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iSeries/AS400 System Administrator

Veterans Village, 1105, Philippines
February 17, 2019

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Wilfredo C. Estrada, Jr.

Nationality: Filipino Tel.: +63-956-***-**** Skype: jakestrad Home Address: 7-13 BLPC Road 3, Pag-asa, Quezon City, Philippines Current location: Quezon City, Philippines Sex: Male Civil Status: Married Place of birth: Quezon City, Philippines Education:

BS Civil Engineering (2nd year),

University of the Philippines, Manila

Philippines (1972-1974)

Philippine Military Academy

Baguio City, Philippines

1974-1978 (Undergraduate)

Summary of Experience:

More than 5 years experience as iSeries/AS400 System Administrator doing the following: IPL, OS400 upgrades, PTF Management

DR/High Availability Admin (MIMIX HA)

Backup/Restore (BRMS Administration)

iSeries Network Administration (TCP/IP)

Security Administration (Authorities, Permissions) Software installation (3rd party & IBM lic. pgms.) System Troubleshooting (hardware/Software/Network) Performance monitoring and tuning

Creates procedures & documentations

System Migration

Technical Skills Summary:


Windows Active Directory

MS Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

MS OCS – Microsoft Office Communicator

HPSM – HP Service Manager


AIX on IBM P5 server HP-Ux on HP Non Stop (Tandem) AS400/iSeries

i5 OS (V4R1 to V5R4)

CL400, Exposure to RPG & COBOL

Tape Management (BRMS)


Performance Tools


iSeries (510, 720, 810, 820, Power6, 520)

Mimix HA

PowerLock Network Security Suite

BOS Jadvantage

Wintouch CRM










IBM 4341, IBM 4381

IBM 370/125




Career History:


Infrastructure Security Administrator (Process Executive) ING Bank (Singapore)/Tata Consultancy Services

PSE Tower 1, Ayala Ave., Makati City, Philippines

Dec 2012- May 2013

Maintained/managed the Active Directory by: creating/de-provisioning/deleting user accounts; creating/deleting security groups/distribution lists; adding/removing users; enabling/disabling accounts; resetting passwords; increasing/decreasing email storage sizes, etc.

Troubleshoot and resolved network access problems within the SLA requirements.

Performed system requests as logged in the incident tickets within SLA requirements.

Configured Cisco phones and voicemail.

Assigned RSA & DS3 security tokens to users and enabled same when locked.

Created weekly and monthly KPI reports.

Monitored the Security Admin mailbox and made sure that all incoming emails are read, attended to, and replied to by concerned staff.

Maintained the user account list (normal, privileged and service), accounts for all servers (Windows Active Directories, Unix, HP-NonStop/Tandem).

Regularly reviewed and updated privileged accounts list and passwords, service id’s, and inactive id’s.

Worked with asset owners to regularly review the user access matrices including the Windows share folder permissions, then added/removed members from security groups, and made other changes as required. System Environment:

Hardware Operating Systems Software/Applications

HP NonStop, HP-Ux,

Wintel servers

Tandem Guardian OS,

Unix/Linux, Windows 2003

Windows Active Directory, RSA, OCS, DS3, Quest,

Sharepoint, HPSM, MS Outlook, CyberArk, Xceedium


Systems Operations Supervisor (AS400 System Administrator) United Arab Shipping Co. (SAG) Kuwait City, Kuwait Nov. 2001 - June 2010

Responsible for the System Administration and Security of 6 iSeries/AS400 servers located in two data centres (Kuwait & Dubai) and one Unix (AIX)computer and ensures that all systems and their respective business applications are available 24x7.

Lead man in activities such as Operating System Upgrades, Hardware Upgrades, System Migration; Mimix Switching; Business Continuity Planning; and Disaster Recovery Testing & Implementation. The following are some of my tasks:

Systems Administration:

Performed OS upgrades; Installed PTF & IBM Licensed Programs; Disk Management; System migration; System recoveries.

Set up new iSeries servers from scratch (from LIC, OS, User Profiles, Configuration objects, libs, System Values, TCP/IP, System Security).

Provided support to the following Business Applications and System Software users: CODA Financials Accounting System, Shipping Systems, Claims, HR, CRM, RPG, Cobol, Cognos.

Set up and managed as400 TCP/IP ((SMTP, FTP, SNMP, DDM, DRDA)

Configured printers to the AS400/iSeries server.

Troubleshoot/resolved all system problems (HW, SW, Network, Business Apps., etc) and escalated same when necessary.

Performed Work Management (subsystems, job queues, and output queues) to optimize system performance and to distribute system workload.

Managed system software such as Mimix, BRMS, PowerLock, SOQ, BOS JAdvantage, and WAS 5.1.

Set up ODBC connection on user PC’s/workstations.

Created CL programs for system management and operations processing.

Collected Performance Data for Tuning and Capacity planning.

Performed system housekeeping activities such as: disk management, spoolfile cleanup, and IPL. System Security Administration:

Set up and maintained system security on all IBM AS400/iSeries servers.

Managed exit points using PowerLock network Security Suite.

Reviewed the daily logins in all IBM AS400/iSeries servers to identify unauthorized access, login failures, and intrusion attempts and investigated the same.

Created user profiles and assigned the appropriate authorities for both regular and privileged users.

Formulated the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) of the company for management review and approval.

Checked for inactive user accounts and deleted same.

Monitored usage of privileged and service user accounts.

Generated daily & hourly Business Application Utilization summaries to identify trends and possible unusual user activities.

Backup Administration (BRMS):

Formulated backup and recovery strategies.

