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Software Engineer Electrical Engineering

United States
November 02, 2018

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Masters in Electrical Engineering

May 2018 University of Texas at Arlington, USA

Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering

May 2014 JNTU Kakinada, India


LTE, 802.11, UWB, MATLAB, MIMO, IPV4/ IPV6, TCP/IP, Wireshark, CDMA, BLE, CMake, Python, Numpy, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Algorithms, C, C++, OOPS concepts,AI, Open CV, ARM Cortex M4, SSI, I2C, RS232, CAN, UART, PWM, Embedded C, RTOS, Convolutional Neural Networks


PPM-TH-UWB communication system design

PPM-TH-UWB physical layer simulation reference system for a short distance indoor impulse radio communication has been designed in MATLAB

This system uses IEEE 802.15.3a channel, PPM and BER is calculated using IRAKE, PRAKE and SRAKE schemes

System-level design for a mobile wireless user terminal

Designed a mobile wireless user terminal in MATLAB with QPSK modulation, convolutional encoding & Interleaving

This system uses General Packet Data Channel (GPDCH) which is subjected to Rician flat fading and Block phase estimation

Viterbi Decoding along with MRC,Deinterleaving, Puncturing has been used in receiver section and its performance is evaluated

Capture and analysis of data traffic using Wireshark

Data packets are captured in Wireshark during establishment and termination of TCP/IP session

Analyzed data by identifying various fields in DNS queries, Domain names, Video Streaming, Handshaking signals

Identifying how the packets are transmitted in command line using route hopping, transmission errors and corrections

Calculated Time-to-live of packet and loss percentage during connection and finding the Routing Path

Low frequency signal generator and scalar network analyzer

Designed hardware circuitry using DAC and Amplifier for generation of Analog signals and filtering and the circuit’s operation is tested for all the input parameters

Direct Digital Synthesis method is used to generate a sinusoidal/ rectangular/ triangular signal with ARM CORTEX M4 Processor on TI Board (TM4C123GH6PM)

SSI Protocol is used to communicate with DAC (MCP4821)used in our hardware circuitry

UART is used for the serial communication between the user and the controller

Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit

A Subwoofer Amplifier circuit is designed using TL072 low-noise JFET dual operational amplifier and two LM1875 power amplifiers.

All the components are connected, and the hardware circuitry is tested to operate with in all the input conditions and tested for stability.

Design of Real Time Operating Scheduler

A RTOS scheduling algorithm has been designed on ARM Cortex-M4F processor in Embedded C

This design uses preemptive and cooperative processes with the support of semaphores, interrupt handling, shell interface, priority inheritance, sleeping, yielding, priority scheduling.

Digital Image Processing and Digital Video Coding

Image Processing: Blurring, Zooming, Edge Detection, Interpolation, Color Space Transformation, Quantization

Image Filtering: LPF, HPF, BPF, Arithmetic, Geometric, Harmonic, Contra-Harmonic, Gaussian, Inverse and Wiener

Video Coding: Huffman, Golomb, LZ77, DPCM, JPEG-LS, JPEG -2000, JPEG BASELINE, CALIC, EZW, SPHIT

Reverse Image Search Engine

Background subtraction in Video Stream

Radiometric Alignment and Vignetting Calibration

Human face detection in color images & License Plate Detection in Video Stream


Firmware Engineering Intern Good Parents Inc, San Francisco May 2018 – Till Date

Currently working as a Firmware Engineer Intern at Good Parents Inc, which is designing and manufacturing a wearable health tracking device for kids. The Job responsibilities include the following

Analyze and understand existing products and their implementation, to determine optimal design and method to use for adding and/or changing features and functionality

Flashing the Embedded code on to controller, debugging the firmware algorithms with static and real time data using JTAG

Selecting components which can deliver the best performance with minimum power consumption

Verify design functionality against design goals

Troubleshoot hardware/software interfaces

Worked with hardware design engineers to define firmware requirements and give feedback in the selection of embedded micro controllers and related hardware

Related Technologies: NXP, Apollo 2, BLE, Accelerometer, PPG Sensors, Heart Rate Monitoring System, UART, I2C, SPI, JTAG, Visual Studio code, freeRTOS, ARM, Embedded C, Light Blue, nRF Connect

Senior Software Engineer Capgemini,India May 2014-July 2016

Capgemini is a Multinational service providing company and I worked as a Senior Software Engineer for Card Member Dispute Services team for a Major credit card company. The job responsibilities include the following

Programming the Questionnaire flow for Dispute Management system in Java and C++

Deploying the application in WebSphere server along with database connection establishment using DB2, JDBC, SQL

Debugging and error detection in application by creation of test cases and testing the functionality of the application

Performing batch jobs in spring and analyzing the logs

Migrating application from java batch to spring batch

Preparing KT document after successful completion of each milestone in the project

Technologies used: C++, JAVA, Spring Batch, HTML, ORACLE DB, DB2,SQL, Linux, JS, Eclipse, WebSphere

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