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A.I & its applications in Management Medical

Munich, Bavaria, Germany
$ 200000
March 11, 2019

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Prof. Mokhtar Shokry Abou El Asaad, PhD

Stuntz St. 2, 81677 Munich, Germany

Tel.: +49 /89 470 34 67 E-mail: RESUME

IT President in Industry Leading Development or Dean Faculty of Engineering strengthen Academic Education with strong link to Industries or IT & ICT Executive Consultant

I have the following educations graduate and postgraduate in computer science and information systems, Chartered Engineer in Computer Eng. And Telecom. Eng. and researches

& Projects covering all studies. Independent Executive Consultant. Long life professional distinct experience with more than 20 years in Telecommunication Eng., Computer Science, Information Systems Technology skilled in IT & ICT consultancy in managing and developing, by best using technical concepts in computer fields with its methodologies focusing on the mystery of up to date technology to present ideal solution and alternatives.

Areas Expertise: A. I. and its industries Applications Natural Language Processing (NLP) started with looking to the machine intelligent simulated expert human in one domain to get some what similarity in very simple idea such as primitive actions used English Language words to fill the slots in an event representation. Going to theory of context to standard situation scripts, and text analysis, syntactic analysis, semantics analysis, Boolean semantics, situation semantics. Parsing grammar for natural language is ambiguous and typical sentences have multiple possible analysis, using Context Dependence to build creator and travel agent. Developing question answering, build English generator, inference machine, models building SAM, PAM TALL SPIN, POLITICS, ELI, PLANS, and GOALS. Creating relational databases to structural knowledge about dependencies and constraints specially database design, and adding monitoring storage. Natural nets are computer systems modeled after the neural connection of human brain. Conventional rules based program execute instructions neural nets to control sensory functions for pattern machine, and touch for robotic control. Achieving understanding requires that terms concepts that appropriate primitives in the domain be transformed to database terms. And Terminology Extraction Technology, Morphology segmentation, and Named Entity Recognition for another languages such like Arabic, German, French, and other used in very wide industrial applications to reach the maximum performance expected, also for academic researches in many concern domains in integrating topics such as operating systems, compiler construction, human – machine interacts. Machine Learning Deep Learning. Most important in AI Machine Learning: Deep learning, AI optimized hardware, Natural Language generation, Intelligent Behavior for several Domains, virtual agents, new analytical, Algorithms, Data Structures that produce reliable repeatable decisions and results. Machine Deep Learning control the complete Business. Learn Strategies, these industry, Leaders are utilizing to optimize their business. The promise and challenge of the age of A. I., Modelling the impact of A. I. on the world industries organizations in cultural and social lives. Management policies in safety and security impact in world. IT & ICT Skills:

Manage Strategy formulation long and short strategy, in depth definition, analysis, and implementation strategy, policies, cost-effective, risk level, performance evaluation Professionally, implementing the mystery of strategy and technology for achievement the planned goals for Academic Education & Researches, Related Industries and UNs Organizations 'ITU,, UNDP. Cover important topics. For details, please see: Appendex 1 Management Skills:

The chief executive has the highest function the management of the continuous process of strategies decision in which a succession of corporate objectives of ever-increasing appropriateness provides the means of economic contribution, the necessary commensurate return and opportunity for all implies to live and develop through production and renewing careers. The strategic function of the board of directors, the highest of the chief executive in the management of the future-oriented purposeful development of the enterprise, then it is necessary the responsibility of the board of directors to see that this job is adequately done. The proposals presented to them have been properly prepared and can be defended as strategically consisted and superior to available alternatives. The boards of directors is undergoing revitalization as the only available source of legitimacy for corporator power and assurance of corporate responsibility. Flow of information to these committees is supported to economize the time and inform the judgment of the independent directors and to enable them to appraise the caliber of the company’s management. The information useable by the board can not usually be siphoned off the management information systems. For more details see Appendex 2 Academic Education Skills:

