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Engineer Electrical

Henderson, NV
October 24, 2018

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Principal Analog Electrical Engineer experienced in design of complex electronic circuits and systems. EXPERIENCE:

Independent Contractor – Saint Paul MN and Las Vegas NV, 2013-Present

Design, simulation, and build of Power Switching circuits for test of implantable defibrillators.

Design, component selection, and simulation of circuits for LED lighting control.

Built a simulation model to take into account and mitigate large temperature variation (-55C to +85C) effects on electromechanical system performance.

Hardening of assemblies for EMC mitigation; conducted EMC testing at TUV for regulatory submission. Varian Medical Systems - SIP – Las Vegas NV; Electrical Engineer III/Product Engineering, 2014-2015

Design, simulation, and build of 15VAC/20Amp/600Hz power supply for Electron Gun Filament.

Wrote Design Verification Tests for environmental testing including Shock/Vibration; and Neutron, Proton, Electron, and Gamma Radiation hardness; used Military and NASA standards. Data Sciences International – Saint Paul MN; Principal Engineer/R & D, 1999-2013

Conducted electrical design, simulation, build, and test of a system using a cellular link for remote telemetry. System took sensor-based measurements and used dedicated cellular link to send data to analysis center.

Designed and simulated multiple oscillators, power supply, control circuits, Band Gap (BGAP), precision current sources (PTAT), Regulators, and various miscellaneous circuits in Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) for use in control and support of telemetry transmitters.

Determined system architecture, designed, simulated, built, and tested RF telemetry transmitters. Transmitters operated at 30, 66, 120, 150, 270, 300, 330, 405, 433, 500, and 1022 MHz, and used Pulse- Interval-Modulation (PIM) for transmission of data.

Conducted electrical design, simulation, build, and test of twelve RF oscillators of multiple topologies at six frequencies for use as burst transmitters.

Conducted extensive RF and Microwave system, circuit, and component measurements to determine system, circuit, and component characteristics and parameters. Additional:

PSpice/LTSpice, Mentor, Silvaco SmartSpice, SmartView Sonnet, Genesis, Mathematica, MatLab, Mathsoft, Maple Rad-Hard Design and Analysis for cruise missiles

Cellular based remote telemetry

System architecture, design, and simulation

Protection from Surge, High Voltage/Current, Lightning New technology, R&D, and new product feasibility

Product field support, set-up, interference mitigation, etc. Reliability analysis and design

In-depth failure analysis

Product field support both in the US and EU.

Circuits and Systems:

RF/Microwave radio transmitters/receivers & telemetry Analog design – amplifiers, oscillators, rectifiers, etc. Power Amplifiers & Power Oscillators

Closed-loop feedback controls – single & multi loop Motion, pressure, and temperature sensing

Ultrasonic flow sensing – emitters & receptors

Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs)

Audio frequency power amplifiers

High-Voltage/High-Power test systems (30KVolt)

Reliability based design (MIL-HDBK-217, Bellcore)

John Yates Page 2 3/12/2017

Designed, built, and tested several 300MHz active-bias amplifiers for use in receiver front-ends.

Conducted simulation of low frequency and RF circuits using Mentor schematic capture, Sivaco SmartSpice, IntuSoft, Genisys (Eagleware), and Sonnet simulation software. Used BSIM 3V3 models for low frequency models. Conducted analysis using SmartView and Mathematica software.

Project engineer and lead electrical design engineer on Ultrasonic Flow project for up-stream/down-stream differential transit-time measurement using custom ultrasonic sensor.

Provided technical field support at multiple customer sites in the United States and European Union. Independent Contractor – Done on Consultant Basis 2009 (Worked concurrently at Data Sciences)

Designed, built, and tested 20 MHz implantable transmitter and external receiver for prosthesis control.

Designed, built, and tested 100Watt/10KHz power amplifiers for coil driver applications.

