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Student Manager

Fredericksburg, VA
October 10, 2018

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C: 520-***-****

* ************ *****, **************, ** 22405

Bottom Line Up Front: If you want a leader to get the job done right the first time, then I am your man. My belief is that each one of us is put on this planet for a specific purpose. One of my main purposes is to serve others through servant leadership. As a U.S. Army veteran who has lead in multiple leadership positions, I feel I have a lot to offer a future employer, especially through my work ethic and volunteer experiences. Intelligence Adaptable & Professional Analytical Well-Deployed Traveled Experience & Culturally Sensitive Graduate • Plainview, Wayland Student, TX Baptist • September University Master of 2016 Public to August Administration 2018 program Senior McLean, DIA - and - contexts CI Built focused / Office Quantico, a Counterintelligence comprehensive surrounding VA of analytical Counterintelligence • November Virginia FIS support (understanding Gov't 2016 Analyst Contract to to the March Analysis of • Position) Prescient the 2017 political, and Strategy Edge social, Inc Division, legal & historical APRC Operations Reston, NCTC - threats - counter-maintained Provided Liaised / against McLean, terrorism VA with 24/situation • Officer FBI, 7 July VA S. information CIA, 2016 and awareness (• Gov't DHS, Leidos for partner- to Situational November Contract DHS, - Monitored of nation open-and Position) Awareness 2016 other interests, source information agencies media both pertaining systems stateside dealing to for directly Terrorism and threat abroad with data; Technical Alexandria, - the - my Conducted Technical time Army as National Writer an writing VA Technical Intel • June Guard incorporated • Analyst Centeio Writing 2016 HQ to Associates for personal July a small 2016 experience Inc company's and proposal lessons efforts learned towards from Functional Warrenton, TRADOC - liaison - and - Assisted Provided Supported information communications G-and SME VA Analyst Future 9 / coordinated Crystal • papers in November the Force • development City, with Titania of Association the TRADOC VA 2015 Solutions (Army Gov't to of May meetings, Army and Contract of Group the 2016 TRADOC doctrinal United Position) think-States G-manuals, tanks 9 leadership Army and white produced industry papers CHRISTOPHER


information papers and executive summaries

Cross-Engineering, Sierra INSCOM - Community - otherwise Provided Enabled Vista, Domain / unavailable foreign a Fort customers broad Arizona Inc. Belvoir Transfer partners spectrum • via (Gov't November Analyst direct to of obtain Contract intelligence and • 2014 releasable indirect Intelligence, Position) to October support communications intelligence Communications to 2015 Army reporting and Intelligence & that is Senior Vienna, AFOSI - agency operations - Host operations reports Engaged Coordinated Nation / officer CI/representatives VA BAF, CT directly towards • capabilities, multi-Afghanistan Analyst duties April with anti-2011 spectral foreign • in Coalition to to MacAulay-the (provide Gov't July intelligence planning partners, 2014 Contract Forces EDet Brown, and disciplines, sister-2405 elements, Position) coordination Inc. services, partnership-including along and of with enabled detachment U.Data OGA, S. government Mining targeting SOF & & Human Fayetteville, DRB - POL-- about SIGINT - Common Corroborated Performed Reviewed, MIL / the BAF, and Intelligence developments Operating Detainee Afghanistan compared as Coalition NC with a • neutral March and joint, Picture Analyst Forces and highlighted (party allied Gov't 2010 analyzed as Sworn in to • & Contract to the coalition WorldWide why March inconsistencies Statements review HUMINT, detainees Position) 2011 organizations of Language information SIGINT were in HUMINT in and Resources, while U.assessed S. IMINT custody monitoring reporting, to LLC to create be a Northern Arlington, JIOC - General, CENTCOM - Information reviews, Collected, Produced / Camp SIGINT the VA Iraq biographies, analyzed Papers, Theater USF-Slayer, • Intelligence August Evaluations, I J2, of Battle Iraq and Operations and/2009 Daily (compiled Gov't Update or Analyst Running to senior Intelligence Contract March regarding Assessment intelligence military • Estimates 2010 L-Position) 3 Summaries, Communications and the to contributions, Kurdistan civilian and brief RFIs the Intelligence officials region Commanding HUMINT within Updates, the Senior Manassas, I/- analysis - Coalition II Trained Produced Marine Intelligence of Forces novice Expeditionary trends VA target • analysts elements December and packages Analyst/operations Forces on on Intel 2008 Mentor Persons / Al-analysis to Asad, July • of Trinity 2009 & Iraq Interest/collections; (Technology Gov't militia/Contract Conducted insurgent/Group Position) Inc. daily anti- Senior Arlington, NSTIO / Instructor/Fort VA Huachuca, • January Course AZ 2008 Developer (Gov't to December Contract • L-Position) 3 2008 Communications

- CONUS - Automated - training Provided Trained Reviewed, standards military OEF direction, Intelligence wrote and courses and/OIF guidance or units System rewrote in & a communication classroom DCGS-A courseware environment, to intelligence to on match the students DCGS-USAIC during A & FH Instructor/Herndon, All-- military during - M3 Trained Taught Source and operations overlays, a Asymmetric soldiers VA culminating Analyst Course • October Symbology, on planning AIT Developer comprehension Warfare, FTX / Fort 2005 Huachuca, IPB Terrorism, to • January and General of the 35F AZ Middle 2008 Military Dynamics (tasks, Gov't Eastern Decision Contract including IT Cultural Making Position) military Awareness, process briefings, Enlisted Fort to December Hood, Soldier Texas; 2005 England; All-All-Source Source Afghanistan; Intelligence Intelligence Republic Analyst Analyst (of 96B/ Tanker Korea 35F) • • & February Tank, United Armor States 1995 Army Crewmember (19K10)

EDUCATION Doctoral Student, Ed.D. - Organizational Leadership, Organizational Development

• Grand Canyon University

Phoenix, AZ • September 2018 to Present

Master of Public Administration - Homeland Security & Emergency Management

• Wayland Baptist University

Plainview, TX • 2018

Bachelor of Applied Science - Management • Wayland Baptist University Plainview, TX • 2016

Intelligence Studies - Some Coursework Complete • Cochise College Sierra Vista, AZ • 2006 – 2007

Leadership Development Courses • Central Texas College Killeen, TX • 1996 & 1997

COMMUNITY Volunteer Staff • Crossroads Church

SERVICE Fredericksburg, VA • September 2014 to July 2018

- Served at-risk women & children through church outreach program

- Served food to residents at the community homeless shelter

- Led a team of approximately 15 volunteers at Serve Our City initiative

- Volunteered on Greeting & Security Teams

- Provided security support during special events

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