Develop and support creative and innovative strategies, implementing the opportunities presented by the unique nature of the teaching facilities available maximizing lectures courses and topics. Which interpreting curriculum policy on required learning and courses areas and its contents qualitatively and quantitatively. Effectively in building community, supporting recruit new topics and raising academic standards and also credited new researches. Evaluating the current curriculum & researches activities, and then advice on the best practices to be followed forced improvement the overall quality of the education, with the university board of management can discuss the important issues concern Academic Education, evaluated the curriculum & research activities and feedback from industries to improve the overall quality of the education. Lecturing CS & IT topics for Undergraduate, Graduate, and post graduate Academic Programs Telecommunication Training Institute, Kuwait lower part, and undergraduate for BS &BA, Maryland University, European Division, Munich, Germany, and MBA, the Institute of Public Relations, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arab, and postgraduate and research work for SRM University, Naga, Nadu, India. Managed strategic plan for implementing legal System as Senior Justice Operation Information Technology Expert, Kiev, Ukraine Major Achievements

Career Snapshots

Self-Employed -Independent Executive Consultant Jan 1994 – Till date 'AsaadCom' Performing National & International Projects, Munich, Germany, National and International Projects, Munich, Germany. Occasionally build joint venture with other Consultant Firms. The major activities focus on R/D integrating projects and case study supporting Consultancy, Education & Training packets. Managing computer projects phases, specifying computer hardware configuration, and software functionality to match system applications requirements. An offer from SRM University, Naga, Nadu, India: Professor in Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, with Strong Industries link for new Implement Industry Applications July 2007


Updated/Integrated Reform of Arbitration Courts and Support to Court Administration, Evaluated the Existing System Application (Hardware Configuration, Software Functionality, Record Hearing Equipment, and Systems Network),. Participated to support international organizations mission to introduce ICT Plan for Administration of Commercial Courts; developed e-templates for Standard Court Decision & submitting requests to Courts and Training Scheme for the Academy of Judges; specified digital computer labs, and planned for intensive seminars & workshops for young Judges. UNDP & EU, Kiev, Ukraine, May 2004. OCCUPATION: LEAD DEVELOPER

Jan.1994 – till date: Independent (self-employed) Executive Consultant 'AsaadCom' Performing National & International Projects, Munich, Germany. Occasionally builds joint venture with other Consultant Firms. The major activities focus on: Consultancy, Education & Training packets. Managing computer projects phases, specifying computer hardware configuration to match system applications requirements, design database management information system.


Updated/Integrated Reform of Arbitration Courts and support to Court Administration, Evaluated the existing System Application (Hardware Configuration, Software Functionality, Record Hearing Equipment, and Systems Network), for UNDP & EU, Kiev, Ukraine, May 2004. Participated to support international organizations mission to introduce ICT Plan for Administration of Commercial Courts; developed e-templates for standard court decision & submitting requests to courts and training scheme for the academy of judges; specified digital computer labs, and planned for intensive seminars & workshops for young Judges.

Since Jan 2002 and continue till date: Agreement between ‘AsaadCom’ Consultant 'AC' and Project Management Consultancy Company 'MCC', as nonprofit project, offering major activity in training different packages to several industries staffs levels continuing following package formats, and conducting in intensive seminars & workshops: Management Policy; Financial Management System Analysis and Design; Management Information Systems; Information Technology. Project Management includes; System Implementation; System Conversion; System Evaluation; and System Documentation. Business Policy; Strategic Plan; and Computer Applications within Management Information Systems, Management Behaviors; Management Policy; Project Management; Computer Networks; and Cases. Programming Languages; Structured Programming; Computer Project, Accounting Information System; System Analysis; System Design; Managerial Accounting; and Cases. Project Management; Computer Hardware & Software; Computer Applications.

Feb.1999 – May 1999, managing Feasibility Study to integrate the Educational Management Information System (EMIS), Ministry of Education and Management Development, Kingdom of Lesotho. March, 1998 – August 1998, Performed Feasibility Study: Program on Environment Information System in Sub-Sahara Africa (Support Decision-Making in Countries of SSA). Jan.1997 – Sept. 1997, designed and implemented Operational Document matching its cost-benefit for the National Security Number Project for Egyptian Government (Gieseoke & Devrient GmbH), Munich, Germany.

