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Engineer Quality

Youngstown, OH
March 09, 2019

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(Nickname: Jay) Eun Sung Lee, MBA

Home Phone: 281-***-****, Email:, LinkedIn:


I am a U.S. citizen who speaks English and Korean fluently, and I am an engineer holding an MBA degree with 12 years of combined experience at NASA and other organizations, and 8 years of lecturing at an international university. I am seeking a rewarding management position in the U.S. to fully utilize my professional and multi-cultural experiences and education starting in July 2019.


Master of Business Administration (MBA), Strayer University, Houston, Texas, GPA: 3.97, Sep 2013 - June 2016

Bachelor's of Industrial Engineering, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio, Sep 1990 - June 1998

Details of Professional Experience

Mongolia International University: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

University Lecturer, August 2010 to Present, Volunteer Position

• MIU is an English-speaking university with 10 schools and over 700 international students from China, Russia, Korea, Afghanistan, Mongolia, and other Eurasian and African countries.

• Lecturing in management, mathematics and engineering classes such as Statistics, Mathematics for Management, Calculus, Economics, Finance, Organizational Behavior, Introduction to Computer, Production Engineering and Eurasian History.

• Supervising and advising several student organizations on campus.

• Organizing and leading students on 2 trips to Russia and 4 trips to China to serve communities and to teach English.

NASA Johnson Space Center: Houston, Texas.

NASA/GHG, Reliability Engineer, July 2007- February 2010

•Supporting Lockheed Martin LRS (Landing Recovery System) in Houston, Texas as a member of SEIT (Systems Engineering Integration Team) Test and Verification Team.

• Writing LRS Subsystem Master Verification Plans (LRS SS MVP), Success Criteria for Requirements and other documents such as Verification Information Sheet (VIS), Verification Cross-reference Matrix (VRCRM), Requirement Verification Traceability Matrix (RVTM), Verification Closure Notices (VCN)

• Auditing, overseeing and approving LRS and LRS Components CPEs and management regarding LRS requirement verification and validation activities, process and results.

NASA/SAIC/Jacobs, Project Engineer, May 2007- July 2007

• Overseeing projects for equipment used in ISS and Space Shuttle.

• Developing, maintaining and certifying equipment for International Space Station and Space Shuttle.

• Organizing and overseeing projects and scheduling and leading meetings regarding those projects.

NASA/SAIC/ Jacobs, Quality Assurance Engineer, February 2004- February 2007

• Supporting vacuum chambers in JSC and quality of equipment used in ISS and Space Shuttle.

• Performing Quality Engineering functions within assigned areas of inspection and test activity, in accordance with specified quality criteria and stated procedural and technical requirements in Johnson Space Center (JSC).

• Ensuring traceability, safety and reliability of Flight Hardware Development, certification process involving qualification and certification tests, and on-orbit activities.

• Reviewing, approving and/or generating documents.

• Supporting and providing technical advice to ensure proper quality requirements and in-process controls.

• Providing for the detection of actual or potential deficiencies, non-conformances, system incompatibility, marginal quality, and trends or conditions that could result in unsatisfactory quality or performance.

• Evaluating non-conformances and proposed resolutions. Interfacing with managers, engineers, planners and other associates to accomplish the work.

AK Steel Co.- Stainless Steel Manufacturing Company: Mansfield, Ohio.

AK Steel Quality/Process Engineer, July 02 – November 03

• Working at a Hot Strip Mill Department with stainless steel.

• Teaming up with engineers and managers to improve the steel-manufacturing process and quality of products: to reduce scraps, and to eliminate production problems using analysis tools such as FEMA and Cpk.

• ISO 9000, QS 9000, TS 16949: Organized and handled projects and documents to comply with audits.

• Surface Quality Inspection System: $ 0.5 million capital project to detect surface defects on coils.

• R&R Studies and Cpk: Performed monthly Cpk analysis and yearly R&R studies on gauges.

• Redesigning Carry-over Bar Assembly: Redesigned existing equipment to improve process and reduce/eliminate quality/maintenance problems.

PMI Industries, Inc. - Underwater Cable Connectors: Cleveland, Ohio.

PMI Project Engineer, Feb 01-Mar 02

• Working with steel, aluminum, titanium and plastics on diverse assignments as an engineer.

• Designing/modifying tools, dies and products using Mechanical Desktop 5 (3-D Modeling), AutoCAD 2000.

• Product Development: Developing customers’ needs into concepts and products.

• Process Control: Working with technicians to establish/draft production and process procedures.

• Project Control: Determining specifications for designs and products. Estimating time and cost for projects and wrote RFQs and requisitions. Communicating with suppliers and customers to orchestrate delivery of products.

• Finite Element Analysis: Calculating the stress, strain and deflection of designs to verify that designs met specs.

• Black & White Dragon: High strength underwater tow cable systems for the Korean Navy, which delivers electric signals and electric power under harsh marine conditions. Focusing on mechanical connectors between cables.

• Dragon Master: System to enhance cable-handling process for assorted uses.

LTV Steel Company - Carbon Steel Manufacturer: Cleveland, Ohio.

LTV Steel Engineering Supervisor, June 00 - Feb 01

• Supervising at a Structural Shop directing technicians as a manufacturing engineer.

• Orchestrating various projects by assigning, describing and directing jobs to 200 hourly workers.

• Conducting weekly safety training- enforced safety requirements and reprimanding union workers if necessary.

• Going to the site of a new project to estimate the safety of the work environment, amount of work and to determine tools and equipment needed to accomplish the project.

LTV Steel Special Task Force Process Engineer, June 99 - June 00

• Working on various projects, some independently and some as a member of a task force, to improve quality of products and manufacturing processes.

• Collecting and analyzing data for a VCP Computer Simulation Model to maximize efficiency of the whole steel making process. Determining bottlenecks and then managing traffic at the problem areas.

• Trouble-shootings on Dekerfer Station at Caster; eradicating “bur” problems at the caster by finding the root causes and eliminating them.

• Installing new heat exchanger units to increase capacity of cooling systems for LMF.

• Reducing abnormalities in steel by studying correlations of many variables. Working as a member of a 20-person Abnormality Task Force.

LTV Steel Maintenance Facilitator, June 98 - June 99

• Planning maintenance schedules, collected and organized data, developed SOPs, developed Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and operated SAP Systems.

• Supervising maintenance technicians, performing preventive maintenance & troubleshooting and worked on continuous improvement.


2014 Most Popular Professor, awarded by MIU Student Union.

2016 Best Professor of the Year, awarded by Mongolia International University.

2018 Most Honored Professor of Universities in Mongolia, awarded by the Mongolian Private Universities Association.


• Adaptable, dependable, high in cultural intelligence and international relations.

• Languages: Korean (Native), English (Fluent), Chinese (I can read some characters.)

• Expert in MS Excel, MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Publisher, analysis tools such as FEMA and Cpk.

• Knowledgeable of ISO 9000, QS 9000, TS 16949, Mechanical Desktop 5 (3-D Modeling), AutoCAD 2000.

• Experienced in developing SOPs, operating SAP systems, developing equipment, verifying equipment, performing quality engineering functions within assigned areas of inspection and test activity in accordance with specified quality criteria and stated procedural and technical requirements, safety, reliability.


Available upon request.

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