Designed, built, and tested 50Watt/2KHz power amplifiers for coil driver applications. UFE Incorporated - Stillwater MN; Senior Engineer / Principal Engineer, 1994-1999

Performed all electrical engineering activities and all electrical and electronic design and analysis efforts at UFE (I was the only Electrical Engineer). Evaluated impact of electrical/electronic requirements on all UFE projects and quotations. Provided UFE Marketing with technical support and input.

Conducted reliability analysis of a commercial medical product for use in hospice, long term care, and in- home facilities.

Designed, developed and built ten cellular phone battery chargers for major OEM supplier. Conducted comparison between units and selected best three designs for use in handheld, and generic cellular applications.

Conducted shielding analysis and design for handheld communicator that was a combination cellular phone, two-way FM transceiver, alphanumeric pager, and modem. Presented analysis to one of the two main cellular phone manufacturers (Motorola, this was the forerunner to Nextel).

Conducted analysis and design of gas/vapor flow sensor for use in detection of leaks in automotive fuel tanks. Conducted reliability design, i.e., used specified reliability (MTBF) to determine component derating and other factors.

Designed, developed, and built seven automated test fixtures that simultaneously functionally tested, and Hi-Pot (1.5KV) tested products for the consumer market.

Designed, developed and built High-Voltage (30KV) test fixture for discharge path detection for Coil-Near- Plug automotive ignition assemblies.

Conducted simulation of electronic circuits using MicroSim simulation software. Radiation Dynamics - Minneapolis, Minnesota; Senior Consultant, 1991-1994

Designed, developed, and built sensor-based infrared transmitter and receiver for interventional cardiovascular product (Trans-Luminal Balloon Catheter Angioplasty).

Designed, developed, and built high-voltage PCB defibrillator for use in cardiac instrumentation.

Designed, developed and built RF transmitter with narrow-band tuning capability for use in near-field instrumentation communications (RF programming of implantable defibrillator).

Designed, developed and implemented multipath active filters and LASER drive control for medical LASER Doppler capillary blood-flow measurement system.

Designed and developed battery operated power converters for step-down/up (buck/boost) power supplies. John Yates Page 3 3/12/2017

Banner Engineering - Plymouth MN; Senior Project Engineer/R & D, 1989-1991

Conducted all research activities associated with development of LASER technology. Designed, built and tested closed-loop optical control system for LASER drive applications, implemented LASER system in range finding application for robotic systems, implemented LASER system in pulse-code-modulated short- range communication system.

Lead noise hardening of existing products and upgrade/redesign to surfacemount technology effort.

Project Engineer for a ten element "Light Screen" for use in machine part identification. Error-free output was required and achieved.

Developed all light-signal measurement systems for use in quantifying light-signal in multiple applications. Aequitron Medical - Plymouth MN; Senior Electrical Engineer / R & D, 1986-1989

Conducted research activities and all product feasibility for apnea monitoring equipment and ventilator technology. Methods include using thoracic impedance (impedance plythesmography), strain gauges, thermistors, inductive and capacitive sensors for measurement of flow, pressure and volume. Position reported directly to Vice President of Research and Development. Across-the-board responsibility for all analog design and implementation of apnea, ventilator and all new product development.

Held final approval for all design verification test plans for all manufactured products. Conducted engineering clinical evaluation as part of the design verification process. This required interface with physicians acting in an advisory capacity who were prominent in their fields and for whom the product applied. Conducted first FDA required clinical evaluations for apnea monitors.

Provided technical support and input for four major court cases. Provided testimony as an internal expert for multi-million dollar case involving purchased defective electronic assemblies. Provided testimony as expert witness for the defense on two separate cases.

Conducted design and implementation of special products for customer applications. Also provided engineering support for continuation engineering projects and products.

