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Manager Sales

Corpus Christi, TX
November 14, 2018

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Mohammad Bacchus

*** * **** ******

Bishop, TX. *8343


Telephone Number 305-***-****


**** – 2018 Memorial Plan LLC

Independent Contractor / Consultant – 2015 - 2018

Liaised with the vendor contracted to manage the data for all accounts outstanding, not delivered. This involved over 20,000 accounts which included paid in full and still making payments. All of this information was being converted from one platform into another platform which was a different vendor.

During the conversion process, corrected data which was found to be incorrect at the time the company was purchased.

Created all the reports needed to assist in the monthly general ledger closing of the accounting records since the vendor did not have an interface with the Company’s General Ledger system.

Reconciled the trust outstanding for all these accounts, in order to satisfy the State of Florida requirements under Chapter 497 of the Florida Statutes.

Coordinated and completed successfully the State Examination of three cemeteries and four funeral homes, acting as the company representative working with the Examiner assigned from the State of Florida. This exercise extended over two years because of all the data fixes needed to get the information in a manner consistent with the requirements of the State of Florida.

Created rules and managed the database to ensure going forward that the data would be correct without any possibility of further errors.

Reviewed the Accounts Receivable database and removed over six million dollars of delinquent receivables. This was a time consuming exercise since any services sold had to be refunded to customers and we had to ensure there were enough funds deposited into the trust to cover that refund.

Created budgets for the years 2015, 2016, and 2017 to assist management in increasing profitability, and to satisfy the owners of the company that growth would be measureable.

Assisted senior management in creating bonus programs for the sales departments to both incentivize the sales teams while maintaining profitability.

Assisted the Accounting Department in closing the company’s accounting records for accounting years, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Completed an in-depth review of the inventory of the cemeteries to ensure that the company was aware of what was available and that there was no possibility of double selling the same inventory. The inventory referred to here would be burial rights.

Created special Pre-Need Funeral packages to assist the sales departments in attracting more customers to pre-plan their services.

In 2018, when the company was being sold, liaised with prospective buyers to supply any necessary information they would need. The company was eventually sold in May 2018.

1989 – 2015 Service Corporation International

Corpus Christi Market Manager – Hispana 2012 – 2015

Oversaw the operations of two cemeteries, six funeral homes and one PCC covering an area of about 150 miles.

Retooled sales departments, brought in a strong General Manager in 2013, added a Family Service Sales Manager in 2014. Replaced PPA Manager in 2013 and added a Unit Manager in 2014.

Maintained a positive relationship with 3rd party sales organization writing PAF business for the market. Through that venture the market was able to write an additional $650K in production. The company disbanded that venture at the end of 2014 and the Corpus Christi market was given the option of continuing with the venture since we had great success, as long as we were willing to manage the process.

Reviewed peer audits and performed Market Leader audits to ensure compliance with all company standards. Significantly reduced the number of errors; worked on zero tolerance on paperwork. Improved IVT audit scores from the low 80’s to almost mid 90’s.

Grew revenue in 2014 by 11% over prior year; but because of shortage of funeral directors and embalmers on staff could not show the same operating profit growth because we had to third party some services and most of our pick-ups and embalming.

Grew top line production by 29% and bottom line PPM by 26%.

Cemetery side of the business showed a 16% change in mix with more cemetery property being sold which produced more revenue to the market and company.

From 2012 to 2014, increased funeral volume by 10% without sacrificing sales averages.

Due to the loss of managers took on the responsibility of being location manager for three of the funeral homes in 2014.

Increased community involvement.

Finance Manager – Hispana Texas and Hispana East 2009 – 2012

Assisted six Market Managers and two Managing Directors in developing business plans for the year.

Assisted the Market Leaders in managing their business plans giving guidance on where adjustments may be needed, also gave assistance to location management.

Assisted Office Managers with many challenges.

Reviewed all Sales Management bonuses monthly and General Sales Management bonuses on a quarterly basis before forwarding them to the Director of Sales for approval.

Tracked operational staff performance for those qualifying for annual Hispana trip.

Reviewed and approved all monthly adjusting journal entries the locations or market office may ask for after verifying the validity.

Assisted Market Leaders in reviewing their available inventory and their needs for the following year.

Reviewed sox assessments and made recommendations for improvements in processes.

Financial Analyst – Hispana Division 2005 – 2009

Created budget templates every year for budget building.

Created and maintained monthly reports to measure performance against budgets and ICP targets.

Assisted locations with Journal Entry re-classifications.

Assisted locations with HMIS and other issues.

Created Ad Hoc reports for markets.

Worked with markets on building PCC budgets every year and creating allocations.

Created Sales allocations for the division where the Selling Expenses were allocated to the locations based on production levels.

Assisted the Pricing Department with pricing for the funeral homes. Received formal training in PAS and how to successfully achieve what the company expected in terms of price increases.

Provided sox training to locations, performed sox audits and trained sox assessors.

Special Projects - Miami Market 2002-2005

Assisted with the conversion to HMIS.

Worked on a clean- up of liabilities.

Helped in preparation for state audits by State of Florida.

CPC Manager - Broward Group and South Florida Jewish Group 1999 – 2002

Performed accounting functions for approximately 25 funeral homes and five cemeteries.

Paid all bills for all locations.

Reviewed and signed all cash journals for all locations.

Reviewed PN contracts for all funeral homes to ensure compliance.

Supported the Florida Regional Sales Office.

Supported Regional President for the Florida Region.

Trained all locations under AOR on the use of Falcon II.

Performed payroll functions for all locations under AOR, including all new hire paperwork.

Auditor and Financial Analyst - Florida Region 1996 – 1999

Visited locations across Florida Region and performed compliance audits.

Worked with Area Vice Presidents on their budgets.

Reviewed with Area Vice Presidents their monthly performance against budgets.

Prepared recommendations for adjustments needed related to performance against budgets; especially as it related to expenses.

Trust and Budget Manager - Miami Market 1989 – 1996

Accounting, journal entries for monthly close.

Prepared budgets for five funeral homes and six cemeteries.

Worked on cemetery acquisition where we converted accounting systems and inventory systems into CSii, which was the Miami Market’s system at that time.

Prepared for three state audits for Trust Compliance for the State of Florida; the last two audits were successful with minimal findings.

Education and Training

Emile Woolf College of Accounting – Accounting and Cost Accounting courses.

London Chamber of Commerce – Bookkeeping and Accounting courses.

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