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Electrical Engineering Power

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
March 27, 2019

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**** ******* **, *** ***, Baton Rouge, LA 70820 • 225-***-**** •

Effective experience with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Optimization, Machine Learning, Communication Modeling, Image Processing, Data Base Management applied to energy system and biomedical problems, growing from a research assistant in Electrical Engineering Department, to a reviewer of famous journals in power system and communication; author of prestigious publications, editor of a microgrids book, and winner of multiple awards.

Expert in: Data Mining, Machine Learning, Graph theory, Distributed optimization,

Applied to: Communication Network Modeling, Electric Power Transmission Expansion Planning, Modeling Dynamics of Electrified Transportation systems,

Proficient computer skills: MATLAB, Python (e.g., Scikit learn, TensorFlow, SciPy), PSpice, Statistics, Gephi.

Familiar with: R, C++, GAMS, SQL.


Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, LA

Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering Expected: Dec 2019

Thesis: “Distributed Optimal Power dispatch”

Highlighted Courses: Optimization, Control

Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, LA

Minor MSc in Computer Science Expected: Dec 2019

Highlighted courses: Machine learning, Data mining, Data Base Management (SQL)

Shiraz University of Technology Shiraz, Iran

MSc. in Electrical Engineering-Communication (System) Sep 2014

Thesis: “Optimal approach method for resource allocation in a two-layer network with hybrid access”

Highlighted Courses: Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Graph Theory.

Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman Kerman, Iran

BSc. In Electrical Engineering-communications Sep 2012

Thesis: “Network coding in next-generation optical passive”


Louisiana State University, Electrical engineering

Research/Teaching Assistant. Jan 2017 – Present

oDeveloped artificial intelligence methods using python to alleviate complexity burden of optimal power dispatch problem in the electric network.

oProposed new techniques to prevent communication failure between agents while cyber-attack happens.

oProposed machine learning based asynchronous algorithms to improve computation speed.

oApplied text-mining technique on vehicle crash narrative data to retrieve crash pattern in the US transportation network

oDeveloped machine learning methods to improve convergence of distributed energy management in electric distribution network.

oProposed an accelerated decentralized algorithm to mitigate the sensitivity concerning initialization.

oAnalyzed the performance of various graph partitioning on the performance of the optimal power dispatch method in electric power network

oDeveloped transmission expansion planning model by using risk index of N-1 Security Criterion

oProposed distributed algorithms to solve optimal power flow for transmission system operator (TSO) and distributed system operator (DSO).

oInvestigate the hybrid and electric car dynamics to improve the health of the Battery and efficiency.

Shiraz University of Technology,

Research/Teaching Assistant. Sep 2012 - 2014

oDetecting diabetic eyes by leveraging image processing and Data Clustering

oFinding a minimum path by using graph theory to compress images.

oDeveloped a game theory model for resource allocation in the wireless network

oProposed a win-win game model to allocate bandwidth for consumers

oInvestigated the consumer situation and assigned the score to each of them based on the fuzzy logic

oProgramming a link for MATLAB and PSpice

oAnalyzing and simulating cooperative Cognitive Radio and Hybrid access utilizing game theory


Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Teaching “protection lab” (BSc Level) Spring 2017

1.Developed experiments and assignment for protection lab

Shiraz University of Technology, Shiraz, Iran

Teaching Assistance “Digital signal processing” (MSc Level) Fall 2013 - 2014

2.Developed assignments and exams for 20 students



PSpice: Modeled a machine drive circuit loss with PSpice and link it with MATLAB (project 11)

WEKA: Developed prediction models for project 5

Gephi: Analyzed a power system as a graph with Gephi (project 3)


MATLAB: Applied Image processing, Machine learning toolbox, Optimization (Yalmip)

Python: Developed some technique for machine learning and AI

R: Developed some graph analytics for project 3

Data Management:

SQL: Cleaned and preprocessed the data for course projects

SPSS: Explored descriptive analysis as well as preprocessing data for projects


A.Mohammadi, M.mehrtash, A. Kargarian “Diagonal Quadratic Approximation for Decentralized Collaborative TSO+DSO Optimal Power Flow”, Accepted for publication, IEEE transaction on Smart Grid

A.mohammadi, A. Kargarian, M.Mehrtash “Tie-Line Characteristics based Partitioning for Distributed Optimization of Power Systems”, Accepted for publication, IEEE PES General Meeting 2018.

M.Mehrtash, A. Kargarian, A.mohammadi “Distributed Security-Constrained Transmission Expansion Planning with Analytical Target Cascading”, submitted, IEEE Transaction on industrial informatics, 2018.

M.Mehrtash, A. Mohammadi, M.Barati, A.Kargarian “Security-Constrained Transmission Expansion Planning with Risk Index of N-1 Security Obtained from PMU Data”, Accepted for publication, IEEE PES General Meeting 2018.

M.Mehrtash, A.Kargarian, A.Mohammadi “Partition-Based Bus Renumbering Effect on Interior Point-Based OPF Solution”, Accepted for publication, Texas Power and Energy Conference, 2018

A.mohammadi, M.J. Dehghani, E. ghazizade “Game Theoretic Spectrum Allocation in Femtocell Networks for Smart Electric Distribution Grids”, Accepted for publication, Energies.

Mohammadi, M. J. Dehghani, “Spectrum allocation using fuzzy logic with optimal power in wireless network”, Accepted in 2014, International Conference on Computer and Knowledge Engineering.

A.Mohammadi, F.Safdarian, M.Mehrtash, A.Kargarian “A System of Systems Engineering Framework for Modern Power System Operation”, Accepted for publication in “Sustainable Interdependent Networks II: From Smart Power Grids to Intelligent Transportation Networks” Springer, 2019.

A.Mohammadi, S.Rabinia “A comprehensive study of Game Theory applications for smart grids, demand side management programs, and transportation networks”, Accepted in Springer.

A.Mohammadi, A.Kargarian, F.Safdarian “Accelerated and Robust Analytical Target Cascading for Distributed Operation of Power Systems ”, submitted to IEEE Transaction on Power system.

A.Mohammadi, Shahab Bahrami “An Overview of Future Microgrids”, Accepted in Springer.


Louisiana Power and Energy Conference (LPEC) award from Entergy company Spring 2016

Ranked 4th in Electrical Engineering, M.Sc. studies, Shiraz University of technology


IEEE Energy Club, Louisiana State University Sep 2017 – Present

WAMPAC energy market SCUC Java OSI PI

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