Jan. 1994 – Nov.1996, Established a joint venture (between AsaadCom & Inegienieurgesellschaft “EXIER

& SCHRAMM” mbh) to investigate computer Study project to updating/ integrating Geographic Information System (GIS), followed by offering tender, submitted to Planning, Town Planning Department, Abu Dhabi.

Sept.1989 –Nov.1989: Computer Expert (Consultant in mission), UNIDO, Austria, Conducted intensive seminars and workshops. Managed case study and prepared its report to establish Database Management Systems which save time and money couple of thousand Dollars Ministry of Industry and Trade Aden, Yemen.

Jan.1988-Aug. 1989: Lecturer, University of Maryland, European Division, Munich. Lecturing upper division undergraduate courses in Computer Science and Information Systems for both EB. AB groups Conducting seminars and workshops in Information Technology. Feb.1987–April 1987: Senior Consultant, INFORA, Munich, Germany. Designed and developed Inquiry System, supported conversion phase, which required to integrate Operating System by adding new utilities to file handling, and also adding required new functions to Compiler improving System’s efficiency. Integrating Inquiry System to become intelligent system (answering questions dealing with inquiry) saving lot of time and efforts to reach its goals..

Feb.1986-July1986: Lecturer (lecturing, consulting, and researching), Institute of Public Administration, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Established Graduate course for MBA students in Information Technology and lectured the program. Consulting the existing computer system applications. Managed Feasibility Study and presented proposed Design Relational Database Management System to replace the existing files system which was essential for the institute in its daily use save time and a lot of money about one million of Saudi Riels. Provided a research work in Strategic Management Process introducing computer models.

Aug.1979-July1980: EDP Project Manager, Engelbrecht Consult, Hamburg, Germany. Designed and implemented Arabic version for Database Management System, prepared acceptance test for Appointment and Statistics Project, Islamic Port, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Prepared feasibility study for Cash flow & Statistics System for Banker Station, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Dec. 1969 – May 1979 Head of Computer Section Telecommunication Training Institute, under Government of Kuwait & ITU, Kuwait. Established IT technical education in Kuwait from tailor made, first hand, and the first time such type of professional education. the project was planned according to the requirement of Staffordshire Poly to obtain Master degree, the project contains three parts. The first part low level under graduate program: to set up curriculum, program topics and courses, to build IT team, i.e. preparing instructors, and handouts for instructors & hand outs for trainees, prepared labs, logical, digital & analogous, IT library, set up examination board to evaluate students level, prepared writing & printing spool which save big amount of Doller to print education materials for all wings and institute works. Submitted education program final examination result as end product qualification match the planed program for the civil service committee (to accept the program with its expected grate and IT allowance. The second part was submitting an extension part, upper level under graduate program. The third part as alternative to build links with international universities, and industries to allow the graduate students to continue their studies or accepted as professional technicians. The education program evaluated and documented.

Dec. 1969-Sept. 1974: Lecturer, Telecommunication Training Institute, Kuwait. Lectured different sections logic circuits. Established student evaluation system (standard grade level included designed forms to improve evaluation procedures) to reach efficient performance of training evaluation system objectives. PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE:

Dec.1963-Dec.1969: External Telephone Network Planning Engineer, Ministry of P T & T, Kuwait. Prepared Telephone Networks Planning Project phases and supervised it. Updated Telephone Network Planning Maps.

Educational Qualifications

Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science Century University, Albuquerque, NM, USA, Dec 1993

(Aug. 1989 – May 1992 Middlesex Poly, UK, Ph.D. Studies not completed while the Poly failed to replace the resign professor and research supervisor, reason to leave the research with out completion. Try to continue in Century University. Master of Science in Computer Information Systems Boston University, Boston, MA, USA Sept 1985

Chartered Engineer, CEI/II Program North East London Poly, London University, UK, Sept 1975

BE (Bachelor of Engineering) in Telecommunication Engineering The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, New Delhi, India, Sept 1969 PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS:

Chartered Eng. LMBCS CITP, UK; LMIEEE 'Expert System, Standard Specification Groups', USA; Eur Ing. EUROUP.


Dr. M. A. Franz, Chair Dept. of Computer & Information Systems, Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg, MO 46093 U. S. A.

