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Data Assistant

Beaverton, OR
November 27, 2018

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Eman Allaith


[ Willing to relocate ]


M.S of Biomedical Engineering August 2016

University of Portland

B.S. of Bioengineering June 2015

Oregon State University

Selected Courses

Knowledge of PMA and 510(k) requirements, Regulations of Drug and Medical Devices (FDA), Bioengineering Product Design, Quality Assurance, Clinical Studies, Clinical Analysis, Heat and Mass transport, Thermody- namics, Surface analysis, Bioprocess design, Bioreactor, Biological Data Analysis, Cell engineering, Bio-separa- tion, Biomaterials, Biomechanics, Digital Signal Processing, Communication System, Biomedical Instrumenta- tion and Computer Interface, SolidWorks, Excel, Matlab, LabView, Python, R-code, SQL. Lab Skills:

Pipetting/micro-pipetting, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Chromatography, Filtration/Ultrafiltration, Size Exclusion Columns, Setting up and monitoring Bioreactors, Flow cytometry, ELISA. RSEARCH EXPERIENCES

Clinical Research Assistant at Oregon Health & Science University Sept 2017 - Sept 2018

• Support clinical trials by collecting, screening, and entering study applicants information for multiple studies.

• Recruit study participants to different studies using specific study protocols to determine eligibility.

• Develop and evaluate the effectiveness of devices used during the clinical studies (monitor, ECG).

• Analyze data by conducting interviews, data queries, registering study participants, and reviewing patient’s medical record.

• Write and update clinical protocols, worksheets, and SOP and submit them for IRB approval.

• Monitor experiment of records by tracking database. Engineering Intern at Oregon Health & Science University June 2016 - Sept 2017

• Designed and developed a device that meets experiment specifications and assess manufacturing feasibility

• Built and tested multiple prototypes and evaluated the test results.

• Used CAD program to sketch, build, and assemble the device to validate that device meets predetermined requirements.

• Collected protein samples and used Cryo-electron microscopy to take images of protein.

• Analyzed the images using Python program to determine the protein structure and properties. Bioreactors and fermentation project at Oregon State University (OSU) Sept 2014 - June 2015

• Setup up and monitored bioreactor throughout the cultivation process of saccharomyces cerevisiae.

• Prepared a media solution for maximum cell growth and ethanol production.

• Used literature results and trial testing to determine the optimum production conditions (e.g.temp, pH)

• Used Matlab code to analyze the data collected, determine the optimum parameters, and plot the growth chart.

• Applied the calculated results to achieve optimum operation and scale-up of bioreactors. High performance liquid chromatography bioseparation techniques at OSU Sept 2014 - June 2015

• Setup and monitored high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) system to optimize separation of un- wanted components in stream.

• Collected data throughout the process using UV detector to identify the diffusion rate of each component

• Analyzed the data to determine the chromatography membrane permeability, formation of gel, and rejection coefficient.

Ultrafiltration at Oregon State University (OSU) Sept 2014 - June 2015

• Designed and setup a filtration system that can be used to optimize the separation of two unreacted dyes in waste stream.

• Chose filtration membrane that can exclude specific particle size to enhance the separation.

• Built standard curve of the dyes to determine the concentration of the dyes before and after the filtration process and permeability term of the membrane.

• Used the calculated data to design a scale-up filtration system to accommodate higher flow rate of stream. Eman Allaith


[ Willing to relocate ]

Research Intern at KAUST University June 2014 – Sep 2014

• Revived wild type Pseudomonas Aeroginosa (PDO300) bacteria and mutants.

• Exposed the bacteria to heavy metals (Pb,Ag,Cu) at wide range of concentrations.

• Studied the effect of the heavy metals on the growth rate of bacteria by using spectrophotometer to measure the percentage of the growth rate inhibition that the metals caused.

• Detected the effect of heavy metals on the bacteria growth under aerobic and anaerobic conditions, which showed a significant difference between the two conditions due to the presence of oxygen.

• Performed data analysis and reached conclusion that heavy metals significantly decreased the bacteria’s optical density and surface attachment’s formation (biofilm).

• Extract the DNA sequence of Pseudomonas Aeroginosa bacteria and the mutants to perform PCR se- quencing to confirm the bacteria type.

Research Assistant at Harper Nanotoxicology Lab, OSU Sep 2013 – June 2014

• Performed experience of exposing nanosolution at different concentrations to living organisms repre- sented by daphnia to examine its effect on their development.

• Studied the chronic effect of nanosolution exposure on daphnia by checking end points (survival rate, neonates number, daphnia development and mobility).

• Detected the effect of nanosolution on the offspring development by monitoring their survival and growth rate.

Intern at Research and Development Center at Aramco July 2012 - Sep 2012

• Supported a department wide project for Oil Production Enhancement by applying thermodynamic concepts to eliminate heat damages using data collected from the inlets and outlets streams.

• Assisted with analyzing the data of the experiments and enhancing the heat cycle used.

• Discussed possible solutions to decrease the inlet temperature of the steam. ACADEMIC PROJECTS

Muscle Assessment and Muscle Reading Map (Myomap) Jan 2016- May 2016

• Developed Myomap project to present at $100k challenge that will meet specific market needs.

• Designed Myomap product prototype that is capable of detecting the electrical activity of certain mus- cle using surface electrodes.

• Built EMG circuit to amplify the signal and filter out the noise.

• Developed Matlab and LabView codes to further analyze and filter the acquired signal.

• Constructed business plan to be presented for potential investors with financial and market analysis to show the product viability and profitability and recommended an approach for clinical trials and prod- uct development.

Analyzing and Filtering ECG signal Jan 2016-Feb 2016

• Built ECG circuit that is capable of measuring, amplifying, and filtering ECG signal that is detected by the ECG surface electrodes.

• Developed Matlab and LabView codes to analyze, filter, and determine the heart rate and any abnor- malities in the ECG signal.

• Designed low and high pass filter to remove high and low frequency noise from the processed signal.

• Analyzed the signal to determine the heart rate and the length and width of major peaks (QRS complex and T-wave) using peak analysis function.

Validating Fluid Pressures in a Mechanical Heart Model Sep 2015-Dec 2015

• Designed an experiment to measure the effect of exercise on blood pressure by using a simulated me- chanical heart model.

• Collected pressure range data on volunteers to validate the normal and exercise blood pressure reached with exercise.

• Used the data collected for simulation in the mechanical heart and monitored the changes with pressure sensors and flow rate monitor.

• Performed data analysis using Excel and Matlab to test the validity and utility of the model and reached conclusion that exercise is related to increases of blood flow, which is accompanied by a change in blood pressure.

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