedule (MTS).

2.Implementation of work as per SEC- PTS and Approved drawings.

3.Inspection of Re-bars/form work, Alignment and Verticality for RC-walls, Columns, beams and footings etc. as per RFI(s).

4.Inspection of Material as per PTS and Delivery Notes.

5.Issuance of Site Instructions to contractor as and when required.

6.Study of Conceptual drawings, IFC-drawings and Shop drawings etc. for proper implementation as per PTS.

7.To prepare the Daily Manpower/progress reports, Weekly Progress Report, Weekly QA/QC-Report and Weekly Manpower and Safety Reports.

8.Record keeping for Work Permits, submittals, RFIs, Concrete Compression Tests, Delivery Notes of material along with Samples, daily and weekly reports, Calibration Certificates, Third Party Validation Certificates etc.

9.Implementation of SAFETY MEASURES at site on daily basis and weekly WALKAROUND jointly with Safety Officer.

10.To watch the Concrete Pouring including SLUMP TEST and Temperature Test.

11.To watch the Concrete Compression Tests (Cylinder Crushing) in Independent Laboratory.

12.To attend the Site Meeting about the Site Progress and Issues.

13.To conduct the work site visits on regular basis for proper implementation as per PTS.


(Mar 17, 08 to Jul 15, 2010)= 02Y – 04M

Position : Resident Engineer.

Project : Sewerage Scheme with Treatment Plants (STP) at R.Y.Khan.

Client : Public Health Engineering Department.

Value : Rs: 240 million.

Work Experience and Responsibilities:

-Construction Supervision of Intermediate Lift Stations and Disposal stations including Pump House Buildings.

-Construction Supervision of SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTS (STP) including Anaerobic Ponds, Facultative Ponds and Maturation Ponds.

-Construction Supervision of GRP-Force mains. -Construction Supervision of Sewer Lines (Out fall, Trunk and Lateral).

-Preparation of Project Progress Reports on regular basis.


-Inspection of various activities as per RFIs and Approved Tech. drawings.

-Letters to contractors for day to day site issues.

-Monitoring of overall project as per Master Time Schedule.

-Letters to our GM-Head for Site progress and related issues.

-To attend the Meetings with Client and Contractor to resolve the site related issues.

-To update the Alterations as per site requirements for “AS Built” drawings.

SAUDI Al-TERAIS CONSTRUCTION CO. (STTICO)-Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: (Dec 06, 2006 to Jan 31, 2008) =01Y – 02M

Position : Site Engineer.

Project : Extension of 380kv Al-Fadhili Sub-station, Dammam.

Client : Saudi Electricity Company.


Construction of Shunt Reactor Foundations, NGR-Foundations, PI-Foundations, Surge Arrestors Foundations (Circuit A and B) etc. including verification of levels with Survey Instruments. I was also responsible to conduct the inspection of site work and material by Consultant as per specifications and approved drawings.

PAK-AMERICAN FERTILZERS LTD, PAKISTAN: (From Jul, 97 to Dec, 06) = 09Y-06M

Position : Deputy Manager.

Project : Erection of 1000 TPD UREA PLANT.

Value : Rs: 800 million.



1.Monitoring of Soil Investigation including sampling with Percussion Method.

2.Monitoring/Supervision of RCC-Piles for Ammonia Plant and CCR-building etc. including underground boring with ”Reverse Rotary Method”.

3.Supervision for Lowering of Steel Cage and concrete pouring of Piles with” Tremie Method”.

4.Conduction of Slump Test on arrival of concrete at site.

5.Conduction of “Load Test” for pile testing with deflection gauges.

6.Construction supervision of” Isolated foundations” and Plate forms under equipment.

7.Construction supervision of RCC-Structure of “Cooling Towers” including Re-bars installation, Formwork and concrete pouring.

8.Construction supervision of “Earth Dike” formation around Ammonia Storage Tank.

9.Construction supervision of “Fire Hydrant” structures.

10.Construction supervision of RCC-drains for” Chemical Waste Water”.



1.Application of Cast able refractories (i, e) MW-90, LW-53 and Fire clay etc. in Auxiliary Boiler.

2.Application of Cast able refractories in Primary Reformer of Ammonia Plant.

3.Application of Cast able refractories (i,e) Durex 1700, fixing of Fire bricks, Insulation bricks and Glass wool in Power House Boiler.

4.Application of Epoxy coating in Neutralization Pits.

5.Repair/maintenance of Dust Chamber of” Urea Prilling Tower”.

6.Fixing of “Anti Acid Tiles” in various sections of Plant.

7.Monitoring/Supervision of Repair/Maintenance Activities in PAFL-Housing Colony.

PAKARAB FERTILIZERS LTD, PAKISTAN: (From Oct 1993 to Jul 1997) = 03Y – 09M


1.Monitoring/Supervision for repair/maintenance of” UREA Plant Building”.

2.Monitoring/Supervision for repair/maintenance of” Nitro Phosphate Plant Building”.

3.Monitoring/Supervision for repair/maintenance of” Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Plant Building”

4.Monitoring/Supervision for repair/maintenance of” Nitric Acid Plant Building”.

5.Installation of Tube wells (02 Nos. capacity: 02-Cusec) with Reverse Rotary System.

6.Construction Supervision of RCC-drain channel for” Industrial waste water”.

7.Monitoring/Supervision of Repair/Maintenance Activities in Pak-Arab Housing Colony Buildings.

8.Road Carpeting in all over the Factory area.

INDUS ASSOCIATED CONSULTANTS, (Pvt) LTD: (From Dec 91 to Apr 92) = 04Months.

1. Construction supervision of Sub-grade, Sub-base and Base Courses.

2.Construction supervision of Road Culverts across the roads.

3.Construction supervision of Triple Surface Treatment.

Academic Record:

1.B.Sc (Engg). – Civil : 1st Division.

2.F.Sc : 1st Division.

3.Matric-science : 1st Division.

Personal Record:

1.Name : Nadeem Ahmed.

2.Father’s Name : Abdul Samad.

3.Date of Birth : 05-09-1965

4.Address : House No.60, Block-G, D.G.khan – Punjab (Pakistan).

5.Religion : ISLAM.

6.Nationality : Pakistani.

7.CNIC # : 38302-5359118-1

8.PEC –Reg. No : Civil/12394

9.SCE – Reg. No : 61689 (Saudi Council of Engineers –Membership).

10.Mobile # : +966-*********

11.E-mail address :


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