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Executive Assistant Manager

Hampton, VA
October 22, 2018

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As polished professional in the Executive Management field, with extensive and diverse experience in the Accounting field, Human Resources, Payroll, Business Development/Management, with IT knowledge and Management, and Marketing. In the Accounting field my expertise covers Grants management, Ay/R, A/P, Financial analyzing and reporting, all banking functions and reconciliations and Fix Assets, also including yearend closing and Tax preparation, while serving as the liaison to the Corporate CPA’s . As a Human Resource and Payroll manager covering, Employee benefits and garnishments, Employer and Employee Federal and State reporting, E-Verifications, has polished my professional ability to communicate and deliver and precise information, policy and procedures, to ensure company compliance (State, Federal, industry specific agencies) for the company and employees, also the primary contact between the employees and the upper management, where I a corrected a $32,000 dollar (payroll wages) mistake that had been reported to the State and Federal payroll agencies, by a former employee. Business Development and Marketing, ensuring, licensing, certifications, develop company policy procedures, business plans, creating marketing brochures and advertising material, developing/managing websites, implementing/programing software to further develop and ensure the company future success.


Accounting Software (Jenezabar, Datatell, Funware, Quickbook & Peachtree (Accountant/Online Versions), People Soft, Timberline), Playlocity, Medcaid billing.

Software Microsoft Office, WordPerfect & Pro/ Publisher, Access, Excel, Outlook, Informapping, Page Maker, Power Point/Harvard Graphics/Photoshopation, Credit Card Terminals


Rapid Gate Clearance (Military)



January ’18 to March ’18 Accounting Clerk Portsmouth, VA,

As accounting clerk I was responsible for all management of Accounts Payable processing; all bank reconciliations, contract management, payroll entry and verification, Residents medical bill and management and other duties required in the accounting office.

Reliance Staffing

March ’17 to November ‘17 Assistant Property Manager/ Leasing Agent Williamsburg, VA

Assisted the Property Manager with ensuring all Tenants files are complete and accurate. Contacting insurance companies to ensure current coverage and correct verbiage for designated third party insurer. Also ensuring the all Work Orders had been completed and closed out in PSI. Showed potential resident units with explanation of property, produces leases and troubleshoot any problems the resident might have.

Reliance Staffing & Recruiting

June ’15 to July 2015 (Temp Position) Property Management Hampton, VA

Assisted the Property Manager with ensuring all Tenants files are complete and accurate. Contacting insurance companies to ensure current coverage and correct verbiage for designated third party insurer. Also ensuring the all Work Orders had been completed and closed out in PSI.

Predestined Hauling, LLC

January ’15 to March ’15 Consultant (Consultant) Hampton, VA

As a Consultant I was hired to develop, organize, train and implement new office policies and procedures, using Quickbooks as there accounting system. I supervised 3 staff members and managed a staff of 15 drivers and Subcontractors. I trained the staff in the policy and procedures for A/R, A/P, Client Invoicing and Payroll.

Miacon, LLC

January ’10 to May ‘15 Director of Operations Hampton, VA

Using Peachtree, I performed all weekly payroll Procedures and reports (multi state & international; including all deductions (child support, legal garnishments, 401K plans, health; this includes reconciliation of each account(s), including all certified payroll reports); processed all Unemployment reports and claims; performed all EVerifications (online) for new employees and background checks; performed all financial transactions for the company (A/R & A/P, AIA Invoicing documents & government invoicing, PO’s/Receipts); performed all year end tax procedures and filings; produced and managed company budget and produced job cost reports; produced all contracts (AIA contracts, government, commercial and residential); approved all subcontractors contracts/bids for specifications related to projects; approved all blue prints from subcontractors; maintained all business compliance requirements; acquired and maintained all business licensed and certifications (SWAM,CCR,DMBE);served as Marketing/Business Development representative; Handled all software applications (installation and programming). I worked with Mr. Powell (Director of VEC of VA) to pay back taxes of $7,482, and submitted a request to eliminate all interest incurred on the account, making final payment of total taxes paid $2,789., saving the company $4,693. I also found and worked with the IRS, Social Security and Unemployment Commission to a $32,000 payroll reported mistake (by a previous employee), correct all reports that had been submitted, resulting in monies paid back to the company of $26,000+. I acquire two major contracts/clients from Little Creek/Ft. Story Joint Expedition Base, along several Real Estate Agents for residential work.