Dr. Roderic Grubb, Professor, c/o Boston University, Boston, MA 02215, U.S.A. Dr. Carl Baker, Dr. Carl Baker, 8 Gloucester St. Boston, MA 02215, U.S.A. International Reference:

MARQUIS WHO's WHO in Science and Engineering, WHO's WHO in The World Researches by the Author:

The author of the Postgraduate (PhD) Research Work of “Database Capture of Natural Language Reports” define the problem is focused on a broad understanding of a wide range of disciplines

(include information systems and computer sciences, behavioral sciences and management sciences) in relevant fields to generate an integrated model which emphasizes how the computer can best be used to understand the problem domain, i. e. integrating the system by creating a dictionary to allow a unified definition of management concepts supporting machine understanding including skills in understanding human-computer interaction, in understanding use of technology to design and manage information systems and from which these concepts develop a tailored knowledgeable domain focus developed knowledge information systems using ideas natural language processing to generate a unified management language to solve the major problem which faces the Management Information System in its non- structure data for more than one decay, which registered under TXU 622 037, dated Feb. 1994, United State Copyright Office, Library of Congress, USA.

The author of the Postgraduate Research Work of Research work as medical application 'Medical Record Summary Writing' National Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence, Medical Record Summary Writing (Medical Record) which failed final examination to get PhD degree.. Health care is one the important applications and Medical Record Summary Writing (Medical Report) which supported its decision making in important situation which deals with life or death. How should the physician react to each new test result? Does it signify a change from the last one. The information to answer these questions are based on the experience or come from information source such as Medical Record Summery (Medical Report). The system defines and represents the diagnostic process and will support in general approach towards structuring medical records. This proposal concerned the several real complex problems to be solved.

The objectives expected from this research to allow the definition of medical concepts which supports the system to supply the facts and relationships needed for the natural language processing to translate terms and data across system to remote database access, facilitate the input of complex inference for medical information. Allows a flexible input to structure database, and summary maker will be easy to learn and to use specially for young physicians, also save human been life, reduce the operation cost, and for students in medical education.

The research was submitted to Middlesex Polytechnic, The Burroughs, London NW4 4BT, United Kingdom, Jun. 1992

Research work: 'Are Computers being used in the Strategic Management Process?' Using Natural Language Processing in strategic management introducing rules and policies of management science to solve selected group of cases, to build computer models. Research supported very wide area in strategic management sciences domains use in business and investment industrial applications.

Thesis required to obtain Master in Computer Information Systems The author of Graduate Degree (MSICS), Research Work: Artificial Intelligence – Text analysis, and Text Processing (using technical approach of Script Applier Mechanism). Established A. I, machine learning, machine understand and summarize a story written in natural language, and answering questions. The system has scripts in ordered sequence of events. Assuming that, the story will refer to those events in the same order, the system keeps track of what script is active and what event was last referred to the story. Input CD forms are checked against been already seen.

Design Stack Processor in hardware and in software separate as computer architecture projects. Selected by the author from different processors which has objectives in process as fast processor and cost / benefits. The project highlighted its consistence (structure), operations (handling reverse polish formula, and algebraic formulas), flow control, examples of the different stack machines existing in this time in market. The importance of stack processors machines as variable length operand for more powerful systems and also for special purposes computers, and author insist the stack processor is the future processor.

Simulation of Control System Comparison of Digital Computer IBM 1130/1180 and Analogue Computer EMIAC PATCH-BOARD LAYOUT (to obtain Chartered Engineer). Solved Mathematical Equations, first, second, third and fourth degrees. Methods performed numerical and graphical solution. The project documented and submitted to Electrical & Electronics Department, Faculty of Engineering, London University London UK.

Research Interest: Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems and its applications is my most interested area in Computer Science, and which has great progress in its short history, it made revolutionary technologies in very wide scope such as printing, plumbing, air travel, telephony, medical applications, air space, rail ways, and so on as positive aspects. The best example to implement AI & Expert Systems in developing and modifying, management information systems specially for Integrating Relational Database Systems such as specially for MIS, Decision Support Systems, and Expert systems. Systems in compiler construction.

