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Engineer Assistant

Edmond, Oklahoma, United States
November 20, 2018

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Arnoldo Genuzio


Obtain a full time position as a Sr. Engineer/Manager/Director/VP in order to reach the company’s goals. Experienced in managing multimillion dollar projects, major size companies, personnel and advisor to senior management and various analytical skills (see “Education”).

Publication Made

Improved Recovery Alternatives for the Alamo SW Field: A Tight Fluvial-Deltaic Sandstone Reservoir. (Oklahoma Geological Survey Circular 98, 1996). In the Alamo field two productive zones have been identified. The two zones are separated by a shale interval 5-10 feet in thickness. For the simulation study the geologic model was represented by an E-W oriented grid. The grid consisted of 322 active blocks, each of which was 330 feet square. The thickness of each block was equal to the average net zone thickness for that square. Each zone was modeled separately assuming that the shale bed prevented flow between the upper and lower zones. An average water saturation of 26% was used for all blocks. Simulation results are based on assuming a normal hydrostatic gradient with an initial reservoir pressure of 2700 Psi.

Professional Experience

Jul.2015 – Present Petroleum Consultant-Int. Oklahoma City, OK

Sr. Reservoir Engineer Advisor

International experience, economic analysis of new acquisitions (ARIES), technical and economical field recommendations and of individual wells, Gas Storage, S.E.C. Appraisals, Reserve Estimates & Forecast, Decline Curves, Type Curves, Sensitivity Analysis, PTA, RTA, Economic Evaluations (ARIES), manage and lead asset teams, Conventional & Unconventional.

Sept.2013 – Mar.2015 Marathon Oil Oklahoma City, OK

Sr. Reservoir Engineer Lead-Advisor

Woodford Development Team Lead, Exploration-Growth Team, Reserve Estimates & Forecast, Decline Curves, Type Curves, Sensitivity Analysis, Economic Evaluations (ARIES), Company Planning Cycle, Preparation of AFE’s, Statistical Analysis. Shale Oil & Gas Reservoirs (Woodford, Springer, Goddard, Boatwright, Caney Shale, Marmaton, Cleveland, Oil Creek, Hoxbar, Hunton, Bromide, Sycamore, Tonkawa, Arbuckle) – Unconventional & Conventional. Familiar with: Spotfire, Crystal Ball, Topaze (RTA & PTA). Presentations to senior management, guide less experienced engineers and techs. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Ability to work independently or as part of small or large team. Confidence to suggest scope changes with justifications

Jul.2012 – Aug.2013 Legend Natural Gas Fort Worth, TX

Sr. Reservoir Engineer Lead-Advisor

Asset Development Team Lead (developing $1Billion), Reserve Estimates & Forecast, Decline Curves, Type Curves, Sensitivity Analysis, Economic Evaluations (ARIES), Preparation of AFE’s, Statistical Analysis. Shale Oil & Gas Reservoirs (Barnett Shale) – Unconventional. Able to develop technical solutions, manage time and tasks to provide accurate deliverables in the specified time frame. Excellent math and problem solving skills, attention to detail and a desire to perform rigorous quality control, able to work at a desk and use a computer for long periods of time, ability to work independently without direct supervision.

Aug.2008 – Jan.2012 Lee Keeling & Associates Inc. Tulsa, OK

(Petroleum Consultants)

Sr. Reservoir Engineer

Economic Evaluations (ARIES), Reserve Estimates & Forecast, Decline Curves, Reservoir Simulation, Reservoir Engineering, Secondary Recovery, Gas Storage, S.E.C. Appraisals. Familiar with: Mid-Continent, Permian Basin, NW Louisiana, Haynesville, S. Texas, Eagle Ford, Cotton Valley, Appalachian, Bakken, Woodford, Cana Shale Granite Wash, Panhandle,Niobrara,etc.. Conventional & Unconventional.

