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Engineer Engineering

Warsaw, Indiana, United States
October 15, 2018

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James M. Carlson, Ph.D.

(h) *** Cherry St, Warsaw, In. 46582

(h) 574-***-**** e-mail:

CAREER OBJECTIVE: Position in materials/metals supplier/consumer or laboratory where I can utilize my 30 plus years of experience as well as my education to solve problems. Interested in hands on employment where I can do both laboratory work as well as communicate with others through oral and written methods. Interested in technical management.


Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering, December 1988, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, In. 47907. Thesis: Mechanisms of Slip Produced Damage During Sheet Forming, Advisors: J.E. Bird and K.E. Bowman.

M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering, May 1986, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, In. 47907. Thesis: Development of Sample-Scale Shear Flow Localization During Plane Strain Extension of Ferrite-Austenite Steel Sheet, Advisor: J.E. Bird.

B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering, May 1982, University of Illinois, Urbana, Il. 61801.


* Project management * People oriented

* Independent thinker * Mentoring skills/teaching & training

* Written/oral communication * New product development

* Rational thinker/analytically driven * Computer literate

* Goal oriented/driven personality * FEA and mechanics literate

* Planning/scheduling * Fracture analysis expert

* Team oriented/leader * Manufacturing problem solving expert

* Cost control/reduction * New material/process development

* Hands on person * Laboratory technique/equipment development


Research, Development and Manufacturing

Medical device materials and process development

Coatings and surface pretreatment for enhancing drug adhesion and storage

Biocompatability research on metals and alloys

Understanding In718 stress rupture problem

Microalloy steel applications for commercial vehicle steering components

Application of sinter hardening to low alloy steel powder metal components

Assisted with launch of new products

Fracture analysis and manufacturing problem solving expert

Development of ductile fracture during plane strain sheet metal forming

Author of 8 publications, both international and US patents (Cook Inc, MED Inst and Guidant)

Cost Reduction

$16.5 million CoCr savings per year by adding second supplier

$9.1 million titanium alloy savings per year by adding second supplier

$3.5 million dollar per year lean microalloy steel pitman arm($45.5 million to date)

Welded and drawn tubing in place of seamless for various applications

Testified in product liability case on behalf of Cook Medical and TRW, Inc.

Instituted semi – automatic metallographic specimen preparation and optical emission spectroscopy at TRW, Inc.


Managed $1.8 million dollar per year production testing laboratory group at Haynes, Intl.

NADCAP certification in November 2000

QS 9000 certification 1997 – 2000

Managed projects and technicians at TRW, Inc.

Taught in – house courses in metallurgical engineering at TRW, Inc.

Award winning teaching assistant at Purdue University

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Zimmer Biomet, Warsaw, In. October 2014-October 2018t

Principal Research Engineer-Metallurgist

Responsible for handling metallurgical/material issues for the Global Strategic Sourcing Dept. Qualified VSMPO and Remelt Sources as new suppliers for Zimmer. Working with qualifying other new suppliers and supplier transfer projects. Involved with remediation issues associated with the Polaris and Trident projects. Conducted failure analysis and root cause investigations as required Assisted Research and ATS Laboratory with projects as required. Conducted metallurgical/materials training as required and continued 17 year involvement with the ASTM F04.12 and F04.15 subcommittees.

MED Institute, W. Lafayette and COOK INC., Bloomington, In. 2004 –October 2014 (Cook Medical)

Research Engineer – Metallurgist (Product Discovery/Research/Manufacturing Engineering Teams)

Responsible for Cook Medical metallurgical issues and challenges. Projects involved wire reinforced catheters, wire reinforced Flexors/introducers, wire guides, stents, embolization coils, filters, etc. Developed new nitinol alloys (high strength and enhanced radiopacity), new FeNiCo shape memory alloy, bio-absorbable materials. Work has encompassed everything from day to day manufacturing/quality assurance issues to graduate level research being conducted within our company. Published several patents and several are in the queue.

GUIDANT CORPORATION, Santa Clara, Ca., 2001 - 2003

Principal Engineer – Advanced Stent Materials and Technology Group

Responsible for implementing a new stent material with certain attributes for a world leader in cardiovascular medical devices. Assisted with improvement of adhesion, drug storage capability and drug release kinetics of drug eluting stents. Assisted with stent product development, assisted carotid – peripheral with development of a new radiopaque stent and provided metallurgical expertise including failure analysis and material problem solving to various business units of the corporation. Wrote several patents in the area of stent research and development.


Adjunct Faculty Member

Taught two sections of undergraduate physics laboratory. The area of emphasis was mechanics.

HAYNES INTERNATIONAL, Kokomo, In., 2000 - 2001

Manager of Production Testing – Engineering and Technology Department

Responsible for the daily operation of production laboratory facilities for a world renowned cobalt and nickel based superalloy producer. Oversaw operation of chemistry laboratory, machine shop, metallurgical control laboratory, and mechanical testing laboratory. Involved with several quality improvement projects including: optimizing the results from X – Ray Fluorescent and Optical Emission Spectrometer, understanding the origin of In718 stress rupture failures, decreasing the amount of required testing, capital investment for the laboratory, and improving the computer capabilities of the laboratory.