When I started study and research A. I before long time ago, I found its important in applying this new area in medical applications while natural language processing give very clear specifications, i. e. specify study and research A. I, I found its importance in applying medical applications by natural language processing gave very clear specifications, in specifying symptom to lead to define diagnostics, that was my approach to find real way for new intelligent medical systems, for each specialization part as subsystem call a domain, and the sum of subsystems is the complete intelligent medical system which will save live of many people and a lot of cases in time and money as one side and other side to support young doctors whom start his/her career with either few or no experience and also for medical education. Explaining symptoms leading defined. APPENDICES:

Append3ex 1

Such as Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, projects and cases strengthen strategic thinking performing ideal solution, using methodology, in useful updating format to introduce hardware design and software main part as selected ideas Computer Architecture, Design Processors, stack Processor building Stack Machine; Management Information Systems (century case Report Project), Information Systems Design (Feasibility Study for Port Management ‘Saudi Arab’), Computer Applications and systems Analysis (Case Study for Garden chemical Incorporated), Database Management Systems: “Design Database for L. G. WYNANT Company” (first design database using COASYL DBTG Model, and second design using DL/1 Model as alternative solution, both accepted), Compiler Construction “Lexical Structure of given DFT description of the language EL”

(Exercise Language), Building Compiler, Operating Systems Concept Project, Combinatories and Graphic Theory. Interpreted Concept Project, Review, Information Systems Design: interpreted Concept, Project, Management Information and Designing Interpreted Concept Project. Schedule System. Design E-Templates as Reports to be distributed Simulation System, to build up Analogue Computer and interface to transfer data to Digital Computer to solve mathematics equations numerical and graphically.

Simulation to create rules to cases in Legal System applications, Control Systems testing and evaluating functions Performance between Analogue and Digital Computer, cost-effective objectives; and Simulation Systems; Control Systems, testing and evaluating functions Performance between Analogue and Digital Computer. Coach Seat Booking; Games: cross-word; Bicycle Racing Simulation; Simple ITG-SAW; Card Deal. Appendex 2

Chief executive’s longevity is extended in some situations his securing the participation of the board in crucial strategic decision. Make an intelligent critical response in strategic terns i.e relating specific proposal to corporate strategy the practice in identification, evaluation and recommendation of strategy in analysis of the cases has introduced to the possibilities of effectiveness in the future participation in strategic management at whatever level. Strategic management comes to its culmination in the chairmanship of effective boards. Kind of corporate governess sufficiently responsible about autonomous management power. The special skill involved in perceiving and communicating the strategic significance of the business decision is the highest importance in engaging independent directors in the exercise of their assumed responsibility and in establishing active and effective boards as normal adjusts to competent professional management.

Objectives in knowledge: knowledge of concepts, knowledge of situations Objectives in skills: analytical ability, strategic analysis, working analysis effective. Executive’s job: roles and responsibilities. Concept of Corporate Strategy: Summary statement of strategy, reasons for not articulating strategy, formulation of strategy, the implementation of strategy, kind of strategies, criteria for evaluation. Company and its environment: industry structure and the formulation of strategy, current business strategy, identification of opportunities and risks, opportunities as determinant of strategy. Strategy as projection of performance – the inevitability of values, reconciling divergent values, modification of values. The moral component of corporate strategy, management concerns for responsibility, impact of control systems on ethical performance, choice of strategic alternatives for social action, determination of strategy, strategy and organizational structure, effective design of information systems. Organizational process and behaviour: establishment of standard and measurement of performance, Effective evaluation of performance. Motivation and incentive systems: effective compensation, role of incentive pay. Systems of restraint and control: formal control, integration formal and social control, enforcing ethical standards. Recruitment and development of management: advanced recruitment, continuing education. Strategic management of corporate governance: strategy as process, managing the process, the strategic function of the board of directors. Also adding Management Policy to Financial & Managerial Accounting and statistics to be more effective to its applications. Banking Systems, customer accounting records structure; Banking Management Information Systems Performance; Statistics Systems, cash flow and statistics; Production Statistics. Accounting Information Systems and Business Organization: Interpreted Concept Project.

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