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Research Scientist

Modesto, California, United States
November 06, 2018

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Kaur, Amritvir


Available to start work now Willing to relocate


Ph.D. in Chemistry [September 2018]

School of Physical Science and Computing, University of Central Lancashire, UK Dissertation: “Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional porous nanocomposites for the removal of pollutants from water” Dissertation submitted and approved

M.Phil. in Physical Chemistry [April 2015]

School of Forensic Sciences, University of Central Lancashire, UK Dissertation: “Multifunctional nanocomposites for the removal of valuable and toxic metal ions from battery waste along with water- borne microbes from contaminated water”

B.A. in Chemical Science [May 2012]

School of Natural Sciences, University of CA, USA

Areas of Concentration: Chemistry

Minor: Applied Mathematics

Dissertation: “Application of sacrificial electrode reactions to produce electricity on a small scale”

Associate Degree in Natural Sciences [May 2009]

Associate Degree in Arts and Behavioral Sciences

Modesto Junior College


Young Research Scientist Award – Appreciation award [Dec 2014] San Francisco, USA


Lab Demonstrator: BSc, MSc

University of Central Lancashire, Preston, England [Sept 2014-Mar 2017] Research Scientist • Assistant • Demonstration • Teaching • Scheduling Demonstrated variable experiments related to chemistry, physics, and biology. It involves both dry and wet lab experiments including instrumental analysis using different characterization techniques Tutor



[Oct 2013-Dec 2017]

Tutored Pharmacy, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Drug safety on one to one basis for all levels



Graduate Researcher [Oct 2013- May 2018]

University of Central Lancashire

Research Scientist • Drug safety • Pharmaceutical • Drug delivery • Analyst • Pharmacy ethics • Drug implementation • Presentation • Nanocomposites • Magnetization • Clinical affairs • CRA

[Project: Synthesis of drug formulations, characterization and analytical studies using analytical instruments]

• Elaborated studies of different drug nanocomposites

• Characterized nanocomposites using different analytical techniques

• Analyzed drug nanoparticles for safety and efficient drug delivery methods Graduate Researcher [Oct 2013- May 2018]

University of Central Lancashire

Research Scientist • Lab Supervisor • Drug delivery • Microscopy • Analytical instruments • Imaging • Regulatory affairs • Novelty • Pharmaceutical • Microbiology • Physics • Chemistry • Mathematics • Presenter • Exhibition • Teaching • Lab demonstrator • Database analyst • Patents • Scientific writing • Manager • Multitask • Conferences • Event organizer • Web designing • Ethics • CRA

[Project: Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional porous nanocomposites for the removal of pollutants from water]

• Achieved comprehensive experience working in the chemical synthesis lab

• Attained skillful experience working with zeolites, toxic chemicals, microorganisms, organic dyes, battery electrolytes, drug delivery, polystyrene synthesis, water purification, resins, nanotechnology, magnetic materials, ion exchange etc.

• Designed and executed new protocols and developed novel nanocomposites

• Obtained elaborated training & workshops for different analytical techniques (inorganic & organic chemistry, biology, physics)

• Succeeded in performing relevant statistical data analysis using different software such as Origin, Excel, Prism GraphPad, MATLAB, R etc.

• Assisted as a lab manager for the research group (managed ordering required lab equipment, consumables, and chemicals)

• Supervised different instruments and machines in the lab

• Collaborated working with other researchers, postdocs, industrial scientists from UK, USA, France, Germany, India, and China

• Initiated, presided and established websites for projects Visiting Researcher [Jan 2016]

Tata Chemicals Innovation Centre

Industrial Research Scientist • Commercial patents • Sales management • Regulatory affairs • Pharmaceutical • Microbiology • Physics • Chemistry • Mathematics • Presenter • Commercial products

• Marketing

[Project: Development of novel materials on an industrial scale and approach to commercializing products]

• Explored industrial and commercial perspective in research AMRITVIR KAUR 3

• Assisted or shadowed industrial scientist

• Gained experience working towards designing and executing products for commercial launch or Patents

• Attended commercial workshops

Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), Kolkata, India [Dec 2015 – Jan 2016] Researcher

Research Scientist • Project Lead • Patents • International project • UKIERI • Scientific writing • Marketing • Microscopy • Analytical instruments • Imaging • Regulatory affairs • Microbiology • Physics • Chemistry • Mathematics • Presenter • Lab assistant • Database analyst • Workshops • Software • Training • Novel research

[Project: Use of resin composites for the removal of Arsenic ions from contaminated water]

• Initiated and structured experiments for the arsenic ions removal using water samples collected from the local areas in Kolkata

• Analyzed data statistically using Excel, Origin and experimentally using different analytical instruments Industrial research collaborator [Jan 2015 - June 2016] Feedwater Ltd.

Clinical Trials • Regulatory affairs • Industrial lab • Patents • UKIERI • Scientific writing • Marketing

• Microscopy • Analytical instruments • Imaging • Microbiology • Physics • Chemistry • Mathematics • Presenter • Lab assistant • Database analyst • Software • Training • Workshop

[Project: To test the antimicrobial properties of nanocomposites for water purification purposes]

• Facilitated data analysis and interpretation on a commercial level

• Constructed experiments following commercial procedures at an industrial level Mentor and Researcher [June - Sept 2015]

University of Central Lancashire

Supervision • Mentor • Project lead • Research Scientist • Project winner • Finance supervision • Patents • Scientific writing • Novel research • Marketing • Microscopy • Analytical instruments • Imaging • Physics • Chemistry • Mathematics • Multitasking • Presenter • Organizer • Lab assistant • Software • Commercialization

[Project: Decontamination of water using different ion exchange systems]

• Mentored 2 students (MSc and BSc)