Created BRMS policies (backup, media, system, move) and backup control groups for daily, weekly, and monthly backups.

Restored libraries, objects and systems.

High Availability/Disaster Recovery Administration(Mimix) :

Managed two Mimix HA environments between Kuwait (source) and Dubai (target).

Monitored and resolved object and DB errors.

Perform day to day MIMIX replication monitoring.

Created/deleted Data Groups (DG’s).

Added/removed libraries and objects to/from DG’s.

Periodically cleared DG histories.

Performed Mimix System switching and switchback during Tests and Live situations.

Performed Mimix DG Cold Start.

Performed recoveries of libraries, files, and objects via Mimix in the absence of tape backups.

Monitored databases and objects via Mimix in both source and target systems to ensure that they are synchronized; made the necessary corrections in case of discrepancies.

Upgraded Mimix service packs

Operations Supervision:

Supervised IT Operations/helpdesk staff and made sure that IT services and processes are available 24x7.

Ensured that batch jobs and backups are run as scheduled, that shifting schedule is implemented, and that all problems reported by users are resolved and attended to as soon as possible.

Provided 2nd & 3rd level technical support to business application users.

Created documentations as guides in resolving problems and performing complex procedures.

Developed tools to aid in systems operations such as Tape Library System, Offsite Tapes Tracking System, Daily Utilization charts, Text -to-Excel Converter & Summarizer, etc. System Environment:

Hardware Operating Systems Apps/Tools/ Software

iSeries (810, 820, 720, i5), LPar, IBM

Shark Enterprise storage

OS400 v4r4/ v5r1/v5r2


CL400, Mimix HA, BRMS, RPG, ODBC

IBM Power6 520, HMC, IBM p5 i5/OS V5r4, AIX 5.2 SQL, WAS 5.1, MS Office, LDAP 3.

Sr. Computer Operator

Infocenter Co. WLL, Kuwait City/

United Arab Shipping Co. (SAG), Kuwait City

Dec. 1994 – Nov. 2001

Supervised Computer Room Operations including batch & online processing.

Performed backup & recovery, troubleshooting/resolving hardware & software problems.

Created programs to optimize data center operations such as HelpDesk and Tape Library Management systems.

Provided 1st and 2nd levels of support to business application users.

Created procedures and Operations run books to guide Computer Operations staff in performing their daily tasks and resolving system problems.

Monitored and tracked system intrusion attempts. System Environment:

Hardware Operating Systems System Software Programming Projects AS/400 (720 & 510) OS/400 V4R4 CL400, VAX DCL Help Desk System VAX 4000, Micro VAX 3100 Open VMS, VMS CODA, FoxPro Tape Library Management VAX 11/780, PC's MS DOS, Windows 95 MS Word, Ms Excel Tech. Manuals Lib. System 4.

Computer Assistant (Mainframe Computer Operator)

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co., Philippines May 1989 - Dec. 1994

Performed JCL coding and other Computer Operator tasks such as interactive job monitoring, batch job processing, and backup & recovery.

Performed troubleshooting of system problems, application programs and aborted batch jobs, and initiated restart procedures.

Created JCL Editor/Generator programs using ROSCOE to facilitate submission of batch jobs.

Participated in the formulation of EDP policies and procedures System Environment:

Hardware Operating Systems Software DB's/Languages IBM 4381 MVS JCL, CA1, RACF, JES2, HSM IMS/VS


Computer Operator

Al Khaleej Computers & Electronic Systems,

Ministry of Post, Telegraph & Telephone Project

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Sept. 1987 - Dec. 1988

Monitored and controlled computer operations through the master console. Ensured that CICS online users are able to login and that all system software are running.

Ran batch jobs as scheduled, replied to console prompts, and watched our for errors. System Environment:

Hardware Operating Systems Software




Computer Operator

National Computer Center, Philippines

Jan.1984 – Sep. 1987

Under the supervision of the Senior Computer Operator, operated peripheral devices such as tape drives, printers, card readers, and scanners.

System Environment:

Hardware Operating Systems Software


Sr. Special Investigator/Asst. Chief Security Officer National Computer Center

Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City, Philippines

Oct. 1980 – Dec 1983

Responsible for the security & safety of the computer center to include Computer Security, Physical Security, Document Security, and Personnel Security.

Commander of the computer centre's security force.

Conducted continuing security surveys and vulnerability studies and made the necessary corrections as approved by the Managing Director.

Investigated crimes and violations of security regulations committed within the centre's premises.

Conducted security orientation seminars for new employees. Training:

Network Infocenter, Kuwait iSeries System Administration and Control GBM/IBM Kuwait AS/400 System Operator Wrokshop GBM/IBM Kuwait WebSphere Application Server Administration GBM/IBM Kuwait IBM MVS JCL & JES2 IBM Philippines CL/400 BIDM of New York ROSCOE Usage and ROSCOE RF Usage Computer Associates Introduction to Shipping Northwest Kent College of UK Accounting for Managers Training Program Arabian Vocational Training Center Supervisory Skills Program RogenSi of Dubai, UAE IMS/VS Master Terminal Operator IBM Philippines TSO Clist Facilities IBM Philippines MVS Controlling JES2 IBM Philippines MVS JCL Coding IBM Philippines MVS using Utility Programs IBM Philippines D Base III+ Programming Al Khaleej Computers, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia COBOL Programming Al Khaleej Computers, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia OS IV/F4 Concepts, JCL & Utilities Fujitsu Philippines, Inc. CSP/FX Usage Fujitsu Philippines, Inc. Computer Operations Course National Computer Center, Philippines EDP Fundamentals Course National Computer Center, Philippines

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