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Biocheistry, Radiochemistry, Nuclear Chemistry

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
April 23, 2019

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Yisel Martinez Noa Phone: 437-***-**** 9 Glen Castle St, Toronto, ON, M4R 1Z5 Skills and areas of expertise

Protein expression and purification Electrophoresis

Genetic engineering PCR

Biotechnology DNA sequencing analysis

Protein-protein Interactions DNA purification

Enzyme Activity Nuclear Medicine

Theoretical Chemistry Radiochemistry

Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Drug design

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance


Western Blot Analysis Radio-pharmacy

Southern Blotting Pharmacokinetics

Cell culture Bio-distribution

Cloning Radio-labelling

Chromatography Quality control

Good writing and communication skills

Adapt to work in different environment


Visiting student (ELAP scholarship) Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Faculty of Science, McMaster University, Canada (January/2018-June/2018)

Performed expression, purification and refolding of enzymes coming from malaria parasite

Analyzed NMR spectra, such as 1D and 1D/STD of complexes formed by these enzymes with its peptide-mimetic inhibitors

Helped with theoretical projects of other members of the laboratory

Constructed in silico models, performed molecular dynamics simulations and free energy calculations of complexes formed between a proteins from malaria parasite and several novel organic inhibitors

Participated in general laboratory operational duties i.e.: freezer records, reference standard material records, chemical inventory records, and laboratory supplies

Completed several safety courses and trainings in laboratory facilities

Presented and discussed work in weekly R&D group meetings Visiting/training researcher Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Cuba (08/2016-10/2017)

Worked on multiple projects at the same time

Designed complex plasmids and executed the cloning, using either PCR or restricted enzymes

Performed DNA detection

Submitted samples to sequencing and analyzed sequences

Prepared media to promote E. coli and Pichia pastoris growth

Achieved expression and purification of recombinant proteins Research assistant/ Instructor Professor Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Molecular Dynamics, Centre for Protein Studies, Faculty of Biology, University of Havana, Cuba (02/2015-09/2018)

Been in charge of:

-Practical classes: Bioinformatics, Biomembranes

-Laboratories: Methodology and techniques of the work with biomolecules

-Laboratories: Informatics

Developed a strong background with unix/linux tools and administration

Enhanced skills working with different molecular databases

Expanded knowledge concerning docking and homology modelling simulations software packages

Designed new inhibitors against enzymes to prevent tropical diseases

Performed molecular dynamics simulations and free energy calculations of the several biological systems

Processed large volume of data efficiently generating accurate analysis

Supervised a whole class of biochemistry students; ensured that all group members received proper classes according to their study program

Junior researcher/ Instructor Professor Department of Nuclear Medicine, National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology, Havana, Cuba (09/2011-12/2014)

Performed routine quality tests such as sterility and bacterial endotoxin test on in- process and final products in accordance with current GMP procedures

Supervised radio-physical technologist

Produced 99mTc- and 131I-radiolabelled pharmaceuticals

Worked as research associate with other centers as: Centre for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering; Institute of Pharmacy and Aliments; Centre of Molecular Immunology

Taught Radio-pharmacy for medical radiophysics students

Performed pharmacokinetics and bio-distribution assays in laboratory mice

Contributed to high-level medical research by helping to introduce cut-edge techniques for diagnosis and oncology therapies

Enhanced knowledge in HPLC, GC, UV, pH and electrophotometer Education

Master in Science Biochemistry Faculty of Biology, University of Havana (2017-2018) Thesis Title: In silico design and optimization of a selective peptide-mimetic inhibitor against falcipain 3, based on the BC loop from falstatin, an endogenous inhibitor of Plasmodium falciparum Supervisor: Dr. Pedro Alberto Valiente Flores

Bachelor of Science Major in Radiochemistry Faculty of Technology and Nuclear Science, Higher Institute of Technologies and Applied Sciences, Havana, Cuba (2006-2011) Thesis Title: Subcutaneous biodistribution and pharmacokinetics of Rhopalurus junceus venom Supervisors: Dr. Gilmara Pimentel Gonzalez, B.Sc. Tais Basaco Bernabeu Advanced Courses

2015-2016 Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering



Metabolic biochemistry




Advanced English Language

Biochemical analytical techniques

Biochemistry of proteins and enzymes

Advanced school of experimental and bioinformatic tools for protein 3D-structure and determination analysis


2014 Production of PET therapeutic and diagnosis radiopharmaceuticals radiolabelled with 68Ga and 177Lu (Zentralklinik Bad Berka, Germany) 2013 Nuclear Chemistry and Radiochemistry

Synthesis of radiolabelled compounds

Scientific methodology

2011-2013 French Language

2012 Clinical pharmacokinetics

2011 Good manufacturing practices

2010 1st Fall School on Nuclear Sciences

2009 Radiopharmacy: State of the art in Cuba

International Scientific Meetings

2017 Virtual Winter School on Computational Chemistry (poster, won Best Poster Award)

2015 X Seminars of advanced studies in molecular modeling and bioinformatics

(1 poster)

IX Congress of the Cuban Chemical Society (1 poster) Advanced school of experimental and bioinformatic tools for protein 3D- structure and determination analysis (1 poster)

2012 XI Congress of the Cuban Pharmaceutical Society (2 posters) Research Projects

Expression and purification of proteins: in vitro tests of antimalarial agents (joint with the Centre for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering), 2016-2018

Structural and energetic analysis of the complex between the BC loop of Falstatin and cysteine protease Falcipain 3 of the Plasmodium falciparum parasite, 2014-2018

Biodistribution and pharmacokinetics of 131I-radiolabelled erythropoietin in Balb/C mice, 2012-2014

Biodistribution and pharmacokinetics of the Rhopalurus junceus venom in Balb/C mice, 2010-2011

CIGB-378: New synthetic peptide with potential anti-tumor and antigenic activity, 2009-2010

CIGB-370: Recombinant polypeptide with potential anti-tumor activity, 2009-2010

Diluted toxins of the Rhopalurus junceus venom in malicious neoplasms, 2009-2011

CIGB-552: A new therapy towards molecular targets: cancer and metastasis treatment, 2008- 2010


2017 Best Poster Award, Virtual Winter School on Computational Chemistry. Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program Scholarship (CAD 10000). 2011 Mention, Scientific Forum of the LABIOFAM group. Mention, Scientific Student’s Forum, Higher Institute of Technologies and Applied Sciences


Silver Medal: Provincial Physics Olympiad, 2001

Gold Medal: Provincial Chemistry Olympiad, 2002

Silver Medal: Provincial Biology Olympiad, 2002



place, Provincial Student History Forum, 2006

Student volunteer (food production), 2006-2007

Bronze medal, chess, Nuclear Olympics, 2008

Best student in sports: Radiochemistry class, 2011

Helped to set up the PET diagnosis facilities in the National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology, Havana, Cuba, 2015.

Member of the Award’s Committee, Undergraduate Scientific Forum, Faculty of Biology, University of Havana, 2015-2017

Undergraduate Thesis Committee Member, Faculty of Biology, University of Havana, 2015-2017

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