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Engineer Software Embedded Firmware and Hardware

Sharon, MA
October 17, 2018

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Resume of Barry M. Kasindorf

Lakeview St Email:

Sharon, Massachusetts 02067 Web:


No relocation! Only MA jobs please!


30+ years in Electronics and Computer Technology

History of delivering projects on time, within budget

MIT Graduate Electrical Engineer; Master's study in Computer Science

Strong consultation, analytical and problem solving skills

Extensive experience with device drivers and kernel code with hardware interface design

Knowledge of a wide variety of systems and hardware, ability to work on any type of project.

Experience in project management, team leadership, budgets, scheduling, sales support etc.


Software patent for language translation

Hand held remote laser pyrometer (hardware, software design, patents, IR-100 award)

USB to IDE/ATAPI interface hardware and software reference design

Filter driver based file encryption system

Code included in Linux Kernel

Web based remote instrument frontpanel


HARDWARE: X86, ARM, PIC, 8/16/32/64-Bit CPUs, FPGA

SYSTEMS: UNIX, LINUX, Windows, Embedded Linux, RTOS etc

SOFTWARE: C, C++, Java, Python, BASH, HTML, various assemblers


Embedded Firmware Engineer SharkNinja Inc Needham Ma 2018 to 2018

–LI battery controllers.

STM8, STM32 ARM CORE 3, NXP and TI MSP430 based battery charger and safety system.

Bare metal high reliability system, hardware and software design

Board bringup, software debugging and hardware verification and testing

Worked with offshore design houses for design and testing

Embedded Linux Engineer Mueller Water Systems Inc Middleboro Ma 2017 to 2017

–Mobile data acquisition system for IoT water meters

Debugged various Linux system issues such as boot, firmware update, USB devices and GPS

–IoT water meter

Worked on LoraWan OTA firmware update.

Embedded Linux Engineer Hamonetics Inc Braintree Ma 2016 to 2016

–Blood processing equipment

Debugged various Linux system issues such as boot, wireless, system startup and peripheral drivers

Redesigned and implemented new build process using WindRiver Linux.

Embedded Firmware Engineer Bose Inc Framingham Ma 2016 to 2016

–Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Programming STM32F FreeRTOS to play music in wireless earphone

Programming NXP2280 NFMI SOIC for ear to ear communication

I2C communication to PMIC power management, DSPs and NXP2280

Linux Consultant, Lenbrook Inc Toronto Ca 2016 to 2016

–Internet Sound players

Network speed analysis

Disk error analysis.

DSP output improvements

Senior Software Engineer, OpenMobileWorldWide Framingham,Ma 2015 to 2015

–Android Compatibility Software

Worked on Android for Tizen product porting to KitKat Android version

Ran Android CTS test suite.

Linux consultant, Millennium Consultants West Greenwich, RI 2014 to 2015

–Update toolchain for Embedded Linux based terminal for GTECH lottery system

Used CLFS book to compile GCC and other tools to make a clean compiler version.

Add support for various Video and Smartcard devices as well as Wine support.

Embedded software consultant, Symbotic Wilmington Ma 2014 to 2014

–Boot manager software for safety CPU on Symbotic robot.

Added Arm c code for programming FLASH memory, added management tasks, coded jump to start

Embedded software consultant, Zipcar Boston Ma 2013 to 2013

–Sustaining engineering for car control box.

Fixed bugs, added features, updated manufacturing diagnostics for PIC based system

Debugged New ARM Cortex based system using USB debuggers

Linux consultant, Millennium Consultants West Greenwich, RI 2013 to 2013

–Evaluate and integrate peripherals for GTECH lottery system

Wrote diagnostic code to show new devices were compatible with system

Sponsored Research Engineer, MIT CSAIL, Cambridge, Ma 2011 to 2013

–Operating System Research FOS operating system

Wrote performance diagnostics for network stack

IT support with Xen and networking, installing server software

Integrated usermode network stack

Platform Software Engineer, Sonos, Cambridge, Ma 2011 to 2011

–Platform Support for Sonos Internet music players

Analyzed Linux system for latency and speed issues

Ported section of Linux platform audio driver to new platforms inc MIPS PPC and ARM.