Dec.2006 – Aug.2008 Northern Natural Gas Omaha, NE

Sr. Reservoir Engineer

Responsible for the operational activities of the storage facilities of three fields, plan, evaluate and direct the well- reservoir activities, including the overall volume planning function, establish field operating guidelines, supervise the evaluation of observation well pressures and injection/withdrawal well performance, and recommend changes in operating guidelines to assure effective reservoir control, in addition to other related duties, regulatory filing support, drilling contracts support. Have working knowledge of the principles of aquifer storage and reservoir control, good communications skills, working closely and communicating with varied internal and external clients.

Oct.- Nov. 2006 Aluko & Associates Austin,TX (Petroleum Consultants)

Reservoir Engineer

Field studies, Analysis using: F.A.S.T. Well Test, ONE PT, OGRE, HDS Log-Analysis. Building geological information by wells.

Jan.1994- Dec.1995 OXY-USA Oklahoma City, OK

Reservoir Engineer

Did CO2 injection and pattern management, economic analysis of new acquisitions (ARIES), technical and economical field recommendations and of individual wells, arrangement of wells, field study, reserve estimates, log interpretation, finding new zones, pressure analysis, field management to improve the profitability of the field, plug back and deepening projects, interacting with teammates, reserve forecasting, decline curve analysis, material balance, determination of oil and gas recovery from tight gas sands.

Feb.1991- Oct.1993 The University of Oklahoma Norman, OK

Graduate Research Assistant

Reservoir simulation using ECLIPSE black oil simulator, optimize waterflood, horizontal well analysis and build geological models.

Dec.1989- Jul.1990 Tesoro-Bolivia Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Reservoir Engineer

Similar work as in OXY and did field studies and planning, decline curve analysis, interpretation of open hole well logs and pressure drawdown and build up tests, estimation of gas reserves for dry and gas condensate reservoirs.

Feb.- Nov.1989 OXY-Bolivia Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Reservoir Engineer

Decline curve analysis, reserves estimation, and characterization, well log interpretation, water and gas injection, evaluation of reservoir properties from log, core and pressure transient data.

Mar.1988 – Jan.1989 National Oil Company Jungles of Bolivia

Engineer in Training

Drilling: drilling optimization involving bit weight, rotary speed, rheological properties of the drilling fluid. Production and reservoirs: studies of water drive reservoirs, evaluation of naturally fractured reservoirs using conventional methods and type curve analysis.


August- October- 2006 Refresher courses in Petroleum Engineering (Reservoir Engineering).

1991-1993 The University of Oklahoma Norman, OK

Master’s in Petroleum Engineering

Research/Teaching assistant in Reservoir Simulation: waterflood, horizontal well analysis and building geological models.

Thesis research in Reservoir Simulation, Analysis of Improved Recovery in the Alamo SW Field, OK (1993)

1985-1988 University Gabriel Rene Moreno Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Bachelor’s in Petroleum Engineering

Teaching assistant of Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics.

Graduated with honors.

Received 2 scholarships from Rotary International and Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

Thesis research of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs. Characteristics and behavior of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs using type curve analysis; analysis of the effect of water intrusion in the reservoir (1988).


English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, French.


Seventeen years of experience in Petroleum Engineering with a Masters degree.

Since 1997 to Sept.2006 I have been involved with so many people of different races, age groups, and languages in many diverse environments and situations. I have learned to coordinate, to communicate effectively, to manage small and big masses of people, to be human with people, to accept other’s weaknesses and differences, to be self motivated, and to manage finances of relatively large amounts of money.

Leadership, responsibility, accuracy, public speech, flexibility.

Strong character when trying to reach a goal.

Giving myself 100% when there is a definite goal; therefore, quick learner.

Capable to do research (published paper and did 2 theses).

Good project manager.

Sports, Weight Lifting, Tae-kwon-do.

Volunteer experience

2005-July 2006 Christian work on college campus, The University of New Mexico.

1997-2004 Christian work in South of Russia: visiting 50 cities, establishing churches, giving seminars and conferences, pioneering new cities, organizing big gatherings, administrating finances for the South area, economic analysis, holding bible studies, contacting people on the streets and homes, mass distribution of bibles and coupons, holding bible trainings.

1996 Bible Training in California

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