Authored Design Engineering Guidelines for engineering department. Authored Static Protection Protocol for engineering department. Authored Reliability and Derating Guidelines for engineering department. Rosemount Engineering - Bloomington MN; Senior Design Engineer, 1984-1986

Conducted design/analysis of radiation hardness for air-, ground-, and sea-launched cruise missiles for reliability/survivability in high-level nuclear radiation environment.

Conducted design, implementation, and project management of analog hybrid pressure-sensor transducer circuits. Units operated with an accuracy of 0.01% within an operating temperature range of -55C to + 125C. Based on customer provided specifications, carried out design, selected components, costed out the product, developed the component layout, and determined factors such as sizing, reliability and technology to be used.

As Project Manager, coordinated and directed of the activities of three other engineers on the project. Also, developed the instrument prototype and presented this to the main defense contractor (General Electric).

As Project Engineer, performed design, manufacturability analysis, and military qualification of an analog barometric altimeter for use in Paveway (Guided Bomb Unit, GBU-15), a low level LASER guided bomb.

(Predecessor to the LASER guided bombs used today.)

Performed analysis and redesign of the loop-filter for the MK-50 hunter/killer torpedo. Also performed feasibility re-design of the depth sensor circuitry of the MK-46 torpedo.

Taught two after-hours classes, one in Differential Equations, another in Basic Electronics.

Held Secret Clearance.

John Yates Page 4 3/12/2017

ThermoKing Corporation - Bloomington MN; Design Engineer, 1982-1984

Designed the first diesel engine solid state "Auto-Start" system.

Lead effort for conversion of electromechanical control systems to state-of-the-art solid-state technology. These control systems included temperature, pressure, RPM, over-current and over-voltage monitoring, and protection of transport refrigeration systems for use in the truck-trailer, railroad and shipboard container industry.

Designed solid-state interfaces for control and monitoring of electromechanical devices, i.e., motors, generators, solenoids, valve actuators, mechanical sensors, etc. Magnetic Peripherals Inc. - Edina/Bloomington MN; Electrical Engineer, 1980-1982

Designed, built, and tested equipment for use with large magnetic disk drive circuit boards. The major portion of this work was in interfacing TTL test fixtures with various forms of Logic: TTL, DTL, CMOS, ECL and analog circuits, and author appropriate test procedures.

Provided off-site support to manufacturing facilities utilizing above specialized test equipment. Sperry Univac (now Unisys) - Roseville MN; Electrical Engineer, 1976-1980

Served as design engineer for an instruction-processor-cooling-unit (IPCU) for first water-cooled computer system. This consisted of monitoring pressure, temperature, airflow and humidity (dew point) analog signals and converting these various signals to TTL levels to be read by a microprocessor located elsewhere.

Served as test engineer responsible for software modification and test of logic circuit boards.

Initially worked as an engineer responsible for evaluation and test of large scale main frame computer memories and I/O.

Taught three after hours classes: College Algebra, Calculus, Differential Equations. John Yates Page 5 3/12/2017


Milwaukee School of Engineering University of Minnesota Milwaukee, Wisconsin Minneapolis, Minnesota

B.S.E.E. (1976) Adult Special – Graduate Level (1978-2007): Passive Filter Synthesis

Active Filter Synthesis

RF and Microwave Engineering I

RF and Microwave Engineering II

Antenna Theory and Design

Mobile Communication Systems Analysis and Design

Wireless Hardware System Design

Analog Design of Wire/Wireless Communications.


Hybrid Microelectronics

Electromagnetic Compatibility

MicroSim PSpice Simulation

Design of Optical Systems

RF Fundamentals I – Les Besser Video Course

RF Fundamentals II – Les Besser Video Course

High Frequency Oscillator Design – Randy Rhea Video Course Design of Analog Integrated Circuits – In-House Study Course Altium Spice Analog Circuit Simulation


Current Memberships – Past Memberships –

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers International Society for Hybrid Manufacturers American Nuclear Society American Society for Metals Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

American Mathematical Society

Optical Society of America

American Institute of Physics

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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