Moved an existing product from one hardware platform to another.

Senior Software Engineer, EMC Hopkinton, Ma 2010 to 2011

–Platform Support for New Centerra product (never finished)

Worked on drivers and studied options for Centerra over NFS system

–Platform support for Atmos product

Ported source from RPATH (Redhat) to SLES, created necessary packages as RPMS debugged etc.

Upgraded FUSE kernel driver

Updated Python management scripts

Software Engineer, Guardium Waltham, Ma 2009 to 2010

–Unix device driver

Modified device driver in various flavors of Unix for rebootless update

–Platform support

Updated build scripts, virtual systems, installer scripts

Member Technical Staff, AMD Boxboro, Ma 2007 to 2009

–CodeAnalyst Performance measurement tool development team

Device driver support for both Linux and Windows

Added new IBS features to Linux and Windows versions of the tool

Modified Windows driver to be more compatible with future windows versions and WHQL testing

Submitted Linux kernel patch to oProfile driver for new IBS features of AMD quad core processors

Senior Engineer, Thermo Electron Corp. Waltham, Ma 2005 to 2007

– iSeries Instrument platform support, Linux and Windows

Added new features to uClinux device driver and embedded application

Updated Windows GUI support program for new product line features

Maintain and support CVS source code versioning system

Contract Engineer, VentureTechnologies Inc, Billerica Ma. 2004 to 2005

–Contract work at Thermo Environmental Instruments, Franklin, Ma

Added new features to uClinux device driver and embedded application

Updated Windows GUI support program for new product line features

Maintain and support CVS source code versioning system

Principal Engineer, Verdasys Inc, Waltham, Ma. 2004

–Windows system programming

Created windows FSD filter driver for dynamic file encryption

Customer support and system crash debugging

Added new features for next generation of Digital Guardian product.

Contract Engineer, Communica Inc, Pocasset, Ma. 2002 to 2003

-Contract work onsite at Teradyne Inc, Reading, Ma.

Created embedded system using real time drivers and kernel modules for 1394 test system using RTLinux and LNET 1394 drivers from FSM Labs for X86 and PPC.

Hardware team lead for design of an advanced digital power supply board for Intergra test system, involving FPGA, drivers and advanced power management.

Redesign of docking control hardware and software for Integra test system to reduce cost, improve functionality and increase reliability.

Consulting Engineer, Marathon Technologies Corp., Boxboro, Ma. 2000 to 2002

-WIndows System

Used .NET kernel sources and HALs to port fault tolerant server product from Win2000 to .NET

Debugged, ported and improved kernel drivers for storage, network and plug and play


Added features, debugged and ported GUI user applications using MFC and VC++

Ported and improved system installer package

Director of Application Engineering, ScanLogic Corp., Burlington, Ma. 1999-2000

-Product design

Wrote firmware and Windows and Mac device drivers for USB to IDE DVK and reference design

Wrote firmware and Windows driver, and hardware design for SmartDisk and Compact Flash USB reader reference design

Participated in pre-sale and design of USB to Flash memory used in Microsoft XBOX controller

-Customer support

Produced custom versions of software and hardware for customer needs

Debugged customer hardware and software problems, responded to inquiries


Communica Inc. contract consulting

Cerjac Inc. SONET test equipment

Barsook and Brisk, contract consulting

Intermetrics, Space Shuttle software

Genrad, automated testing


MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Boston, Massachusetts: Candidate for Master of Science in Computer Science Engineering

MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Boston, Massachusetts: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (B.S.E.E); MAJORS-Computer Science & Electrical Engineering


Translation of Natural Language

User interface Design (Software)

PC keyboard bus interface design for IBM

Various other product patents


I-R 100 Award (1985)-Hand-Held Laser Pyrometer

I-R 100 Award (1982)-Hand-Held Gamma Ray Contraband Detector


Circle of Friends Coffeehouse, Franklin, Ma

(misc. public service activities including Disaster assistance with area amateur radio clubs)

Member IEEE and ACM

Past president of Boston Area Coffeehouse Assn

Member Boston MENSA

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