Don Richards/Orion Air Group/Hire Hands & Associates (Temporary Assignments)

August ’10 to September ‘11 Accounting/Administrative Specialist Tidewater Area – Virginia

Performed all weekly payroll procedures and reports (multi state & international; including all deductions (child support, legal garnishments, 401K plans, health); this includes reconciliation of bank accounts for each account.

Apple One/Taylor Enterprises (Temporary)

March ’10 to July ’10 Accounting/Administrative Specialist Hampton, Virginia

My duties included processing week 0ly payroll (multi-state) (applying hours to jobs, making all raises and cut back to hourly wages; child support )and performing certified payroll reports; EVerifications (online) for new employees; Unemployment reports and claims; processed and produced all job Purchase Orders and Receipts; all job cost reports; monitored vehicle expenditures and reports; produced job contracts; supervised Warehouse personnel; attended several workshops for small business development and training for the company.

Virginia Union University

April ’08 to December ’09 Staff Accountant/Grant Assistant Richmond, Virginia

Implementing Datatel from Janzabar accounting system. I created/prepared/processed journal entries; managed the University Budget (restricted and unrestricted); prepared timely and accurate bank reconciliation statements for all accounts; reconciled/analyzed direct student loans and GL accounts to subsidiary ledgers and other balance sheet and P & L accounts; managed all expense accounts; reconciled Liabilities/Employee benefits accounts; approved and revamped all Travel accounts; audit athletic and special event tickets and ticket sales proceeds; maintained accurate and up-to-date prepaid and accrued expenses schedule; prepared month/year end accruals; assisted in activities related to month/year end closing, and year end audit; prepared all 1099’s and W2’s; served as back-up to the A/P and A/R departments; assisted Grant Manager with establishing and managing grants (Federal & State); served as office contact person for all computer related issues; supervised Work Study students and Interns; revamped the Universities travel policy and procedures (recapturing 175,000+ in uncollected and unapplied budget monies.

Crater Regional Workforce Investment Board

January ‘07 to April ‘08 Executive Assistant Petersburg, Virginia

I served as the Executive Assistant/Liason for the Executive Director and the Virginia’s Governor’s office (Petersburg Crater Regional Workforce), managing and implementing all correspondence, web development, payroll reports, submitted reports A/R and A/P for processing, served as board secretary, assisted in marketing and business development, managed all for the board and the Workforce center.

Operative Plaster & Cement Mason Local 891

March ‘06 teo September ‘07 Office Manager Washington, DC

My duties included, producing and submitting payroll. to ADP for 210 cement mason, managing and implementing and payroll totals in to Quickbooks (Accountannts Version), compliled, reported and paid all Federal, State, Unemployment, 401K, Health and Union monies. Managed and implemented all A/R and A/P duties, reconciled all bank accounts and submitted all reports to headquarters (monthly). Managed and monitored all subcontracts and contracts. Managed all company events. Served and reported to the Board of Directors.

Twin Contracting Corporation

March ’05 to March ‘06 VP Executive Assistant (Contractual)/Project Manager Assistant Washington, DC

As the right hand to the VP, my responsibilities included managing and the implementation of all correspondence, ensuring the accuracy of subcontractors and client contracts, managed all contract budgets and producing all AIA G-702 & G-703 invoicing/billing, managed all issued blue prints and specifications to all subcontractors, managed all material delivery and billing/invoicing to accounting, produced payroll for 6 project managers and their crew. Assisted 6 project managers, marketing and business development directors in the day to day operations, presentations and company meetings.


PTC Career Institute * Certification – Business Administration Georgetown School of Science & Arts * Certification – Bookkeeping

York High School * Diploma – Business Administration

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