TRW COMMERCIAL STEERING SYSTEMS, Lafayette, In., 1989 - 2000

Principal Engineer - Division Materials Engineering Department 1995 - 2000

Served as assistant to Chief Engineer - Materials Engineering. Oversaw Lafayette Plant Receiving - Inspection function. Plant achieved Q.S. - 9000 certification last 3 years. Assisted with new product launches(Gen. 3 column, EV power steering pump, global and enhanced DL - socket, lean production micro alloy steel pitman arm, improved intermediate steering column, and torque rods) and implementation of cost reduction proposals. Fracture analysis(coatings, metallic, and polymeric) and manufacturing problem solving expert. Issued reports. Oversaw operation of laboratory equipment and trained personnel. Developed materials standards and work instructions. Assisted with FEA of products and developed database of material properties for the Division.

Senior Materials Engineer - Division Materials Engineering Department 1989 - 1995

Conducted fracture analysis and manufacturing problem solving as required. Issued reports. Assisted with new product launches (Gen. 2 column, power steering pump, first/second generation micro alloy steel pitman arm, intermediate steering column) and implementation of cost reduction proposals. Oversaw operation of laboratory equipment and trained personneld. Developed materials standards and prepared department’s first quality manual. Oversaw Division FEA team.


Graduate Student

Conducted novel research in the area of the development of ductile fracture during plane strain deformation of ferrite - austenite duplex stainless steel and commercial aluminum alloys. Developed models for describing internal shape change during plane strain sheet forming and experimentally confirmed using mechanical testing and metallographic methods. Experienced in optical, SEM, and TEM microscopy, X-Ray diffraction, and a variety of mechanical testing techniques. “Award winning” teaching assistant with 11 semesters of experience in teaching physical metallurgy lecture and laboratory courses. Oversaw MSE 210L(physical metallurgy lab) in fall 1986 and 1987.

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Management Associate

Supervised the plant metallurgical laboratories( chemistry, metallographic, and mechanical testing).


Procurement Academy – Certified Advanced Procurement Professional (CAPP- July 28, 2017

Loctite Adhesive Seminar - August 2004

Hermann Ultrasonics Welding Seminar – June 2004

Cook Inc. New Engineer Orientation – March – May 15, 2004

Fundamentals of Titanium Course – October 15, 2003

Design of Experiments Course – June 2003

Cardiovascular Fellows Course – April 2002

Guidant Corporation Training Courses – Interactive Management, Basic and Intermediate Clinical Savy, Committed Communication, Mama’s Pizza, Focus( Steven Covey Time Management Course)

Certified in Waste Management – October 23/24, 2000

Design of Experiments( Statistics 514) - spring semester 1998

Multi variable Regression Analysis( Statistics 512) - fall semester 1997

Finite Element Analysis( ME 610) - spring semester 1992

Baird DV - 6 optical emission spectrometer training - October 1997

Noran Advanced Voyager III energy dispersive spectrometer training - June 1997

Intermediate Rubber Technology - correspondence course offered by American Chemical Society - 1996

Eddy Current Testing - Magnaflux Corporation - September 1995

Basic Rubber Technology - correspondence course offered by American Chemical Society - 1994

Computer Training at Manpower - Microsoft Word and Access - 1995

TRW Internal Training Courses - Global Development, Project and Advanced Project Management, Risk Management, 8-D Problem Solving, CPI Boot Camp, Q.S. 9000 Certification, Personality Training( 3600 Profiler)


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1.7.J.E. Bird, K.E. Newman, K. Narasimhan, and J.M. Carlson, Aluminum Technology, 86, p. 604. Inst. Of Metals, London( 1986).

7.J.E. Bird, K.E. Newman, J.M. Carlson, and K. Narasimhan, Aluminum Alloys - Their Physical and Mechanical Properties, ( edited by E.A. Starke Jr. and T.H. Sanders Jr.), Vol. II, p. 857. Engng. Material Advisory Services Ltd., Warley, U.K. (1986).


1.15 ideas filed with stent/drug eluting stent patent review committees over a 27month period. Patents were related to materials/coatings or technologies as they apply to stents.(Guidant Corporation)

2.5 patents sent to US Patent office over a 15 month period(Guidant Corporation)

3.Many patents/ patent applications in process at Cook Medical.


Quad Cities Chapter of the American Society for Metals Scholarship, 1981.

Magoon Award for Graduate Teaching Assistants in Engineering, 1985 and 1986.

Summer Scholarship for Graduate Teaching Assistants in Engineering, 1985.

Member of Alpha Sigma Mu( the Metallurgical Honor Society), 1985.

Unit Level - TRW Chairman’s Award for Innovation, 1993.

Division Level - TRW Chairman’s Award for Innovation, 1994.

Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, 1998, 1999, and 2000.


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