• Provided training for different analytical instruments

• Designed and executed a research project

• Developed new protocols and timeline for students

• Supervised presenting the research data successfully with a winning poster at a university conference

• Succeeded in presenting the poster at UK Parliament Research Conference Undergraduate Research [Nov 2011-April 2012]

School of Natural Sciences, CA


Researcher • Team work • Software • Presenter • Scientific writing • Chemistry • Physics • Mathematics

[Project: Use of different electrode materials for batteries]

• Executed a research project as a part of undergraduate studies under a supervision of a Ph.D. student

• Developed novel experiments to test different metal electrodes for batteries

• Operated different analytical instruments to analyze electrolyte materials

• Performed different statistical studies using relevant software

• Collaborated with the research team in lab work and presentations

• Researched working with Microsoft excel, power point, java and ChemDraw NON-RESEARCH EXPERIENCE


Clinical Research

University of Central Lancashire (Industrial Projects) [2013-2017] Drug safety • Clinical trials • Annual reports • Clinical protocols • Safety databases • Drug delivery • Healthcare machines • Management

• Worked on synthesis of novel drug nanocomposites and execution in terms of drug delivery methods

• Use of different protocols and safety measures

• Use of analytical instruments for characterization and comparison of data

• Assisted in different projects related to pharmaceutical science and drug safety Interpreter/Language Consultant

Law Office of Robert B. Jobe [2013 and 2018]

Interpreter • Team work • Software • Law • Communication • Fluency • Multilingual • Volunteer • Reading • Writing

• Translated American-English to an Indian language (Punjabi)

• Expanded writing and oral communications in the law language Teacher [Mar 2007 - Oct 2013]

Gurmukhi School Stockton

Teacher • Translator • Group lead • Organizer • Volunteer • Bilingual

• Taught Gurmukhi/Punjabi to 1st – 3rd-grade students

• Collaborated as a lead to organize fun activities, summer camps, sports etc. for students PAID

Certified Nursing Assistant [Sept 2007 – June 2009] Turlock Nursing and Rehab Center

Nurse • HIPAA • Medical records • Certification • Clinicals • Management • software AMRITVIR KAUR 5

• Attained experience working with residents/patients in unexpected medical conditions

• Improved understanding of medical terms, patient’s confidentiality, medical records and dealing with emergency medical conditions.

• Employed under the supervision of senior nurses and doctors Food/Sales Consultant [June 2007 – May 2010]

Subway and Sandwiches

Food regulations • Hygiene • Sales • Management • Communication

• Attained experience working on a cash register or in sales management

• Achieved an understanding of the food business and relevant rules & regulations HANDS ON EXPERIENCE

A skillful experience in variable aspects of research.

• Clinical research

• Sales and management

• Computing and software

• Safety regulations and quality control

• Pharmaceutical analytical instruments

• Microsoft excel/powerpoint/word


British zeolite association (BZA) 2017 Annual Meeting Lancashire, UK

Oral Presentation

[April 10 – 12, 2017]

2nd UK Surface Engineering Industry – Present & Future Cranfield, UK

Poster Presentation & Exhibition

[June 30th, 2016]

TechConnect Live Expo

Dublin, Ireland

Poster presentation & Exhibition

[May 25th, 2016]

Business Rocks

Manchester, UK


[21st April 2016]

International Symposium: Functional Nanomaterials in Industrial Applications

Cranfield, UK

Poster presentation & Exhibition

[March 29th-30th, 2016]

International Workshop on Magnetic nanoparticles

Preston, UK

Poster presentation

[August 20th, 2015]


Northern Dalton Meeting

Manchester, UK

Oral Presentation

[June 30th, 2015]

4th International Conference on Nanotek & Expo, OMICS Group San Francisco, USA

Oral Presentation

[December 01 – 03, 2014]

Research Group Seminars

Preston, UK

Oral Presentations

[Oct. 2013 – Oct. 2017]



• Kaur, T. Sen, and T. Mercer. Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional porous nanocomposites for the removal of pollutants from water. 40th Annual British Zeolite Association Meeting. April 2017, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK.

• Kaur, A. Bhaumik and T. Sen. Removal of Arsenic and other toxic pollutants from water using multifunctional nanocomposites prepared from a cheap commercial resin. Functional Nanomaterials in Industrial Applications: Academic-Industry Meet. 29th – 30th March 201, the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK.

• Kaur, T. Sen, and T. Mercer. Hierarchically ordered porous nanocomposites using nanocrystalline zeolites as building blocks for water treatment. RSC Northern Regional Dalton. 30th June 2015. The University of Manchester, UK.

• Kaur, T. Sen, and T. Mercer. Extraction of toxic and valuable metal ions from used batteries and water-borne microbes from contaminated water using the multifunctional Nanocomposites. 4th International Conference on Nanotek & Expo. December 01-03, 2014 San Francisco, USA. PEER-REVIEW PUBLICATIONS

• Suri, G.S., A. Kaur, and T. Sen, A recent trend of drug-nanoparticles in suspension for the application in drug delivery. Nanomedicine, 2016. 11(21): p. 2861-2876. (Published)

• Kaur, T. Mercer and T. Sen. Novel multifunctional hierarchically ordered porous magnetic nanocomposites for the applications in water decontamination. J. Mater. Chem., 2017. (in submission)

• Kaur, A. Bhaumik, T. Mercer and T. Sen, Multifunctional hybrid inorganic-organic nanocomposites for the removal of toxic pollutants from water. J. Mater. Chem., 2017. (in review) LANGUAGES

English – speak fluently and read/write with high proficiency Punjabi – speak fluently and read/write with high proficiency Hindi – speak, read, and write with basic competence USEFUL LINKS




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